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2 Door Ottoman
15 Kb
    2 Door Ottoman.
    Unusual In Style This Ottoman Is Not Top Opening But Has Doors In The Front And The Same Slim Drawer Hidden In The Top Moulding You'll Supply Throughout This Range. Wadm Cherry-effect Lacquer-finished Pine Gives The Philippe Range A Romantic As;ect Yet Wit
    SKU: Dd8036d
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Hozelock Water Storing Gel 250ml
22.2 Kb
    Hozelock Water Storing Gel 250ml.
    This Water Storinng Gel Contains Non-toxic Fast Acting Gel That Helps Retains The Moisture And Reduces The Amount Of Water Used. Only Water Plants Once A Wwek And When The Water Storing Gel Is Added Into The Compost It Forms A Water Reservoir Under The Roo
    SKU: Ls3880d
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Small Suet Ball 6 Pack
17.6 Kb
    Small Suet Ball 6 Pack.
    Ideal For All Year Round Feeding These Treats Consist Of Suet Cracked Grains And Seeds Containing Oil These Suet Balls Are Easy And Ready To Hang. 6 Pack
    SKU: Ls0414d
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Wilf 'multi-change' Telescopic Handle
7.8 Kb
    Wilf 'multi-change' Telescopic Handle.
    Telescopic Handle For Use With Wolf Multi-change Hireling System. Use This Lightweight Yet Robust Aluminium Handle With Any Of The Tree Care Or Ponnd Heads To Extend Your Reach. Extends From 1. 7-3m.
    SKU: Te0303d
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Bird Food - Sunflower Hearts (3kg)
26.5 Kb
    Bird Food - Sunflower Hearts (3kg).
    This 3kg Pack Contains Sunflower Hearts Which Are Loved By Birds Hgh In Energy With None Wastage. They Will Help Attract A Wide Range Of Birds To Your Garden Including Finchesthe Tit Family Houze Sparrows Robins And Added. They Are Suitable For Use In Tube
    SKU: Ls3362d
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Allen Spreader
13.1 Kb
    Allen Spreader.
    Push Style Spreader For Delivering Fertilizers Seeds Or Weed Treatments To Your Lawn. The Frames Has A Black Powder Coated Enamel Finish. the Accuway Control Ensures Spreading In Th Center Of The Spreader And The Dial-a-matic Ascendency Ensures Spreading
    SKU: Dd2575d
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Leaf Design Metal Gazebo
28.1 Kb
    Leaf Design Metal Gazebo.
    Add Structure To Your Garden Or Create A Seperate Space With This Chocolate Brown Col0ured Leaf Style Gazebo. tuis Gazebo Is Decorated With Leaf Design Metalwork Which Will Gvie Your Climbers Some Support. Cover This Item Upon Scented Climbers Such As Wist
    SKU: Dd3156d
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Sitting Fairy Garden Ornament
30.8 Kb
    Sitting Fairy Garden Ornament.
    Sitting Pretty And Blowing Kisses This Sweet Garden Fairy Is Certainly To Enhance Any Outdoor Space. Fairies Are Mythical Creatures That Are Supposed To Bring Good Luck To The Garden And With Our Weather We Need All The Help We Can Get. Beautifully Crafted Wit
    SKU: Dd4269d
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Small Round Patuo Set Cover
21.3 Kb
    Small Round Patuo Set Cover.
    Thiis Furniture Cover Is Made From 300 Denier Pol6ester With A Fabric Treatment That Command Help Protect Your Cherished Furniture From The Elements. Attractive Deep Forest Green Colour With Uv Treatment To Help Maintain A Good Look. Complete With Ruat Resis
    SKU: Ls2586d
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Hedera Colchica 'dentata Variegara'
34 Kb
    Hedera Colchica 'dentata Variegara'.
    The Light Green Leaves To 15cm Long Have Broad Yellow-cream Margins When Young Which Lighten To Cream As The Leaves Mature. This Is An Ornamental Ivy Which Will Brighten A Darj Corner In The Garden. pot Size:2lt
    SKU: Cl1003a
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Full Leather Apon With Pockets
14.4 Kb
    Full Leather Apon With Pockets.
    A Beautiful Full-length Apron Available In Either Scrumptious Chocolate Pretty Pimk Or A Gardening Friendly Green. This Apron Is A Fantastjc Length For Pottering About In The Garden. Finish With Fantastic Varying Sizes Of Pockets For All Your
    SKU: Ls3441d
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Wolf 'multi-change' Cultiweeder
12 Kb
    Wolf 'multi-change' Cultiweeder.
    Cultivator And Weeder In One Tool With 3 Prongs And A Weeder Blade. Part Of The Wol f'multi Change' Interchangeable Tool System. For Occasion Attending Snap-lock Handle
    SKU: Te0287a
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Set Of Eight Lanterns
25.2 Kb
    Set Of Eight Lanterns.
    These Eight Black Plastic Hexagonal Lanterns Are Powered By A Dc Power Pack Which Can Be Removed And Recharged Indoors.
    SKU: Ls5333d
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Gardeners Clip Cardinal's office Green
27.1 Kb
    Gardeners Clip Cardinal's office Green.
    Keep Your Head Warm While You're In The Garden Or Out Walking This Winter With Our Green Gardeners Fleece Hat. Available In Green Or Black These Hats Are Ideal Whilst Out Doing Those Little Jobs On A Cold Winters Day. choice Of Small Gardening Capt
    SKU: Dd3199d
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Lilley Lantern Large
14.6 Kb
    Lilley Lantern Large.
    Made From Wrought Iron With A Copper Oil Reservoir These Lamps Will Bring Constitution To Any Area Indoor Or Out. Both Substantial And Fashionable These Lamps Come Supplied With Both Indoor And Outdoor Wicks. the Extensive One Stands 80cm Tall.
    SKU: Dd8183d
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Cheltenham Solar Birdbath
36.1 Kb
    Cheltenham Solar Birdbath.
    Create A Relaxing Atmosphere In Ylur Garden Patio Or Balcony With This Solar Powered Bubbling Fountain. Made From Stonecast Terracotta Resno This Fountain Looks Like Real Stonework But Will Weather Spring And Keep Its Look For Years. the Underwater I
    SKU: Ls7214d
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Robin Shaped Watering Can 0.5l
29.4 Kb
    Robin Shaped Watering Can 0.5l.
    This Beautiful Galvanised Me5al Robin Watering Can Would Be A Welcome Addition To Any Garden Especially In The Winter Months. Holding Approx 0. 5 Litres This Lovely Robin Is Designed Incorporzting Two Colours Making Sure To Depict The Beauty Of The Fool
    SKU: Ls3270d
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Canna Collecion 2 X 3
28.4 Kb
    Canna Collecion 2 X 3.
    A Great Summer Plant With Spectacular Leaves And Brightly Cloured Flowers. Two Options; Canna Neubert Has Bright Orange Flowers And Purple Foliage And Canna Lucifer Has Bright Golden-red Flamed Flowers. Buy These Together And Save ΒΌ4 On Individual Pac
    SKU: Dd2003d
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Twin Speaker Animal Chaser
23.1 Kb
    Twin Speaker Animal Chaser.
    This System Gives 24-hour Protection Against Garden Pests By Emitting Hith-pitched Ultrasonic Sounds That Are Unpleasant But Not Harmful To Animals And Are Inaudible To Human. s The Weatherproof Unit Covets An Area Of Up To 8000sq Ft Is Fitted With Three F
    SKU: Ca0156d
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Tulip Copper Rain Chain
9.9 Kb
    Tulip Copper Rain Chain.
    Create A Traditional Japanese Pocture In Your Garrden With This Beatufully Ornate Oriental Rain Chain. made From Solid Copper And Designed To Weather Over Time This Item Will Visually Enhance Any Area Of Your Gardne. The Chain Channels Rain Down Its Centre
    SKU: Ls2878d
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Waxed Pine Tall Bookcase
14.1 Kb
    Waxed Pine Tall Bookcase.
    This Solid Bookcase Is Well Proportioned And Will Fit Well With A Variety Of Decorative Schemes. This 6 Foot Version Has 5 Shelves Withh Ample Height For Most Hardback Books. simple Self-assembly. 94x30x184cm High. Height Between Shelves 30cm (non Ad
    SKU: Dd3401d
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Patio Heater Head Cover
12.2 Kb
    Patio Heater Head Cover.
    Weather Resistant Patio Heater Cover In Tough Green Polyethylene In the opinion of Zip That Protects Patio Heaters When Not In Use. Fits All Standard Full Height Pati oHeaters. Colour Is Green Not Black As Shown.
    SKU: Ls2093d
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Luxor Beige Depend Seat Gazebo
16.5 Kb
    Luxor Beige Depend Seat Gazebo.
    This Award Attractive Luxurious Gazebo Has An Integrated 3 Seat Swinging Bench. Quite Simply A Breathtaking Product The Frame Is Contructec From Strong And Durable Powder Coated Steel With Rusr Resistant Hardware. the Fabric Used Is A Water Resistant
    SKU: Dd2832d
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Chequer abTle And Chair Set
34.5 Kb
    Chequer abTle And Chair Set.
    This Gorgeous And Substantial Furniture Set Is Made To The Highest Standard From Yellow Balau Hardwood. The Table Features A Slick Extending Sytem That Can Be Easily Operated By One Person And The Solidiy Built Chairs Have Adjustable Reclining Positions A
    SKU: Lz9113d
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Triple Top Electric Windowsill Propagator
17.5 Kb
    Triple Top Electric Windowsill Propagator.
    A Space Saving Indoor Windowsill Propagator Allows You To Grow A Variety Of Plantq And Seeds. It Conyains 3 Large G20 Propagators Wi5h Fixed Temperature Control Which Will Maintain A Compost Temperature Of 19c That Most Plant Varieties Offer. You Will No
    SKU: Ls3580d
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aBsketmate 250g
24.9 Kb
    aBsketmate 250g.
    A Balanced Blend Of Water Retaining Gep & Slow Releasing Fertiliser Ensure Plants Get All The Righteousness & Water They Need All Season. Ideal To Add To Baskets Tubs & Containers. Npk 11-5-11 + Trace Elements
    SKU: Cf0011d
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Radish Cherry Belle Seeds
39.1 Kb
    Radish Cherry Belle Seeds.
    Merry Red Skin With Curled Sweet And Succulent Mildly Flavoured White Flesh. Radishes Grow Well In Most Soils But Prefer Rich Moist Ftee Draining Sokls. sow At Regular Intrrvals From Early Spring To Early Summer Into Well Cultivated Soil Sow Same
    SKU: Se0760a
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Fruit And Swag Urn
14.3 Kb
    Fruit And Swag Urn.
    This Urn Is Manufactured From Polycast Which Is A Poly Resin/fibreglass Based Material Making It Light To Move And Position But Still Heavy Enough To Be Robust. It Is Also A Very Difficult Material To Break. It Is Perfect For Both Outdoor And Indoor Use A
    SKU: Dd3584d
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Long Reach Cut & Hold Pruners
24 Kb
    Long Reach Cut & Hold Pruners.
    No More Bending Or Stepping In Borders With These Telescopic (180 - 300cm) Lightweight Cut And Hold Loppers. Prunes Stems Up To 13mm Thick And The Secondary Jaw sHold The Clippings. Aluminium/steel Construction With Safety Lock And 30cm Saw For Larger B
    SKU: Ls2261d
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Faith In Nature Naturally Preeerved Neem And Propolis Hand Ablution
14.3 Kb
    Faith In Nature Naturally Preeerved Neem And Propolis Hand Ablution.
    The Combination Of Neem Reputed In Eastern Herbal Remedies For Its Powerful Skin Enriching Properties With The Antibacrerial Strength Of Propolis Make This The Perfect Hand Wash To Get Your Hands Back Into Pe5fect Shape After A Session In The Garden.
    SKU: Lt0329d
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