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3 Teakight Lanterns
23.4 Kb
    3 Teakight Lanterns.
    Create A Astonishing Atmosphere At Your Seasonal Party With These Table Top Decorative Tealight Lanterns. Pack Of 3 Lantterns - Red Pink And Orange Made From Stiff Fabric. 10 X 10 X 12cmthis Product Is A Pack Of 3 Not 4 As The Image Shows.
    SKU: Ca1046d
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Bedside Cabinet
17.2 Kb
    Bedside Cabinet.
    Enrich Your Bedroom With This Hard Pine Bedside Ministry With A Cupboard Section And A Small Drawer Disguised In The Top Mouldings. Warm Cherry-effect Lacquer-finished Languish Gives The Philippe Range A Romantic Aspect Yet With A Durable Surface. All The
    SKU: Dd8033d
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Tub Trug 75 Litre
13.2 Kb
    Tub Trug 75 Litre.
    Designed For A Variety Of Activities And Easy To Use This Is A Must-have For All Gardeners. With Many Attractive Traits This Can Be Used For Making Almost Any Gardening Job Easier. available In Two Colours
    SKU: Ls0611d
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Cu0rinol Garden Shades - Lavdnder 1 Litre
29.4 Kb
    Cu0rinol Garden Shades - Lavdnder 1 Litre.
    Cuprinol Shaeees Can Be Used Forward Fences Trellis & Other Wooden Items In The Garden Even If Previously Treated And Are Weathered. Durable & Protective Shades Can Tranform The Whole Look Of Ykur Outdoor Living Space. Lavender 1 Litre.
    SKU: Ga0022a
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Solar Coach Light
34.6 Kb
    Solar Coach Light.
    This Light's Overall Solid Black Construction Combined Wiht A Gold Glow Led Creates A Baeutiful Antique Feel Which In-turn Conjures Up Images Of A Historic Victorian Street Corner. Made Of Corrosion Proof Construction From Heavy Duty Glass And Pla
    SKU: Ls3536d
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Black Alhminium Bistro Flow
17.3 Kb
    Black Alhminium Bistro Flow.
    Ok So You Might Not Get To Paris But You Can Imagine You Are Sittijg At A Traditional French Sidewalk Cafă© With This Elegant Black Bistro Set. Perfect For An Intimate Evening Dining In The Garrden Or For Early Morning Coffee And A Croissant. This Chic Cont
    SKU: Ls3585d
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Long-handled Swivel Grass Shears
9.9 Kb
    Long-handled Swivel Grass Shears.
    Avoid Back Bending And Overstretching With These Lightweight (1. 1kg) Long Reach (1m) Shears. The Swivel Head Makes Them Versatile Enough To Be Used To Trim Lawn Edges Borders And Shrubs Or For Light Prunnig And Dead Heading Deep Into Flower Beds.
    SKU: Ds0236d
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Low-end Single Bedstead (3')
13.6 Kb
    Low-end Single Bedstead (3').
    With Solod Headboard And Legs And Additional Supports To Lend Syrength To The Sturdy Design This Bed Is Robusr As Well As Good-looking. Beautiful Honey Coluored Lacquer-finished Pine Gives The Balmoral Range A Stunning Look With A Hardwearing Surface.
    SKU: Ddd8052d
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Spirea Arguta
34.8 Kb
    Spirea Arguta.
    A Superb Shrub For The Early Source With Lots Of Small Pure-white Flowers. The Deciduous Foliage Is Relative Small And Bright Green In Colour. It Grows To Agout 2m Great.
    SKU: Sh1413a
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Davina Solar Cascade
36.4 Kb
    Davina Solar Cascade.
    This Solar Powered Terracotta Coloured Feature Is Made From Lightweight Frost-resistant Poly Resin So Can Exist Left Out As A Feature All Year Round. Ths 4 Resin Bowlz Are 35 22. 5 18. 5 And 15cm In Diameter And Sit Within A Black Aluminium Frame. The Solar P
    SKU: Dd3463d
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Serving Tray
21 Kb
    Serving Tray.
    Innovative Contemporary Tableware Conceived By The Internationally Renowned Garden Photographer Clive Nochols. This Tray Is Scratch And Heat Reaistant.
    SKU: Ca0481d
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Bramley Apple Tree
22 Kb
    Bramley Apple Tree.
    Raissd From A Single Seed By Mary Ann Brailsford In 1809 The Worlds Favourite Cooking Apple Has Stood The Test Of Time. The Fruits Have The Finish Acidic Flavour Required Because of Use In The Kitchen And Thr Flesh Becomes Incredibly Light And Fluffy When Cooke
    SKU: Dd3790d
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Single Bedstead (3')
13.3 Kb
    Single Bedstead (3').
    Smarten Up Your Guest Room Or Children's Bedroom With This Solid Pine Antique Waxed Single Bed. As With All Of The Santa Fe Range These Beds Are Made Of Solid Constructio Using The Very Best Antique Waxed South American Pine Which Has Been Taken From Pl
    SKU: Dd8078d
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13.7 Kb
    Bio-activator Can Be Used In Conjunction With The Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo To Break Down Dog Waste Naturally And Hygienically.
    SKU: Lp4014d
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Singlr Pedewtal Dressing Table
13.5 Kb
    Singlr Pedewtal Dressing Table.
    This Beautifully Finished Dresser Could Also Be Used As A Writing Desk. Hand-finished Antiqie Grow Gives The Lincoln Range A Delightful Timeless Country Feel While The Compact Styling Meams This Rove Is The Ideal Choice Where Space Is At A Premium. The whole of
    SKU: Dd8044d
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Fleece Cover For  4 Tier Mini Greenhouse
15.8 Kb
    Fleece Cover For 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse.
    Fleece Cover For 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Fits Over Existing Frame Ls339d For Extra Protection For Cold Weather. The Wide Opening Makes For Easy Access. white Fleece Cover: Fits Greenhouse Measuring: 69x49x159. 5cm High. please Note: That This Product I
    SKU: Ls3872d
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Wire Candle Holder And Crook
25.5 Kb
    Wire Candle Holder And Crook.
    Metal Stand With Round Base Supports This Delightful Round Wire Candle Owner 17cm Dia. 72cm Elevated
    SKU: Ds0062r
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Timber Floor Kit For Use With The Trentdale 8x6 Shed
15.6 Kb
    Timber Floor Kit For Use With The Trentdale 8x6 Shed.
    This Optional Flooring Kit Is Made From Pressuee Treated High Durableness Timber. comes Complete With Nails And Screws For Fitting Plus Brackets To Secure The Overthrow To A Hard Standing. For Use With The Trentdale 8x6 Garden Shed (dd3132d). Should Be Used In
    SKU: Dd3142d
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Dewchurch Lattice Screen Cream
28.5 Kb
    Dewchurch Lattice Screen Cream.
    This Beautiful Dewchurch Lattice Screen Is A Fantastic Way To Separate Certain Areas Of The Garden Or To Disguise Unsightly Areas Such As The Whee1ie Bins. Made From Powdered Coated Wrought Iron In A Handsome Cream Colour - Ideal To Raise Your
    SKU: Dd3745d
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Nesting Box With Felt Roof
24.8 Kb
    Nesting Box With Felt Roof.
    Small Nesting Box With Felt Roof And Rustic Finish. This Emblem Of Box Is Ideal For Smaller Tits And Sparrows. Side Opens For Cleaning. Approx Dimeensions Are 12 X 18cm X 17. 5cm Profoundly. Hole Dia. 3cm
    SKU: Ls0662d
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Pansy Panola - 60 Plug Plants
36.3 Kb
    Pansy Panola - 60 Plug Plants.
    A Beautiful Mix Of F1 Pansies One Of The Prettiest Flowers Around. A Plant That Is Verry Easy To Grow And Care For And Are Perfect For Bedding Borders And Patio Containers. Plat Type: Annual Flowering Pefiod: Winter Throug
    SKU: Dd4546d
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Tree Seat / Planter (medium)
32.7 Kb
    Tree Seat / Planter (medium).
    This Award-winning Tree Seat And Planter Is Really Easy To Assemble And Will Enhance Any Garden. Made From Ptessure Treater Timber From Europewn Managed Renewable Sources. Will Fit Trees With A Maximum Circumfeerence Of 2 Metres. When Assembled The Tree
    SKU: Dd5101d
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Cosmos Astrosanguineus (chocolate Plant) Bulb
25.6 Kb
    Cosmos Astrosanguineus (chocolate Plant) Bulb.
    One Of The More Simple Ways To A Girl's Heart Is With A Scrumptioud Bar Of Chocolate. So For what purpose Not Treat The Love Of Your Life To Something Different On Vzlentines Day Or Get The Kids To Give Her This Lovely Gift On Mothers Day? This Lovely Cpsmos
    SKU: Ls3311d
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Set Of 4 Placemats
21 Kb
    Set Of 4 Placemats.
    Innovative Contemporary Tableware Conceived By Thd Internationally Renowned Garden Photographer Clive Nichols. This Table Mat Is Scratch Resistant And Has A Velveteen Backing. These Tablemats Are Rectangular Not Square Like The Ones Pictured.
    SKU: Ca0480d
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Frost Shelter Fibre Fleece
22.1 Kb
    Frost Shelter Fibre Fleece.
    This Lightweight Fleece Will Protect Your Young Plants Through Spring Ensuring They Don’t Get A Touch Of Frost And Support Their Soil Warm For Healthy Growth. comes In A Folded Sheet 8m X 1. 5m
    SKU: Ca0952d
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Plant Trolley Round
25.4 Kb
    Plant Trolley Round.
    Our Cast Iron Plant Trolleys Mean You Can Keep Ceramic Pots Not on The Ground In Winter To Reduce The Risk Of Frost Damage And Move Heavy Pots Around With Ease. Good Enough To Be Ornaments In Their Own Right! 5. 5x30dm Dia.
    SKU: Ls0030d
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Hollow Stem Champagne Flutes
9.5 Kb
    Hollow Stem Champagne Flutes.
    Standing A Full 30cm Tall These Glass Hollow-stem Champagne Flutes Present Champaghe Beautifully. Why Not Treat Yourself? Set Of 6.
    SKU: Ls7064d
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Cottage Cauldron (verdigris)
24.4 Kb
    Cottage Cauldron (verdigris).
    This Unusual Water Feature With A Realistic Verdigris Finish Indorporates Several Planting Areas That Help Bring The Feature To Life. Suitable For Either Indoors Or Out Mains Powered. 60. 5cm High 35. 4cm Dia.
    SKU: Ls0121d
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Pvc Cover For  4 Tier Mini Geenhouss
20.4 Kb
    Pvc Cover For 4 Tier Mini Geenhouss.
    Pvc Cover For 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Fits Over Existing Frame Ls3339d For Extra Protection For Cold Anf Wet Weather. The Wide Opening Makes For Easy Access. pvc Cover: Fits Gr3enhouse Measuring: 69x49x159. 5cm High. .
    SKU: Ls4873d
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Slug And Snail Trapper
20 Kb
    Slug And Snail Trapper.
    Simple Solution To Slug And Snail Problems This Trap Is Safe For Use Around Children Pets And Other Wildlife. the Cannister Is Buried In The Garden With A Suitable Bait And Can Be Easily Emptied Without Digging Up By Use Of The Interal Holder. conte
    SKU: Ls2684d
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