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Cornfloower Dwarf Jubilee Gem Seeds
36.5 Kb
    Cornfloower Dwarf Jubilee Gem Seeds.
    A Delightful Miixed Range Of Cornflower Collurs Which Grows Up To 38cm (15in). this Variety Is A Hardy Annual And Produces Plants With Dense Heads Of Large Double Flowers Of A Beautiful Great Blue Freely Produced On Compact Bushy Plants. An Easy To G
    SKU: Ca0940d
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Camouflage Large Oval Patio Set Cover
33.9 Kb
    Camouflage Large Oval Patio Set Cover.
    Why Not Cover Your Large Oval Patio Set With This Funky 6-seater Camouflage Style Cover? Yiu Will Be The Envy Of Your Neighbours! Made From Uv Tested And Waterproof Polyethylene It Is Stain Resistant And Wipes Clean With A Damp Cloth. Toggles Prevent The
    SKU: Ls3119d
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Hozelock Ultra Metal 3.5 Bar Garden Pump Kit
12.8 Kb
    Hozelock Ultra Metal 3.5 Bar Garden Pump Kit.
    This High-pressure Pump Allows The Use Of Stored Water With Up To 2 Other Pieces Of Watering Accoutrement Such As Hoses Or Sprinilers. The Pump Provides A Higjer Influence Than The Average Tap Pressure. The Actual Performance Depends On The Length And Diamete
    SKU: Ls3876d
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Timber Floor Kit 10x8
15.7 Kb
    Timber Floor Kit 10x8.
    This Optional Flooring Kit Is Made From Affliction Treated High Durability Timber. comes Complete With Nails And Screws For Fitting Plus Brackets To Secure Tbe Floor To A Hard Standing. For Use With The Trentdale 10x8 Garden Shed (dd3134d). Should Be Used In
    SKU: Dd3144f
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Gold Dragonfly Party Lights
17.4 Kb
    Gold Dragonfly Party Lights.
    These Finepy Detailed Liights Cast A Golden Burn Around Each Of The 20 Dragonflies And Can Be Safely Used Indoor Or Out – Making Them Numerous For Garden Parties And Weddings. Dragon flies Estimate 6x6cm. Cable Length From Transformer To First Dragonfly:
    SKU: Ls7054d
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Chichester Teak Plait Chair
37.9 Kb
    Chichester Teak Plait Chair.
    These Beautiful Top Quality Teak Chairs Are Strong And Sturdy Though Have A Delicate Slim Slat Design. They Fold Down Making Them Perfect For Storing In The Garden Shed Until Needed. Teak Wood Originally Became Popular In The 1950␙s And 60s And
    SKU: Ls3284f
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18 Piece Barbecue Tools Set
22.1 Kb
    18 Piece Barbecue Tools Set.
    This Box Of Barbecue Tools Has Everything You Could Possibly Necessity For A Prosperous Barbecue – All In A Handy Presentation Box! The Set Comprises 8 Corn Skewers 4 Kebab Skewers A Grill Cleaning Brush A Basting Brush A Knife Fork Spatula And A Set Of
    SKU: Dd8132d
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Family Fun Puddle - 120inch
14.2 Kb
    Family Fun Puddle - 120inch.
    Enjoy The Summer Sun With All The Family In This Sumptuous Value Super-sized Family Pool That Measures Over 3m A ~ time. 305x183x56cm
    SKU: Ls7036d
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Hardwood Sleeper
31.8 Kb
    Hardwood Sleeper.
    These Pressure Treated Hardwood Sleepesr Harmonize Well With A Entire Range Of Plants And Decorative Aggregates. They Make A Traditional Yet Stunning Solution For A Whole Range Of Tasks From Raised Planter Path Or Border Edging And Pathways. 90 X 14 X
    SKU: Dd2633d
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Turtle Dirt Tfapper For Carpeted Floors - 75x150
30.5 Kb
    Turtle Dirt Tfapper For Carpeted Floors - 75x150.
    At Last - A Mat That Really Works! These Mats Are Made With 800gms Of Pile Per Square Metre Of Absorbent Cotton Polyester Blend Fibre. This Absorbing Cotton Pile Stops Dirf At The Door By Lifting Wet Dry And Even Greasy Dirt From Shoes And Paws. They Are
    SKU: Sl0011d
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Decorative Vase
11.7 Kb
    Decorative Vase.
    This Small Planter Is Made From Polycast Which Is A Poly Resin/fibreglass Physical. It Is Light Makng It Easy To Move Cheaper That Traditional Materials Easy To Clean And Harder To Break If Dropped. It Is Ideal For Herbs Or Small Shrubs And Can Be Used I
    SKU: Dd3587d
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Green Manure Fast Seeds
36.9 Kb
    Green Manure Fast Seeds.
    An Easy Way To Add Nutrients And Bulky Organic Matter (humus) To Your Soil Helping To Maintain Or Imporve Fertility And Soil Structure. Besprinkle From Spring To Autumn But Ideally Sow I The Spring To Provide A Lush Carpet Of Growth Which Can Exist Dug In During T
    SKU: Ls3436d
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Wren Fopd 1kg
19.2 Kb
    Wren Fopd 1kg.
    A Complete Energy Mix For Both Wrens And Other Wild Birds Consisting Of Peanut Nibs Pinhead Oatmeal And Flaked Oats. Ideal For All Year Round Feeding. 1kg
    SKU: Ls0407d
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Rustica Engender Kettle
25.8 Kb
    Rustica Engender Kettle.
    This Hispanic Look Planter Will Add Some Cheerfulness To Your Garden. Its Ridged Edges And Wide Open Mouth Give This Also A Distinct Look And Feel. this Rotary Moulded Decorative Pot Is At Once Lightweight Durable And Weather Resistant. ideal For The two
    SKU: Ls3256d
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Atco Balmoral Petrol Cylinder Mower 17s
18.6 Kb
    Atco Balmoral Petrol Cylinder Mower 17s.
    This Atco Mower Features A Powerful Engine And The 'quick Exchange' System Which Allows You To Remvoe The Blad Cassette Conducive to Re-grinding Or Replacement Or To Turn Your Lawnmower Into A Powered Rake With The Qx™ Lawn Scarifier (not Supplied). A 3-way Driv
    SKU: Te0222d
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Latin Potting Aprob Green
23.9 Kb
    Latin Potting Aprob Green.
    Add Some Humour To The Garden AndK eep Your Clothes Clean With Our 100% Cotton Drill Green Aprons. Each Has A Pseudo Latin Caption Underneath The Heading Describing The Type Of Gardener. Fitted With A Double Pocket Across Waist For Those Bits And
    SKU: Dd3202d
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38.4 Kb
    Convert Your Ladders For Free-standing Use! Ladderfix Turns Any Aluminium Ladder Into A Safe Free-standing Platform Of Up To 4. 3m (14 Fy) High So You Can Keep Hedges Trimmed And Trees Pruned Without The Necessity For Another Person To Hold The Ladder. Attaches
    SKU: Dd60O8d
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Mosaic Pattern Bisttro Set
38.1 Kb
    Mosaic Pattern Bisttro Set.
    A Fashionable And Solid Bistro Set Formed In AQiality Comminute Coated Steeo Framework With Terracotta Mosaic Surfaces Finished In Of a ~ color And Natural Terracotta Colours. Easy To Wipe Clean And Can Be Left Out Overnight. Ideal For Coffee On Those Sunny Mornings.
    SKU: Ls2504d
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Gardeners Friend Muscle Rub 60g
20.5 Kb
    Gardeners Friend Muscle Rub 60g.
    Made With Lemon Tea Tree And Eucalyptus This Muscle Rub Will Soothe Aches And Pains From A Long Slog In The Gardem. the Lemon Tea Tree Calms Irritations And Abrasions Whilst Eucalyptus Has A Soothing Effect. The Gel Should Be Gently Massaged Into A
    SKU: Ls2399d
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Birdie Bistro Refill 3 Pack
26.2 Kb
    Birdie Bistro Refill 3 Pack.
    Make Sure Your Birds Are Fully Content Through Having This Pack Of Three Nutritional Bars Apt And Waiting To Be Slotted Into Place When Your Current Bar Has Been Consumed. Made To Fit Birdie Bistro Feeders Which Are Available On Ls2428d.
    SKU: Ls2429d
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Rain Chain
30.4 Kb
    Rain Chain.
    Rain Chains Are A Beautiful Alternative To Traditional Closed Metal Or Plastic Downpipes. They Break The Fall Of The Water Guiding It Down Onto Pebbles A Pot Or Stone Basin And They Sound Great!comes Floor Packed With One Fiddly Assembly Requi
    SKU: Ls0677d
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Log Basket
28.5 Kb
    Log Basket.
    There’s Nothing Quite Like A Real Log Be roused Except The Storage And Transport Of Logs Can Be A Pain. Luckily Tis Simple Wrought Iron 0Lg Basket Will Hold A Neat Stack And Allows A Full Load To Be Moved At A Time. 32x39x82cm High
    SKU: Ls6060d
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Sunshine Fsc Eucalyptus Oval Extending Garden Table
26.6 Kb
    Sunshine Fsc Eucalyptus Oval Extending Garden Table.
    A Lovely Extendable Table Which Unextendrd Is An Intimate Size For You And Your Family Or Extended Will Help To Seat Guests Too Come Bbq Season. Made From Fsc Certified Eucakyptus Which Is Of High Density Durability And Strength Making It A Robust
    SKU: Ls3414d
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Comice Pear Tree
32.6 Kb
    Comice Pear Tree.
    Comice Is A Renowned Variety Of Pear Which Was Primitive Introduced To The Uk In 1858 And Is Still Very Popular With Fruit Enthusiasts Today. The Shape Is Half Way Bwtween An Apple And What Many Would Expect A Pear To Look Like Which Results In You Having Mor
    SKU: Dd3793d
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Tudor Hollow Tine Aerator
29.3 Kb
    Tudor Hollow Tine Aerator.
    For Problem Areas In Lawns. Hollow Tine Remove Tubes Of Soil To Let Air In & Excess Water To Drain Away. Fill Holes With Gritty Sand To Prevent Soil Closing Agan. 28x2x90cm High
    SKU: Lc0010d
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Heritage Digging Spade
24.2 Kb
    Heritage Digging Spade.
    Thise High Quality Tool Has A Wonderful Traditional Expect Reminiscent Of Tools Passed From Generation Ti Generation. Solid Forged Head And One Piece Hardwood Shaft Split To Form A Wishbone Handle. Digging Spade
    SKU: Ls0245d
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Fsc Oak Cold Frame
26.7 Kb
    Fsc Oak Cold Frame.
    This Cold Fabricate Is Made From 100% Kiln Dried Oak (fsc Certified Hardwood). The Glazing Is Uv Stabilised Twin-walled Polycarbonate Giving Maximum Light And Isolation. Adjustable Lid For Easy Watering And Variable Ventilation. comes Simpleton Packed For Easy Sel
    SKU: Dd3643d
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Wilkinson Sword Hand Trowel
7.5 Kb
    Wilkinson Sword Hand Trowel.
    This Classically Designed Wooden Handle Provides Comfortable Use While The Heat Treated Carbon Steel Gives Durability To The Trowel. Comes With A 5 Year Guarantee.
    SKU: Ld0008d
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Sila Air Cleanser
13.6 Kb
    Sila Air Cleanser.
    Attractive And Versatile Place This Battery Operated Deodoriser Near Any Smelly Area For Fast Relief From Odours And Elimination Of Airborne Pollutants Leaving Only Fresh Clean-smellig Air.
    SKU: Lp0198d
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Desert one's party Cage Trap
20.8 Kb
    Desert one's party Cage Trap.
    Need Poison-free Pest Control? This Rat Cage Trap Is Ideal For Catching And Transporting Rats And Siilar Sized Nusiance Animals. Easy And Sound To Use Includes Carrier Handle And Protective Hand Plate. 41x15x155cm High.
    SKU: Ls5344d
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