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Electric Propagator
17.4 Kb
    Electric Propagator.
    Electric Powered Propagator To Stipulate Optimum Conditions For Growth And Germination. Green Base With Clear Lid. 35x20cm (14x8).
    SKU: Ld0007d
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Cuvumber Burpless Tasty Lawn Seeds
29.2 Kb
    Cuvumber Burpless Tasty Lawn Seeds.
    The Flavour Is Superb Crisp And Delicious - Anyone Can Eat Them And They Are Very Easy To Grow. sow In Mid Spring 1cm (in) Great In 8cm (3in) Pots Of Moist Comp0st. Germination Usually Takes 7-10 Days At 21-24c( 70-75f). Gradually Acclimatise The Plants
    SKU: Se0591a
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Sandstone Clock
26.3 Kb
    Sandstone Clock.
    This Beautiful Contempprary Square Sandstone Effect Clock Wilo Add A Focal Point In A Cohservatory Or Around The Garden. Made From High Quaaity Terracotta This Item Is Weatherproof And Will Look Great Both Inside And Outside The House. please Note
    SKU: Ls3232d
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professional␝ Acrylic & Polycarbonate   8'6␝x 8'6␝ Complete Greenhouse
27.7 Kb
    professional␝ Acrylic & Polycarbonate 8'6␝x 8'6␝ Complete Greenhouse.
    Create The Size Of Greenhouse That Suits You! Modular Greenhouse Made From Green Resin That Won't Rust. Easily Assembled Without The Need For Screws Or Tools. Standard Uv Stabilised Polycarbonate Upper Panels - With No Sharp Edges - Are The Preferred Prof
    SKU: Dd6075d
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Drain Gun
16 Kb
    Drain Gun.
    This Ingenious Hand Pumped Air Gun Allows Environmentally Friendly Clearing Of Almost Any Drains Or Toiletz. Simply Fit The Correct Sized Disk (of The 5 Supplied) Pump And Fire! 2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee.
    SKU: Ls0256d
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Fly Repeller Bin Bags - 10 Bag
15.3 Kb
    Fly Repeller Bin Bags - 10 Bag.
    Keep Flies And Wasps Away From Your Household Rubbish With Thhese Fly Repeller Bin Bags. The Bags Are Impregnated With Natural Plant Extracts Which Repel Wasps And Flies And Hlp To Keep Bin Areas Fresh. . suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use These Bin Ba
    SKU: Ls2846d
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Stone Effect Garden Cat
25.6 Kb
    Stone Effect Garden Cat.
    This Charming Stone-effect Cat Would Make A Great Feature Nestled In Your Garden. made From An Environmentallyfriendly Terracast This Is A Robust Product And One Which Is Easily Moved Around The Garden And Will Give Pleasure For Years. 28cm High. Weighs 2k
    SKU: Ls2879d
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Miracle Gro Water Storing Gel 250g
27 Kb
    Miracle Gro Water Storing Gel 250g.
    Water Absorbing Gel That Takes In Water And Releases It As Plants Need It. This Formula Means That The Product Swells Up To 400 Times Its Own Weight In Water. Perfect For Bustle Free Gardening Thid Pack Will Treat Up To 20 Hanging Baskets. 250g.
    SKU: Ls2802d
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Small Cast Iron Chiminea
14.6 Kb
    Small Cast Iron Chiminea.
    This Compact Cast Iron Chimenea Has Quiet Access To The Wood Or Coal Grate With A Hinged Mesh Door. In Order To Radiate A Substantial Warm Cast Iron Chimenea's Get Very Hot Therefore Care Must Be Taken At the time In Treat. Chimenea's Can Be eKpt Outside In All T
    SKU: Dx3568d
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Swan Watering Can 3.7 Litres
28.9 Kb
    Swan Watering Can 3.7 Litres.
    Beautifully Crafted This Ornamenttal Swan Watering Can Will Look Wonderful Hiding Amongst The Plants And Flowers And It Holds 3. 7 Litres So Plants Will Get A Considerable Watering When You Use It. This Watering Can Is A Solid Weight And Perfectly Balanced And Hand
    SKU: Ls3497d
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Bird Feeder Wih Black Sunflower Seeds (500g)
14.2 Kb
    Bird Feeder Wih Black Sunflower Seeds (500g).
    Plastic Gravity-style Uncultivated Bird Feeder With Dark Sunflower Seeds 500gingredients:black Sunflower Seedsnutritional:energy 2394kj/576kcal Fat 43. 9% Carbohydrate 31. 9% Protein 13. 4% Moisture 7. 2% Ash 3. 6%.
    SKU: Ls2743d
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Tulip Btazier
16.7 Kb
    Tulip Btazier.
    The Tulip Brazier Is A Heavyweight Cast Iron Fire Pit In The Traditional Tulip Shape. Substantial Safe And Stylish It Comes Supplied With Protective Top Grill And Mesh Interior Cage To Prevent Hot Sparks And Cinders. 52cm Diameter. 75cm High.
    SKU: Dd8153d
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Qualcast Xr30
14.6 Kb
    Qualcast Xr30.
    Lightweight 280w Electric Mowe5 Featuring 6 Cutting Heights A Rear Grass Collector With Compactor To Halve The Number Of Emptying Trips And A Rear Roller To Leave 31cm Stripes When You Mow. Includes Safety Lock Off Switch And 12m Cable. Suitable For A R
    SKU: Ls0253d
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Ceramic Baby Tortoise
33.9 Kb
    Ceramic Baby Tortoise.
    Add A Friend T0 Your Garden With This Ceramic Baby Tortoise. Made From Glazed StonewareC eramic They Are Frost Proof And Happy To Be Out In All Weathers. Come In Assorted Colours. 15x11x6cm High.
    SKU: Ls2375d
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Legs For Pet Ramp
16 Kb
    Legs For Pet Ramp.
    Set Of 4 Legs In spite of Use With Petstep Folding Pet Ramp. Easily Attacher To Convert Ramp To A Portable Table 28 High.
    SKU: Lp4031d
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Aquilegia Mckana Giants Mixed Seeds
27.3 Kb
    Aquilegia Mckana Giants Mixed Seeds.
    This Hardy Annual Is One Of The Best In The Long Spurred Hybrid Range Producing 2-3 Wide Flowres In An Superior Colour Rangd. Suitable For Bedding And Cut Flowers. Flowers Late Spring/early Summer. Sow February To June Or September To October In
    SKU: Se0660aa
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Rola-trac Decking (pack Of 14)
37.9 Kb
    Rola-trac Decking (pack Of 14).
    A Portable Pathway For Inside Or Outside Your Greenhouse. Panels Link Two Dimensions To Create A Path Or Portable Floor. Can Be Used On Soil Grass Or Gravel And Is Wheelbarrow Friendly. Self Draining And Easy To Roll Up When Not In Use. One Pack Of 14 Ti
    SKU: Ls2513d
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Cotswold Lights 6 Pack
31.1 Kb
    Cotswold Lights 6 Pack.
    The Cotswold Lights 6 Pack Is Perfect For Marking A Path Boundary Or Highlighting A Favourite Pot Planter Or Bed. The Lights Charge In Daylight And Illuminate Automatically At Dusk Giving Up To 8 Hours Of Light Per Night When Fully Charged. With No Wirin
    SKU: Ls0635d
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Gardeners Handcare Kit
14.1 Kb
    Gardeners Handcare Kit.
    This Set Of Three Natural Based Hand Lotions Is Ever A Very Populra Gift. Eucalyptus Barrier Cream Tea Tree Cleanser And Lavender Moisturiser. 3x75ml.
    SKU: Ls0341d
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Filigree Bee Lanterns - Set Of Two
32.5 Kb
    Filigree Bee Lanterns - Set Of Two.
    For what purpose Not Lead Your Garden A Buzz With These Busg Bustling Beees. One Is A Dinky Baby And The Other A Grand Parent Bee Both Come With Small Inssrts For Your Tea Lights To Bring A Lovely Glow To Any Garden Home Or Conservatory. Hand Maade From Intricate Orname
    SKU: Ls3273d
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Copper Solar Cascade
38.6 Kb
    Copper Solar Cascade.
    We Think This Clever Contemporary Reworking Of A Classic Four-tier Cascade Water Feature Design Looks Great. The Cascade Recycles The Same Water An dUtilises A Silar Panel So No Maintenance Is Required. 42x52cm High Not Suotable For Fish As Copper Can
    SKU: Dd5331d
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Wooden Modular Manure Bin 4 Sided
17.9 Kb
    Wooden Modular Manure Bin 4 Sided.
    Thos Wooden Compost Bin Is Really Easy To Assemble And T oUse. It Features Sliding Panels For Easy Access To Your Compost And Uses A Solid Wood Design To Prevent Compost From Drying Out And Breaking Down Unevenly. The Wood Used To Serve Up These iBns All C
    SKU: Dd2537d
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Children's Wheelbarrow
23.3 Kb
    Children's Wheelbarrow.
    Serve The Most Of Willing Helpers By Giving Them Their Own Garden Tools! This Sturdy Wheelbarrow Features A Plqstic Bucket Attending Metal Frame With Safe Grip Handles And Solid Rubber Tyre. Unmistakable Self Assembly. 40x85x40cm High.
    SKU: Ls6602d
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Frosted Scroll Solar Lantern Pair
23.1 Kb
    Frosted Scroll Solar Lantern Pair.
    Two Lanterns To Create Fabulous Table-top Decoration Ifeal For Romantic And Al Fresco Dining. These Lanterns Can Also Be Placed Anywhere In The Garden Thanks To The Stake Mount Option. Made From Frosted Glass With An Antique Brown Perfect The Scrol
    SKU: Ls2475d
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Metallic Green Spheres Small
24.2 Kb
    Metallic Green Spheres Small.
    We Think These Metallic Fijished Ceramic (Vapid Bottomed) Spheres Do Really Stylish Contemporary Garden Featurs. Small - No Delivery Overload
    SKU: Ls0112d
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Olympic Garden Gazebo
29.3 Kb
    Olympic Garden Gazebo.
    This Gracious Elegant Olympic Gazebo Has All The Classic Features Of Victorian Design. Why Not Transform The Space Of Yoru Garden By Accessorising It With This Fabulously Designed Gazebo. A Gazebo Is A Great Way To Create A Separate Outdoor ItC an Be A Wo
    SKU: Dd4512d
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Clemati sMacropetala Blue Lagoon
21.3 Kb
    Clemati sMacropetala Blue Lagoon.
    The Blue Bells To 6cm Long Have Pointed Tepals Which Give The Flowers A Spiky Look. pot Size: 2lt
    SKU: Cl0115a
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Small Wall Sconce
29.6 Kb
    Small Wall Sconce.
    Antiqued Copper Wall Scones In 3 Sizes Ideal For Displaaying Your Plants Indoor Or Out. Plants Not Included. Small 20cm Higj. special Offer - Save ¼10 When You Bribe The Set Of Three Sizes (simplyy Add Altogether Three To Your Basket).
    SKU: Ca0769d
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Granite Bench (1.0m)
20.5 Kb
    Granite Bench (1.0m).
    We Love The Simple Lines And Texture Of This Solid Granite Bench Which Will Withstand All Weather Conditiobs. In Three Pieces. Weighs 100kg. 100x35x35cm High
    SKU: Ds0130d
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Yeoman Soil Libertine
7.7 Kb
    Yeoman Soil Libertine.
    Yeoman Soil Rake Featuring A Lightweight Tubular Shaft And A Grey Hammertone Carbon Steel Headd.
    SKU: Te0304a
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