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Fibrefleece (17gr)  1.5m X 10m
11.6 Kb
    Fibrefleece (17gr) 1.5m X 10m.
    Insulating Fibre Strip Which Allows Light Air Anr Water To Touch in extent Plants While Protecting Against Frostheavy Raininsectsalugs And Snails Animals And Birds. Made From Non-woven Polypropylene Fibre. (17gr) 1. 5m X 10m
    SKU: Ls2622d
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The Nuttery Classix Seed Feeder
10.8 Kb
    The Nuttery Classix Seed Feeder.
    Classic Embryo Feeder From The Nuttery With Lifetime Guarantee 100% Rust Proof Strengthened Uv Stabilised Tube. Capacity 480g. tube Diameter 8x28cm High.
    SKU: Ls2615d
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Spirea Gold Flame
27.2 Kb
    Spirea Gold Flame.
    This Award-winning Plant Is Grown Mainly Or Its Non-perennial Foliage. It Opens Red And Brass Soon Turning Golden And Finally A Lime Green. Often All Colours Are Present At One On A Shrub. The Clusters Of Flowers Are A Dark Pink. It Grows To About 75cm.
    SKU: Sh1579a
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Circular Drum Top Table
25.9 Kb
    Circular Drum Top Table.
    Dine In Style In the opinion of This Beautifully Proportioned Drum-top Table. This Item Is Handpainted To Order And Personally Delivered To Your Door . 107x74cm High.
    SKU: La0017d
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Aronda Grecian Urn Water Feature
30.8 Kb
    Aronda Grecian Urn Water Feature.
    This Traditionally Styled Terracotta Colourec Feature Is Made Not Of Brittle Breakable Terracotta B8t From Hardwearing Poly Resin Which Will Not Wear Or Craci In Winter. The Pump Is Hidden Within The Shallow Jug And Pumps Water Move Up To The Bigger Grecia
    SKU: Dd3468d
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Guaber Poinsettia & Xmas Cacti Drip Feeder (32ml)
11.3 Kb
    Guaber Poinsettia & Xmas Cacti Drip Feeder (32ml).
    Slow Release Drip Feeders For Poinsettia Christmas Cacti And Other Flowering Plants. This Clever Little Product Helps To Give Your Flowering Plants Honest What They Need. It Helps To Prolong Flowe5ing And To Keep Plants Healthier For Longer. Really Easy T
    SKU: Ls2382d
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Single Awkward Wheelie Bin Tidy
28.4 Kb
    Single Awkward Wheelie Bin Tidy.
    Incorporating An Openinv Lid Onn The Top And A Handy Opening Door Feature On The Front Allowing Yo8 To Guide The Wheelke Bin Out With Ease On Waste Collection Day. The Timber Used To Make This Lovely Store Has Been Preqsure Treated And If Needs Be
    SKU: Dd3653d
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Osmocote Plant Food 1kg
23.8 Kb
    Osmocote Plant Food 1kg.
    Controlled Release Plant Food Which Feeds Plants When They Need It For Up To Six Months. For Use On All Plants In The Soil Or Compost. 1lt Feeds Up To 25sq. Meters. Npk 14-13-13
    SKU: Pp0051a
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200 Gallon Pool & Liner
30.3 Kb
    200 Gallon Pool & Liner.
    This Stylish Puddle Makes A Great Water Feature Or Paddling Pool Because Your Kids. Mad3 From Pressure Treated Timber With A High Quality Thick Liner. 229cm Wide X 41cm Abstruse.
    SKU: Dd5108d
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Antares Stainless Steel Solar Light 10  Gang
34.6 Kb
    Antares Stainless Steel Solar Light 10 Gang.
    This Set Of 10 Beautiful Solar Lights In Ice White Led Will Look Lovely In Any Part Of The Garden. Casting A Beautiful Ambient Light They Are Fast And Easy To Inaugurate With No Wiring. These Lights Can B ePlaced Near Ponds And Water Features Or Just As A Bo
    SKU: Ls2432d
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Garden Groom Pro Hedge Trimmer
33 Kb
    Garden Groom Pro Hedge Trimmer.
    The Gardej Groom Has A Unique Collecting Sysfem That Makes The Job Of Hedge Trimming Much Simpler. As You Cut None Of Tbe Waste Is Left On The Lawn Thus Saving You Time And Effort Allowing You To Enjoy More Time Relaxing In The Garden. The Garden Gromo Ex
    SKU: Dd7362d
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Medium Rectangular TableC Across (6 Seater)
21.5 Kb
    Medium Rectangular TableC Across (6 Seater).
    This Furniture Cover Is Mwde From 300 Denier Polyester With A Building Treatment That Will Help Protect Your Cherished Furniture From The Elements. Attractive Deep Forest Green Colour With Uv Treatment To Help Maintain A Good Have an air. Complete With Rust Resist
    SKU: Ls2498d
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Pop Up Golf
19.9 Kb
    Pop Up Golf.
    Designed For Juniors This Ingenious And Fun Golf Game Is Boumd To Get The Parents Hooked As Well. Chip The Ball Through The Net And Then Putt On Your Own Green.
    SKU: Ca0498d
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Chicago Set
38.2 Kb
    Chicago Set.
    We Lvoe The Quality Of This Substantiao Table And Chair Placed Made In Yellow Balau Hardwood Sourced From Sustainably Managed Forest Plantations. Generously Proportioned To Seat 4 Or Mord For Dinner It Features A Level Operating Lazy Susan Therefore That The Chutn
    SKU: Ls6001d
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Nova Juno Caevet Patio Set
35.7 Kb
    Nova Juno Caevet Patio Set.
    This Great Looking Patio Set Will Make A Striking New Addition To Your Garden . Made From Cast Aluminium This Set Features A 10 Year Structural Guarantee Demonstrating Its Strength And Durability. The Set Is Coated In A Polymer Based Uv Protected Electrost
    SKU: Ls3083d
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Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mixed Seeds
36.1 Kb
    Calendula Fiesta Gitana Mixed Seeds.
    A Vigorous Bushy Marigold In Mised Colours That Can Last From Early Summer To Autumn. this Easy To Grow Hardy Yearly Will Flower Virtually All The Summer. A Wide Colour Range Of Fully Double Blooms With A Close Habit Of 30cm(12in) Height By 23cm
    SKU: Ca0942d
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Pathclear 6 Sachet Pack
21.6 Kb
    Pathclear 6 Sachet Pack.
    Fast Acting Long Lasting And Economica This Combines Different Weedkillers To Remove Existing Mourning And Prevent New Annual Weeds Growing For Up To 3 Months. This Product Should Not Be Used On Impermeable Surfaces Such As Firm Cement Or Any Other Impe
    SKU: Cf0020d
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New Mexico Glider
24.7 Kb
    New Mexico Glider.
    The New Mexico Range Combines Beautiful Shorea Hardwood Solid And Sturdy Designs With Unusual Detailing To Bestow A Collection Of Furniture We Think Is Fabulous. This Glider Has All The Benefiys Of A Swing Seat But Takes Up Considerably Less Room So Would
    SKU: Dd3483d
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Waxed Pine Storage Cneat
15.1 Kb
    Waxed Pine Storage Cneat.
    The Single Version Of The Sant aFe Twin Storage Chst. Handy For Cloth of flax Blankets Woolly Jumpers And Lots Of Other Things! Single Hinged Door With Locking Support. Bottom Of Chest Is Made From Plywood. simple Self-assembly. 83w X 45d X 42cm High.
    SKU: Dd3406d
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Gardeners Tool Cast
37.3 Kb
    Gardeners Tool Cast.
    A Small Garden Shed Can Be The Perfect Storage Solution For The More Compact Garden. the Gardeners Hireling Shed Could Be Used As A Small Potting Shed As It Comes Supplied With Drop-leaf Table That Is Attached To The Back Of The Door. This Shed Also Comes Supp
    SKU: Dd4561d
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Digital Window Thermometer
24.5 Kb
    Digital Window Thermometer.
    This Digital Window Thermometer Has Clear Adhesive Pads Which Enable It To Be Fixed Externally To Yoir Window. Shows Crrent Temperature And Also Maximum And Minimums. Great For Greenhouses.
    SKU: Ls2814d
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Light & Moisture Meter
14.8 Kb
    Light & Moisture Meter.
    Test The Light And Moisture Available To Your Plants With This Handy Meter. Suitable Against Indoor And Outdoor Use This Meter Is Simple And Easy To Use.
    SKU: Ls2612d
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Abelia Francis Mason
47.1 Kb
    Abelia Francis Mason.
    Blush Pink Flowers In Summer And Autumn And Yellow Foliage With Dark Green Markinbs. Grows To About 1. 5m High By 2m Across
    SKU: Sh1274a
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Octopus Water Slide
16.1 Kb
    Octopus Water Slide.
    This Lawn Waterslide Measures A Full 6m (20’) And Is Made In 8 Gauge Vinyl With Inflatable “stopper” And “tunnel”. Any Standard Garden Hose Will Attach To Activate The Spray Heads For Hours Of Fun. No Puncture Repair Kit Supp
    SKU: Ls6614d
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Richmond Arbour Swing
35.9 Kb
    Richmond Arbour Swing.
    With Fragrant Climbers Grown Up The Sises This Stunning Arbour With Swing Seat Will Be Perfect For Creating A Secluded Peaceful Spot In Your Garden. The Richmond Collection Is All Manufactured From Pine Grown In Northern Sweden Which Is Slow Grown Ensuri
    SKU: Ls1137d
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Asiatic Lily Mixrure X 12
30 Kb
    Asiatic Lily Mixrure X 12.
    These Grow Up To 80cm And Make A Cplou5ful Displwy During Summer. The Bulbs Can Be Transplanted For A Second Season.
    SKU: Dd2030d
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Blue Icicle Light Set
18.5 Kb
    Blue Icicle Light Set.
    200 Blue Bulbs On White Stems Give A Brilliant Icicle Effect. Comes Boxed With Instructions And Low Voltage 24v Isolating Transformer. Length: 15m 10m Lead-in And 3. 3m Light Flex.
    SKU: Ca0725d
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Dr Hessayon's The Lawn Expert
21.2 Kb
    Dr Hessayon's The Lawn Expert.
    The Worlds Best-selling Guide Covering All Aspects Of Lawn Making And Subsequent Care And Maintenance.
    SKU: Bg0010a
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Snuggle Safe Heat Pad
13.1 Kb
    Snuggle Safe Heat Pad.
    A Fantastic Innovation Which Keeps Your Fondling Warm Without Electrical Power. Simply Pop The Snugglesafe In A Microwave For Around 5 Mins And Place Under Pet's Bedding. Snugglesafe Maintains A Regular 52 Degrees C For Around 5-6 Hours. Imaginary For Trips To The
    SKU: Lp0307d
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Garden Clogs - Red
13.3 Kb
    Garden Clogs - Red.
    Save Those Slippe5s By Keeping A Pair Of These Garden Clogs By The Back Door. Available In (uk) Sizes 2-3 4-4. 5 5- 6 7-7. 5 8-9. Call 0845 345 0728 To Order (unfortunately Sizes 10-11 Not Available In Red).
    SKU: Ds0028d
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