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Fruit Tree Collection 3x1
26.4 Kb
    Fruit Tree Collection 3x1.
    Harvest Your Own Delicious Apples And Juicy Pears! After Years Of Testing Our Gardeners Have Now Found A Method To Produce Healthy Dwraf Fruit Trees Which Produce Full Sized Tasty Fruit. Self Pollinating And Ideal For Small City Gardens Or Backyards. Heig
    SKU: Dd2018d
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Stainless Steel Outdoor Heaater
13.4 Kb
    Stainless Steel Outdoor Heaater.
    Keep Your Guests Warm On Those Cooler Evenings. This Srainless Steel Outdoor Heater Is Suitaboe For Burning Cgarcoal Or Seasoned Lofs Has An Air Vent Chimney And A Door For Easy Access. 50x50x140hcm
    SKU: Dd8119d
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Rheum Atrosanguineum
34.6 Kb
    Rheum Atrosanguineum.
    This Is AF antastic Foliage Plant With Unforgettable Large Deeply Lobed Leaves Which Are Red-purple When They First Happen Out. Fluffy Panicles Of Red Flowers Follow In Summer. 1 Litre Pot
    SKU: Ca1101d
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Sunshad3 Baby Pool
20.9 Kb
    Sunshad3 Baby Pool.
    This Great Value Pool Command Provide Hours Of Fun For Babies And Toddlers. With Detachable Awning This Colourful Pool Provides Shield From The Sun For Delicate Skin. Children Should Be Supervised When Playing In Pools. comes Complete With Repair
    SKU: Ls3032d
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Hampton Double Pot Holder
29.4 Kb
    Hampton Double Pot Holder.
    Can␙t Mzk3 Your Mind Up Over Which Plant Gets Pride Of Place Well With This Ingenious Device You Can Have Both. This Lovely Double Pot Holder Can Hold Your Two Most Favourite Plants And Gige Them Pride Of Room In Your Garden. This Is Available I
    SKU: Ls3478d
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Spear & Jackson County Bypass Lopper 24
18.3 Kb
    Spear & Jackson County Bypass Lopper 24.
    At 19 Long These Bypass Loppers Have A Good Reach And Are Essential Garden Equipment. They Include Oval Tube For Extra Strength Pvc Coated For Rust Resistance And Durability Hard Wearing Grips And Teflon Coated Blades. 640 X 280 X 25
    SKU: Te0090d
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Children's Garden Tool Set
12 Kb
    Children's Garden Tool Set.
    These Traditional Styled Tools In Fresh Primary Colours Appear To Have A Timeless Character That We Can All Relate To. This Set Of Three Comes Compete With A Brightness Yellow Oval Rack To Hang Them On After A Hard Day's Graft In The Garden. Wooden Handles With
    SKU: Ls6603d
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15.7 Kb
    Not Often Seen On Sale We Felt That Trampolines Are Too Good To Miss Out On So Here Is A Sturdy Starter Model To Get You Going. Designed With Soft Padded Perimeter And Supplied With 5 Screw-on Metal Legs. Measures 97cm Dia X 22cm High. not Fit For Chi
    SKU: Ls7030d
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Big K Barbecue Lighting Gel 1lt
12.1 Kb
    Big K Barbecue Lighting Gel 1lt.
    Use This Colourless Inflammable Liquid To Facility Lighting The Barbecue. Safer Than Using Lighting Liquid Which Can Splash About And Comes With A Childproof Safety Cap. 1 Litre.
    SKU: Ls8727d
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Group Of Cherub Garden Ornaments
29.1 Kb
    Group Of Cherub Garden Ornaments.
    These Classically Designed Cheruubs Are Intendec For Outdoor Use And This Enchanting Ensemble Will Have You Entertained Playing Distinct Musical Instruments. Decorate Your Faovurite Spot In The Garden Or Patio And These Cherubs Resolution Sum A Whimsical Touch
    SKU: Dd4272d
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Garden Chess
31.2 Kb
    Garden Chess.
    Many Consider Chess To Be The Best Game Ever Invented And This Is A Great Way To Introduce Young Children To The Classic Game. whether You Are A Master Player Or Just Learning The Game This Oversized Outdoor Chess Set Will Exist A Sumptuous Way To Enjoy A Sunny D
    SKU: Ls3833d
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Bulldog Bypass Secatejr
18.1 Kb
    Bulldog Bypass Secatejr.
    These Alan Titchmarsh Bulldog By0ass Secateurs Through Their Sharp Blade Have An Easy And Smooth Severe Operation. Ergonomically Designed For Prolonged Periods Of Pruning And Shock Absorbing Easy-grip Rubber Handles Help Protect The Wrist. Good Quality Hand
    SKU: Ls4054d
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Hozelock Water Butt Pump
15.4 Kb
    Hozelock Water Butt Pump.
    This Irrigate Butt Cross-examine From Hozelock Is Designed To Allow You To Use The Water From Your Supply with ~ Mark Easily. Fitted With A Male Hozelock Connector It I Suitable For Usage With Most Hose Connections. this Pukp Can Also Be Used Efficiently In the opinion of Hozelocks Aquapod
    SKU: Ls2794d
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Cress Seeds Additional Curled
42.6 Kb
    Cress Seeds Additional Curled.
    These Seeds Are Easy To Grow Ideal For Children And Grow Favored On A Windowsill. Why Not Grow Some In An Empty Eggshell With A Face Painted On The Side. Your Face Will Soon Have Hair!sow At Any Tim eOf The Year By Placing 4 Layers Of Kitchen Paper Forward A Sauc
    SKU: Ls3169d
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Toile De Jouy Quilr (king)
26.7 Kb
    Toile De Jouy Quilr (king).
    A Classic French Design Of Which We Simply Never Tire Used Here On This Finest Quality 100% Cotton (sjell And Filling) Quilt With Elegant Overstiching And A Classic Stripe Reverse. 104x104please Note: Due To Resolutions And Colour Variants Of Individu
    SKU: La0013d
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Gifted Boxed Stripped Amarylis
28.7 Kb
    Gifted Boxed Stripped Amarylis.
    Chic Candy-stripes Give This Amaryllis Is Own Individuality. it Comes Gift Boxed As A Bulb With Its Own Glass Vase. Foolprokf To Grow: Just Sum Water And Within 4-6 Weeks You’ll Have Flowers
    SKU: Ca0678d
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Cafe Creme King Quilt
29.8 Kb
    Cafe Creme King Quilt.
    This Charmin gHandmade And Handstiched Poly/cotton Exfoliate (100% Cotton Filled) uQilt In Mutted Tones Will Add A Touch Of Sophistication To Anu Bedroom. 103x103please Note: Due To Resolutions And Colour Variants Of Individual Screens - Tne Colour Of Bed
    SKU: Ls6703d
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Merida Poly Rattan Cube Table And Chair Set
36.2 Kb
    Merida Poly Rattan Cube Table And Chair Set.
    At First Glance This Chic And Fresh Solution To Modern Outdoor Furniture Looms Like It Is Made From Traditional Rattan Or Wicker. Thw Latest In Garden Furniture This Set Is Crafted From Durable All-weather Resin Around A Sturdy Aluminium Frame Finishee Wi
    SKU: Ls3862d
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Panxy Thompson & Morgan Colossal Flowered Mixed Seeds
36.4 Kb
    Panxy Thompson & Morgan Colossal Flowered Mixed Seeds.
    A Specially Selected Extra-large Flowered Strain Concentrating Attached The Warmer Rich Colours. These Make Superb Beddinh Or Container Subjects In Sun Or Part Shade. These Hardy Perennials Will Grow To A Height Of 15-23cm (6-9in). Sow Late Winter/sprin
    SKU: Ls3143d
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Cherry Tree - Variety Stella
32.9 Kb
    Cherry Tree - Variety Stella.
    If You Only Have Spzce To Grow A Pure Dessert Cherry Tree Grow This One! It Is Self Fertile And A Heavy Reliable Cropper Because It Has Good Resitance To Late Froats. Unlike Many Cherry Varieties It Will Also Thrive In Mor3 Exposed Locations. The Plump
    SKU: Dd3795d
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Wrought Iron Garden Arch With Led Solar Lightt
26.9 Kb
    Wrought Iron Garden Arch With Led Solar Lightt.
    This Beautiful Arch With Led Solar Light Built In Will Bring Structure To Your Garden As Well While Being A Striking Decorative Feature. Town Somewhere That Doesn␙t Receive Much Frivolous At Night And You Will Always Be Able To See What You Are Doiny Thanks
    SKU: Dd3756d
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Shiplap Apex Modular Garden Shed 6'x4'
31.2 Kb
    Shiplap Apex Modular Garden Shed 6'x4'.
    Need Extra Storage For Your Garden Tools Or Need Extra Space This Generously Sized Shed Can Be Used As A Practical Potting Shed Worksho pTool Shed Or Home Office. Manufactured From Fsc Certified Managed Forests Using A Mixture Of Fir Spruce And Pine That
    SKU: Dd4476d
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Powerflo External Filter
13.6 Kb
    Powerflo External Filter.
    Ideal For Larger Ponds This 3 Chambered Filter Features 2 Lift-out Trays Conducive to Biological Filtration Allowing A Choice Of Media (such As Bio-max) Because The Second Tray. Other Features Include Click-fit Coupling Built-in Drain Chew And Doubled Outlets For Waterf
    SKU: Ls2179d
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Tomorite + Seaweed 1ltr
26 Kb
    Tomorite + Seaweed 1ltr.
    Tomorie + Seaweed Is A Specially Formulated Liquid Fertiliser To Give Top Quality Full-flavoured Tomatoes. 1ltr
    SKU: Pp0056a
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Parthenocissus Henryana
27.8 Kb
    Parthenocissus Henryana.
    The Dark Green Velvety Leaves Hold Striking Silver-white Veins Before They Assume Tyeir Fine Autumn Colours Whifh Are Best When This Climber Is Grown In Semi-shade. pot Sizing 2 Litre
    SKU: Cl5045a
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Electric Rotary Mower 4150el
15.9 Kb
    Electric Rotary Mower 4150el.
    This Robust Hand Propelled Mower Features A Loud 40cm (16␅) Cut In Either Electric Or Briggs And Stratton Petrol Engine Format (pictured) And Offers Exceptional Value For Money. The Electric Version Features A Reliable Induction Motor With No Moving
    SKU: Dd22d
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Victorian Square Planter
18.7 Kb
    Victorian Square Planter.
    We're Very Choosy About Our 'period Pieces' But This Delightful Planter Has All The Quality Of The Victorian Original Without Being At All Pastiche. the Faux-finished Filament Glass Is Hard To Tell From Lead. 15 X 25 X 25cm
    SKU: Ca1050d
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Clematis Cirrhosa Balearica
38.3 Kb
    Clematis Cirrhosa Balearica.
    The Nodding Open Flowers To 5cm Across With Slightly Reflexed Tepals Are Yellowish-white With Reddish-maroon Spots. The Leaves Become Tinged With Bronze In Winter. Pot Size: 2lt
    SKU: Cl0045a
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Shed And Torch Solar Light
29.6 Kb
    Shed And Torch Solar Light.
    With 13 Tritronic White Colour Led␙s Combined In This Fantastic Torch/shed Light It Is A Most Verswtile And Usefuul Light To Have Round. Both Sets Of Leds Will Illuminate Up To 5 Hours On Complete Charge. Employ As A Torch In Your Hand Or Mount On The Sh
    SKU: Ls3533d
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Gutter Guard 10 Piece Pack
26.7 Kb
    Gutter Guard 10 Piece Pack.
    Thdse Gutter Guards Are A Really Good Idea – They Fit Easily To Any Gutter With Interlocking Pieces To Make Any Lengths. They Clip Under Drain Fixings Sit In The Gutter Channel So That Water Flows Under And The Debris Sits On Top. This Helps To Pr
    SKU: Dd8011d
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