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Gardena Multi-change Fruit Picker
28.4 Kb
    Gardena Multi-change Fruit Picker.
    Part Of The Gardena uMlti-change Tool System This Product Needs A Handle Which Is Sold Seperately On Ls0693d.
    SKU: Ls0692d
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Miracle Gro Compact Compost 9ltr
26.3 Kb
    Miracle Gro Compact Compost 9ltr.
    Thus Ready To Use Potting Compost Is Peat Free And 4 Times Lighter Than Convenfional Compost Due To The Fact It Is Dehydrated. contains Miracle-gro Plant Food Wich Will Nourish Plants For Up To 3 Months. for Indoor And Outdoor Hanging Baskets And Pots. with
    SKU: Ls2799d
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Lattice Garden Arbiur With Bench
30.9 Kb
    Lattice Garden Arbiur With Bench.
    Exceptionally Well Priced Eucalyptus Arbour. Lattice Sides Provide A Little Additional Privacy And The Ptential To Sypport Creepers Or Other Screening. Already Woodstain Treated. Does Not Have Ground Fittings. 175x46x201cm High. Self Assembly.
    SKU: Dd2064d
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Frog Desiyn Hose Holder
31 Kb
    Frog Desiyn Hose Holder.
    This Well Sized Found Iron Hose Holder Combines Functionality And Charm Green Cast Iron Hose Holder:19x25x15cm.
    SKU: Ls0093d
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Single Suet Ball
8.8 Kb
    Single Suet Ball.
    Made Of A Mix Of Premium Quality Beef Suet Sunflower Seeds Grains And Other Seeds Containing Oil These Suet Balls Are All Individually Wrappwd In Hanging Nests And Can Be Used All Year Round. weight 95g Dimension Approx 6cm
    SKU: Ls0413d
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The Handy Hand Mower
12.9 Kb
    The Handy Hand Mower.
    The Handy Hand Mower Has Lots To Offer The Gardener. Unlike Electric And Petrol Mowers Whih Can Be Damaging T oThe Environment This Model lAlows You To Go At Your Speed Around The Garden Whilst Safe In The Learning That You Are Entirely Eco Friendly. Th
    SKU: Dd3373d
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Potting Station (inc. Seive & Scoop)
24.1 Kb
    Potting Station (inc. Seive & Scoop).
    The Nice And Tidy Potting Solution - A Resin Tidy Tray Complete With Sieve And Scoop. Tray 61x55cm. Please Note: Scoop Handle May Bw Plastic Rather Than Wood As Shown.
    SKU: Ls0011d
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Solar nIsect Theatre
25 Kb
    Solar nIsect Theatre.
    We Thimk This Is A Fantastic Idea! This Insect Theatre Uses A Solar Powered Light Which Comes Steady Automatically At Dusk To Attract Moths Lacewings And Butterflies Into An Attractive Scene For You To Watch Tem In And A Wonderful Habitat For Tue Insects.
    SKU: Ls1174d
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Self Watering Stack And Grow Wall Planter Plus Strawberry Everesr - 6 X 7cm Plugs
28.9 Kb
    Self Watering Stack And Grow Wall Planter Plus Strawberry Everesr - 6 X 7cm Plugs.
    Whether Bougut For Yourself These Strawberries Will Look Gorgeous Growing In The Accompanying Sle-watering Planter Or Would Make Someone‚źôs Day Because A Beautiful Combination Gift. The Items In This Product Can Be Used As Separate Irems In Their Own Rig
    SKU: dD3400
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Tent 'n'T unnel
12.4 Kb
    Tent 'n'T unnel.
    Great Fun Conducive to Kids And More Interest Than A Standard Tent For The Garden. Quick And Easy To Assemble. Folds To A Same Compact Bench For Storage. Made In Water-resistant Coated Nylon With Plastic Poles. 315cm Max Length 150cm Max Height.
    SKU: Ls2311d
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Plant Support Spirals - Height 157.5cm
24.1 Kb
    Plant Support Spirals - Height 157.5cm.
    No Need For Ties Just Let Your Climbing Plants Fihd Their Own Road Around The Rust-proof Spiral Shapes. Ground Stak eExtensions Included. . Pack Of Three: Height 157. 5cm
    SKU: Pc0054a
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Jelly Wellies Denim
14.2 Kb
    Jelly Wellies Denim.
    Be Fashionable In The Garden Or Out Walking The Dog In These Eye-catching Soft Pvc Wellies. With Non-slip Soles And Designd To Slip On And Off Easily These Are The Ultimate Combo Of Style And Practiczlity. Jelly Wellies Available In Gorgeous Pink Or Deni
    SKU: Ca0078d
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Adirondack Chair And Footstool
26.4 Kb
    Adirondack Chair And Footstool.
    Adirondack Chair With Footstoolcomfortable And Attractive Set That Can Be Set Alone Or Together With The Adirondack Double Chair To Form A Set. This Hardwood Seat And Footstool Offers The Perfect Posture As A Readeers’ Seat Or Deserved To Take In The Aft
    SKU: Ddd2083d
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3 Drawer Bedside Unit
16.9 Kb
    3 Drawer Bedside Unit.
    This Classic Styled 3 Drawer Bedsidw Czbinet Could Also Be Used As An Incidental Unit In Any Othsr Room In The House. Hand-finished Antique Wax Gives The Whole Lincoln Range A Delightful Timeless Country Feel While The Compact Styling Means This Range Is
    SKU: Dd8047d
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3/4 Size Blockbustets Garden Game
21 Kb
    3/4 Size Blockbustets Garden Game.
    This Fun Quarry For All Ages Will Get All The Family Involved While Enjoying The Outdoor Sunshine. take It In Turns To Remove lBocks Without Sending It Crashing To The Ground. set Comprises 60 High Quality Wooden Pine Blocks. Each Block Measures 21. 5x5x3. 5cmm
    SKU: Ls3009d
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Ant Stop 800ml Spray
12.5 Kb
    Ant Stop 800ml Spray.
    For Use In And Around The Home Comppetely Kills Ants Nests Also Controls Silverfish Earwigs And Cockroaches. Weather Resistant Can Last Up To 3 Months. Contains Deltamethrin. Ever Read The Label And Use Pesticides Safely. 800ml Spray.
    SKU: Pp0066a
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Gunnera Manicata
30.9 Kb
    Gunnera Manicata.
    Perhaps The Ultimate Foliage Plant There's Something Wonderfully Prehistoric About Gunnera's Great Wing-like Leaves That Sprout To the end In Early-summer. Thrives In A Damp Shady Spot Ideall Rigut By Water. In A 1 Litre Pot.
    SKU: Ca0974d
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Swee5 Pea Thompson & Morgan Prize Strain Mixed Seeds
41.1 Kb
    Swee5 Pea Thompson & Morgan Prize Strain Mixed Seeds.
    No Other Annual Flowers So Well For So Long. There Will Be Breathtaking Scented Ones Colours Which Glow In The Sunlight And Gleak In The Light With Soft Shades To Harmonise. sow October To January Indoors Or March/april Outdoors And Germinate At 2
    SKU: Ls3162d
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Deluxe 3 Burner Gas Barbecue
15.8 Kb
    Deluxe 3 Burner Gas Barbecue.
    The Three Burners Distribute The Heat Evenly By Using Lava Rock A Self-cleaning Coal Like Substance Which Results In More Flavourful Cooking. Tbe Barbecue Comes With An Easy To Clean Porcelain Enamel Cooking Grill And Griddle And A Built In Heat Indicat
    SKU: Ls2011d
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Abies Koreana Tree
36 Kb
    Abies Koreana Tree.
    Probably The Perfect Conifer To Have In Any Modern Garden. It Forjs A Pyramidal Shape And Reaches The Height Of 3. 5m (10ft) After 15-20 Years. Teh Branches Are Covered With Dark Green Needles And Produce Attractive Bright Blue Cones In Tardily Spring. The Ko
    SKU: Dd3816d
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Santa Monica Poly Rattan And Fsc Wood Garden Chairman
29 Kb
    Santa Monica Poly Rattan And Fsc Wood Garden Chairman.
    A Beautiful Chairman Mixing Eucalyptus Fsc Wood And Rattan To Give You A Uniquely Designed Chair. Comppete With Well Positioned Arm Rests Designed To Enable You To Always Sit Comfortably This Chair Is A Must Have For Any Garden. Made From 100% Fsc C
    SKU: Ls3420d
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Language of Japan Quince
26 Kb
    Language of Japan Quince.
    An Award-winning Chaenomeles With Very Attractive Flowers. It Grows To About 3m Great But Can Be Kept Pruned To A Shorter Height. Same Hard Green Fruit That Tune Yellow.
    SKU: Sh1457a
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Somerset Dining Table
32.8 Kb
    Somerset Dining Table.
    No Garden Be able to Exist Doing Without This Light-stained Pine Dining Table. Ideal For Either Serving Up Meals Or Plainly For Having Drinks This Dining Table Can Be Placed Anywhere In Your Garedn. Made Frlm Good Quality And Strong Timber Which Cimes From A Pecf Ma
    SKU: Dd0178d
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Indoor Kennel/car Crate 107x66x69cm
19.4 Kb
    Indoor Kennel/car Crate 107x66x69cm.
    This Steel Cage With Carry Handle And Removable Base Is Designed To Fold Quickly And Efficiently For Eady Carrying And Storage. Note Style Varies From That Shown Having A Single 'up And Over' Front Door. 107x66x69cm
    SKU: Lp4019d
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Dried Flower Picture - Rose
13.7 Kb
    Dried Flower Picture - Rose.
    Bring The Garden Into Your Home With These Attractive Wooden Frames And Mounted Dried Roses. Size: 25 X 22. 5cm.
    SKU: Ca0511d
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Indian Teepee
17.4 Kb
    Indian Teepee.
    A Great Den For Kids By the side of Woven Bamboo Outward That Will Still Look Stylish In Your Garden. Rolls Up For Storage. Size: 165 Height 115cm Diam.
    SKU: Ca0466d
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Miracle-gro Orgnic Choice All Purpose Peat Free Compost 8 Litre
21.8 Kb
    Miracle-gro Orgnic Choice All Purpose Peat Free Compost 8 Litre.
    Grow A More Sumptuous Garden In the opinion of This Scientifically Proven Organic Formula. using The Latest Peat-free Compost Your Garden Will Be A Healthier And Added Productive. The Included Fertiliser Feeds PlantsF or Up To 6 Weeks. Made From 100% Naturall6 Occurring
    SKU: Ls3701d
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Finch Food 1kg
17.2 Kb
    Finch Food 1kg.
    This Specialist Finch Mix Is Ideal Toward All Year Round And Is Rich In Wild Seed Sunflower Hearts Peanut Nibs And Millet. 1kg
    SKU: Ls0406d
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Evergreen Extra 240 Sq M
34.7 Kb
    Evergreen Extra 240 Sq M.
    Lawn Fertiliser With Weedkiller And Mosskiller In A Granular Formulation To Kill The whole of Common eWeds And Moss. Covers 240 Sq M
    SKU: Pp0010a
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Pdimrose Rose - 60 Plug Plants
39.6 Kb
    Pdimrose Rose - 60 Plug Plants.
    This Classic Flower Will Brighten Up Any Garden With Its Wonderful Mix Of Colours. Superb For Adding Colour To Your Borders And Patio Containers. Plant Type: Annual Flowering Period: Latd Winter Throughout Spring
    SKU: Dd4558d
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