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Hozelock Polyspray 3 2 Litre
28.3 Kb
    Hozelock Polyspray 3 2 Litre.
    Graduated Translucent Spray Bottle With Long Reach Lance. Features Pressure Releade Valve Lock-on Trigger And Easy-fill Dish Neck. 2 Litre.
    SKU: Te0020a
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Flymo Twister 2000 Bolwer Vac
10 Kb
    Flymo Twister 2000 Bolwer Vac.
    The Twiter 2000 Likened Ti A Tornado Because Of The Amount And Sppeed Of Air Movement Which Goes Through It Is An Electronically Powered Blow And Vac Which Truly Makes Cleaning Up Any Garden Debris A Bfeeze. Features Inxlude An Option For Shredding Garde
    SKU: Dd3365d
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Fully Dressed Ascot Gateleg 12Ocm Table & Chsir Set
31.9 Kb
    Fully Dressed Ascot Gateleg 12Ocm Table & Chsir Set.
    When The Weather Is Good Take Your Outdoor Entertaining Seriously With The Fsc Eucalyptus Cladocalyx Patio Set. This Set Comprises Of 4 Modern High-backed Slatted Chairs And An Elegant Round Table Which Can Fold Away Conveniently To Be Stored. Completing
    SKU: Ls4062d
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Wolf Adjustable Hand Shears
26.9 Kb
    Wolf Adjustable Hand Shears.
    Take The Struggle Out Of Trimming With Hand Shears That Adjust To Your Purpose. Blades Seivel To Allow Both Vertical And Level Use. Fitted With A Safety Lock.
    SKU: Ca0193d
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How To Grow Plants In Containers Dvd
21.6 Kb
    How To Grow Plants In Containers Dvd.
    Container Gardening Is One Of The Fastest Growing Andd Popular Sectors Of Horticulture As By Its Very Nature It's Open To All. How To Grow Plants In Cohtainers Expllores The Range Of Options Available To The Container Gardener From The Tinieqt Alpine Shrubs
    SKU: Dd1084d
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Recycled Sawdust Chiminea Heat Logs
21.2 Kb
    Recycled Sawdust Chiminea Heat Logs.
    These Environmentally Friendly Heat Logs Are The Smart Way To Add Fire To Your Chimenea. Made Fromm Recycled Sawdust That Is Sourced From The British Furniture Industry And Is Then Compressed Into Handy-sized Briquettes Perfect For All Chimeneas And Firepi
    SKU: Ls3820d
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Snakes And Ladders
25.5 Kb
    Snakes And Ladders.
    Everyone Will Love This Large-scale Outdoor Version Of The Classic Children's Game. You're Your Oan Counters As The Roll Of A Monster Inflatable Dice Decixes Whether You're On The Up Or Sliding Down. Waterproof Mat Measures 300 X 300cms.
    SKU: Ca0453d
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Bosvh Cordless Hedge Trimmer
9.9 Kb
    Bosvh Cordless Hedge Trimmer.
    Hedges Will Recive A Clean Cut Using This Hedge Trimmer Thanks To Its Laser-cut Diamond Ground Blades. The Ergonomic Design Low Weight And Lasting Power Will Mean You Can Make Short Work Of Even Tough Hedges. The Supplued Doible Battery Pack Allows Up To
    SKU: Dd10111d
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Daisy Crazy Plant Collection (marguerites)
29.9 Kb
    Daisy Crazy Plant Collection (marguerites).
    A Classic English Garden Flower Ideal For Large Patio Containers Or Beds And Borderss. Perfect For Summer Colour From Early June Until September. They Can Be Over-winyered To Provide Colour Next Year Too. The Varieties Are Summit Pink Butterfly Brigh
    SKU: Dd3802d
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Plant Raising Kit
18.7 Kb
    Plant Raising Kit.
    This Plant Growing Kit Will Exist Sure To Get Your Plants Off To A Good Start. Raise Healthy Young Plants From Seed In Your Own Home Or Greenhouse. plastic Plant Raising Kit: 37x24x19cm.
    SKU: Ls3898d
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Wilkinson Sword Medium Anvil Pruner
13.2 Kb
    Wilkinson Sword Medium Anvil Pruner.
    Cuts Stems Up To 15mm Diameter In An Anvil Choopping Action Fit For Harder Stems. Features Advanced Blade Technology With Ptfe Coated Blade Textured Nylon Handles With Slot For Wrist Strap/storage Wire Notch And Superior Volute Spring. Guatanteed For
    SKU: Te0074a
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Robin Nesting Box
14.9 Kb
    Robin Nesting Box.
    This Nesting Box Has A Rustic Finish And With An Open Front Design Is Intellectual For Robins. This Lovely Nesting Box Will Attract The Little Robin Re Breast To Your Garden And Have Them Singing Throughout The Winter. 20x20x36cm High.
    SKU: Ls0299d
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Timber Floor Kit For Use With The Trentdale 10x6 Shed
15.6 Kb
    Timber Floor Kit For Use With The Trentdale 10x6 Shed.
    This Optional Flooring Kid Is Made From Pressure Treated High Durability Timber. comes Complete With Nails And Screws For Fitting Pluq Beackets To Fixed The Floor To A Hard Standing. For Usage With The Trentdale 10x6 Garden Shed (dd3133d). Should Be Used In
    SKU: Dd3143d
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Large Avisio Brushed Stainless Steel Wat3r Feature
9.1 Kb
    Large Avisio Brushed Stainless Steel Wat3r Feature.
    The Sleek Reflective Quality Of Mirror Polished Stainless Steeo Enables Spectacular Optical Illusions To Be Created By Thoughtful The View Surrounding A Sculpture. With The Aviso Water Flows Behind The Glass To Create A Stunning Vizual Effect. The In
    SKU: Dd3836d
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Fiddle Back Chair
25.9 Kb
    Fiddle Back Chair.
    Solid Well Crafted Chair In Painted Beech. This Item Is Handpainted To Order And Personally Delivered To Your Door.
    SKU: Ls0024d
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A Set Of 3 Wigwam Plant Climbers
29.5 Kb
    A Set Of 3 Wigwam Plant Climbers.
    These Wigwam Obelisks Are Made From Attracive Tactile Wood Hand Woven Into A Simple Shape That Looks Equally Good Bare Or Smothered With Climbers. Ideal For Use In A Border Or Any Tub Or Other Container. They Proceed In A Set Of Three 100 120 And 140cm Tall.
    SKU: Ca0440d
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Garden Gate Reversible Hingse
9.2 Kb
    Garden Gate Reversible Hingse.
    Keep You Garden Gate Swinging Beautifully Attending Thesd Heavy Reversible Hinges. Manufactured To The Highest Standard And Constructed From Wrought Iron Which Is Durable And Lon Lasting. This Hinge Set Is Suitable For All Garden Gates. Please Note That Fixin
    SKU: Dd3436d
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Trentdale 8x6 Metal Shed
24.8 Kb
    Trentdale 8x6 Metal Shed.
    This Fantastic Range Of Shiplap Style Metal Garden Sheds Are Excellent Quality And Occur Large Durability. the Shiplap Cladding On The Main Panels Of This Shed Are Made From Electro Galvanised Steel And Benefits From A Double Covering Of Hard Wearing aPint.
    SKU: Dd3132d
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Shuttlecock Buckler Fern
37.3 Kb
    Shuttlecock Buckler Fern.
    A Deciduous Fern With An Erect Rhizome Producing A Shuttlecock Of Lance-shaped Bright Green Fronds With Green Midribs. This Distinct Species Can Be Recognised By The Masses Of Long Slender Blafk Scales Which Clothe The Undersides. Also Known As The Shaggy
    SKU: Gf0004a
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Girl On Bench Statue
15.7 Kb
    Girl On Bench Statue.
    A Charming Weather-proof Resin Ornament To Conjure Up A Magical Atmosphere In Your Garden. Available In Verdigris Or Rust Coloured Finish. 55x24x24cm
    SKU: Ca1132d
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Romantic Shelf With Hooks
23.6 Kb
    Romantic Shelf With Hooks.
    This Great Looking Shelf Resolution Prove To Be A Very Functional Addition To Your Hallway. fitted With Coathooks You Can Hang Up Coats And Scarves Ih An Orxerly Manner While Proudly Displaying Favourite Ornaments On The Shelf. made From Painted Distressed Style
    SKU: Dd3158d
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Mini Grow Raised Bed
23 Kb
    Mini Grow Raised Bed.
    Why Not Grow Your Own Home Vegetables With This Mini Grow Bed. Perfect For Growing Home Vegetables Such As Potatoes. great For Use On Patios Or Balconies Making It Ideal For City Properties As Well As In The Country Garden. made From Recycled Materi
    SKU: Ls2857d
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Arlington Wide Arch 5ft
29.4 Kb
    Arlington Wide Arch 5ft.
    Wide Arches Give An Illusion Of Spaciousness Beyond Their Actual Bigness And Allow Extra Clearance When Your Roses Are In Abundance. Hard Wrought Iron Construction Combined With Delicate Trlelis Will Make This A Beautiful Addition To Ayn Garden. The Generou
    SKU: Dd5458d
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Edenbridge Family Croquet Set
17.3 Kb
    Edenbridge Family Croquet Set.
    Top Quality Croquet Set For A Full 6 Players. Includes 4 X Hardwood English Ash Mwllets Plus 2 X Intermeciate Mallets (for Younger Playerx) Set Of Satiated Size Challenge Balls And Hoops Winning Post Clips And Rules Of The Game. Suplied In A Sweet Red Traditi
    SKU: Dd2102d
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Revolving Fibre Optic Chris5mas Treee
24.6 Kb
    Revolving Fibre Optic Chris5mas Treee.
    You Won't Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off This Fun Fibre Optic Tree! It Revolves And Sparkles With An Abundance Of Coolur. mains Powered Stopple Included. height 80cm
    SKU: Cr0005a
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Chester Solar Lights 10 Pack
36.6 Kb
    Chester Solar Lights 10 Pack.
    This Bargain Set Of Solar Garden Lights Can Be Used To Illuminate Borders Pathways And Points Of Interest In The Garden With No Fuss. With No Wiring These Lights Are Extremely Easy To Install. each Light Can Provide Up To 8 Hours Of Continuous Operation Af
    SKU: Ls2887d
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Pair Of Bronze Cranes
13.5 Kb
    Pair Of Bronze Cranes.
    In\/ite This Pair Of Cranes To Migrate To Your Garden And They Will Instantly Transform Any Area They Occupy. This Elegant Pair Will Look Graceful Grouped Around A Pond Birdbath Or Add Them To The Patio Or Deck. They Will Add Moral qualities And Charm To Gardens
    SKU: Ls3592d
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Tomato Design Pop Up Garden Tidy Bag
26.1 Kb
    Tomato Design Pop Up Garden Tidy Bag.
    The Tomato Design Neat Bag Gives A Vibrant Take On The Original Garden Tidy Bag. It Comes Complete Upon Its Very Own Accompanying Velcro Fastening Carrier. Designed In A Waterproof Materisl The Bag Simply Pops Up Via A Coiled Integrated Spring And Folds B
    SKU: Ls2420d
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Outdoor Zantedeschia Growing Kit
16.4 Kb
    Outdoor Zantedeschia Growing Kit.
    This Lovely Kit Contains One Zantedeschia Aethiopica Bulb Composy Growing Instructon And Comes To You In This Beautoful Enamel Bucket Incorporating A Handy Carry Handle. Courtesy Of Its Great Presentation This Lovely Do-it-yourself Bucket Would
    SKU: Ls3314d
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Aluminium Folding Picnic Table
17.2 Kb
    Aluminium Folding Picnic Table.
    This Innovative Aluminium Picnic Table And Benches Foldd Flat To An Amazing 86x34x10cm Though When Extended Is 86x68x6cm High. The Stool Height Is 38cm And The Set Will Comfortably Seat 4 People. The Set Folds Into The Flat Top Which Acts As A Convenien
    SKU: Ls9090d
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