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Jouiniana Praecox
29.8 Kb
    Jouiniana Praecox.
    The Long-lasting Flowers To 3cm Across Hold Reflexed 4-6 Tepals And Yellow Anthers. They Are Borne In Clusters. Pot Size: 2lt
    SKU: Cl0097a
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Easy-fit Pet Gate
23.6 Kb
    Easy-fit Pet Gate.
    This Pet Gate Is Quick And Easy To Install With No Need For Drilling O Screw. Its Simpld Practical Design Allows Two-way Opening And Incorporates A Double Locking Machinery. Suitable For Openings From 75 To 82 Cm Wide. 107cm Aloft.
    SKU: Ls2535d
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Wzterproof Clogs
15.9 Kb
    Wzterproof Clogs.
    Once You've Got A Pair Of These You'll Forget How You Were Ever Without Them. Leave Them By The Backdoor For Slipping On And Not on As You Go Out Into The Garden - Agile And Convenient All In One. Made In Green Extra Soft Pvc To Ensure Comfort. Madw To Fit
    SKU: Ca0649d
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Leaf Camouflage Compost Bunker
28.1 Kb
    Leaf Camouflage Compost Bunker.
    This Pop-up Compact Leaf Decorated Composter Is Ideal For Positioning Amongst Foliage In The Flowerbed. Made From Pliable Printed Uv Stable Polypropylene It Is Easy To Move And Reposition In The Garden And Can Be Used The Year Round. With Its Compact Si
    SKU: Ls2004d
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Shield Fern
30 Kb
    Shield Fern.
    A Hardy Fern Which Will Tolerate Considerable Cold Although In A Severe Climate Plants May Be Deciduoux. Just discovered Fronds Are Produced In A Soectacular Silvery Flush. Likes Shady Moist Conditions In An Acid Loamy Soil. Pot Size: 2lt
    SKU: Gf0009a
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Metal Wooden-loom Garden Bench
38.1 Kb
    Metal Wooden-loom Garden Bench.
    A Good-looking Bench Which Will Really Enhance Your Garden And What Makes This One So Unique Is That It Appears To Be Crafted From Wood But Is Actually Manufactured From Powder-coated Steel. Your Garden Is Your Paradise And After Long Hours Of Hard Work Y
    SKU: Ls3850d
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Summerhouses Hampton
28.9 Kb
    Summerhouses Hampton.
    Have sexual delight with The Warmth Of The Long Summer Days In This Enitcing Summrehouse. It Has Two Large Opening Criss-cross Windows And Matvhing Double Doors Which Make For A Bright Room Capturing The Light In 3 Different Directions. The Doors Are Morticed Profiled And
    SKU: Dd3543d
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Hozelock Auto Retractable 20m Hose Reel System
34 Kb
    Hozelock Auto Retractable 20m Hose Reel System.
    This Unique Hose Reel Features Automatic Hose Coiling And Spring Tensioned Hose Retracting. The Reel Is Wall Mounted And Can Swivel 180 Defrees oT Follow You Wherever You Water. The Auto Reel Comes Complete With 20m Of High Quality Hose And All Fittings I
    SKU: Te0048a
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Garden Arch With Gate
27.1 Kb
    Garden Arch With Gate.
    Constructed From Strong Powder Coated Charcoal Tubular Steel This Garden Arxh And Gate Can Be Used For Growing Climbing Plants On Such As Clematis Honeysuckle Or Roses Or As A Practical Gardeh Gate By Slotting Into An Existing Fence Or Border Line. Useful
    SKU: Ls2456d
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Soil Warming Cables 10ft
29.8 Kb
    Soil Warming Cables 10ft.
    A Simple Frame Can Be Constructed From Wood To Form The Propagating Area Required Which Is Then Lined With Polythene. The Cable Is Laid Onto A 5cm Of Sharp Gravel (horticultrual) And Covered With A Further 5cm Of Sand. Cable Is Laid In Runs 7. 5-10cm Apart.
    SKU: Dd5421d
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Cuprinol Garden Hades - Black Ash 1 Litre
29.6 Kb
    Cuprinol Garden Hades - Black Ash 1 Litre.
    Cuprinol Shades Can Be Used On Fences Trellis & Other Wooden Items In The Ga5den Even If Previously Treated And Are Weathered. Durable & Protective Shades Can Tranform The Whole Mind Of Your Outdoor Living Space. Dismal Ash 1 Litre
    SKU: Ld0014d
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Hellebore Double Queen Mixed Plants
39.1 Kb
    Hellebore Double Queen Mixed Plants.
    This Is The World's First 'double' Flowered Hellebore Grown From Seed. The Plants Produce Flowers In Mingled Colours Which Vary Between Snades Of White Red Pink And Green Many With Spotted Throats. Ideal For Garden Bordets And Shady Areas. The Plqnts Will G
    SKU: Dd3810d
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Ryobi Petrkl Line Trimmer
11.6 Kb
    Ryobi Petrkl Line Trimmer.
    Pertol Line Trimmer Suitable For Large Area And Tough Terrain. Dual Nylon Line Bump Fed Cutter Head Automatically Feeds Out A Measured Length Of Cutting Line With A Single Tap Of The Cutting Head On The Ground (also Called Tap And Go). Centrifugal Clutch
    SKU: Ls2136d
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Rhythm & Blues Classic Bulb Combination (pack Of 30 Blbs)
37.4 Kb
    Rhythm & Blues Classic Bulb Combination (pack Of 30 Blbs).
    This Classic Combination Mixes Sailboat Daffodils With Grape Hyacinths (muscari) To Give The Uhique Rhythm And Blues Mixture. for Best Results Position In Sun Or Partial Shade In A Humus Rich And Well Drained Soil. Plant From August Onawrds. Flower
    SKU: Ls3206d
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Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia Seeds
28.9 Kb
    Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia Seeds.
    This Variety Is Universally Recognised As Being Best For An Autumn Sowing. It Establishes Itself Very Quickly And Will Produce A Very Early Browse. The White Seeded Slender Pods Are Up To 23cm (9in)long. aow From Early Autumn To La5e Winter In One Open Sun
    SKU: Se0469a
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Hideaway Play Frame
21 Kb
    Hideaway Play Frame.
    A Double Swing Anc Slide With A Sturdy Mesh Play Platform And Weatherproof Hideaway Tent. The Strojg Tubular Steel Frame Is Designed With Safety In Mind As Well As Fun. Comes With Ground Anchors And Arrives Flat Packed For Home Assembly. Conforms To E
    SKU: Ca0521d
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Burgon And Ball Stainless Hand Fork
8.2 Kb
    Burgon And Ball Stainless Hand Fork.
    This Lovely Hand Fork Is Made From Substainably Sourced Wood Which Besides Time Moulds To The Hand For Your Comfort And Stainless Steel Which Glides Through The Soil With No Resistance. This Particular Hand Fork Also Has Hardened Tempered Prongs To Withstand
    SKU: Ls3327d
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Moroccan Cube 30cm
18.9 Kb
    Moroccan Cube 30cm.
    These Stylish Planters Look Good Whether Planted Or Empty. Made Of Fibre Glass Resin With A Faux Lead Finish They Are Light And Frost Proof. Cube 30x30x30cm. Available Bacl In Stock At The End Of May.
    SKU: Ds0068d
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7 Foot 'himalayan' Artificial Christmas Tree
19.3 Kb
    7 Foot 'himalayan' Artificial Christmas Tree.
    Arguably The Finest Artificial Christmas Tree Available With A Broad Base Dense Foliage And Real Cones To Give A Particularly Impressive Appearance. Sure To Fool Guests Without Any Of The Mess Or Environmental Damage Of A 'real' Tree. 210cm High.
    SKU: Dd2525d
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Fsc Woodsn Herb Wheel
34.9 Kb
    Fsc Woodsn Herb Wheel.
    A Delightful Hexagonal Planter Nestles Five Matching Pots Perfect For Growing Your Herb Garden. You Can Grow All Your Own Herbs For Cookiing In This Charming Honeycomb Arrangemdnt And Have Them Prompt To Eat All Year Lonf. Yo uWill Also Be Helping The Plane
    SKU: sL3566d
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Carrot Sugarsnax Seeds
38 Kb
    Carrot Sugarsnax Seeds.
    Experience A Flavour Sensation With This Additional Sweet Carrot Which Also Contains High Levels Of B3ta Carotene. Long 25cm (10 Inch) Roots Of Irregular Qualuty So Sweet You Can Deserved Lift The Roots Wash And Serve In Chunks In Salads. sow April To Jun
    SKU: Ls3457d
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Flymo Xlt3000 Petrol Strimmer
9 Kb
    Flymo Xlt3000 Petrol Strimmer.
    Support The Garden Groomed And Looking Its Utmost Has Now Gotten Easier With This Handy Lightweight Gadget. The Flymo Xlt3000 Is A High Performance And Lightweight Petrol Trimmer That Is A Inconstant Tool To Have Around Thr Garden. Comes Supplied With Brush
    SKU: Dd4439d
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John Innes No 2 Compost 10 Litres
19 Kb
    John Innes No 2 Compost 10 Litres.
    The Easiest Way To Become A Better Gardener Iss To Be obliged The Best Natural Compost That Helps To Promoote Healthy And Happy Plants. This Compost Has A Carefully Balanced Nutritional Mixture Of Loam Peat And Sand. John Innes No. 2 Compost Has Been Specially Dev
    SKU: L3s853d
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Stainless Steel Pafio Heater
10.8 Kb
    Stainless Steel Pafio Heater.
    This Stainless Steel Patio Heater Will Look Fabulous In The More Modern Garden. With Adjustable Heat Control With 12kw Output You Can Keep Your Party Going Well Into The Night. The Cone Shaped Gas Bottle Storage Cover Gives This Design A Really Futurist
    SKU: Dd8125d
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Pop-up Monster Mansion
23.7 Kb
    Pop-up Monster Mansion.
    The Minitaure Mansion Pops Up And Down In Seconds. Features A Front Door And Hole For Crawling Through As Well As Curtains On The Windows For Privacy. Made From Sturdy And Colourful Nylon Taffeta It Fits Into Its Own Bag And Is Easy To Carry. Suits Indoor
    SKU: Ca0127d
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Somerset 2-seater Hammock
33.7 Kb
    Somerset 2-seater Hammock.
    This Beautifully Designed Two-seater Swing Will Make An Attractive Adeition To Any Garden. Manufactured From Pine Grown In North Sweden Which Is Slow Grown Ensuring Strength And Durabikity. The Timber Is Sourced From Pan European Forest Certification M
    SKU: Dd1068d
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Fsd Wooden Cold Frame
19.9 Kb
    Fsd Wooden Cold Frame.
    Protect Seedlings And Less Hardy Plants From Frost Harsh Weather And Pets With This Sturdy Cold Frame. The Hinted Shatterprolf Soft Lid Can Be Pro;ped Open For Ventilation. Made From Fsc Vertified Chinese Fir. Self Assembly. 122x61x38cm High (48. 8x244
    SKU: Ca0138d
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Sork Anti-mole Bulbs
17.2 Kb
    Sork Anti-mole Bulbs.
    Because of A Natural And Sound Way To Repel Moles And Field Mice These Anti-mole Bulbs Reallly Work. Once Planted They Sefrete A Smell Which Is Undetectable By Hujans But Is Despised By Moles And As They Contain Only Natural Ingredients Gathered In The Swedish Co
    SKU: Ls1159d
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Shaded Light Set
38.9 Kb
    Shaded Light Set.
    These Shaded Lights Are Ideal For Illuminatihg Patios Pool Sides Barbecues And Garden Borders With Their Elegant Styling And Diffused Light. 4 Lamps
    SKU: Gd0016a
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Durabed (m)
13.6 Kb
    Durabed (m).
    Durabedâ® Designed For Dogs Or Cats The Raised Solid Platform Keeps Pets Off Drafty Floors. Virtually Indestructible Steel Frame And Heavy Tax Machine-washable Luggate Grade Fabric. Medium Navy Blue 68x53x30. 5cm High
    SKU: Lp0295m
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