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Lions Head Solar Fountain
36.4 Kb
    Lions Head Solar Fountain.
    This King Of The Jungle Solar Fountain Will Bring Stature To Any Garden. Made From Antique White Stone Polyresin Water Trickles Out From The Lions Mouths On All Sides Of The Feature. The Water Is Then Recycled Via A Hidden Reservoir. There Is N
    SKU: Ls2466d
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Metal Post Box
20.9 Kb
    Metal Post Box.
    This Great Looking Post Box Will Add A Focal Point To Your Garden As Well As Being Useful In A Practical Sense. Made From Strong Powder-coated Steel This Retro Look Post Box Wilk Withstand The Elements And Keep Your Mail Safe. comex Complete With W
    SKU: Ls3201d
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Chichester Teak Extending Table
31.2 Kb
    Chichester Teak Extending Table.
    In This Chichester Estending Garden Table Greenfingers Brings To YouA Great Range Of Strong Teak In An Exclusive Refined Design. The Thin Elegant Slatted Features Offers A Pleasing Aesthetic Within A Robust Structure. With The Extending Function
    SKU: Ls3283f
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Sweet Pea  Flying The Flag Seeds
32.8 Kb
    Sweet Pea Flying The Flag Seeds.
    One Imp5essive Tricolour Be joined Of Red White And Blue. Thompson & Morgan Specially Selected The Small Flowered Heirlooms Queen Alexandria Dorothy Eckford And Lord Nelson For Their Strong Fragrance Which Will Enhance Your Garden And Vases Indoors. ha5dy
    SKU: Ls3447d
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Alhena Large boiler Solar Light
23.6 Kb
    Alhena Large boiler Solar Light.
    Small change Finish Zinc Bodied Light In Contemporary Design With Self-moving Switch On At Dusk. White Led Light Of Up To 8 Hours Each Night.
    SKU: Dd2528d
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Dr Hessayon's The Garden Diy Expert
49.3 Kb
    Dr Hessayon's The Garden Diy Expert.
    A Guide To All Aspects Of The Creation And Maintenance Of The Non-living Parts Of Your Garden.
    SKU: Bg0006a
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3 X 2 Double Chest
12.4 Kb
    3 X 2 Double Chest.
    Produced From The Finest Fruitwood As Part Of A Fulk Range Of Shaker-inspired Furniture hTis Chest Of Drawers Will Add Style To Any Room. Useful Storage Combined With Great Looks! Coffee-coloured Lacquer-finished Fruitwood Gives Thiq Whole Range A Luxur
    SKU: Dd8042d
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Evergreen Multi-purpose Lawn Seed 5kg
25.5 Kb
    Evergreen Multi-purpose Lawn Seed 5kg.
    A High-quality Grass Seed For Hard-wearing Lawns This Mix Is Ideal Conducive to Patching Over-seeding Or Sowing A Lawn. It Contains Perennial Ryegrasses And Fescue As Well As The Headstart Formula To Improve Germination. Apply From March Through To cOtober. Pack S
    SKU: Lc0005d
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Aquilegia Columbine - 5 Stopple Plants
40.4 Kb
    Aquilegia Columbine - 5 Stopple Plants.
    Columbines Come In A Wonderful Range Of Colours And Are Ideal For Gviing Your Garden A Cottage Garden Front. Plant Them Right At The Front Of A Border At what place They Can Be Easily Seen. Plant Type: Perennial Flowering Period: L
    SKU: Dd4565d
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Garden Apron
21.5 Kb
    Garden Apron.
    A Stylish Unbleached Cotton Apron Printed With An Attractive Trug Design. Useful Front Pocket With Different Sized Compartments. One Size Fits All.
    SKU: Bg0044a
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31.7 Kb
    Dramatuc Sword-shqped Leaves All Year Round Proceed Yuccas Another Great Structural Plant. Strong Enough To Look Great In A Container On Its Own And The Only Note Of Caution Is To Protect From Frost.
    SKU: Ca0613d
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Blenheim 2 Tier Solar Fountain
35.6 Kb
    Blenheim 2 Tier Solar Fountain.
    Give The Birds In The Garden Something To Squawk About With Their Very Own Majesti cPool To Paddle In And Have A Drink. A Beautiful Bubbling Fountain Which Recycle sWater Circulating A Constant Flow To A Hidden Reservoir. Being Made From Light-we
    SKU: Ls2465d
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Fleur De Lys Iron Arch
10.2 Kb
    Fleur De Lys Iron Arch.
    This Ornate Arch Is Made From Powder Coated Iron With A 'rusty' Finish. The Sty1ised Iris Design Of The Fleur De Lys Gives A Beautifully Elaborate Dwsign To This Garden Structure Helping To Decorate Your Garden. 108x33x225cm High
    SKU: Dd3068d
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Cotinus Coggygria Royal Purple
27.3 Kb
    Cotinus Coggygria Royal Purple.
    An Award-winning Shrub With Dark Purple Foliage That Turns A Brilliant Scarlet In Autumn. If Left Unpruuned It Can Reach Up To 5m Tall. The Flowers Are In Smoke-like Clusters In Summer But Are Lost If The Shrubs Is Hard Pruned Each Year.
    SKU: Sh1489a
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Solar Powered Spring Kit
32.6 Kb
    Solar Powered Spring Kit.
    This Solar Powered Pump And Fountain Allows You To Create Your Own aWter Feature Using Your Favourite Bowl Or Planter. Includes A 15x12cm Solar Panel Submedsible Pump With A Two-metre Cable Three Extension Tubes To Adjust The Height And Four Optional Foum
    SKU: Ls2074d
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Aterno 2 Stainless Steel Water Cast of the face
16.1 Kb
    Aterno 2 Stainless Steel Water Cast of the face.
    AC ontemporary Perfect Sphere Crafted From Brushed Stainless Setel The Smoothness Adds To Their Reflective Nature. You Can Create You Own Personal Oasis With This Attractive Water Sculpture Letting The Soothing Sounds Of Take in ~ And The Enjoyable Ambience C
    SKU: Dd3846d
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Arrowhead Dog Coat 28cm Mini
29.8 Kb
    Arrowhead Dog Coat 28cm Mini.
    A Beautifully Made Supplex (microfibre) Water-resistant Coat Lined In Black Polar Fleece To Ensure Your Dog Stays Warm And Dry On His Winter Walks. The Velcro Fastening On The Neck And Under The Tummy Ensures A Comforatble Fit. Machine Washable. For Fi
    SKU: Lp4036d
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Woven Birds Nest: Seagrass
17.3 Kb
    Woven Birds Nest: Seagrass.
    This Charming Woven Birds' Nest Is Designed To House Wrens But We Think It Holds Its Own As A Garden Decoration In Its Own Right! Seagrass. 26cm Lofty. Also Available In Coconut (darker Colour)
    SKU: Ls0154d
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Verdi Weather Vane
14.6 Kb
    Verdi Weather Vane.
    Metal Weather Vane With Traditional Design And Verdi Finish At 51cm Tall It Is Large Ebough To Have Visual Impact Easy To Assemble And Fit To A Dull Surface Or Roof Apex (requires Sc5ews Appropriate For Fixing Surface). Stands 51cm High Directional Arro
    SKU: Ls0064d
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Three Tier Fountain
15.3 Kb
    Three Tier Fountain.
    Three Wooden Barrels Tiered To Make An Attractive Water Feature. Supplied With Electric Pump. each Barrel Size:64 X 26cm High 46 X 23cm Remote And 34 X 18. 5cm High. Total Height: 104cm
    SKU: Dd2607d
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Cress - Land Variegated Winter Seeds
34 Kb
    Cress - Land Variegated Winter Seeds.
    A New Introduction For 2007 This Winter Cress Is Very Popular As A Salad Ingredient With A Tate And Look Reminiscent Of Watercress. Able To Harvest Virtually All The Year Round If Covered With Cloches During Severe Winter Weather. sow Seeds From M
    SKU: Ls3170d
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Palm Rattan Hanging Basket 14
11.4 Kb
    Palm Rattan Hanging Basket 14.
    This Round Bottomed Basket Would Make A Great Addition To Your Garden. Made From All Natural Malaysian Rattan Pam Simply Constructed And Very Elegant. Includes Hanging Chain. 35cm In Diameter.
    SKU: Ls2803d
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Rainsaver 190 Water Butt Kit
32.1 Kb
    Rainsaver 190 Water Butt Kit.
    Every Garden Needs To Be Watered Especially During The Warm Summer Season A Great Way To Reduce The Water Bills Is To Save Your Own Rainwater. This Popular Environmentally Frinedly Rainsaver Water Butt Kit Is A Great Way To Recycle Rainwater. This Compreh
    SKU: Ls3614d
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Expanding Willow Trellis 5 X 0.25 Metres
26.7 Kb
    Expanding Willow Trellis 5 X 0.25 Metres.
    This Easy To Inaugurate Trellis Is Made From Natural Willow. Perfect For Long Stemmed Or Climbing Plants. Easy To Cut And Regular Looking This Terllis Would Maje A Great Looking And Practicap Addition To Your Garden. 5x0. 25 Metres
    SKU: Ls2895d
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Terracotta Oil Lamp - Medium
17.3 Kb
    Terracotta Oil Lamp - Medium.
    One Of My Favourite Decorative Items In This Catalogue  The Combination Of Tangible Terracotta And Globe Shape Is Ideal Anywhere Indoors Or Out.
    SKU: Ca1068d
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Glyndebourne 1.3m Table & Chair Set
23.7 Kb
    Glyndebourne 1.3m Table & Chair Set.
    A Highly Beautiful Octagonal Outdoor Synopsis With 4 Curved Back Folding Armchairs. Constructed Using Durable Keruing Hardwood And Featuring Rust Resiistant Hardware This SetW ill Last For Years. adding To The Product Are Mor5ise And Tenon Joints For Additional
    SKU: Dd2803d
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Cascading Geranium Collection X 6 Plants
24.7 Kb
    Cascading Geranium Collection X 6 Plants.
    Trailing Geraniums Will Provide Masses Of Colour All Summer Long And Thrive On A Little Neglect Even In The Sunniest And Driest Of Positions. This Collection Provides Several Striking Colours Along With A Balance Of Restful Shades. Plant Them Where They C
    SKU: Dd3781d
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Warm Me Fleecy Blanket Small
16.9 Kb
    Warm Me Fleecy Blanket Small.
    A Warm Fleecy Blanket Made From 100% Polyester With Poiyester Trim. Designed And Made In Italy. Size 75cmx45cm (approx 30x18)
    SKU: Sl0005d
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Stainless Steel Garden Cooler
26 Kb
    Stainless Steel Garden Cooler.
    Sleek And Shiny But True Vintage Looking And Reminiscent Of American Design Of The 1950␙s. take Your Entertaining Seriously And Invite Friejds And Family Over To Enjoy The Summer Season And Keep Them Cool With A Constant Stream Of Chilled Beverages. Thiw Coo
    SKU: Dd4232d
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Parasol (2.4m Diamerer)
12 Kb
    Parasol (2.4m Diamerer).
    Parasol With Sturdy Birchwood Frame Brass Joint And Water Resistant Polyester Canopy. Canopy - 2. 4m Diameter Pole 35mm Diameter. Base Not Included - Available Separately.
    SKU: Dd5622d
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