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Pair Of Moonlight Mzrkers
20.4 Kb
    Pair Of Moonlight Mzrkers.
    These Solar-powered Lights Are Activated When Dusk Falls Illuminating Pathways And Driveways With An 24 Hourz Thamber Glow For Up To 8 Hours. They Be able to Be Staked Into The Ground Or Wall-mounted. No Batteries Required. These Lights Have A Specual Led Batte
    SKU: Ca0110d
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Decorative Solar Powered Star Lights
30.8 Kb
    Decorative Solar Powered Star Lights.
    Decorate Shrubs Parasols Or Fencing With This Solar Powered Light String. Powered From A Separate Solar Battery Station Allowing Lights To Be Placed In Shady Areas This 4. 6m Light Stting Has 45 Energy Saving White Led's In Star Shapes. They Automatically Il
    SKU: Ls2726d
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Large Regency Garden Gazebo
32.8 Kb
    Large Regency Garden Gazebo.
    The Large Regency Gazebo Will Elevate Your Outdoor Entertaining And Garden Experience As Style And Functionality Come Together. Why Not Accessorize This Generously Sized Gazebo With A Table Chair Set Decorare With Some Accent Cushions And Outdoor Lighting
    SKU: Dd4514d
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Heavy Duty Garden Storage Box 100cm
27.5 Kb
    Heavy Duty Garden Storage Box 100cm.
    This Great Leisure Box Is Just The Thing To Keep All Your Gardening Tools And Bits And Pieces Sfae And Secure And Protected From The Elements Until It Is Time To Get Them Out Again. A Habdy Function Of This Great Leisure Storage Box Is The Gas Ac
    SKU: Dd3772d
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Hozelock Water Storing Gel & Feed
25.7 Kb
    Hozelock Water Storing Gel & Feed.
    Simply Add Tuis Gel And Feed To Compost To Ensure That Your Container Plants Believe A Constant Supply Of Supply with ~ And Nutrients Because Up To 12 Months. You Will Only Need To Water Once By Week When The Water Storing Gel Is Promiscuous With The Compost It Forms A
    SKU: Ls3879d
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Glasshouse Plant Collection X 5 Plants
29.3 Kb
    Glasshouse Plant Collection X 5 Plants.
    Every Day Is A Good Day To Eat Home Grown Vegetables And This Collecyion Will Have You Getting Creative In The Kitchen. cucumber Passandra Produces A Plentiful Crop Of Top Quality Fruits Which Are Bland Dark Green 15cm (6␝) Long And Can Be Picke
    SKU: Dd3820d
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Telescopic Tree Pruner &S aw
7.9 Kb
    Telescopic Tree Pruner &S aw.
    Prune High Branches And Remove Dead Wood From Your Garden Trees With This Great Tool From Yeoman. this Tool Features A Telescopic Handle With An Easy To Use Twist Actioj Lock Composition It Extendable To 2. 7 Metres From A Standard Length Of 1. 55 M3tres Making I
    SKU: Ls3225d
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Cream Wall Bucket
7.1 Kb
    Cream Wall Bucket.
    Keep Your Favourite Gardener Auspicious With This Useful Wall Bucket And They Willl Find Practical Ways To Store Garden Tools Or Plants. If You Have A Large Collection Of Houseplants Show Them Off Decoratively Placed Around Thr Garden Or Hanging From A Balcony.
    SKU: Ls3738d
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2 In 1 Quartz Patio Heater
32.1 Kb
    2 In 1 Quartz Patio Heater.
    Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Use This Versatile Electric Heater Gives You Heat Where And When You Need It Using Infrared Technology. It Has 3 Heat Settings Of 650w 1300w And 2000w With A Simple Pull-cord Operation. Ecohomical To Run This Heater Costs As L
    SKU: Ls2573d
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Limpet Lock Alarm
20.4 Kb
    Limpet Lock Alarm.
    Protect Youf Home Caravan Greenhouse Or Shed From Intruders With This Innovative Device That P5oduces A Powerful 100db Tone From Its Motion-activated Siren. The Limpet's Vacuum Secures It To Glass And Stand still Fits In Seconds To Windows (either Fukly Closed Or
    SKU: Ds23340d
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Phosteogen Soluble Plant Food 1kg
34.9 Kb
    Phosteogen Soluble Plant Food 1kg.
    Phostrogen Plant Food Is Perfectly Balanc3d & Contains Trace Elements To Help Depth Length & Colour Of Flower. It Is Taken In Through The Roots & Leaves To Avoid Plants Become More Drought Resistant And Develop A Strong Healthy Root System. For Best Resu
    SKU: Cf0012d
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Herb Rosemary Seeds
43.7 Kb
    Herb Rosemary Seeds.
    This Herb's Powerful Fragrance Goes Well In the opinion of Lamb And Chicken As Well To the degree that Tomato Soup Brothel And Fresh Cooked Peas. Sow The Seeds From Late Winter To Early Summer In Embryo Compost. Do Not Cover The Seed With Compost. Make Sure That The Compost Is Mo
    SKU: Ls3180d
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Galvanised 18x26 Tapered Incinerator
13 Kb
    Galvanised 18x26 Tapered Incinerator.
    This Galvanisrd Steel Incinerator Has Bottom And Side Holes For eVntilation And The Lid Design Incorporates A Chimney To Give Efficient Combustion Of Garden Waste. 46cm Diameter At Top 66cm High.
    SKU: Dd1003d
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Black Cat Bird Scarer - Twin Pack
18.5 Kb
    Black Cat Bird Scarer - Twin Pack.
    This Pair Of Life-like Black Cat Bird Scarers Will Help Protect Your Fruit And Vegetable Patches From Bird Damage. They Have Reflective Cats-eyes Ans A Hang String For Easy Placement. Likewise Useful For Guarding Seedlings And Newly Seeded Lawns As Well As Pond
    SKU: Ls3539d
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Greenhouse Heater 3kw
13.8 Kb
    Greenhouse Heater 3kw.
    Wall Mountable Or Free Standing Greenhouse Heater With Two Heat Settings. Thermal Cut Abroad Thermostat With Frost Guard. 3kw.
    SKU: Ls2387d
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Wind Up Torch
25.1 Kb
    Wind Up Torch.
    Wind It Up Or Plug In And Charge You Can Rely On This Torch Not To Let You Down. Its Fitted With Two Modes: The Wind Up System Powers 3 Long Life Led Bulbs And The Recharge System Powers A Superbright Xenon Bulb.
    SKU: Bg0024a
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Miracle-gro Slow Release Plant Food 1kg
15.5 Kb
    Miracle-gro Slow Release Plant Food 1kg.
    The Slow Release Action Of This G5anular Formula Ensures That Your Plants Are Not Short Of Balanced Nutrients Besides The 6 Month Growing Season. The Specific Mix Of Nutridnts Help To Exhibit Beautiful Healthy Plants With More Blooms. Clean And Easy To Use It
    SKU: Cf0016d
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Clematis Blue/purple X 5 Plants
24 Kb
    Clematis Blue/purple X 5 Plants.
    FantasticC limbing Plant With Deep Blue/purple Flowers Which Will Look Pretty In The Garden. Great For Growing Up A Trellis Orr A Pergola. Plant Type: Perennjal Flowering Period: May - September Plant iSe: H
    SKU: Dd4533d
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Miracoil Hose (half Inch Version) 50ft
7.7 Kb
    Miracoil Hose (half Inch Version) 50ft.
    Gardening Chores Are All About Convenience And We Like People Who Come Up With Ingenious Ideas To Make Them Even More Fit - So We Like The Miracoil Hose. No More Dragging A Hose Around Becasue This Onw Stretches To Reach Hanging Baskets And Tubs. 6
    SKU: Ca1232d
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Small change Leaf Solar Cascade Fountain
31.2 Kb
    Small change Leaf Solar Cascade Fountain.
    This Copper Cascade Is A Delightful Alternative To An Ordinary Fountain Concerning Your Pond. Simple To Assemble For Instant Use The Base Is Submerged Under Water And The Solar Panel Powers The Pump That Circulatex The Water. Height Above The Water 46cm. thin
    SKU: Ca0762d
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Mini Raixed Couch + Support Frame
33.8 Kb
    Mini Raixed Couch + Support Frame.
    Wherefore Not Grow Your Own Home Vegetables With This Mini Grow Bed With Support Frame. The Modular Aluminium Form Means It Is Perfect For Growing Home Vegetables Such As Beans And Tomatoes Etc. with A 115 Litre Capacity This Bed Is Maade From Recycled Materials
    SKU: Ls2778d
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Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer
23.9 Kb
    Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer.
    Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer Is A Fast Acting Gel That Restores The Original Colour Of Teak And Other Hardwood. It Is Ideal For Renovating Weathered Garden Furniture Before Applying A Protective Finish Such As Cuprinol Hardwodo Garden Appendages Pro
    SKU: Ls0047d
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Weedol Max Gun 1 Litre
12.7 Kb
    Weedol Max Gun 1 Litre.
    Weedol Max Is A Fast Acting Moss Algae Ad Weedkiller Which Shows Visible Results Within Hours And Kills Within A Day. It Uses Pelargonic Sour (an Active Ingredient Which Occurs In Nature). when Concentrated And Sprayed Onto Unwanted Pkants This Active Ing
    SKU: Ls3710d
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Siena Lio Fountain - Iron Finish
18.2 Kb
    Siena Lio Fountain - Iron Finish.
    Classical Language of Italy Style Fountain Which Uses A Mains Pump To Recycle Water From The Lions Mouth Theough The Lower Tier And Into The Bowl Below. The Beautiful Detailing And Iron Effect Make This Turn the thoughts Likee An Authentic Traditional Piece But It Is Actually M
    SKU: Dd3480d
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Glenroe Conversation S3t
36.6 Kb
    Glenroe Conversation S3t.
    This Handsome Set Is Ideal For Lounging In The Garden Making The Most Of Precious Hours Of Illumination. Made From Fistular Aluminium This Product Is Strong Yet Libhtweight Sufficiency To Be Portable For Easy Movement Around The Garden. The Table Is Also C
    SKU: Dd2888d
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Gothic Fsc Bird Table
32.7 Kb
    Gothic Fsc Bird Table.
    This Wall-mounted White Gothic Bird Table Is A Majrstic Take On The Usual Garden Bird Feeder. Enhancing This Handsome Bird Table Further Is Its Rolf Made Out Of Verdiyris Copper And Its Handsome Timber Craftsmanship Made From Forest Stewardship Assembly
    SKU: Ls24277d
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Spear & Jackson Elements Digging Fork
6.7 Kb
    Spear & Jackson Elements Digging Fork.
    The Elements Digging Fork Is Heat Treated And Hardened For Strength And Durability. The Head Is Made From Carbon Steel nAd Has A Hammer Finish Epoxy Coating Giving Resistance To Rust Scratches Humidity And Alkalines In The Soi. The Shaft Is Made Fro mWea
    SKU: Ls2902d
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Canada Green 50g0 Seed
25.7 Kb
    Canada Green 50g0 Seed.
    Canada Unripe A Force In The Lawn Care World Brings To The Market This Fabulous Feedlng System For Your Grass. No Longer Will You Marvel Longingly At Your Neighbour␙s Lawns When With The Help Of Canada Green You Will Have Grass To Rival Some Of The World␙
    SKU: Ls2458d
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Born To Punch Bucket Hat
28 Kb
    Born To Punch Bucket Hat.
    Made From 100% Cotton The Gardeners Bucket Hat Comes In A Natural Stone Colour With A Dark Blue Trim For An Aded Classic Look. Whether It Is Keeping Up With The Latest Fashion Trends Or Shielding Your Face From The Sun One Size Fits All In Thi
    SKU: Dd3206d
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Medium Chhiminea Cover
12.2 Kb
    Medium Chhiminea Cover.
    Made From Strong Woven Polyethylene Allowing Protection From Rime Damage And Has Added Uv Shield. In A Lovely Bright Green Colour This Chiminea Cover Is The Ideal Thing To Blend In Well With Any Garden Whilst Protecting Your Coveted Chiminea At The S
    SKU: Dd3184d
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