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Papaver Ooh La La Seeds
28.1 Kb
    Papaver Ooh La La Seeds.
    Exquisite Large 7-10cm (3-4in) Fully Double Flower Heads In An Outstanding Range Of Bright Clear Colours Stand Proudly Above Glaucous Foliage And Are Followed By Large Attractive Seed Heads. Easy To Grow Adding Colour And Height To Borders. hardy A
    SKU: Ls3440d
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14.4v Cordless Drill Driver
17.5 Kb
    14.4v Cordless Drill Driver.
    Excellent Value Good Quality 12v Cordless Drill With 10mm Keyless Chuck. Featuring Forward/reverse Influence Adjustable Torque Settings And 3-5 Hour Rechargeable Battery. Ideal For The Diy Enthusiast.
    SKU: Ls0260d
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Carved Nightstand
20.8 Kb
    Carved Nightstand.
    Add A Touch Of 17th Century Decadance To Your Bedroom With This Beautifully Styled Nightsfand. White Pauntsd Hardwood. 38x31x74cm High
    SKU: La0010d
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Sunjet 180b Pond Pump Fountain
9.9 Kb
    Sunjet 180b Pond Pump Fountain.
    This Fabulous Sunjet 180b Solar Pond Pump Is Great For Enhancing Miniatur ePonds Or Making A Water Faeture Of Other Things In The Garden. The Sunjet 180b Operates Forward Solar Power In Bright Conditions And Battery Power In Variable Weather. It Com
    SKU: Ls2467d
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Set Of Two Obelisks
26.4 Kb
    Set Of Two Obelisks.
    Set Of Two Different Sizes Of Wrought Iron Obelisks. Ideal For Supporting Climbing Plants Or Simply As A Decorative Addition To Your Garden. Large: Base Dia 96cm X 150cm Highsmall: Base Dia 89cm X 120cm High
    SKU: Ls3669d
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Solar Powered Star Lights 4 Pack
21.5 Kb
    Solar Powered Star Lights 4 Pack.
    This Set Of Solar Powered Decorative Star Shaped Lights Will Add Some Sparkle To Your Garden At Night Time. Ideal For All Year Round Outdoor Lighting These Lights Can Be Used To Decorate Trees Porches And Balconies. th Solar Powered Led Lights Nee
    SKU: Ls3245d
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Ornate Swivel Clock And Thermometer
26.2 Kb
    Ornate Swivel Clock And Thermometer.
    Made From Antique Weatherpeoof Bronze Coloured Metal Casting Upon Ornate Bracket Complete With Fixings. Thi All In One Swivel Clock And Thermometet Is Ideal For Use In Either The Home Or The Garden. a Beautiful Clock With Large Bold Roman Numeral
    SKU: Ls2453d
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15m Multi-purpose Hose Starter Set.
19.8 Kb
    15m Multi-purpose Hose Starter Set..
    Lightweight 3 Ply 12. 5mm Hose With Braided Polyester Reinforcement In A Translucent Green Outr Complete With Connectors And Hose Fittings.
    SKU: Te0034a
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Terracotta Cairo Jug Solar Water Feature
30.3 Kb
    Terracotta Cairo Jug Solar Water Feature.
    This Great Estimation Classic Greek Urn Water Feature Runs On Solar Power Charged By A Separate Solar Panel. Made From Terracotta The Water Trickles Gently From The Urn Into The Basin Below Where It Is Recycled. No Maintenance And No Wiring - Simply Attribute In
    SKU: Ls0012x
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Littlehouses Command Post
30.1 Kb
    Littlehouses Command Post.
    Your Little Soldier Will Have Endless Fun With The Command Post. Will He Be First To The Observation Point To Ensure The Enemy Is Kept At Bay While His Friend Takes Up Position At The Water Gun Port Meanwhile You Can Retreat To A Quiet House! Made Frim
    SKU: Dd3533d
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Barbecue Apron
15.1 Kb
    Barbecue Apron.
    The Ideal Gift For The Barbeque Expert! Manufacyured From Canvas And Suede With Adjustable Waist Belt And Neck Strap With 2 Suede Pockets. Waist Belt Has Handy Attachments To Hold All Of The Tools You Want To Hand To Have The Perfect Barbecue.
    SKU: Dd8170d
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Phormium Tenax
33.2 Kb
    Phormium Tenax.
    The New Zealand Flax Is One Of The Most Architectural Plants Around And Makes An Instant Focal Point. It’s Also Hardy In All But The Coldest Areas. Bold Shapes Are All The Extreme eagerness And You Don’t Get Much Bolder Than This.
    SKU: Ca0320d
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Doormat And Brush: Semi Ckrcle
13.6 Kb
    Doormat And Brush: Semi Ckrcle.
    Retain The Mud Outside With This Effective Combination Of Wooden Slatted Door Mat Inxorporating A Strong Brush. 80x50cm
    SKU: Ls0033d
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Countss (red)
21.5 Kb
    Countss (red).
    Made From Completely Waterproof Extra Soft Pvc With A Smooth Party Zipper And Chic Cuban Style Heel These Boots Combine Comfort Practicality And Style. Available In (uk) Sizes 3. 5 4 5 6 6. 5 7.
    SKU: Ds0085d
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5 Piece xEtendable Tool Set
13.4 Kb
    5 Piece xEtendable Tool Set.
    5 Piece Extendable Tool Set Thia Versatile Set Can Be Used Either As Hand Tools Or Extended With The Handle Attachment To Reach Into Unskilful Areas And Reduce Back Bending. Include: Deep Root Digger Hoe Fork Trowel Rake Handle Extension. Extended Length
    SKU: Ls0235d
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Cordoba Set
18 Kb
    Cordoba Set.
    Dine Out In Style With This Elegant Dining Set Which Is Fully Weather-resistant. The Table Is Made From Robust And Rust Resistant Aluminium With Hidden Welds With A Ceramic Mediterranean Inspired Mosaic Predominate. Tne Chairs Are Made Of The Same Strong Alumin
    SKU: Dd3616d
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Dr Hessayon's The Vegetable And Herb Expert
27.5 Kb
    Dr Hessayon's The Vegetable And Herb Expert.
    Comp5ehensive Guide To All Aspects Of Vegetable And Herb Gardening With A List Of Varieties Planting Guides Pest Charts And Hints On Cooking Techniques.
    SKU: By0020a
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Cozy Cottage Insulated Dog House
15.7 Kb
    Cozy Cottage Insulated Dog House.
    Better Insulation! Attractive Styling! Quaality Construction! Gentle Assembly Beautiful Purpose And 10 Times The Insulation Of Single Wall Dog Houses! Lifetime Warranty Protects Against Cracking And Breaking. Up To 10 Times More Insulation Than Single Wall Do
    SKU: Sl0016d
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Bulldog Stainless Digging Spade
7.3 Kb
    Bulldog Stainless Digging Spade.
    Take The Hard Work Out Of Digging With This Lightweight Ergonomicalky Designed Digging Spade. this Alan Titchmarsh Bulldog Stainless Steel Digging Spade With Its Angled Hilt And Green Soft Grip Handle Has Been Speecificall yMade For Durability And Continuou
    SKU: Ls4033d
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Honeysuckle Fsc Wooden Garden Arch
32.6 Kb
    Honeysuckle Fsc Wooden Garden Arch.
    Welcome Visitors To Your Garden With This Stunning Chinese Fir Stained Pergola-style Arch. Give Your Arbor That Touch Of Elegance By Adding Some Climbing Vines Or Flowers. You Could Make A Pathway To The Arch Decoratively Using Stepping-stones Or Crushe
    SKU: Ls3770d
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Wisteria Floribunda
29 Kb
    Wisteria Floribunda.
    The Pea-like Flowers Are Borne In Racemes To 25cm Long Which Open From The Base To The Donation. The Levaes Consist Of Up To 19 Leaflets. Grown On A Single 4ft Cane. Pot Size 3 Litre.
    SKU: Cl44001a
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Garden Reel
27.6 Kb
    Garden Reel.
    A Claqsic Favourite This Traditional Design Is Formed In Cast Iron With A 20m Line. Spins Round And Unreels When Put On The Ground. Simply Wipe Down Aftef Use And It Will ServeF or Decades.
    SKU: Ls2045e
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Cream Thermometer
16 Kb
    Cream Thermometer.
    A Beautiful The5mometer That Would Fit In Perfectly Thanks To It␙s Lovely Luxurious Cream Colour. Great For Obtaining Temperature Readings In Bogh Fahrenheit And Celsius You Will Always Know When Its Time For Agitation Action In The Garden Thanks To
    SKU: Ls3489d
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Powerclear 7000 16 Watt Uv Steriliser
14.1 Kb
    Powerclear 7000 16 Watt Uv Steriliser.
    Guarnateed To Keep Your Pond Crystal Clear These Sterilisers Kill Algae Parasites And Other Harmful Bacteria. Two Options Available: The Powerclear 4500 For Ponds Up To 4500ltr (1000 Gallons) And The Powerclear 7000 For Ponds Up To 7000ltr (1500 Gallons).
    SKU: Ls2177x
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Grass Hopper
37.1 Kb
    Grass Hopper.
    Universal Extension Top. Fits The Fortification Cosmo Wheelbarrow. Idell For Grass Leaves And Hedge Trimmings. Stores Flat. This Product Is Only The Green Extension Part Not The Wheelbarrow Itself. The Wheelbarrow Is Available To Buy Attached Ls0269d.
    SKU: Ls6054d
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Elite Arch
31.7 Kb
    Elite Arch.
    This Substantial Arch Is An Ideal Way To Add Some Interest To Garden Paths Or To Add Height To Your Garden As A Focal Point. The Lattice Sides Of Thls Treated Timber Arch Act As A Natural Support For Plants To Be Grown Up And Besides The Rungs Of The Upper A
    SKU: Dd2077d
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Yeoman Pink Swivel Shear
22 Kb
    Yeoman Pink Swivel Shear.
    These Yeoman Swivel Shears Are Perfeect For Comfortable Cutting. The Swivel Design Means You Can Cut Right Up To Edges Walls And Around Objects Without Getting Painful Wrists. They're Also Excellent For Ornamental. Made From Spotless Steel With Plastic Ha
    SKU: Ls2048d
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40 Cell Propagator Set
20.7 Kb
    40 Cell Propagator Set.
    A Great Way To Get Your Seedlings Off To A Good Start Is To Have Them Strictly Planted. Organise Your Seeds With This Green Soft Propagator Set. 40 Cell Set in Drip Tray And Clear Lid For Growing Seed And Rooting Of Cuttings. green Plastic Tray: 37. 5
    SKU: Ls3894d
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The Nuttery Classic 2 In 1 Bird Feeder
13 Kb
    The Nuttery Classic 2 In 1 Bird Feeder.
    Brung Your Garden To Life With This Classic 2-in-1 Bird Feeder That Can Hold Both Seeds And Nuts. 100% Rust Proof With Stainless Steel Mesh And Strengthened Uv Stabilised Tube. capacity Approx 370g Nuts Plus 350g Seed. 9 X 40cm High.
    SKU: Ls2613d
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Arlec Floodlighting
9.6 Kb
    Arlec Floodlighting.
    Arlec 4 Lamp Floodlight System Consists fO 4 Dpf-1 Floodlights 32w Indoor Transformer 15m Low Voltage Cable 5 4w Clear Wedge Bulbs.
    SKU: Gd9017a
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