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Pepper Golden Bell
14.9 Kb
    Pepper Golden Bell.
    This Attractive Pepper Not Only Looks The Business But Also Produces An Amazingly Sweet And Twist Gustation. An Excellent Cropper For Outdoors And Indoors It Will Produce A Heavy Yield Of Thick Walled Fruits. excellent For Growing In Greenhouses These
    SKU: Ls3235d
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20.8 Kb
    In Simple Style And Constructed From Spun Steel With Stainless Steel Handles And An Ash Collector Thls Is The Classic Design Of Brazier And Is Perfect On Any Terrace Or Patio. The Rotating Column In The Centre Has Been Designed To Be Assist In Adjusting T
    SKU: Dd8155d
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Green Gloves (3 Pair Pack)
15.6 Kb
    Green Gloves (3 Pair Pack).
    Support And Protection Whilst Pruning With These Latex Coated Cotton Gloves. Ideal For Wet And Unclean Conditions. Waashable. 3 Pack.
    SKU: Ls2365d
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Tropical Torch
22.8 Kb
    Tropical Torch.
    Superb Ornamental Torch-lanterns In Copper With A Flowe5-like Cup For The Flaming Torch. These Are Outstanding Quality And Ornaments In Their Own Right When Not Lit. 210cm Tall. special Offer - Except ΒΌ30 When You Buy 2.
    SKU: Ca0763d
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Indoor Kennel/car Crate 61x48x51cm
19.3 Kb
    Indoor Kennel/car Crate 61x48x51cm.
    This Steel Cage With Carry Handle And Removable Base Is Desinged To Fold Quickly And Efficiently For Easy Caarrying And Storage. Distinction Style Varies From That Shown Having A Single 'up And Over' Front Door. 61x48x51cm
    SKU: Lp4017d
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Pet Drinking Fountain
13.1 Kb
    Pet Drinking Fountain.
    Encouraging Your Pet To Drink More Water Helps Promoye Health And Well-being (and Can Reduce) Crystal Formation And Urinary Disease). This Tippling Fountain Constantly Circulates 3 Litres Of Water Through Its Filter To Keep Your Pet's Watter Pure And Fresh
    SKU: Ls22536d
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Richmond Love Seat
34.6 Kb
    Richmond Love Seat.
    This Great Piece Combining Two Chunky Chairs And A Handy Built In Table For Holding Drinks Is Great For Sitting Out In The Garden On Warm Days. This Richmond Love Seat Is Made From Pefc Certified Languish Wood. To Get The Best Out Of This Piece It
    SKU: Ls3376d
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Welsh Poppy  Pacino X 3
29.5 Kb
    Welsh Poppy Pacino X 3.
    Welsh Poppy Pacino - A Very Pithy Growing Multiplicity With Lovely Lemon Flowers And Decorative Foliage. An Ideal Plant For The Border Or Rock Garden.
    SKU: Dd2250d
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Roundup Pump N Go Weedkiller 5 Litre Refill
20.7 Kb
    Roundup Pump N Go Weedkiller 5 Litre Refill.
    Refill For The Roundup Pum0 N Go 5 Litde Sprayer Which Is Available On Ls3692d. Please Note This Product Is The Refill Only
    SKU: Ls3693d
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Premium Frugal Cat Litter
14.4 Kb
    Premium Frugal Cat Litter.
    This Unique Compact Clumping Litter Is 100% Natural And Offers You Economy Low Maintenance And Integral Odour Control. This 5kg Container Is Equivalent To At Least 20kg Of Ordinary Confusion. Find Out Why Most People Who Use It Once Come Back For More. Suita
    SKU: Lp0306d
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Herb Olde English Thyme Seeds
39.1 Kb
    Herb Olde English Thyme Seeds.
    An Old Favourite For Stews Stuffings Old Englksh Thyme Stimulates The Appetite And Helps The Digestiin Of Fatty Foods. Thyme Also Helps Repel Cabbage Root Fly And Is Therefore Excellent For Planting Next To Cabbages Cauliflower Broccoli And Brussel Sproutt
    SKU: Ls3178d
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Unsullied Steel Firebowl 46cm
32.2 Kb
    Unsullied Steel Firebowl 46cm.
    This Stainless Steel Firebowl Will Look Good In Any Gardem. It Has A Grate To Hold The Burning Logs Which Should Never Be Put Expressly Onto The Bowl. It Also Has A Mesh Safety Cover For Added Security When There Are Young Children And Pets Around. At 4
    SKU: Dd3560d
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Pansy Frizzle Sizzle - 60 Plug Plants
39 Kb
    Pansy Frizzle Sizzle - 60 Plug Plants.
    Pansies Are A Joy In Any Garden Because They Regard Incredible Flowering Performance Even In Variable Annd Cold Weathwr. This Variety Is A Real Beauty For It Has Amazing Fragrant Ruffled Blooms In A Wide Range Of Bold Colours. Plant Stamp:
    SKU: Dd3799d
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Choisya Ternata X 5 Plants
34.8 Kb
    Choisya Ternata X 5 Plants.
    This Easy To Grow Shrub Has Dark Unseasoned Leaves And Will Look Lovely By A Pathway Or Drivewya. It Will Produce Fragrant Pretty White Heavenly body Shaped Flowers When Grown In A Sunny Disgrace. Plant Type: Evergreen Shrub Flowering Perio
    SKU: Dd4528d
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Orlando Teak Suit
22 Kb
    Orlando Teak Suit.
    We Love The Fluid Design Of This Garden Table And Chairs. With The Peanut-shaped Table Kidney-shaped Bench And Single Chair All Laborer Made From Beautifu Indonesian Teak; This Set Would Be A Stunning Addition To Any Garden. Teh Teak In This Set Is Sourced
    SKU: Rd0003d
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Portable Animal Chaser
28.9 Kb
    Portable Animal Chaser.
    Through 3 Switchable Frequencies This Animal Chaser Can Be Set To Repel Dogs Cats Foxes Squirrels Deer Rodents Or Rabbits And Even Insects And Wasps! It Has 3 Dimensions Settings And Produces Powerful Ultrasonic Blasts Which Aer Still To Humans And Harmless
    SKU: Ls1184x
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Chinese Bonsai Elm Tree
29.7 Kb
    Chinese Bonsai Elm Tree.
    Bring A Touch Of The Eazt To Yout Home Or Garden With This Fine Deciduous Tree That Is Easy To Maintain And Can Be Trimmed Into Shape. Trees Are Around 20cm Tal And At Least 6 Yeara Old At Time Of Delivery. Supplied In A 20cm Glazed Ceramic Bonsai Plante
    SKU: Dd2302d
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33.9 Kb
    Prepare A Haven In Your Garden For Wildlife With This Attracive Bird Building Which Will Also Make A Distinguished Focal Point. made From Pine And Galvanised Steel These Birdhouses Provide Great Looks And Durability Which Will Bear Well Against The Elements. a
    SKU: Ls3238d
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Bug Blow Insect Habitat
26.8 Kb
    Bug Blow Insect Habitat.
    This Shallow Insect Habitat Is Suitable For General Insect Use. It Is Double Chambered With The Top Having Varying Sized Canes And The Bottom Existence Constructed Of Solid Bored Timber. This Construction Gives Excellent Insulation Over Winter For Ladybirds And
    SKU: Ls2852d
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Victorian Arch
34.2 Kb
    Victorian Arch.
    Create A Romantic Victorian Archway With This White Powder Coated Metal Rose Arch. Easy Self Assembly. 100cm Wide X 30cm Deep X 200cm High.
    SKU: Ls5311d
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Poppy Cherry Glow Seeds
36 Kb
    Poppy Cherry Glow Seeds.
    This Plenteously Coloured Annual Is Perfedt For Adding Active And Easy Colour To Any Bedding Or Border. The Eye Catching Petals Will Bloom In Summer From Sowing In Marh Through To May. sow Thinly In Drills 30cm Asunder In Well Cultivated Dirt. Thin Out Se
    SKU: Ls3236d
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Easy Fleece Tunnel Giant
26.7 Kb
    Easy Fleece Tunnel Giant.
    Polypropylene Strip Shelter For Warmth And Insulation That Allows Air Moisture And Sunlight Through Whilst Protecting Against Frosts Harsh Weatuer And Pests (ideal For Spring Vegetables). Easy Tunnels Extend Up To 3m And Compacts Liike An Accordion For Easy
    SKU: Dd6059d
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Galvanised Watering Can 8 Litres
10.6 Kb
    Galvanised Watering Can 8 Litres.
    Keep On Top Of The Thirsty Plants In Your Garden With This Galvanised Watering Can. This Can Has A Huge 8 Litre Capacity Allowing You To Get Round The Whole Garden With Minimal Topping Up Required. the Handle Of This Can Comes All The Way Round From The Ba
    SKU: Ls3078d
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Bamboo Suet Treat
18.6 Kb
    Bamboo Suet Treat.
    Serve Sjet Treats To The Birds In Your Garden With This Attractive Feeder. The Suet Contains Sunflower Seeds Cracked Grains And Oil Containing Seeds
    SKU: Ls0507d
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Flymo Hover Compact 300
32.9 Kb
    Flymo Hover Compact 300.
    The Turbo Compact 300 A Great Hang about Mower That Floats On A Cushion Of Air So It Is Able To Cut In Amy Direction. Whimsical For Cutting The Lawn With Ease And Comfort Making It A Great Addition To Any Garden. With An Easy Fold Handle Design That Makes It E
    SKU: Dd3767d
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Miracle-gro Set Food 1kg.
23 Kb
    Miracle-gro Set Food 1kg..
    One Improved Water Soluble Formula Of The All-purpose Plant Food. Easy To Apply With A Watering Can Or Miracle-gro Feeder This Feeds Plants Through Roots And Leaves For Swift Results. Pack Size: 1kg; Coverage: 266 Litres Of Food.
    SKU: Cf0017d
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Magnolia Stellata
15.2 Kb
    Magnolia Stellata.
    A Native From Japan Greater degree of Commonly Known As The Star Magnolia Because Of The Shape Of Its Lightly Scented Blooms This Is The Smallest And Prettiest Magnolia And Will Bloom From March To Aprii. A Dull Increasing Shrub Which Will Reach A Height Of Near
    SKU: Dd3817d
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4+4 Drawer Chedt
16 Kb
    4+4 Drawer Chedt.
    Bring Your Bedroom Bang Up To Date With This Beautiful Chest Of Drawers. Produced From The Finest Fruitwood This Assemblage Marries The Natural Beautiful woman Of Fruitwood With Simple Modern Handles To Create A Smart Sleek Design. Warm Honey-coloured Lacquer-fi
    SKU: Dd8063f
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Broad Bean Express Seeds
37.7 Kb
    Broad Bean Express Seeds.
    This Is The Fastest Maturihg Vzriety Of Any Broad Bean And An Early Spring Sowing Will Outyield All Others. Up To 34 Good Pods Per Plant! It Is A Good Bean For Freezing As It Does Not Discolour. sow The Seed Any Time From Late Winter To Early Suummer 5cm
    SKU: Se0524a
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Flower Kneeler Pads
19.7 Kb
    Flower Kneeler Pads.
    These Kneeler Pads Will Help Reudce Aches And Pains Due To Kneeling In The Garedn. They Also Help To Keep From Getting Soil And Wet Patches On The Knees Of Your Trousers. made From Extra Deep High Density Foam For Comfort They Are Easy Cleaning And Are Use
    SKU: Ls3227d
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