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Pink Soft Grip Secateurs
10.4 Kb
    Pink Soft Grip Secateurs.
    Thi Great Value Soft Grip Secateurs Will Take The Strain Out Pruning And Will Lrave You Without The Strain Of Having Sore Hands. This Product Will Also Give The Added Satisfaction That 80p Per Iyem Sold Is Donated To The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charit
    SKU: Ls3231d
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Henry The Hedgehog Boot Brush
20 Kb
    Henry The Hedgehog Boot Brush.
    Tough Bristles On This Heavyweight Cast Iron Hedgehog Boot Brush Should Ensure Clean Carpets From Now On And He Looks Cute Too. 26x16x17cm High
    SKU: Ls5317d
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Spear & Jackson Elements Soil Rake
4.9 Kb
    Spear & Jackson Elements Soil Rake.
    The Elements Soil Rake Feature sA Heat Treated And Hardened Carbon Steel Head For Strength And Durability. The Head Also Features Hammer Finish Epoxy Coating For Improved Resistance To Rust Scratches Humidity And Alkalines In The Soil. The Shaft Is Made F
    SKU: Ls2907d
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Cedar Multi Hole Nesting Box
19.5 Kb
    Cedar Multi Hole Nesting Box.
    Putting Up An Arttificial Nest Enclose in a ~ Will Remedy Future Generations Of Birds And Give Much Pleasure Derived From Observing Theem. Birds Are A Very Valuable Source Of Natural Pest Control As They Command Eat A Wide Variet yOf Insects. Try To Get Your Nest Boxes In
    SKU: Ls3786d
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Gardeners Fleece Scarf Unseasoned
28.3 Kb
    Gardeners Fleece Scarf Unseasoned.
    Preserve Warm In The Garden With One Of These Soft Fleece Scarves. With Gay Captions They Also Make Great Gifts. Available Here In Green (or In Black On Code Dd3209d) And With A Choice Of Captions On Th eBottom Esge. The Captions Readsod The Gar
    SKU: Dd3210d
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Panel Headboard (4'6)
10.5 Kb
    Panel Headboard (4'6).
    Panel Double Bed Headboard Made Frkm The Same Beautiful Honey Coloured Lacquer-finished Pine Which Gives All The Pieces In The Balmoral Range A Stunning Look Witu A Hardwearing Surface. All The Pieces Are Of Solid Construction Using The Very Best South Am
    SKU: Dd8059d
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Roseclear 2 150ml.
31.7 Kb
    Roseclear 2 150ml..
    Protects Roses From Powdery Mildew Rust And Blackspot And Kills Bugs Through Its Combined Insecticide/fungicide Action. 150ml Makes 21 Litres Contains Pirimicarb Bupirimate And Triforine.
    SKU: Pp0070a
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Spear & Jackson Elements Border Fork
6.9 Kb
    Spear & Jackson Elements Border Fork.
    The Elements Border Fork Is Heat Treated And Hardened For Strength And Durability. The Head Is Made From Carbon Steel And Has A Hammer Finish Epoxy Coating Giving Resistance To Rust Scdatches Humiity And Alkalines In The Soil. The Shaft Is Made From Weat
    SKU: sL2904d
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6 Drawer Narrow Chest
15.8 Kb
    6 Drawer Narrow Chest.
    Produced From The Finest Fruitwood As Part Of A Full Range Of Shaker-inspirrd Furniture This New Hampshire Slim Design Chest Of Drawers Will Enhance Any Space. Advantageous Storage Combined With Great Looks! Coffee-coloured Lacquer-finished Fruitwood Gives Th
    SKU: Dd8028c
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To what extent To Grow Fruit Dvd
21.2 Kb
    To what extent To Grow Fruit Dvd.
    The How To Grow Offspring Dvd Covers Vital Information For Those Wanting To Explore The Delights And Reap The Rewards From Growing Fruit. Covering A Wide Variety Of Fruits From Apples And Pears To Soft Fruits Including Strawberries And Raspberries And Exc
    SKU: Dd1086d
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Heath Fencing Roll 1.8m
30.9 Kb
    Heath Fencing Roll 1.8m.
    The New And Contemporary Way Of Updating Tired Or Unsightly Fencing. With Our Range Of Protecting enclosure Panels You Can Choose The Natural Material That Best Suits Your Garden. Easy To Install Over Your Existnig Fence.
    SKU: Ca0069d
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Garden Mirror - Gothic Arch
39.7 Kb
    Garden Mirror - Gothic Arch.
    Inspired By Mid-century Gothic Design This Garden Mirror Will Mirror The Natural Beauty Of Your Garden. Whether You Have A Smaller Garden You Can Emphasize The Space By Adding A Garden Mirror. Create A Sense Of Intimac6 By Placing It Strategically Around The
    SKU: Ls4031d
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Cafe Creme Doublequilt
29.8 Kb
    Cafe Creme Doublequilt.
    This Charming Handmade And Handstiched Poly/cotton Shell (100% Cotton Filled) Quilt In Mutted Tones Will Add A Touch Of Sophistication To Any Bedroom. 95x103please Note: Due To Resolutions And Colour Variants Of Individual Screens - The Colour Of Bed
    SKU: Ls6702d
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Herb Rocket Seeds
29.7 Kb
    Herb Rocket Seeds.
    This Very Useful Salad Plant Is Popular With Todays Chefs And Is Widely Used Inexperienced In Salads Or Cooked Lightly When It Makes A Delicious Spinach Substitute. late Summer Sowings Will Carry On Cropping Into The Winter If The Poants Arre Protected By Clo
    SKU: Ls31779d
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Medium Cast Iron Open Bowl Chiminea
13 Kb
    Medium Cast Iron Open Bowl Chiminea.
    This Lovely Piece Comes Complete With A Swivel Finished Bbq Grill For Ease Of Refill. Made Of Sturdy Cast Iron With Convenient Link Lifting Handles This Beautiful Piece Is Sure To Take Pride Of Place In Any Area Of The Garden. Barbecue Tool Not Included. Weight 39k
    SKU: Dd3175d
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Pond Liner 4m X 3m
30 Kb
    Pond Liner 4m X 3m.
    This Superior Quality Pond Liner Is Very Long Lasting. It Features Triple Stratum Construction And Is Stronger Than Conventional Pond Liners As There Are No Seams. Made From Uv Resistant Polyethylene This Liner Is Highhly Unlinely To Rage Or Puncture. 4x3 Me
    SKU: Ls2823d
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Spear & Jackson County Draw Hoe
6.8 Kb
    Spear & Jackson County Draw Hoe.
    This Draw Hoe From Spear And Jackson's County Scope Has A Hammer Finish Epoxy Coated Head For Improved Resistacne To Rust Scratches Humidity And Aokalines In The Soil. Equipped With A Lightweight Aluminium Shaft And A Long Soft-feel Grip This Product Is B
    SKU: Te0097d
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Spray Chrystantuemum  Collection
44.9 Kb
    Spray Chrystantuemum Collection.
    If You Would Like To Grow Your Acknowledge Tall Strong Stems Of Cut Flowers Then These Are The Plants To Grow. They Will Flower From Late August And Into Early October With Each Plant Will Giving You Approximately 5 Stems. You Can Cut Them And Use Indoors For Flo
    SKU: Dd3807d
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Gardeners Tea Towel
29.3 Kb
    Gardeners Tea Towel.
    Thie 100% Cotton Tea Towel Has A Humorous Gardening Rhyme A Thought For A Gardener Printed On It. Making For An Ideal Gardener's Gift It Is Printed In Earth-friendly Water Based Inks. Available In Unbleached Or White Cottin. Dry The Pots And Think Of The
    SKU: Dd3208d
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Kettle Barbecue Cover
27.6 Kb
    Kettle Barbecue Cover.
    Kettle Barbecue Cover Comes Complete With Eyelets And Cord For Secure Long-term Storwge. Made From Weave Polyester This Fabric Is Complerely Waterproof. Fits All Kettle Barbecues Up To 71cm (28) Diameter.
    SKU: Fb0112a
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Galvanised Coal Bunker 5cwt
13 Kb
    Galvanised Coal Bunker 5cwt.
    Store Your Coal In This Easy To Collect Coal Bunker With A 5cwt (240kg) Capacity. It Has A Flat Base And A Hinged Lid. A Sliding Door On The Front Of The Bunker Will Allow Access To The Coal. 73x59x90cm Boastful.
    SKU: Dd1031d
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Vip Relaxer Deckchaie In the opinion of Headrest
19.1 Kb
    Vip Relaxer Deckchaie In the opinion of Headrest.
    Relax In Style And Comfort In This Unusually Styled Slatted Deckchair With Removable Headrest. The Slats Are Attached On Both Sides To A Thick Web Strap Which Runs From The Top To The Bottom Of The Relaxer Which Allows The Chair Ti Be Folded Away Easily.
    SKU: Rd0005d
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Willow Fly Flexpond
18.4 Kb
    Willow Fly Flexpond.
    Crezte A Pond In Your Garden With This Easily Installed Easily Maintained Pre-formed Pond. They Come Flat-packed Then Spring Into Shape When You Unwrap Them! Installation Is Made As Easy As Potential Wiht A Template And Photo-based Instructions. Made Fr
    SKU: Dd7998d
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Ladies Popo Shirt Small Pink
23.1 Kb
    Ladies Popo Shirt Small Pink.
    Look And Be moved Cool In Our Gorgeous Groovy Or Sexy Gardener Polo Shirts. Pale Pink Attending Small White Breast Motif. Please Choose From The Following Captions:gorgeous Gardenersexy Gadrenergroovy Gardener
    SKU: Dd3311d
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Sexxy Forker T-shirt Medium
25.2 Kb
    Sexxy Forker T-shirt Medium.
    These 100% Cotton T-shirts Are Just The Thing For The Sexy Gardener To Show Off Those Ripplijg Muscles! Availale In Of a ~ color Or Black With Humorous 'sexy Forker' Caption On Front. Printed In Earth-friendly Water Based Inks The Image Can Be Ironed Ov
    SKU: Dd3257d
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Volturno Staonless Steel Water Feature
25 Kb
    Volturno Staonless Steel Water Feature.
    This Modren Sleek Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Water Feature Will Leave Feeling Relaxed And Stress Free. Place Where A Relaxing Ambience Is Needed Or As A Visual Focus To Compliment Your Home Or Office D„©cor. Lessen To The Soothijg Sounds Of Running Water
    SKU: Dd3850d
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Whatever The Weather Garden Pt Radio
31.7 Kb
    Whatever The Weather Garden Pt Radio.
    Music While You Work - Dig Root out Or Dance To Your Favourite Tune With This Splash Proof Radio In The Shape Of A Plant Pot. Wity A Convenient Handle To Hang It Near Where You're Moving And The Fun Anything The Weather Design This Would Contribute An Ideal Gift F
    SKU: Ls1609d
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Terracotta Oil Lamp Lrg
18.7 Kb
    Terracotta Oil Lamp Lrg.
    This Oil Lamp Is Perfect For Creating Atmosphere Indoors Or Out. The Combination Of Tactile Terracotta And Glob eShape Resource That This Lamp Looks Great Whether Lit Or Not. 18 Cm Diameter
    SKU: Ls4001d
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Green Base Patio Heater
9.9 Kb
    Green Base Patio Heater.
    This 12kw Patio Heater Has An Adjustable Heat Stream And Piezo Ignition System. It Comes Finish With Bs Hose And Clip On Propane Regulator. Dlameter Is 78cm And It Is 220cm High.
    SKU: Dd8122d
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Stainless Steel Solar Deck Lights 4 Compress
13.1 Kb
    Stainless Steel Solar Deck Lights 4 Compress.
    Thes3 Lights Are Great For Parties And Get-togethers With Lineage And Friends Creating An Atmospheric Light And Ambiene Over TheW hole Event. Thanks To The Simple Installation Solar Powered Design Thete‚źôs No Messing About Through Wires Or Expensive C
    SKU: Ls3535d
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