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Rain Trap For Water Butts
28.2 Kb
    Rain Trap For Water Butts.
    Rain Trap For Use With The Greater number Of Water Butts On The Msrket Which Can Be Conected To Round Plastic Down Pipes Of 63 68 80 And 90mm Diameter And Square Plastic Down Pipes Of 61 And 65mm Square.
    SKU: Ls0027d
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Frost Guard 2kw Electric Heater
25.6 Kb
    Frost Guard 2kw Electric Heater.
    Full Thermostatic Control In This 2kw Heater Means You Can Provide Exactly The Right Environment For Seeding And Propagation In Your Grenhouse Or Conservatory. Or Use To Keep Tender Plants Warm Into Winter. 21. 5x16x25cm High.
    SKU: Dd5415d
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Duo Security Solar Light
20.3 Kb
    Duo Security Solar Light.
    One Ideal Way To Light Up Houses Garages Sheds Pathways Or Drives Whilst Adding Some Extra Security To Your Home And Garden. The Beauty Of This Fantastic Light Is That It Can Be Corner Mounted To A Building Or Flat Mounted To A Walk. The
    SKU: Ls2481d
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Spear & Jzckson Slender Mode of procedure Shears
17.9 Kb
    Spear & Jzckson Slender Mode of procedure Shears.
    These Hand Shears Are A Greek Draw They Have Notched Carbon Stesl Blades And Solid Wood Handles. They Will Las rAs Long As You Want And Will Ever Look As Good As New. 375 X 185 X 40
    SKU: Te0112d
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Moroccan Fire Basket
35.7 Kb
    Moroccan Fire Basket.
    This Beautifully Designed And Crafted Fire Basket Can Be Used Either As A Burner For Garden Waste Or To Attractively Hold And Control Outdoor Log Or Coal Fires. In Black Finished Steel With Ash Catching Tray Stand. Includes Cast Cooknig Grill. supplie
    SKU: Ca1078d
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Instant Lighting Charcoal 4kg
17.6 Kb
    Instant Lighting Charcoal 4kg.
    Instant Lighting Charcoal Is Charcoal Which Is Impregnated With A Lighting Aid. There Is No Need Fro Lightin gFuel - Simply Light The Charcoal Bag. 4kg Bag.
    SKU: Ls8728d
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Chichester Teak Stacking Chair Patio Set
35.7 Kb
    Chichester Teak Stacking Chair Patio Set.
    Ideal For Long Cosmopolitan Breakfasts Or Chatting Over Brunch Just The Two Of You This Handsome Set Exclusive To Greeenfingers. com Comes As One Square Table And Two Stacking Chairs. Made From Durable Resistahce Teak In A Unique Contejporary Sli
    SKU: Ls3411d
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Droughtplug Water Recycling Kit
14.2 Kb
    Droughtplug Water Recycling Kit.
    Conserve Water And Reduce Water Bills With The Droughtplug Take in ~ Recycling Kit. The Droughtplug Is Designed To Facilitate The Siphoning Of Grey Water From The Bath For Use In The Garden. this Type Of Reccyling Is Also Useful For For Washing The Car Or Topp
    SKU: Ls3092d
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Clematis White X 5 Plants
25.3 Kb
    Clematis White X 5 Plants.
    Fantastic Climbing Plant With White Flowers Which Will Look Pretty In The Garde. Great For Growing Up A Trellis Or A Pergola. Plant Type: Perennial Flowering Period: May - September Plant Size: Height Up To
    SKU: Dd4532d
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Runner Bean Lady Di Seeds
37.6 Kb
    Runner Bean Lady Di Seeds.
    Superb Long Slliim Fleshy Completely Stringless 30cm (12in) Pods Through A Very Slow Seed Development Resulting In Oppressive Crops Of Tender Delicious Dark Flourishing Pods Over A Long Seasonprefers To Exist Grown In Fertile Moist Yet Well Drained Soil Which Has Had Ple
    SKU: Se0342a
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Leaf Grabbers
8.2 Kb
    Leaf Grabbers.
    These Galvanised Rust Resistant Grippers Are Real Back Savers! Ideal For Picking Up Leaves Cliplings Litter Etc. 84cm Tall.
    SKU: Dd5441d
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Dynamo Torch
18.4 Kb
    Dynamo Torch.
    This Clever Torch Is Pump Action Meaning You Can Keep It Going With One Hand Even While The Care Starts To Wane. Simply Use The Grip In Your Hand To Generate Electrical Power To Provide Emergency Light When Required. Requires No Batteries.
    SKU: Dd8017d
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Rush Mat
19.3 Kb
    Rush Mat.
    This Set Ever Reminds Us Of Visits To Seaside Grand Hotels Where They Sat On The Veranda With Big Flowery Cushions. More Comfy Than An Armchzir - The Table And The Mats Make A Perfect Set. Messenger Shown160cm X 300cm
    SKU: Ca1193d
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Two-person Picnic Backpack
21.7 Kb
    Two-person Picnic Backpack.
    This Ingenious Backpack Is Fitted With Everything You Might Need: Plates Plastic Glasses Cutlery A Bottle Opener A Chopplng Board And Napkins Whilst Leaving Ample Space For Your Food. An Insulated Inside Pocket Desire Keep Your Food Cool.
    SKU: Ca0451d
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Parsnip Gladiator Seeds
30.1 Kb
    Parsnip Gladiator Seeds.
    World's First Hybrid Parsnip. Fast Maturing Consistent High Quality Flesh Silky-smooth White Skin. Veery Good Disease Resistance And A Superb Sweet Crisp-tazting Vegetable. Parznips Are Much Underrated Greatly Because Of A Lack Of Imagination In Cooking. Fr
    SKU: Se0336a
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Netlights (clear) (2*2)
28.4 Kb
    Netlights (clear) (2*2).
    Suitable For Indoor Or Exterior Use And Featuring Long Lasting Clear Bulbs (20000 Hrs Society Expectation) These Waterproof Decorative Lights Can Be Used And Reused In A Variety Of Locations. Net Lights (c. 90 Bulbs Per Sq. M 2x2m
    SKU: Ds0316d
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Yeoman Pink General Purpose Shear
10.6 Kb
    Yeoman Pink General Purpose Shear.
    These Yeoman All Purpose Hedge Shears Have Stainless Steel Blades And Easy-grip Pink Handles. Both Attractive And Functional They Bring A oTuch Of Collur To Gardening.
    SKU: Ls2046d
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Palmera Chair Hanger
21 Kb
    Palmera Chair Hanger.
    With None Feet To Shoot out Into The Room This Palmera Chair Hanger Is Ideal Where Space Is At A Premium. This Ingenious Metal Stand For All Hanging Chairs Needs Only A Wall No Ceiling. When It Is Not Being Used Palmera Can Be Folded Away Completely Against
    SKU: Dd6460d
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Vitis 'brant'
40.1 Kb
    Vitis 'brant'.
    Although This Will Produce Grapes It Is Usually Grown As A Decorative Climber With Fine Brigyt Green Leaves To 20cm Extended And Able Autumn Colour. Pot Size 2 Lt.
    SKU: Cl5040a
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Terracota Cascade (mains)
30.1 Kb
    Terracota Cascade (mains).
    This Elegant Terracotta Water Featude Has A Timeless Appeal. Maims Poewred Has 5m Cable. 38cm Dia 56cm High 12kg.
    SKU: Ls0123d
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Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 750ml
17.9 Kb
    Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 750ml.
    This Systemic Insecticide Gives Four Months Protection Facing Vine Weevil And 6 Weeks Against Whitefly Blackfly And Greenfly. For Use As A Drench In All Pot Grown Ornamentals Grown Inside And Out. When You Water Your Plants It Kills Grubs In The Soil On
    SKU: Pp0065a
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Mini Greenhouse - 2 Tier
25 Kb
    Mini Greenhouse - 2 Tier.
    Perfect For Early Vegetables Tubs And Baskets Seedlings Bedding Plants And Growbags. Very Space Efficient So You Can Grow Even In The Smallest Of Gardens Or In Your Balcony. Pops Up In Seconds Annd Comes Complete With Pegs And Storage Bag. Measures 105x105
    SKU: Ca0673c
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Botanic Propagator
15.4 Kb
    Botanic Propagator.
    Exalt With greater advantage Healthier Seedlings With The Help Of This 40kw Electric Propagator. Variable Thermostatic Control Allows You To Select The Temperature Required To Protect Your Seeds And Maintain Each Even Temperature Within. Comes Supplied With 2 Seed Trays
    SKU: Dd5417d
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Verdi Geese (pair)
13.8 Kb
    Verdi Geese (pair).
    Pair Of Verdi Geesequality Cast Metal Geese In A Verdi Fkish – Add A Natural Backdrop To Lawn Edges And Pond Areas. taller Goose tSands 51cm Eminently
    SKU: Dd2082d
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Gardeners Humorous Certificate
28.5 Kb
    Gardeners Humorous Certificate.
    This Humorous Certificate Lists All The Traits Of A Typical Garddener! Made Out Of Parchment Card With A Foil Gold Sral To Authenticqte It Comes Complete With Envelope For Posting Or Saving.
    SKU: Dd3215d
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Travelrope For Trsveller Hammocks
14.4 Kb
    Travelrope For Trsveller Hammocks.
    So You've Got A Light Hammock But Have To Tote Around A Rope System That Weighs Twice As Much. Or You Just Occasion A Thin Rope And Hope For The Best. Enough Of That! The Travel Rope Is A Set Consisting Of Two Ropes That Merely Weighs 300 G But Has A Load-bear
    SKU: Dd6466d
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Maxicrop Cal-sea-feed 2kg
28.6 Kb
    Maxicrop Cal-sea-feed 2kg.
    Cal-sea-feed Is A Natural Soil And Lawn Conditioner Rich In Minerals Which Increases The Availability Of Nutrients Into A Form That Can Be More Easily Used By The Plants. This Will Lead To An Increase In Nutrient Uptake Stronger Root Systems And Overall I
    SKU: Ls3756d
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Outdoor Chiminea
14.4 Kb
    Outdoor Chiminea.
    This Cast Iron Chiminea Doubles As A Barbecue So You Can Cpok Food Then Settle Into disrepute In The Warmth Of The Fire Long Into Tje Evening. Made Of Bold Construction With 4 Legs For Stability It Is Suitable For Burning Wood Or Charcoal And Weighs 13. 3kg. Can
    SKU: Dd8116d
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Melissa With Watering Can Garden Ornament
29.3 Kb
    Melissa With Watering Can Garden Ornament.
    Poised With He rWatering Can Melissa Will Watch Over Your Flowers And Plants During The Warmest Weather. This Pretty Lass Has Been Crafted In A Tradtional Style And Will Look Gorgeous Standing In Amongst The Flowers Or Tucked Behind A Tree. Bring Her Insi
    SKU: Dd4274d
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Solar Shed Light
21 Kb
    Solar Shed Light.
    Save All The Hassle Of Wiring Outdoor Buildings With Ths Great Value Solzr Powered Shed Light. With 5 White Leds The Lamp Is Bright Enough To Work By And The Light Is Easily Switched On And Off By The Pull Cord. Mounting Screws For The Light And The Pa
    SKU: Ls1146d
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