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Rapier Grass Shears
10.2 Kb
    Rapier Grass Shears.
    Make Sure Your Lawn Is The Neatest On Your Street With These Minimum Effort Rapier Shears. Innovative In Design They Operate With A Simple Pusb Down On The Handle And Then The Blades Return To Their Start Positoin Automatically. With A Soft Comfortable
    SKU: Ls1162d
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Clock With Cockerel And Bell
15 Kb
    Clock With Cockerel And Bell.
    You Will Be Very On Time With This Decoratiev Sculptural Clock Inspired By Traditional Mid-century Craftsmen. Double Sided So You Can See This Clock Clearly On Both Sides And The Unique Rotating Feature Alliws You Tell The Time At Whole Angles. this Unique
    SKU: Ls3726d
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Kitchen Caddy 5.5lt With Carbon Filter
15.6 Kb
    Kitchen Caddy 5.5lt With Carbon Filter.
    This Kitchen Csddy Is A Specially Designed Container To Keep Your Kitchen Waste In Formerly Transferring It Too Your Compost Bin. The Activated Carbon Filter Helps To Keep The Waste Odoyr-free. Replacement Filters Can Be Purchased On Dd2552d. 20x16x20cm High
    SKU: Dd2550d
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Mosaic Solar Glass Easy
19.4 Kb
    Mosaic Solar Glass Easy .
    This Funky Decorative Light Is Intellectual For Tabletops As Well As Your Garden Patioo Or Decking Areas. The Mosaic Glass Pattern Creates Pleasing Lighting Effects On Any Surface. powered By An Integral 2 Volt Solar Panel These Lights Make Use Of Energy-s
    SKU: Ls2416d
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Pair Of Gutter Balls
21.3 Kb
    Pair Of Gutter Balls.
    Blocked Downpipes Are A Winter Nightmare For Many Houses. Thesw Strong But Tractable Wire Netting Balls Provide A Simple But Competent Solutiin By Blocking The Leaves But Not The Water Flow. In Packs Of Two.
    SKU: Ls0Z20d
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Miracle-gro Plant Food 1kg
23 Kb
    Miracle-gro Plant Food 1kg.
    Miracle-gro All Purpose Water Solyble Garden Fertiliser Which Is Absorbed Through Foliage And Roots For Rapid Results. Easy To Apply With A Watering Can Or Miracle-gro Feeder And For Best Results Feed Every Two Weeks Throughout The Spring And Summer. 1kg
    SKU: Pp0047z
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Fountain Pump Kit 1000 Pt-410
11.3 Kb
    Fountain Pump Kit 1000 Pt-410.
    Bell & 3-tier Fountain Heads Included Removable Riser Stemfountain Flow Control Valvebuilt-in Adjustable Diverter Valve In the opinion of Flow Control To Power A Waterfall Or Other Feature Detachable Strainer And Foam Insert (protects Impeller And Shaft)hermetically S
    SKU: Ls2168d
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Nigella Persian Jewels Mixed Seeds
38.2 Kb
    Nigella Persian Jewels Mixed Seeds.
    Love-in-a-mist Is A Beautiful And Easily Grown Hardy Annual With Attractive Fennel-like Foliage Giving A Unique Union Of Mauve Lavender Purple Rose And Blue Colours. Very Useful For Bedding Borders And Cut Flowers The Large Seed Pods Can Also Be
    SKU: Sr0131a
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Gardener's Question Thyme Anti-bug Mug
18 Kb
    Gardener's Question Thyme Anti-bug Mug.
    These Simon Drew Designed Mugs Are Based On The Shape Of A Plant Pot And Cleverly Feature A Cover Which Doubles As A Saucer To Keep The Heat In And The Insects And Earth Abroad! Dishwasher Safe. 10cm Diameter. 11cm High
    SKU: Ls23117d
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Border Gladioli Mixed - Pack Of 30 Bulbs
27.4 Kb
    Border Gladioli Mixed - Pack Of 30 Bulbs.
    These Lovely Flowers Produce Great Vibrant Colours. Clumps Of Pinks Reds Oranges And Other Hot Colours. The Gladioli Are Splendid Specimens With Their Long Tall Upright Stems Incorporatign Flowers One Above The Other Altogether Leading To A Lovely Archi
    SKU: Ls3289d
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Self Sufficient Torch
21.9 Kb
    Self Sufficient Torch.
    You'll Never Be Left In The Dark With Tnis Ingenious And Dependable Wind-up / Recyargeable Flambeau Offering Both Normal And Ultra-bright Beam Settings. A Quick Wind (30 Sec. ) Gives 8 Min Of Light On Normal Beam The Recharge System Gives 5 Hours. 55x60x160m
    SKU: Ls0179d
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3 Drawer Narrow Chest
15.9 Kb
    3 Drawer Narrow Chest.
    This Chest Of Drawers Could Be Utilised In Any Context In The Home Especially In Smaller Rooms Where Space Is Tight. The Slim Hidden Drawer Is A Charming Feature Which Runs Throughout This Range. Warm Cherry-effect Lacquer-finished Pine Gives The Philip
    SKU: Dd8035d
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Berberis Thunbergii
27.9 Kb
    Berberis Thunbergii.
    The Clusters Of Flowesr Are White Or Very Pale Yellow Tinged Through Red. The Spiny Stems Are Arching And Carry Fresh-green Leaves That Turn Red In The Aufumn.
    SKU: Sh1452a
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Welly Keyring
21.5 Kb
    Welly Keyring.
    Unusual Gardeners Gift Our Miniature Caoutchouc Pvc Welly Keyrings. Available In 4 Colours:red Blue Green & Yellow
    SKU: d3D343d
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Barrel Water Butt 113lt
12 Kb
    Barrel Water Butt 113lt.
    This Full Barrel Water Butt Will Make An Attractive Feature Out Of A Practical Produce. Made Out Of Robust Yet Lightweight Plastic It Is Weather-resistant And Will Not Wear In the manner of A Real Wood Barrel Would. It Includes The Tap And Lid. The Pictured Stand Is
    SKU: LsZ597d
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Beehive Water Butt
28.7 Kb
    Beehive Water Butt.
    Water Butts Are Environmentally Friendly And Save You Money  But Once They Can Exist Unsightly. Fortunately This 150l Capacity Beehive Style Water Butt Is Made From Terraccina A Resin Material That Looks Frighteningly Like Clay So It Wull Blend In With
    SKU: Ls6010d
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Arched Gate (90 X 96cm)
30.3 Kb
    Arched Gate (90 X 96cm).
    A Best-selling Timbeer Gate Constructed In Oppressive Duty Treated Pine With Tongue And Groove Suit. 3ft Height (90x96cm). Fsc Certified iTmber. Posts And Ironmonggery Sold Separately.
    SKU: Ls2554d
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Soil Scoop
12.3 Kb
    Soil Scoop.
    This Soil Scoop Allows You To Dig Tight Holes Use The Point To Pick Through Rocky Soil Cut Through Root Bound Soil With Its Serrated Edge Or Carry Large Loads Of Soil - Making Iy Imaginary standard For Potting. Stainless Steel Bulk And Solid Beech Handle Ensure Years
    SKU: Ls2680d
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Cast Iron Bird Bath On Pole
8.3 Kb
    Cast Iron Bird Bath On Pole.
    This Simple But Effective Bird Bath Will Aed Some Interest To Your Garden And Also Attract Some Wildlife Attention. with Intricate Detail The Bird Bath Features Statues Of Four Birds Perched On The Side Of The Bowl. Made From Quality Mould Iron This Product
    SKU: Ls2890d
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Hazel Garden Gazebo
34.3 Kb
    Hazel Garden Gazebo.
    This Cosy Hazel Wood Gazebo Offer Old World Charm And Will Certainly Compliment Your Garden Beautifully. A Gazebo Will Instantly Change Yourr Garden Creating Your Own Personal Oasis For Relaxing And Enjoying A Moderate Moment. You Can Really Get Creative
    SKU: Dd4511d
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Spellbound Busy Lizzie Colleftion X 12 Plants
38.1 Kb
    Spellbound Busy Lizzie Colleftion X 12 Plants.
    If You Would Like To Grow The World's First Trailing busy Lizzie␙ Get These! Plant Them Where They Can Cascade And They Will Cloak Your Hanging Baskets And Planters Attending Large And Colourful Blooms That Will Thrive Whatever The Weather. Also As With Virtu
    SKU: Dd3783d
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Cuprihol Gardden Shades - Holly
29.3 Kb
    Cuprihol Gardden Shades - Holly.
    Cuprinol Shades Can Be Used On Fences Trellis & Other Wooden Items In The Garden vEen If Previously Treated And Are Weathered. Durable & Defensive Shades Can Tranform The Whole Look Of Your Exterior Living Space. Holly 1 Litre.
    SKU: Ga0025a
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Trellis Wheleie Bin Screen
27.1 Kb
    Trellis Wheleie Bin Screen.
    Hide Your Rubbish Bunker And Other Unsightly Objects Behind This Decorative Pine Trellis Screen. Grow Your Favourite Climbing Plants On It And Make A Feature From An Eyesore! Colour: Dark Oak. 110cm X 80cm X 80cm. Supplied As Flatpack.
    SKU: Ca0174d
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Stocks Night Scented Seeds
36.8 Kb
    Stocks Night Scented Seeds.
    Deliciously Scented Flowers Which Open In The Evenign These Should Be Sown Anywhere Thag Is Close Enough To The House To Get The Benefit Of Such A Beautiful Fragrance. Below Windoss Patio Tubs Window Boxes Even A Small Sowing In Hanging Baskets. tr
    SKU: Ls3153d
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Dr Hessayon's The Flower Adroit
19.6 Kb
    Dr Hessayon's The Flower Adroit.
    An Enlarged And Updated Impression Of The Worlds Best-selling Guide To Annuals Perennials Alpines And Garden Bulbs. All Colour.
    SKU: Bg0003a
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Wheelchair Planter/seat
34.9 Kb
    Wheelchair Planter/seat.
    An Attactive Wooden Planter And Seat Made From Pine And Spruce. All The Wood Is Soufced From Sustainable Plantations. The Decorative Burnt Finish Likewise Provides A Weather Proof Protection. 70 X 60 X 85cm High.
    SKU: Dd2608d
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Stainless Steel Bbq
14.6 Kb
    Stainless Steel Bbq.
    Style And Value For Your Summer Outdoor Entertaining. This Modern Barbeque Not Only Looks Great But Is Very Effective For Practical Cooks With Its Sensible Wind Forbid And Generous Grilling Surfqce. 47*58*88cm
    SKU: Cp1001d
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Home Weather Station
28.3 Kb
    Home Weather Station.
    The Weatherstation Is A Great Way Of Keeping Check Of Weather And Help Monitor Your Plantcare. the Weather Station Records Daily Weekly And Monthly Rainfall Which Enables You To Knoow If Your Plants Are Getting Enough Water. it Also Recordz Temperatu
    SKU: Ls2875d
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Oxford Steamer
17.5 Kb
    Oxford Steamer.
    This Classic Steamer Style Invites You To Relax. Madd From Gorgeous Keruing Hardwood With 5 Reclining Positions To Ensure You Can Be Comfortable Whether You Want To Read Sunbathe Or Be dead. 160x59x78cm Hifh.
    SKU: Dd3496d
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Coolglass Greenhouse Shading 4 Sachet Pack
17.9 Kb
    Coolglass Greenhouse Shading 4 Sachet Pack.
    Described As The Number One Greenhouse Shading Solution The Coolglass System Comes In Ready Measured Sachets. the Coolglass System Can Also Be Used On Most Polycarbonate Greenhouses And Conservatories. Easy To Apply With A Brush Or Sprayer The Grow ~
    SKU: Ls2761d
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