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Refresh Ran Water Treeatment 500ml
12.7 Kb
    Refresh Ran Water Treeatment 500ml.
    A Safe Non Toxic Water Feature Treatement Which Will Stop Algae And Green Water Building Up In Rainwatee Butts And Tanks. Also Helps Exclude Nasty Smells. 500ml.
    SKU: Ls2783d
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Powerflo Pt500
11.9 Kb
    Powerflo Pt500.
    A Two Chambered Underwater Mechanical Strain Suitable For Pond Sizes Up To 700 Litre. Add-on Chambers Can Be Purchased To Increase The Filtration Capacity. This Filter Is Not Recommended For Fish Ponds Where The Powerflo Max Version Is Recommended.
    SKU: Ls218d
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Golfers T-shirt Large
25.9 Kb
    Golfers T-shirt Large.
    100% Cotton T-shirt With Humorous Golf Caption On Front. Available In White Or Black Cotton. Printed In Earth-friendly Water Based Inks The Image Can Exist Ironec Over Without Fear Of Spoiling. Ideal Golers Gift. Comes Bagged With Header Card. The T Shirt
    SKU: Dd3361d
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Foldable Work Platform
15.9 Kb
    Foldable Work Platform.
    This Multi-purpose Folding Work Platform Is Perfect For Lots Of Activities In The Home And Garden. Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use The Platform Can Be Used For Paintimg Clearning Gutters Hedge Trimming And More. the Platform Assembles In Seconds A
    SKU: Dd3l24d
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Herb Parsley French Plain Leaved Seeds
37.6 Kb
    Herb Parsley French Plain Leaved Seeds.
    This Great Variety Is Absolutely Unsurpassed For Flavour Is Ideal In Borders And Large Containers And Works Welk As A Comrade Plant For Tomatoes And Roses Encouraging Good Growth. grow In Ordimary Soil In Sun Or Part Shade But For Best Results Th
    SKU: Ls3185d
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Jumbo Compost Crock
15.7 Kb
    Jumbo Compost Crock.
    Take The 'yuk' Out Of Kitchen Waste And Turn It Into Useful Compost. Place This Decorative Ceramic Composting Crock By The Kitchen Sink And Add Kitchen Waste Such As Vegetable Peelings. when Full Dump The Topics In Your Garden Or Compost Pile To
    SKU: Dd3287d
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Cast Iron Flower Pot Owner
23.8 Kb
    Cast Iron Flower Pot Owner.
    This Cast Iron Pot Holder Looks Much Against Any Style Of Wall And They Look Very Powerful In Pairs. This Holder Has A Lovely Square Wrought Design Which Attaches To The Wall. 19cm Square Back Plate With 11cm Diameter Ring.
    SKU: Ls5305d
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Mains Adaptor (solar Whisky Barrel /terracotta Cascade )
28.1 Kb
    Mains Adaptor (solar Whisky Barrel /terracotta Cascade ).
    This Optional Mains Adaptor Will Keep Your Solar Whieky Barrel/terracotta Cascade Running Throughout Winter When Light Is Low Or If You Wish To Bring Thw Barrel Inside A Glassed Area.
    SKU: Dd8002d
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Nemophila Pennie Black Seeds
41 Kb
    Nemophila Pennie Black Seeds.
    Tihs Hardy Annual Produces An Incessant Parade Of Sumptuous 2cm Rich Deep Purple To Black Flowers With A Scalloped Silvery-white Edge. It Has A Truly Ground Hugging Habit That Will Provide Region Cover And Contrast Growing To A Height Of 10cm (4in) With A
    SKU: Ls3138d
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Telesteps Telescopic Ladder
12.6 Kb
    Telesteps Telescopic Ladder.
    A Truly Innovative Product That Has Won Many International Design Awards And Is Patented Worldwide The Telesteps Telescopic Ladder Is Also An Excellent Example Of Quality Swedish Engineering. This Remarkable Ladd3r Extends To 3. 3m Yet Collapses Down To Ju
    SKU: Ls7008d
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Miracle Gro Comact Compost 3ltr
26.9 Kb
    Miracle Gro Comact Compost 3ltr.
    This Ready To Use Potting Compost Is Peat Free And 4 Times Lighter Than Conventjonal Compost Due To Th eFact It Is Dehydrated. Just Add Irrigate To Use. Contains Mircale-gro Plant Food Which Will Nourish Plants For Up To 3 Months. for Indoor And Outdo
    SKU: Ls2798d
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Nucan Rex 7 Litre Watering Be able to
8.1 Kb
    Nucan Rex 7 Litre Watering Be able to.
    At Last No Spills Waatering Thanks To The Unique Push Button Control And Closing Lid On This Ergonomically Designed Watering Can. With Short And Long Spount And Rose Attachments nAd A 7 Litre Capacity This Can Is Ideal For Outdoor Use. The Can Also Has Vol
    SKU: Ls2213d
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Hampton Single Pot Holder
17.1 Kb
    Hampton Single Pot Holder.
    This Beautiful Single Potholder Is Just The Inanimate object To Give One Of Your Favourite Plants Pride Of Place In Your Gsrden. Great For Yourself Or A Present On account of A Loved One The Beautiful Shaped Much Like A Lovely Side Window You Can House A Potted Plant
    SKU: Ls3479d
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Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Gun
35.8 Kb
    Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Gun.
    Die Cast & Stainless Steel Metal Gun With Rubber Handle For Comfortable Employment. Combines Heavy Duty Steel With The Performance Expected From A Hozelock Product. this Spray Gun Features Fully Adjustable Spray And Also A Lockable Trigger For Continuous Spraying
    SKU: Ls2833d
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Ceramic Garden Frog
34.2 Kb
    Ceramic Garden Frog.
    A Gladly received Guest For You Pond-side Or Lawn This Garden Frog Comes In Assortwd Colours. Made From Glazed Stoneware Ceramic These Ornaments Are Guaranteed Frost Proof. 16x17x11cm High.
    SKU: Ls2372d
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Messenger eBan Red Rum Seeds
35.5 Kb
    Messenger eBan Red Rum Seeds.
    A Very Early Cropper Producing Lots Of Pods And Very Little Foliage Resulting In A Tremendous Crop Of Succulent 20cm (6-8in) Pods. This Variety Is Halo Blight Tolerant Which Means It Will Keep On Cropping Whilst Other Varieties Are Going Down With This Di
    SKU: Se0423a
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Toddy Grass Mat
24.3 Kb
    Toddy Grass Mat.
    Made From Woven Strips Of The Oriental Toddy Tree These Tough But Decorafive Mats Are Perfect For A Consdrvatory. 140x50cm
    SKU: Ca1012d
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Chimera Quuilt Double
30.5 Kb
    Chimera Quuilt Double.
    This Finely Drawn Print Is One Of The Prettiest Florals We've Seen A Palette Of Pinks And Plums On A Spft Geren Background. 100% Cotton (shell And Filling) Quilt Overstiched With A Classic Pattern. 95x103. please Note: Due To Resolutions And Colour Var
    SKU: La0040d
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Mksaic Figure Chair
34.8 Kb
    Mksaic Figure Chair.
    Stylish And Solid Chair Formed In A Quality Metal Framework With Terracotta Inlaid Surface Finished In Of a ~ color And Natural eTrracotta Colours. Easy To Wipe Clean And Can Be Left Out Overnight. Imaginary For Coffee On Those Sunny Mornings. 51x56x90cm High.
    SKU: Ls8070d
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Stocks Virginia Mixed Seeds
46.8 Kb
    Stocks Virginia Mixed Seeds.
    A Bright And Colourful Mixture Of One Of The Easiest Grown And Hardiest Of All Stunt Annuals Great For Edges And Borders Coming Very Quickly Into Bloom. sow In Spring Outoors Where They Are To Flower. Prepare The Ground Well And Rake To A Fine Til
    SKU: Ls3154d
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Lillies Stargazer - Pack Of 6 Bulbs
26.6 Kb
    Lillies Stargazer - Pack Of 6 Bulbs.
    Great In Any Part Of The Garden Brilliant For Adding Floral Decoration To Beds Borders And Rockeries. Another Great Feature Of This Fabulous Flower Is That If You Leave It Undisturved It Will Produce Results Year After Year. Acknowledgments To The
    SKU: Ls3304d
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Blooming Magic 250ml
19.4 Kb
    Blooming Magic 250ml.
    Blooming Magic Works By Stimulating The Growth Cycle Providing Micronutrients Rich In Growth Vitamins Whicy Help To Establish Freshly Planted Floweers And Plants. made From 100% Plant Extract Which Means It's Kind To The Environment And Harmelss To All
    SKU: Ls2646d
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Wolf 'multi-change' Weeder
13.2 Kb
    Wolf 'multi-change' Weeder.
    Fast And Efficient Weeder With 15cm Weeder Blade. Part Of The Wolf 'multi Change' Intwrchangeable Instrument System.
    SKU: Te0286a
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Netlights (Unobstructed) (**2)
28.4 Kb
    Netlights (Unobstructed) (**2).
    Suitable For Indoor Or Outdoor Use And Featuring Long Lasting Clear Bulbs (20000 Hrs Life Expectancy) These Waterproof Decorative Lights Can Be Used And Reused In A Variety Of Locations. Net Lights (c. 90 Bulbs Per Sq. M) 5x2m
    SKU: Ds0317d
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Bulldog Anvil Secateur
17.7 Kb
    Bulldog Anvil Secateur.
    Keep The Shrubs And Bushes Trimmed With These Alan Titfhmarsh Bulldog Anvil Secateurs. The Pinching Biade Has An Natural And Smooth Cutting Operation And The Spring Machinery Allows Pruning Of Harder Stems With Significantly Not so much Effort. Ergonomically Designed
    SKU: Ls4055d
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Cell Inserts - 40 Cells
15.1 Kb
    Cell Inserts - 40 Cells.
    This Pack Of 5 Elementary corpuscle Inserts Is Ideal For Sowing Seeds Or Striking Cuttings. The Individual Cells Help To Remove Plants Easily. Will Fit Most Standard Sized Seed Trays And Raised Channels Ensure Free Drainage. 5xgreen Plastic 40 Cells: 36x23x7. 6cm.
    SKU: Ls3893d
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Lovers Statues
23.7 Kb
    Lovers Statues.
    This Wonderful Quality Henry Moore-style Sculpture Of Two Resting Figures Will Make An Unforgettable Addition To Any Garden. Cast In Brass With A Soft Verdi Finish Which Will Deepen To A Rich Patina. Size: Sitting Lover 25 X 38 X 56cm Lying Lover 61 X 40
    SKU: Ca0478d
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Soul Testing Kit
34.2 Kb
    Soul Testing Kit.
    This Comprheensive Soil Testing Kit Allows You To Analyse Your Soil For All The Necessary Nutrients: Phosphorous Potash And Nitrogen And Discover The Ph Level. Kit Provides Approximately 50 Tests.
    SKU: Pp0028a
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Well Design Water Butt 400 Litre
17 Kb
    Well Design Water Butt 400 Litre.
    This Styled Fairy Tale Well Is A Very Imaginative 400 Lltre Capacity Water Butt. This Beautiful Pieec Of Garden Decor Is Made With Uv Proof Polyethylene And Is Frost Proof To -20 Degrees Celcius. The Fairy Tale Highly Comes With A Child Test Lid. This Prod
    SKU: Dd2953d
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Richmond Arbour With Bench Seat
33.3 Kb
    Richmond Arbour With Bench Seat.
    Grow Fragrant Climbers Around This Gorgeous Pine Arbour And Then Relax In The Bench Bottom Surrounded By The Wonderful Smells Of Nature. The Richmond Collection Is All Manufactured From Pine Grown In Northern Swedeh Which Is Slow Grown Ensuring Strength An
    SKU: Ls1136d
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