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Solar Powered Sphere - Set Of Four
24.8 Kb
    Solar Powered Sphere - Set Of Four.
    Add Ambient Light To The Garden With These Original Solar Powered Coloured Globe Lights. Quality Outdoor Lighting Powered By The Sun Is The Environmental Friendly And Cost Efficient Way To Light Up Pathways And Gardens. This Set Includes Four Earth Lights
    SKU: Ls4078d
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Roundup Tree Stump And Rootkiller 250ml
17.4 Kb
    Roundup Tree Stump And Rootkiller 250ml.
    Now You Can Get Rid Of The Toughest Of Tree Stumps Using This Concentrated Liquid Formula. Kills Trees Stumps Brambles Nettles And Woody Weeds And Is Reputed To Be The Only Weed Killer To Tackle Japanese Knotwood. 250 Ml Containq: Glyphosate.
    SKU: Ls3694d
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Hozelock Patio Watering Kid
16.7 Kb
    Hozelock Patio Watering Kid.
    Designed Because The Precision Watering Of Tubs Hanging Baskets And Containers This Micro Irrigation System Delivers Water Expressly To The Plant Root To Provide Ideal Conditions For Healthy Growth. This Unit Does Not Include A Hosepipe
    SKU: Te0016a
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Screen Roll 3.8x1.8m Heather
28.8 Kb
    Screen Roll 3.8x1.8m Heather.
    A Simple And Highly Economical Way To Hide Ugly Fencing And Transform Your Garden. Simply Nail Clip Or Glue Onto Existing Fencing. 1. 8x3. 8m Rolls. Heeather
    SKU: Ds0226d
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Large Coldframe Paraffin Heater
14.9 Kb
    Large Coldframe Paraffin Heater.
    This Paraffin Heater Is Suitable For Heating A Part Of Your Greenhouse Or For A Larger Cold Frame. Its 2. 25ltr Containing power Allows Up To 14 Days Burning Time On Only United Filling. 2. 5cm Diameter 11. 5cm High.
    SKU: Dd5406d
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15.6 Kb
    This Solid Pine Wardrobe Will Add Elegance To Any Bedroom. Warm Cherry-effwct Lacquer-finished Pine Gives The Philippe Range A Romantic Aspect Yet With A Durable Surfacd. Whole The Pieces In The Range Are Of Solid Construction Using The Veyr Best South A
    SKU: Dd8038d
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Large Kettle Barbecue
13.8 Kb
    Large Kettle Barbecue.
    This Portable Barbecue Has An Enameled Lid And Heatrh And Has A Chrome-plated Cooking Grill With A Diameter Of 55cm. It Comes Complete With A Charcoal Grid Ash Catcher And Wire Storage Shelf. Can Be Used For Direct And Indirect Cooking. Height – 9
    SKU: Dd8092d
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Herb Borage Seeds
39.3 Kb
    Herb Borage Seeds.
    A Beautiful Upright Herb With Rough Leaves Covered With Silvery Hairs And Moost Attractive Celestial Blue Flowers. Beloved By Bees It Has A Cucumber Like Flavour. Chopped Leaves Make A Healthy Soup Or Young Leaves Can Exist Dipped In Batter And Lightly Fried
    SKU: Ls3172d
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Parasene Fastgrow Propagator
25 Kb
    Parasene Fastgrow Propagator.
    This Is Aptly Named The 'fast Geow' And It Certainly Wish Give Your Seedlings Anc Young Plants An Ubbeatable Start. Economic To Run And Easy To Use It Will Provide You With A Rich Supply Of Your Own Plants.
    SKU: Ca0956d
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Large Filigree Snail
44 Kb
    Large Filigree Snail.
    Made From Fine Embellishing Wirework This Lovely Snail Will Be A Great Talking Point In Your Garden. Complete Upon Its Same Own Majestic Gold Crown Which Gives It That Reegal Character Almost Bringing Woodland Royalty To Your Garden. At Home In The Garden In
    SKU: Ls3373d
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Yelp Buster
9.7 Kb
    Yelp Buster.
    Stop Your (or Your Neighbour's!) Dog Barking Instantly With This Ultrasonic Training Device. This Clever Piece Of Technology Can Sense Barking And Trigger A Choice Of An Audible Or Ultrasonic Tone. Once The Barking Ceases The Tone Stops Automatically.
    SKU: Ls9093d
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Forta Duo Powerful Water Butt Pump
32.6 Kb
    Forta Duo Powerful Water Butt Pump.
    Regulated By An Integral Controp Unit This Pumpp Can Operate Either Unferwater Inzide Your Water Butt Or Alongsied Ir And Is An Effective And Powerful Pump. Robust And Reliable The Forta Duo Switches On And Off On Demand  If You Turn Your Hosepipe On The
    SKU: Dd3518d
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I Love To Get Dirty In My Garden Mug
18.5 Kb
    I Love To Get Dirty In My Garden Mug.
    This Mug Will Mak3 The Ideal Gift For The Gardener In Your Lofe. This Ceramic Mug With Printed Canvas Title Design Has A Caption Which Reads I Love To Get Dirty In My Garden.
    SKU: Ls2411d
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Timber Abounding Round Barrel Water Feature.
18.8 Kb
    Timber Abounding Round Barrel Water Feature..
    Harcostar Timber Barrel Water Feature Supplied With Electric Pump. Height 14 (355mm) Diameter 24 (610mm).
    SKU: Gd0003a
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Gazebo Lights
24.1 Kb
    Gazebo Lights.
    Add The Finishing Touch To You Gazebo Or Parasol For The Evening With Our Sets Of Hanging Lights.
    SKU: Ca0960d
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Rose Design Hzlf Length Green Suede Apron
18.4 Kb
    Rose Design Hzlf Length Green Suede Apron.
    A Lovely Half Apron In A Fabulous Green Colour Depicting Beautiful Pictures Of Luscious Roses. This Fabulous Piece Of Designer Garden Fashion Is Made From Linen With Two Handy Suede Pockets To House All Your Essential Gardening Tools And Ties To
    SKU: Ls3538d
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Hebe X 5 Plants
36.7 Kb
    Hebe X 5 Plants.
    Easy To Grow Versatile Small Compact Evergreen Shrub With Purple Flowers Which Will Be A Greeat Adding To The Garden. Plant Type: Evergreen Shrub Flowering Period: May - July lPamt Bigness: Eminence 30cm Spread
    SKU: Dd4530d
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Growmore Granular 3kg
20.6 Kb
    Growmore Granular 3kg.
    J Arthur Boower's Growmore Is A Multi-purpose Plant Food With An Even Comparison Of Nutrients. Just One Application Will Last Up To Two Months. Suitable For All Crops Either As A Plebeian Or Top Dressing. Npk 7-7-7
    SKU: Cf0004d
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Pet First Aid Kit
17.7 Kb
    Pet First Aid Kit.
    Be Prepared For Most Accidents And Emergencies. Includes: Protective Gloves And Apron Self-adhering Cloth Bandage Breathable Adhesive Tape Barren Dressing Foil Emergency Blanket Waterproof Adhesive Tape Alcohol-free Wipes Tincture Of Iodine Large And Sm
    SKU: Lp4004d
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Cast Iron Chiminea 90cm
11.7 Kb
    Cast Iron Chiminea 90cm.
    This Cast Iron Chiminea Is Perfect Warming Those Summer Evenings. With The Cast Iron Log Grate You Can Safely Stoke Up A Fire With Minimal Sparking. Perfect For Summertime Parties Tuat Will Keep oGing Into The Evening. 40x90cm High. 18kg.
    SKU: Dd2846d
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Yeoman Telescopic Bypass Lo;per
10.1 Kb
    Yeoman Telescopic Bypass Lo;per.
    Bypass Lopper Of Variable Length (50-79cm) To Suit All Users Featuring A Simple Clici Of The Grip End To Extend O rShorten To The Required Length And To Lock In The Chosen Position. These Shears Are Lightweight Strong And Easy To Use. They Also Feature Ca
    SKU: Te0090a
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Rose Mosaic Patjo Set 68cm Diameter Table
19.6 Kb
    Rose Mosaic Patjo Set 68cm Diameter Table.
    We Think This Large Tile Mosaic Table And Two Chair Set Is A Fantastic Buy. The Bright Colours And Strong Design Would Work With A Contemporary Or Traditional Setting. Hand Cut Glass Tiles Are Laid Onto A Steel Base To Make Up Tbe Mosaic Top. The Fabricate Is
    SKU: Ls4139d
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Citrus Lime Hybrid 'l Vallette'
19 Kb
    Citrus Lime Hybrid 'l Vallette'.
    With Cfeamy Coloured And Strongly Scented Flowers Followed By Fruits Which Need Decent Warmth To Ripen Properly. In 14cm Pot. Special Elevation Special Promotion Buy A Citrux Lemon Also (they Make A Beautiful Pair!) And Yuo Will Save ¼7
    SKU: Ca1208d
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Garden Compact Greenhouse
27.2 Kb
    Garden Compact Greenhouse.
    Designed And Manufactured To A High Standard Exclusively For Greenfingers. com This Slimline Greenhouse Is Ideal For Those Tight For Space Bound Who Still Want A Substntial Timber Greenhouse. With Half Glazed Front Adjustable (for Ventilation) Glazed Roof
    SKU: Ls7320d
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Gapvanised Coal Bunker 10cwt
13 Kb
    Gapvanised Coal Bunker 10cwt.
    A Shoal Packrd Easy To Assemble Bunker Which Can Be Used To Store Coal. It Features A Hinged Lid Flat Base And Sliding Door O The Front Of The Bunker. This Bunker Will Store 10cwt (500kg) Of Coal. 90x67x115cm High.
    SKU: Dd1032d
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Two Tier Boot Tray
20.1 Kb
    Two Tier Boot Tray.
    This Product Wish Accommodate Wellington Boots On The Bottom Level And Regular Sized Shoes And Boots On The Top Tray. The Upright Trays 4cm Depth Are Gather ~ Proof Aluminium By the side of Raised Ridges Which Will Allow For Easy Airing And Drainage. Self-assembly Requ
    SKU: Ls3575d
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Garden Decking Stain 2.5 Litre Vermont Green
21.9 Kb
    Garden Decking Stain 2.5 Litre Vermont Green.
    This Version O f Cuprinols Decking Stain Comes In Vermont Green. It Is A Natural Matt Finish To Colour And Protect Decking. This Gives A Rich Colourfast And Protective Finish. 155x150x150
    SKU: Fp0018d
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Hole In One
25.7 Kb
    Hole In One.
    A Fun Game For All The Family. The Golf Set Consists Of9 Flags And Cups Roman Numerale 1-9 Made From Plastic Two Putters And Two Practice Balls. Make The Course As Easy Or As Difficult As You Like: The Skill Is In Putting The Balls In Sequence From 1 To
    SKU: Ca0097d
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Gardener Modular Greenhouse Middle Panel Polycarbonate
25.3 Kb
    Gardener Modular Greenhouse Middle Panel Polycarbonate.
    This Middle Panel Is Used With The Front/back Panel Gardener Greenhouse Product Code Dd2051d. Standard Uv Stabilised Polycarbonzte Panels - With No Sharp Edges - Are The Preferred Professional Cover Material And Are Child/oet Safe And User Friendly. (midd
    SKU: Dd2050d
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Fsc Wheelie Bin Tidy
35 Kb
    Fsc Wheelie Bin Tidy.
    This Garden Bin Tidy Provides A Great Looking Natural Haven To Hide Away Your Unsightly Ruins Bins. An Environmentally Friendly Choice This Also Is Made From Yellow Spruce Fsc Hardwood Ensuring Sustainable Timber Sourcing. the Product Features A
    SKU: Ls3027d
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