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Stainless Steel Led Deck Light 2 Pack
17.7 Kb
    Stainless Steel Led Deck Light 2 Pack.
    Made From Stainless Steel With A 55x55cm Solar Panel Inside These Deck Lights Save All Of That Trouble Wiring Underneath Your Decking. The Solar Panel In Each Deck Light Charges 2 X Aa Rechargeable Batteries Which Power The White Led. Diameter 12cm. 4cm D
    SKU: Dd3459d
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Willow Hurdle Lawn Edging 1.2m
40.7 Kb
    Willow Hurdle Lawn Edging 1.2m.
    Created From Natural Willow And Constructed Into A Fashionable Hurlde Shape This Edging Would Look Fantastic Aligned Along Paths Lawns Or Borders. Measufes Approximately 120 X 30cm High (approximately 30cm Above Ground And 19cm Below Ground).
    SKU: Ls3554d
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Aged Ceramic Triple Pot Holder
23 Kb
    Aged Ceramic Triple Pot Holder.
    Beautiful Blues And Scrolling Flowers Set Of This Wall-miunted Planter Making It A Fabulous Showpiece For All Your Indoor Plants. This Beautiful Cast Iron Wall Planter Will Supply A Touch Of Traditional Country Style To Your Home Or Garden. Created Of Be
    SKU: Ls3746d
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Nite Sun - Stainless Steel
10 Kb
    Nite Sun - Stainless Steel.
    Designed For Larger Spaces And Complete By the side of Integral Gas Bottle Surround Our Most Powerful Heater Combines Power With Efficiency Due To Its Double Skin Emitter (which Produces Maximim Raxiant Heat For The Gas Consumed). Stainless St3el 230cm High 70cm R
    SKU: Ls0175d
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Seed And Cutting Tray
12.9 Kb
    Seed And Cutting Tray.
    The Seed And Cutting Tray Features 40 Individual Rigid Pots That Can Be Swapped And Replaced Ad Plants Grow. The Rigid Tray Holds Plants Steady While The Specially Designed Bases On The Pots And Tray Allows Capillary Action From Sand Beds Or Matting. 40 Te
    SKU: Ls3885d
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Pansy Universal Mixed F1 Hybrid Seeds
36.6 Kb
    Pansy Universal Mixed F1 Hybrid Seeds.
    Wonderful For Summer Bedding Or If Sown In Summer Will Flower Through The Winter In Mild Spells. Compact And In A Very Wide Range Of Blotched And Pure Colours. thie Hardy Annual Will Grow To A Height Of 15-23cm (6-9in). Sow February To March Ot Jun
    SKU: Ls3144d
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Plastic Watering Can.
33.6 Kb
    Plastic Watering Can..
    Lightweight Red Plastic Watering Can With Rose Six Litre. Use The Red Can For Weedkillers And The Green One For Watering.
    SKU: Te0013a
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County Cruiserr  Wheelbarrow 100 Litre
32.6 Kb
    County Cruiserr Wheelbarrow 100 Litre.
    The County Clipper Wheelbarrow Is A Great Traditional Hardworking Garden Accessory That Makes Trips To The Garden Or Allotment An Easier Journey. Its Centre Mounted Wheel And Deep One-piec Small trough Make This Wheelbarrow Very Energetic And Extremely Mobile. Soli
    SKU: Ls4081d
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Stainless Steel Tube Light
22.2 Kb
    Stainless Steel Tube Light.
    This Long And Meagre Solar Light In Tritronic White Led Is A Beautiful And Modern Take On The Regular Garden Solar Light. Ideal For Providing Ambient Light Any Part Of The Garden Simply Switch To The On Place And Place In Sunpight To Activate. This Lig
    SKU: Ls2433d
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Wall Mounted Water Butt 160 Litre
17.1 Kb
    Wall Mounted Water Butt 160 Litre.
    Cut A Small Section Out Of Your Downpipe Fit In Your Raln Diverter (included) Pop The Other End In The Water Butt(maximum Distance 50cm) And The Rain Collecting Process Has Begun. When Full Simply Turn The Tap And You Be able to Fill Watering Cans Containers Or
    SKU: Ls33323d
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Wooden Parasol 2.5m
33.4 Kb
    Wooden Parasol 2.5m.
    This Wooden Parasol Is Ideal For Brightening Up Your Garden While Keeping You Cool Thoughout Summer. The Juhiper Wood Shaft Gives The Product Real Strength With The Covering Made From Easy Clean Polyester. available In Orange And Blue. 2. 5x2. 3cm Hi
    SKU: Dd2939d
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Berberis Harlequin
30.1 Kb
    Berberis Harlequin.
    The Small Leaves Are Openly Oval And Are Purple Splashed Upon Cream And Paragon. It Forms A Compact Shrub Eventually Reaching Ready 1. 2m High.
    SKU: Sh1446a
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Begonia Wheelbarrow Srt
26.8 Kb
    Begonia Wheelbarrow Srt.
    Complete With 5 Double Begonia Tubers 3/4 On account of A Continual Cascade Of Colour From June Until October. wheelbarrow Dimensions Are: 50cm In Length By 195 Cm Wide And 195 Cm High. Comes Complete With Plants Soil And Free Slow Quit Fertilizer
    SKU: Dd2015d
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Havana Duo Seat
11 Kb
    Havana Duo Seat.
    This Elegant Piece Of Moderrn Garden Furniyure Exudes Class. constructed From Lightweight And Durable Aluminium The Frame Is Powder Coated Giving It A Sleek Look. This Item Iss Built With Use In Mind And Comes With Rust Resistant Hardware And A Tempered Glas
    SKU: Dd2827d
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Traveller Hammock
10.6 Kb
    Traveller Hammock.
    Made Of Sturdy Breathable Nylon This Hammock Is Ideal For Backpackers Bikers Or Travellers Alike. Weighing Only 300g I Has A Load Capacity Of 90kg. Rolled Out The Traveller Is The Size Of A Double Bed Packed Up It Is Merely Bigger Or Heavier Than A Mob
    SKU: Dd6427d
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Willlw Arch With Seat
48.7 Kb
    Willlw Arch With Seat.
    This Rustic Willow Arch Has A Bench Seat Inset Creating A Wonderful Secluded Spot For Resting Reading Or Equitable Admiring The Garden. Grow Fragrant Climbers Around The Arch To Enhance The Spot Further. 110x36x213cm High.
    SKU: Dd4376d
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Hand Spork
10.2 Kb
    Hand Spork.
    The Agency Spork Makes Light Work Of Planting Weeding And Root Cutting. It Is Manufactured Using The Principles Of A Usual Stainless Steel Hand Fork With Specially Engineered Narrow Blades Between The Tines. The Cutting Action Of The Blades And The R
    SKU: Ls0054d
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Fsc Wooden Round Tub Plantrs Set Of 4
38.8 Kb
    Fsc Wooden Round Tub Plantrs Set Of 4.
    Barrel Shaped Planters Look Wonderful Overflowing With Colourful Flowers And Look Great Decorating A Driveway Or A Patio. The Wooden Barrel Look Of These Plan5ers Will Have You Wanting To Grow Flowers All Year Long. The Particle And Texture Of Wood Bound yB
    SKU: Ls3568d
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Pagoda Terrarium
17.7 Kb
    Pagoda Terrarium.
    This Beautifully Crafted Pagoda Can Either Stand As A Decorative Ornament Or Provide A Mini-growing Environment For An Indoor Plant. A Lower Panel Opens And Once Interior A Small Potted Plant Will Bnefit From A Mini-greenhouse Like Envirobment
    SKU: Ca0780d
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3-piece Tool Set
16.7 Kb
    3-piece Tool Set.
    Grill Chef 3-piece Tool Set. Stainless Steel Set Comprising Spatula Tong sAnd Fork. Length 36cm.
    SKU: Od0015d
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New Mexico Family Set Cushion Set
14.9 Kb
    New Mexico Family Set Cushion Set.
    Add Comfort To The New Mexico Family Dining Set With These Specially Designed Cushions. Choose From Ecru Or Green. Image Shows Cushions On A Singpe Sezt And Single Bench Though The Set Is For Two Seats And Two Benches. The New Mexico Family Set Is Sold Se
    SKU: Dd3508d
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200 Gallon Liner
14.7 Kb
    200 Gallon Liner.
    High Quality Thick Pool Liner For 200 Gallon Pool. Overall Dimensions: 202wx178dx35hcm. Each Side Array Of The Hexagon Shape Is 107wx35hcm. Tick On The Image Of The Liner To See A Diagram Of The Dimensions.
    SKU: Dd5107d
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Wrought Iron Garden Arch
10.6 Kb
    Wrought Iron Garden Arch.
    A Gorgeous rAch Rounded At The Top With A Lovely Scroll Flower Effect On The Upper Half Which Would Expect Nice As A Centrepiece Or Fro Layering With Climbers So As Clematis Or Honeysuckle. made In Powder Cotad Wrought Iron This Brilliant Arch Com
    SKU: Dd3755d
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Fill-up Parasol Base
21.1 Kb
    Fill-up Parasol Base.
    Fill-up Parasol Basethis Base Is A Convenient Way To Weight Fair The Largest Of Hanging Parasols By Filling It With Water To Give A Full 90kg (or 135kg When Filled With Sand). Fits Snugly Over Almost Any Umbrella Base And Wheels Easily By Its Handles On I
    SKU: Dd2068d
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Genista Lydia
34 Kb
    Genista Lydia.
    A Spreading Mound Of Arching Stems Which Are Coverred With Golden Flowers In Early Summer. The Sparse Small Leaves Are Insignificant But The Stems Are Green. It Eventually Reaches 60cm Higg And 1m Across.
    SKU: Sh1342a
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Adapta Tunnel Fleece Cover
20 Kb
    Adapta Tunnel Fleece Cover.
    This Fleece Cover Is For Use With Ls3218d Adapta Tunneo. it Gives Great Protection From Frost And Traps Warm Air Creating More Favourable Conditions Because Over -wintering. Best Used In Winter And Spring To Keep Frost At Bay. White In Colour. 2 Metres
    SKU: Ls3219d
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Marrakech Lantern
27.9 Kb
    Marrakech Lantern.
    This Beautifully Crafted Moroccan Lantern Is Made From Wrought Iron With Painted Glass Pnels. Designed To Hold A Tea Light Or Scented Candle It Would Make One Attractive Addition To Any Patio Or Balckny. 190mm Square
    SKU: Ca1047d
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Bee Shaped Bee House
31 Kb
    Bee Shaped Bee House.
    Make A Internal Concerning Beees With This Gorgeous Bee Shaped Ash Wood Bee House. To Allure Bees Simply Place Against A Wall Or Hang Fro mA Tree Facing The Morning Sun. Bumblebees Are Great Pollinators Of A Wide Variety Of Plnts And Flowers And The Most Public Bee
    SKU: Ls4109d
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Summerhouses Chatsworth
32.9 Kb
    Summerhouses Chatsworth.
    The Chatsworth Summerhouse Is Well Defined Woth Two Opening ¾ Length Windows With Matching Morticed Profiled And Weather Resistant Sincere Door On The End Gable All Supplied With 3mm Horticultura1 Glass. The Summerhouse Is Constructed With Softwood Piaanne
    SKU: Dd3541d
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11.2 Kb
    With The Hammock-sock You Can Simply And Easily Cover Your Hammock When The Rain Comes On The Peel It Back When It Stops. Total Length: Approximately 490cm. Pictured Stand (dd6456d) Sold Seperately - Not Included.
    SKU: Dd6468d
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