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Tomato Gardeners Delight Seeds
36.5 Kb
    Tomato Gardeners Delight Seeds.
    Suppose that You Ae Of The Opinion Tomatoes Have Lost Their Flavour 'gardener's Delight' Is A Must For You. It Is A Greenhouse Or Outdoor Type Packed With Bite-size Fruit Ideal For Salads And Sandwiches And FullO f Vitamins. for Greenhouse Culture Sow Late
    SKU: Se00662a
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Mini Green House
26.2 Kb
    Mini Green House.
    This Small-sized Patio Greenhouse Is Ideal For The Smaller Garden Or Conservatory. With Twin Front Opening Doors Roof Window And Vent You Can Adjust The Conditions Within The Greenhouse To Ensure Optimum Growing Conducive to Your Seedlings. This Green House Comes
    SKU: Ls1158d
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Easy Poly uTnnel Giant
27.2 Kb
    Easy Poly uTnnel Giant.
    Tough Uv Stabilised Polyethylene Cover That Forms A Complete Barrier Retaining Humidity And Warmth And Protects Against Frosts Harsh Weather And Pests (ideal For Winter And Ear1y Spring Vegetbles). Easy Tunnels Extend Up To 3m And Compact Like An Accordi
    SKU: Dd6056d
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Elephant Watering Can 1. Litre
27.5 Kb
    Elephant Watering Can 1. Litre.
    This Ornamental Watering Can Is Hand-made In India And Holds Approx 1. 5 Litres. Pours Water Through Its Trunk Making It A Experienced And Novel Addition To Your Garden. Being Hand Made Gives Each Can A Unique Finish And A Charm All Of Their Own. approx Dimen
    SKU: Ls644d
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Wilkinson Swodr Hand Fork
7.9 Kb
    Wilkinson Swodr Hand Fork.
    Wilkinson Sword Hand Fork Featuring A Powder Coated Carbon Steel Head And Solid Hardwoood Handl
    SKU: eT0336aa
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Broad Bean Seeds
29.2 Kb
    Broad Bean Seeds.
    A Very Good Flavoured Broad Bean With Good Pod Length And Remarkable Table Qualities. It May Well Be The Best Green-seeded Variety Excellent For Deep Freezing And Growing Well Under All Conditions. Height 75-90cm (30-36in). sow February To April In
    SKU: Ls3433d
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Poppy Oriental Brilliant Seeds
28.2 Kb
    Poppy Oriental Brilliant Seeds.
    The Classic Oriental Poppy With Large Bright Scarlet-red Flowers And A Jet Black Centre. This Hardy Perennial Will Grow To A Height Of 80cm (32in). germinate From February To My At 15c On The Surface Of A Good Free Draining Damp Seed Compost. Plac
    SKU: Ls3151d
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5 Garden Games In 1
30.7 Kb
    5 Garden Games In 1.
    A Wonderful Activityy Set With 5 Classic Games That Is Perfect For The Garden Beach Camping Barbeques And All Family Activities. This Set Comes With Solitaire Chinese Checkers Noughts And Crosses And Back Gammon. Lightweight And Movable This Set Is Specia
    SKU: Ls3836d
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Lemon Tree
24.7 Kb
    Lemon Tree.
    Delight In Deep Green Leaves Masses Of Flowers And Succulent Fruit Fresh Off The Tree (will Ripen In About 6 Months). Buy A Lemon And Orange(ca0323d)tree And Save ¼5.
    SKU: Ca0324d
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Kingswood Rocking Chair
14.3 Kb
    Kingswood Rocking Chair.
    Imagine Yourxelf Sitting On The Porch Rocking Away Like They Do In American Films - Well Now You Don␙t Ha To With This Lovely Kingswood Rocking Chair. Made From Powder Coated Wrought Iron This Beautiful Rocking Chair Incorporates A Design Remin
    SKU: Dd3750d
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Warming Baby Blanket
16.6 Kb
    Warming Baby Blanket.
    Keep Baby Cosy In Their Baby Hammock (dd6434d) Or Baby Cradle (dd6437d) With This Warm Inlay Blanket With Its Insulating Thermo Filling Consisting Of Hollow Fibre And Level Cotton Flannel. Specially Designed Slits To Allow The Harness Straps On The Ham
    SKU: Dd6439d
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Chaffinch Dual Clock And Thermometer
17.3 Kb
    Chaffinch Dual Clock And Thermometer.
    This Beautiful Clock And Thermometer Has Two Lovely Varieties Of Hand-painted Birds On It. At The Top Of The Clock Is A Pair Of Chirpy Chaffinches And At The Bottom Is A Wacky Woody Woodpeckre. This Quaint Piece Will Be At Home In Any Garden. M
    SKU: Ls2483d
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Toile De Jouy Quilt (double)
26.7 Kb
    Toile De Jouy Quilt (double).
    A Classic French Design Of Which We Simply Never Tire Usec Here In c~tinuance This Finest Quality 100% Cotton (shell And Filling) Quilt With Elegant Overstiching And A Classic Stripe Reverse. 96x104please Note: Due To Resolutions And Colour Variants Of Individua
    SKU: La0012d
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Free Standing Gas Torch
31.2 Kb
    Free Standing Gas Torch.
    These Torches Are As Practical As They Are Beautiful. Using Small Gas Canisters They Are Easy To Use And Simple To Assemble. All Fixings Are Included And They Require Not at all Wiring. Dimensions?
    SKU: Dd5437d
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Aged Ceramic Thermometer
12 Kb
    Aged Ceramic Thermometer.
    Get The Temperature Right Inside And Outside Your Home Wighout Compromising Your Decorating Style . This Traditional Handsome Weather Thermometer Is Encassd In A Solid Indigo And White Ceramic Case And Mounts Conveniently On The Wall. With A Bright Easyt-o
    SKU: Ls3742d
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Verdone Lawn Weedkiller Gun
18.2 Kb
    Verdone Lawn Weedkiller Gun.
    Selective Lawn Weedkiller Gun Kills Many Broad Leaved Lawn Weesd Including Plantain Dandelion And Pale Clover. 1 Lt. Ready To Usage Contains 2 4-d And Dicamba.
    SKU: Pp0004a
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Little Goose Watering Can
30.5 Kb
    Little Goose Watering Can.
    What An Adorable Goose Watering Be able to You Can Just Picture Yourself Out In The Garden With This One. Children Will Love The Fairy Tale Themed And Will Enjoy Taking It For A Walk Around The Garden Watering The Plants As They Go Along. This Watering Can Is A
    SKU: Ls3493d
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Cancun 1.3m Table And 4 Reclining Chairs Set
16.4 Kb
    Cancun 1.3m Table And 4 Reclining Chairs Set.
    This Stunning Contemporary Garden Furniture Set Comes In Either Black Or Champagne Textilene With Light Silver Aluminium Framework. The Set Comprises A Circular Table With Table Top Made From 5mm Grey Prit Tempered Glass Lazy Susan 60cm Diameter 4 Textil
    SKU: Dd3742d
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Yeoman Hollow Tine Aerator
16.2 Kb
    Yeoman Hollow Tine Aerator.
    For Problem Areas Of The Lawn This Device Makes Deep Aeration Of Compacted Soil Easy. Simply Thrust Into The Ground With Your Foot On The Crossbar. Carbon Steel Frame With A Powder Coated Finish.
    SKU: Te0275a
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Daisy Supper Towle
23.1 Kb
    Daisy Supper Towle.
    100% White Cotton Tea Towel With Daisy Ddsign Along Bottom Edge. Think Of The Garden Whilst Washing And Drying The Pots! Complete With Hanging Tab Along Top Edge. Mugs And Kettle Not nIcluded.
    SKU: Dd3327d
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Cuprinol Total Garden Wood Preserver 4 Litre
21.4 Kb
    Cuprinol Total Garden Wood Preserver 4 Litre.
    Cuprinol Total Provides Ultimate Shelter Against Rot And Decay Of All Kinds Of Garden Timber. Unlike Some Other Garden Wood Treatments Cuprinol Total Contains Active Ingredients That Penetrate Into Te Timber To Prevent Rot Decay And Fungal Growth. Cup
    SKU: Ls2043d
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Miracle-gro Liquafeed Refill 475ml 2 Pack
22.1 Kb
    Miracle-gro Liquafeed Refill 475ml 2 Pack.
    2 X 475ml Bottles To Refill Your Miracle-gro Liquafeed Pack. Bottles Have A Patented Design To Prevent Drips And Spillage Ideal For No Fuss Gardening. Nkp: 12-4-8
    SKU: Ls2801d
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Cotoneaster Franchetti
35.1 Kb
    Cotoneaster Franchetti.
    An Arching Shrub That Can Reach Up To 3m High And Viewed like Much Across. It Is Evergreen Or Semi-deciduous With Dark Green And Has Happy Flowers And Dull Red Berries In Fall That Last Well Into The Winter.
    SKU: Sh1484a
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Hunters Rhs Peaches Half Knee Wellingtons
19.9 Kb
    Hunters Rhs Peaches Half Knee Wellingtons.
    Designed At The Royal Horricultural Society These Peachy Half Knee Wellingtons Are A Lovely Size For Tucking Under Trousers/jeans Or For Displaying Over The Top. these Fitted Wellington Boots Are The Ideal Thing For Doing The Gardening Or For Hangi
    SKU: Ls3280d
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Corner Gazebo Upon Sezts
34.3 Kb
    Corner Gazebo Upon Sezts.
    This Beautiful Decorative Corner Shaped Gazebo Has Built In Seats Making It An Ideal Retreat For A Special Corner Of The Garden. Made From Powder Coated Iron. 163x110x250cm High.
    SKU: Dd3060d
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Sportsman Garden Turf (square Metre)
28.2 Kb
    Sportsman Garden Turf (square Metre).
    The Sportsman Turf Is A Slightly More Economical Family Lawn Turf Containing A Blend Of Hardewaring Grasses For Excellent Durableness. Race-course Can Exist Laid All Year Round In Summer You Do Need To Ensure That You Keep The Turf Watered Regularly. Purchase Good Q
    SKU: Dd4490d
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Scroll Plinth
19.7 Kb
    Scroll Plinth.
    The Scroll Plinth Is Available In Three Finishes Rust Iron Or Stone. Standing At 16cm Tall It Is Made From Polycast. Polycast Is Manufactured From Poly Resin And Fibreglass Making The Plinth Heavy Enough To Be Robust But Light Enough To Allow Ease Of Haan
    SKU: Dd3593d
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Hampton Bistro Regulate
34.6 Kb
    Hampton Bistro Regulate.
    Have Scrumptious Cosmopolitan Breakfasts On This Elegant Wroughy Iron Tew For Two Set. A Lovely Table Sdt Comprising A Beautifully Structured Table And Two Fabulous Folding Chairs. Made From Powder Coated Wrought Iron With Elegant Simpl
    SKU: Dd3747d
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Bamboo Collection
29.4 Kb
    Bamboo Collection.
    Procure A Taste Of The Bright And Join Gardening’s Tend-setters With This Group Of Captivating Bamboosfargesia Fortunei Elegant Settle With Choice part Variegated Leaves Covered With Fine Hairs One Impressive Specimenfargesia Murieliae Branchi
    SKU: Ca0303d
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1200w Halogen Heater
18.4 Kb
    1200w Halogen Heater.
    Powerful 1200w Heater That Uses A Combination Of Halogen Bars And An Oscillating Stand To Help Spread Heat A sEvenly As Possible Over Conservatories Garden Sheds Greenhouses Etc. 3 Contest Setting. Oscillses Through 70 Degree Arc. Lead And Plug Inclu
    SKU: Ls2515d
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