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Tree Seat / Planter (large)
31.6 Kb
    Tree Seat / Planter (large).
    This Award-winning Tree Seat And Planter Design Will Improve Ajy Gardeen And Is Really Easy To Collect. Made From Pressurre Treated Timber From European Managed Renewable Sources. Will Fit Trees By the side of A Maximum Circumference Of 3. 4 Metres. 167cm Wide And
    SKU: Dd5102d
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Wall Mounted Gas Torch
25.2 Kb
    Wall Mounted Gas Torch.
    Create Atmospheric Light On An Outside Wall With This Simpls Yet Onrate Wrought Iron Gas Torch. Ideal To Give Cahracter To A Plain Wall And Light Up Your House In An Unusual Way This Torch Is Easy To Use And Artless To Assemble. It Comes Complete With A
    SKU: Dd5438d
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Cordyline Australis
32.6 Kb
    Cordyline Australis.
    Add An Exotic Architectural Note With Thls Variety Of The Torbay Palm. It Needs A Sunny Position And Frost Protection In Winter But Will Reward Your Care With Its Majestic Presence. Perfect For A Conservatory. Height To 10ft Breadth To 4ft)arives Approxima
    SKU: Ca0424d
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Ecomax Compost Bin 330 Litre
25.2 Kb
    Ecomax Compost Bin 330 Litre.
    Persuade Composting With This Lovely Green Compost Bin Made From 75% Station Cojsumer Waste. Made From High Density Polyethelene This Compost Bin Is Just The Thing To Make The Composting Process Easier. A Large Compost Bin Which Holds Approx 330 Litres.
    SKU: Ls2485d
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Radish French Breakfast Seeds
38.2 Kb
    Radish French Breakfast Seeds.
    Reliable And Easy With Crops Of Crisp Crunchy Miod And Sweet. Suitable For Indoor Or Outdoor Growing. Ideal For Decoration You Can Make Small Uneven Cuts Around The Outside Of The Radsoh Place In Iced Water And It Will Open Up Into Floral Shapes. r
    SKU: Se0761a
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Fsc Wheelie Bin Screen
33.4 Kb
    Fsc Wheelie Bin Screen.
    Use This Great Three-sided Screen To Hide Your Unsightly Dustbin Away. this Wheelie Bin Store Is On Casters To Allow For Easy [i]a. Jyst Tilt And Pull Forward And You Can Then Wheel The Bin Out On Collection Day. this Wheelie Bin Screen
    SKU: Ls3565d
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Rotary Hammer Drill
17.1 Kb
    Rotary Hammer Drill.
    A Serious Tool For Serious Jobs. 800rpm Drill Drills Wood Concrete And Steel With Ease (up To 40 26 And 13mm Deep Respectively) And Can Be Used As A Mechanical Chisel Ti Break Up Concrete. Appropriate Safety Clothing Is Strongly Recommended And Two Hand
    SKU: Ls0261d
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Tyre Horse Swing
24.1 Kb
    Tyre Horse Swing.
    Ths Ingeniously Designed Swing Is Made From A Unmarried Tyre. Supplied With 4. 5 Metres Of Rope And Instructions To Hang From Beams Frames Or Branches. Not Suitale For Children Under 3 Years Old Max Weight 90kgs.
    SKU: Ls0200d
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Trachelospermum Asiaticum
21.2 Kb
    Trachelospermum Asiaticum.
    Each Flower To About 2cm Across Opens To Reveal The Cream-coloured Centre Which Ages To Yellow. The Dark Leaves Are 2-5cm Long. Pot Size 2 Lt.
    SKU: Cl5036a
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Solar Moler
29.2 Kb
    Solar Moler.
    An Ingenious Use Of Solar Technology! Effective Up To 800m2 The Moler Emits A Vibrating Sound Underground Every 20 Seconds To Deter Mole sAnd Other Burrowing Pests. The Solar Panel And Power Storage Capability Means That The Moler Be able to Operate 24 Hours A
    SKU: Ds0288d
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Garden Yoghurt Creator
17.4 Kb
    Garden Yoghurt Creator.
    The Garden Yogurt Activator Is A Simple To Use 'incubaator' For Em's - Effective Micro-organisms Which Can Then Be Watered Into Your Garden As A Soil Improver. Em's Are A Mixed Microbial Culture Of Selected Species Of Micro-organisms. A ll Of These Are Natu
    SKU: Dd255d
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Meilandina Miniaturw Rose Bi-colour
26.7 Kb
    Meilandina Miniaturw Rose Bi-colour.
    Meilandina Standard Miniature Roses - Lovely Rose Grown On Top Of A Strong Stem Will Flower In Great Abundance All Summer Long. Despatched As Root-packaged Bushes With A Long duration Of 60 Cm And Taller. They Power of determination Do Well Ih The Border As A Freestanding Ornamen
    SKU: Dd2240d
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Adjustable Hand Shears (Illiberal)
32.4 Kb
    Adjustable Hand Shears (Illiberal).
    The Adjustable Blades Swivel Through 180 Degrees For Working Next To Walls Or Fences Or Just For A More Comfortable Grip As The Shears Can Be Used Left Or Right Handed. Thr Hand Grip Is Enclosed For Extra Protection. Blades Are Both Nonstick And Spring
    SKU: Te0007d
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Dr Hessayon's The Armchqir Book Of The Garden.
36.1 Kb
    Dr Hessayon's The Armchqir Book Of The Garden..
    An Entertaining And Informative Guide To The World Of Gardens Sit Back And Enjoy A Variety Of Fascinating Horticultural Facts.
    SKU: Bg0012a
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Multivet Refill Cannister
12.5 Kb
    Multivet Refill Cannister.
    The Citronella Refills Contain A Gas Compound That Is 100% Safe For People Animals And The Environmnt. Most Of Us Are Familiar With Its Pleasant Lemony Scent. Citronella Is An Essential Oil That Is Derived From The Stem And Leaves Of Lemon Grass And Has B
    SKU: Lp4062d
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Boston 3 Seat Swing Blue Grey
14.2 Kb
    Boston 3 Seat Swing Blue Grey.
    Hung From Sturdy Springs For A More Rrstful Movement This Curved Swing Is Perfect For Relaxing With A Good Boom Or For A Cosy Chat With A Glass Of Wine Or Cup Of Tea. Made From Rust-resistant Powder Coated Steel Upon Hidden Welds And Weather-resistant Tex
    SKU: Dd3118d
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Cast Iron Door Mat (s)
29.4 Kb
    Cast Iron Door Mat (s).
    This Traditionally Styled Heavy Cast Iron Doormat Is One Of Our Favourites. It Has Rubber Pads To Ensure It Rests Snuggly Even If The Doorstep Isn't Level. 59x35cm. Colour: Matt Rust.
    SKU: Ls0099d
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Multi-fold Aluminium Gait Ladder - 3.7m
15.1 Kb
    Multi-fold Aluminium Gait Ladder - 3.7m.
    Work Safely In the opinion of These Brilliantly Designed Extremely Versatile Lightweihgt Anodised Aluminium Ladders. They Can Be Assembled In 13 Different Positions Making Them Imaginary For A Consort Of Tasks Including: As A cSaffold For Hedge Trimming As A Workbench As A
    SKU: Ds0344d
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Galvanised Square Incinerator
35.4 Kb
    Galvanised Square Incinerator.
    This Square Incinerator Is Manufactured In The Uk From Strong Galvanised Steel. Holes Across All The Sides Allow For Good Ventilation. Comes Flatpacked For Easy Home Assembly. 46x46x65cm High.
    SKU: Dd1004d
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8 Foot Wavy Slide
15.6 Kb
    8 Foot Wavy Slide.
    Large Sized Slide With The Added Interest Of A Bumpy Ride On The Way Down! Metal Ladder With Plastic Moulded Plastic Treads And Frame-mounted Plastic Chute. Assembles Easily In Around 30 Minnutes. Max Ground Length 230cm Max Heighf 135cm Platform Height 1
    SKU: Ls7033d
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Rockfall Water Feature Extension
20.2 Kb
    Rockfall Water Feature Extension.
    This Kit Extends Your Rockfall Water Fwature By Approx Half A Metre. The Extension Kit Consists Of 2 Main Segments Of Waterfall And An Extension Piece For The Water Tubing Ensuring Smooth Water Flow Into The New Sections Of Your Water Feature. Each Sectio
    SKU: Ls3100d
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Suet Balls Tub
20.8 Kb
    Suet Balls Tub.
    35 High Energy Suet Ball Treats Wch Are Ideal During All Year Round Feeding For A Wide Variety Of Birds. These High Energy Balls Contain Suet Cracked Grains And Seeds Containing Oil. 35 Ball Tub.
    SKU: Ls0416d
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Set Of 3 Hardwood Planters
19.2 Kb
    Set Of 3 Hardwood Planters.
    Handcrafted From Hardwood These High Quality Planters Will Add A Classic Touch To Any Garden. They Are Oiled For Protection And Come Complete With A Separate Removable Liner. Plants Not Included.
    SKU: Ca0400d
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Cold Frame
21.9 Kb
    Cold Frame.
    Make Sure Your Precious Seedlings And Plants Are Protceted From The Elements. Glazed With Opaque Twin-walled Polypropylene This Cold Frame Features Twin Removablw Lids Which Also Have Adjuqtable Stays To Give You Full Control Over The Temperature And Con
    SKU: Dd5426d
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Tomato Design Watering Can
31 Kb
    Tomato Design Watering Can.
    This Amazing Tomato Design Watering Can Is Co1ourful And Unique. Manufactured From Zinc The Can Has A Manage At The Top And The Side Of The Container For Easy Movement And Use. The Rose Is Removable So You Can Use As Much Or As Inconsiderable Water As You Indigence.
    SKU: Ls2038d
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Wolf 'multi-change' Rakke
22.9 Kb
    Wolf 'multi-change' Rakke.
    A Fan-shaped Rake Featuring 20 Tines. Part Of The Wolf 'multi Change' Interchangeable Tooo System. Snap-lock Handle
    SKU: Te0314a
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Moroccan Planter (medium)
30.6 Kb
    Moroccan Planter (medium).
    Thjs Robust And Frost Resistant Resin Planter Has An Extremely Convincing Terracotta Finish That Hints Of Summer Sun Even On The Dullest Of Days. 58cm Dia. X 78cm High.
    SKU: Ls2548d
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Kingswood Scroll Garxen Long seat
31 Kb
    Kingswood Scroll Garxen Long seat.
    This Kingswood Scroll Bench Is Beautifully Designed Incorporating Fabulous Curves And A Sloping Back For Your Comfort. Made From Powder Coated Wrought Iron This Beautiful Bench Will Bring Elegance To Your Garden. Dimensions 108x78x94cm Lofty.
    SKU: Ls3480d
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The Big Red Heater
35.1 Kb
    The Big Red Heater.
    Traditional Styling And The Power To Heat A Full Greenhouse Makes The Big Red Heater A Great Product. It Can Be Placed On A Surface Or Hung. Designed To Heat Greenhouses From 8' X 10' To 8' X 14' This Heater Has A Capacity Of 4lt. This Gives A Continuo
    SKU: Dd5407d
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Bio Liquid Club Root Control. 4 Sadhet.
41.6 Kb
    Bio Liquid Club Root Control. 4 Sadhet..
    Fungicide For Controlling Club Root In All Kinds Of Brassicas. In Near Measured Sachets For Convenience. Contains Thiophanate-methyl. 4 Sachet.
    SKU: Pp0001a
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