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Waterproof Cushion (large)
19.9 Kb
    Waterproof Cushion (large).
    Fed Up Washing Your Pet's Bedding? These Extra Thkck Duvets Offer Superb Comfort In the place of Your Pet Andd Make Life Easier For You Too; No Need To Wash Simply Wipe The Waterproof Cover Unstained. Spare Covers To be availed of Separately. Made In Heavy Duty Nylon. 87x138x20c
    SKU: Ls6619l
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Flymo Turbo Compact 330
33.7 Kb
    Flymo Turbo Compact 330.
    The Turgo Compaact 330 Is A Great Hover Mower That Floats On A Cushion Of Air So It Is Able To Cut In Any Direction. Fantastic For Cutting The Lawn Witth Facility And Comfort Making It A Great Addition To Any Garden. the 1500w Motor And 33cm Blade Make This M
    SKU: Dd3766d
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Cauliflower All The Year Round Seeds
30.4 Kb
    Cauliflower All The Year Round Seeds.
    This Variety Of Seed Testament Produce Very White Dwarf Cauliflowers With Large Tight Heads. Useful For Frame Culture And Successional Sowings Year After Year.
    SKU: Se0610a
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Gate Ajar Reflector Illusion
36.8 Kb
    Gate Ajar Reflector Illusion.
    This Red Cedar Treated Gate Has A Lightweight Shatterproof Acrylic Pattern Behind It Which Gives The Feeling Of Depth In Smaller Spaces Or Gardens. Manufactured From Seasoned Red Wood It Comes Complete With Fixings. 81x182cm High (2'8␝x6' High).
    SKU: Dd3001d
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Fire Pit Barbecue
13.8 Kb
    Fire Pit Barbecue.
    This Solid Cast Iron Barbecue Pit Is An Attractive Alternative To Orally transmitted Style Barbecues. Complete With Fire Gratw Barbecue Grill And Grill Handle. 40cm Diameter.
    SKU: Ls9104d
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Tulip Presentation Basket
29.4 Kb
    Tulip Presentation Basket.
    This Beautiful Wicker Basket Contains 10 Red Tulip Bulbs And Enough Compost To Make Up The Basket. Beautifully Ribbon Wrapped This Would Rise An Excellent Christmas Gift For Any Lover Of Flowers. 32x14x18cm High.
    SKU: Ls1121d
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B-tidy Garden Workstation
17 Kb
    B-tidy Garden Workstation.
    A Convenient And Adapted to practice Solution To Keeping A Refuse Bag Open And Upright While At The Same Time Storing Your Tools In One Place. Constructer From Armor And With Tear Resistant Tough Polyethene The B-tidy Will Support Up To 15kg Of Weight. the
    SKU: Dd2578d
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Decorative Daisies- Six Coasters
16.7 Kb
    Decorative Daisies- Six Coasters.
    Brighten Up Your Table And Protect It From Spillages With These Attractlve Refined Aluminium Coasters. Pack Of Six Coasters With A Storage Box. 5cm X 11cm
    SKU: Bg0030a
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Jolly Jeeter Classic Bulb Combination (18 Bulb Gang)
39.5 Kb
    Jolly Jeeter Classic Bulb Combination (18 Bulb Gang).
    This Classic Commbination Mixes The Light And Shade Of Two Very Different Tulip Varieties In Queen Of The Night And West Point. position These Bulbs In A Sunny Spot With Partial Shade. If Possible Do Nto Place In A Spot Where Tulips Have Been Grown
    SKU: Ls3204d
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Vari Wwllies - Sizes 6-12
25.9 Kb
    Vari Wwllies - Sizes 6-12.
    Traditional Olive Green Welly Boot With A Difference: It Recognizes We Don’t All Have The Same Length Legs. It Has 3 Lines Around For Cutting Down To Your Mos5 Comfortable Size Short Or Long. sizes: 6-12
    SKU: Ca0795d
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Acr Palmatum Osakazuki
26.6 Kb
    Acr Palmatum Osakazuki.
    A Small Deciduous Tree With A Multi-stemmed Trunk That Can Eventually Reach Up To 6m High. The Thoroughly Cut Foliage Is Olive Green Turning Brilliant Red In Autumn. No Pruning Required.
    SKU: Sh1437a
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Bulldog Stainless Border Fork
8 Kb
    Bulldog Stainless Border Fork.
    Keep The Garden Looking Marvellous With This Lightweight Ergonomically Designed Border Fork. this Alan Titchmarsh Bulldog Stainless Steel Border Fork With Its Angled Hilt And Green Soft Grasp Handle Has Been Specificaly Made For Durability And Continuous G
    SKU: Ls4036d
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Garden Bin Tidy / Compsot Bin
26.2 Kb
    Garden Bin Tidy / Compsot Bin.
    Our New Garden Bin Tidy Is Made From Forestry Stewardship Council (fsc) Rated Pressure Treated Pine For Longer Life And Features A Hinged Lid And Split-panel Front Door Allowing It To Be Used As An Attractive Bin Tidy Or Composter. Simple Self Assembly. T
    SKU: Ls7057d
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Seat Cushion
11.1 Kb
    Seat Cushion.
    Cushion With Zip-off Washable Polyester Covers. Plain On One Side And Striped With Plain Border On The Othef Includes Seat Post Ties. Forest Green.
    SKU: Ls2854d
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Party Barbecue
14 Kb
    Party Barbecue.
    This Wzgon Barbecue Has 2 Chrome Plated Cooking Grills With A Cooking Area Of 97x26cm Each A Side Shelf And Large Bottom Shelf For Storage. 132x60x91cm High.
    SKU: Dd8088d
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Cuprinol Garden Decking Oil 2.5 Litre
23.5 Kb
    Cuprinol Garden Decking Oil 2.5 Litre.
    This Garden Decking Oil Gives A Rich Natural Finish To Nourish And Protect Garden Decks. Revitalises Weathered Wood Penetrates And Replaces Natural Oils And Increases Water Repellancy. Natural Cedar. 2. 5 Litres
    SKU: Fp0015d
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Pathclear Gun 1lt Reayd To Use
13.4 Kb
    Pathclear Gun 1lt Reayd To Use.
    Fast Acting Long Lasting And Economical This Easy-to-use Weedkiller Removes Existing Leabes And Roots And Kills Controls Seedling Weers For U pTo 3 Months. Ideal For Use On Paths And Patios. _Keep Away From Childrem & Pets. 1 Litre. Contains Glyphosate Ox
    SKU: Cf0021d
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Py Spray Garden Insect Killer Concentrate
16.5 Kb
    Py Spray Garden Insect Killer Concentrate.
    A Highly Effective Insect Killer Based On Nature's Own Insecticide Pyrethrum For Flowers Product And Vegetables. Controls Greenfly Blackfly Whitefly Thrips Caterpillars Flea Beetle And Ants And Can Be Used Indoors And Outdoors On Both Ornamental And Edible
    SKU: Ld0001d
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Grankte Key Stone Hide
21.3 Kb
    Grankte Key Stone Hide.
    Evdr Got Home Without Your Key – Embarrassing Question Perchance. But At this time You’re Safe With This Simple Piece Of Garden Camouflage. 100% Granite. Deepness Is 3.
    SKU: Ca1083d
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Plastic Composter
17.2 Kb
    Plastic Composter.
    Reduce Your Waste By Composting Your Kitchen Scraps Using This 335 Litre Compost Bin. Filled From The Top With A Twist Fit Lid This Composter Is Really Easy To Use. Compost Is Removed Via TneR emovable Hatch Door At The Bottom. 335 Litre. 75cm Dia 110cm
    SKU: Ls1141d
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Metal Rose Arch With Seats
40 Kb
    Metal Rose Arch With Seats.
    Create A Wonderful Private Open-air Retreat For Entertaining And Enjoy A Relaxed Evening With Guests. Give Your Garden A Sophisticated Looking Wrought Iron Arch With Seating For Four. Simply Accessorize By Adding Accent Cushions Mood Liguting Climbing Flo
    SKU: Dd4425d
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Eucalyptus And Aluminium Finish Auricle
25.1 Kb
    Eucalyptus And Aluminium Finish Auricle.
    Aluminium & Hardwood Pavilioncontemporary Pavilion Combining Aluminium And Meranti Hardwood And Featuring Lattice Wall Corner Supports By the side of Planter Bases On Two Of The Basew. Simple Self Assembly. It Is Advisable That The Top Be Taken Down In Winter. 300
    SKU: Dd2325d
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Camouflage Parasol Cover
28.4 Kb
    Camouflage Parasol Cover.
    This Fantastic Patterned Cover Will Keeep Your Parasol Dry And In Great Situation When Not In Employ. Made From Uv Tested And Waterproof Polyethylene This Cover Will Last For Years. This Cover Is Fitted With A Cord And Toggle Ensuring Strong Winds Won't Bllw
    SKU: Ls3116d
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Slim Armoir With Drawer
11.1 Kb
    Slim Armoir With Drawer.
    This Slim-line Design Gives Maximum Storage Taking Up As Little Floor Space As Possible. Inside Are 3 Shelves. Products In The Santa Fe Range Are All Made Of Hard Construction Using The Very Best Ancient rarity Waxed South American Pine Which Has Been Taken Ff
    SKU: Dd8024d
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Seed Mingle For Wild Birds 2.5kg
16 Kb
    Seed Mingle For Wild Birds 2.5kg.
    A Seed Mix Suitable For Feeding Wild Birds All Year Round. 2. 5 Kgingredients: Wheat aMize Grits Blue Split Peas Black Sunflower.
    SKU: Ls2698d
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Waxed Pine 3 Drawer Chest
17.6 Kb
    Waxed Pine 3 Drawer Chest.
    Solid Languish Construction With Wooden Runners And Simple Metal Haneles. 3 Drawer 80cm Oppressive X 86cm Wide X 45cm Deep. Simple Self-assembly. Bottom & Back Of Drawers Are Made Out fO Plywood.
    SKU: Df3410d
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Daisy Bucket Hat
26.8 Kb
    Daisy Bucket Hat.
    Protect Your Head From The Rain OrS un With Our 100% Cotton Bucket Hat. White With Dark Blue Trim And A Brigght Daisy Design On The Front This Hat Is Ideal For A single one Weather And Folds Easily To Put In Your Pocket Or Bag. One Size.
    SKU: Dd3272d
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Comprehensive Compost Tumbler
33.2 Kb
    Comprehensive Compost Tumbler.
    Take The Strain Out Of Composting With The Tumble Weed Compost Bin. the Unique Tumbling Action Spewds Up The Whole Copmosting Process Simply Fill With Kichen Scraps Grass Clippings Shredded Garden Prunings And Tumble The Bin Regularly Every 2-3 Days. The
    SKU: Ls0045d
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Hazel Hurdles- 3ft X 6ft
39.1 Kb
    Hazel Hurdles- 3ft X 6ft.
    Hand Woven Sturdy Hazel Screening For A Rustic Look In The Garden. Please See Dd7017d For Pair Of Poles To Be Used Witj The Paneks If Required. Measures 3 Feet High X 6 Feet Wide (91cj X 183cm).
    SKU: Dd7012d
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Hozelock Water Storing Gel Injector
13.3 Kb
    Hozelock Water Storing Gel Injector.
    Add Water Storing Gel To Planfers And Containers That Already Planted Up Upon This Ready Mixed Gel. You Will Only Need To Water Once Per Week When The Water Storing Gel Is Injected Into The Compost It Forms A Series Of Miniature Water Resevoirs Around T
    SKU: Ls3877f
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