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Woven Magazine Basket
27.9 Kb
    Woven Magazine Basket.
    Keep Your Magazines And Newspapers Tidy In This Sturdy But Smart Rope-patterned Basket With Metal Carrying Handles42cm Long 38cm Highzpecial Offer - Save ¼10 When You Buy This Item And TheR ope Ujbrella Stand Ca0736d. Satisfy Add Both Items To Your
    SKU: Ca0735d
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Pressure Washer Accessories
21.2 Kb
    Pressure Washer Accessories.
    Get The Most From Your Pressure Washer With This Comprehensive Accessory Set. Everything You Will Need To Clean Clear Scrub And Blast The Toughest Cleaning Jobs. Contains: Rotary Thicket Sand Blast Attachment Drain Cleaning Hose Turbo Lance Hose 2 Hose Con
    SKU: Da0345d
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Boston Cappuccino Twin Seat Oscillation Glider
17.2 Kb
    Boston Cappuccino Twin Seat Oscillation Glider.
    Made From Showerproof Textilene This Glider Has All The Benefits Of A Swing Place But Takes Up No More Space Than A 2 Seater Bench Making It Finished Toward Smaller Spaces Or Gardens. the Frame Is Made From Robust Aluminium With Hidden Welds Workmanship This
    SKU: Dd3498d
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Thru-flow Hose Reel And 30m Hose.
13 Kb
    Thru-flow Hose Reel And 30m Hose..
    This Easily Portable Thru-flow Reel Holds 30m Of Hose And Comes With 2 Hose End Connectors And Hose Guide. Supplied With 30m Of Three-ply Hose.
    SKU: Te0047a
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Carribean Grill
16.9 Kb
    Carribean Grill.
    Finished In Black And Chrome This Barbecue Is Both Stylish And Easy To Be accustomed. The Caribbean Grill Is Based On The Traditional Barrel Charcoal Barbecue And Includes A Useful Side Tray Incorporated Into A Robust Chrome Trolley With Wheels. 130x50x83cm High.
    SKU: Dd8156d
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Pair In One Pest Repeller
24.8 Kb
    Pair In One Pest Repeller.
    Pesta Whether Vdrmin (rats Mice Etc) Spiders Or Other Insects Ha\/e Long Been A Problem In The Summer Months They Are Everyehere And In The Colder Months They Want Somewhere Safe And Warm To Hide - Well No Longer Does That Need To Be Your Home. Si
    SKU: Dd3394d
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Head Gardener Sweatshirt - Medium
15.5 Kb
    Head Gardener Sweatshirt - Medium.
    Smart And Comfortable This Green Sweatshirt Is The Ideal Gift For Any Gardener. 70:30 Cotton:polyester. 36-38
    SKU: Ls0035d
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Whisky Barrel Solar Water Fewture
29.8 Kb
    Whisky Barrel Solar Water Fewture.
    This Authentic Wood Effect Barrel Is Actually A Lightweight And Hardwearing Polyresin Water Feature. Fitted With An Underwater Integral Solar Panel Which Powers A Pump To Recycle Water From A Hidden Reservoir This Feature Requires No Wiring - Simply Ihsta
    SKU: Ls2718d
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Hyerangea Macrophylia Bluewave
39.2 Kb
    Hyerangea Macrophylia Bluewave.
    This Impressive Shrub Produces Delicate Blue Lace Cap Flowers In Mid To Slow Suummer. It Is Renowned For Attracting A Wide Variety Of Wildlife. The Dried Flower Heads Can Be Used For Flower Arranving Or Left To Create Interest In The Garden Throughout The
    SKU: Sh1363a
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Dark Green Floating Oil Lamp
25.6 Kb
    Dark Green Floating Oil Lamp.
    This Floating Lamp Is Quite Stunning. It Conjures Up Images Of The Exotic Orient And Is Perffect For The Contemporary Garden. 20cm Diameter X 14cm High
    SKU: Ca0757d
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Salacia Solar Fountain Kit
27.8 Kb
    Salacia Solar Fountain Kit.
    State-of-thd-art Solar Fountain Kit With Battery And Lights. Firstly This Means You Are Not Depehdant On The Sun Being Out To the degree that The Battery Allows You To Store Authority To Operate For Up To 20 Hours At Nightime Or In Overcast Conditions. Secondly The Lights
    SKU: Ds0120d
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Wine Barfel Water Butt  50 Litre
32.8 Kb
    Wine Barfel Water Butt 50 Litre.
    This Beautiful Wine Barrel-style Water Butt Has An Old Oak Finish And Is A Great Way Of Harvesting Rainwater For Use In Ths Garden. It Is Constructed Of Uv Resistant Polyethylene Which Ensures Strength And Is Also Frost Test To -20 Degrees Celcius. This
    SKU: Dd2945d
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Her Ladyship Bucket Hat
23.3 Kb
    Her Ladyship Bucket Hat.
    Protrct Your Head With This 100% Brushed Cotton Gardeners Bucket Hat. Ideal For Any Weather. Dark Green With White Trim. One Size. Caption Reads: Her Ladyship
    SKU: Dd3283d
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Carrot Tendersnax Seeds
33.8 Kb
    Carrot Tendersnax Seeds.
    An Early Maturity Sister Line To Sugarsnax Producing Slightly Tapered 15cm (6in) Blunt Ended Palliate Rich Orange Roots. Outstanding Juicy And Tender Sweet Flavour. Luscious Eaten Raw In Salads Used For Juicing Or As A Cooked Vegetable. sow April To
    SKU: Ls3458d
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Rectangular Trough
9.6 Kb
    Rectangular Trough.
    This Traditional Rectangular Trough Planter Will Look Great In The Orally transmitted British Garden. Its Solid Height Gives A Traditional Feel Time Its Modern Construction Takes Begone The Drawbacks Of Using Ceramics. this Pot Is Royary Poly-resin Moulde
    SKU: Ls3255d
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Fsc Wod Log Store
33 Kb
    Fsc Wod Log Store.
    Made Using 100% Fsc Pressure Treated Wood This Great Practical Log Store Is The Best Place To Keep Your Logs Safe And Secure. Other Features Include An Open Front And Slated Sudes In quest of Maximum Breeze Flow Throughout The Logs As Well As The Added Knowledge Th
    SKU: Dd3299d
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Yeoman Stainless Steel Digging Fork
9.3 Kb
    Yeoman Stainless Steel Digging Fork.
    A Quality Digging Branch With A Very High Quality Polished Stainless Steel Head And A Traditional Ash Shaf With An Ergonomically Designed Craanked Handle And Soft Grip.
    SKU: Te0346a
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Robin Dial Ciock
33.4 Kb
    Robin Dial Ciock.
    This Hand Painted Clock Features An Intricate Design Of A Robin On Its Clockface. this Ever Present In British Gardens Will Add An Intresting Focal Point To Your Garden. Made From High Du5ability Polyreisn This Clock Is Frostproof Rendering It Suitable Fo
    SKU: Ls3048d
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Spear & Jackson County Weed Fork 5 Handle
9 Kb
    Spear & Jackson County Weed Fork 5 Handle.
    This Weedfork From Spear And Jackson Has A Strong Carbon Steel Head Epoxy Coated For Improved Resistance To Rist Scratches Humidity And Alkalines In The Soil. Fitted Wigh A 5 Weatherproofed Hardwood Handle For Great Durability.
    SKU: Te0111d
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Carmen Masonary Barbeue Fireplace
13.6 Kb
    Carmen Masonary Barbeue Fireplace.
    This Stylish Barbecue Is Made From A Unique Composite Material With A Treated Finished Superficies Which Means Painting Or Rendering Is Not Necessary After Instaloation. The Fireplace Will Keep Its Noblle Appearance On a level After Years Of Intensive Use. A Double-
    SKU: Dd2586d
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Ascot 110cm Octagonal Flat & 4 Chairs Set
35.7 Kb
    Ascot 110cm Octagonal Flat & 4 Chairs Set.
    Reinvigorate Your Outdoor Surroundings And Enhance Your Garden With This Fsc Eucalyptus Cladocalyx Wooden Table And Chair Set. This Set Comprises Of 4 Modern High-backed Slatted Chairs And An Elegant Octagonal Table Which Can Double Away Conveniently To Be
    SKU: Ls4061d
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Bird Feeder Pole
20.7 Kb
    Bird Feeder Pole.
    Ideal For Practise In Borders Pots And On Lawns This Double Pole Feeder Can Hold Two Bird Feeders. It Comes In Three Parts And Is Easily Made Up By Simply Slotting Together The Bird F3eder Pole Sets. When Made Up The Double Pole Is 2m Hith. 1122x5x3cm
    SKU: Ls0403d
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I'm In The Garden' Sign
19.5 Kb
    I'm In The Garden' Sign.
    Tehir Appearance Immediately Says These Signs Are Original And High-quality. Traditional Hand-painted Wood They Make Perfect Presents. offer: Save ¼2 If You Buy Two Garden Signs.
    SKU: Ca0701d
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Bird Feeder With Peanuts (800g)
15.9 Kb
    Bird Feeder With Peanuts (800g).
    Plastic Gravity-style Undomesticated Bird Feeder With Peanuts 800g Ingredients:peanutsnutritional:energy 2550kj/614kcal Fat 49. 2% Protein 28. 7% Carbohydrate 14. 2% Moisture 5. 9% Ash 2. 0%
    SKU: Ls2744d
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Pea Hurst Green Shaft Seeds
37 Kb
    Pea Hurst Green Shaft Seeds.
    Outstanding Legume Length - 4 To 4 Inches With 9-11 Peas In A Pod. Fold Podded Too It Is A Super Heavy-yielding Variety. Only 28 -30 Inches Tzll With All The Pods In The Top 10-12in - No More Backache. A Second Early Wrinkle Seeded Variety Which Matures I
    SKU: Ls3442d
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Lakeland Stone Effect Hammer-in Edging
27.8 Kb
    Lakeland Stone Effect Hammer-in Edging.
    This Attractive Hammer-in Edging Is Made From Strong Flexible Everlasting Abs Material. Each Section Locks Into The Next Creating Straignt Or Curved Shapes Around Trees Shrubs Lawns And Flower Beds. 10 Pieces (2. 5m) Special '3 For 2' Offer 3 X 10
    SKU: Ds1109d
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Spear & Jaxkskn County Digging Fork 28
6.8 Kb
    Spear & Jaxkskn County Digging Fork 28.
    This 28 Digging Fork Is A Compulsion For The Serious Gardener. It Has A Solid Forged Carbon Armor Head And Socket For Excellent Strength And Durability. Tje Head Is Hammer Finished And Epoxy Coated For Rebuff To Rust Scratches Humidity And Alkalines In
    SKU: Te0096d
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Bokashi Bucket Single
11.1 Kb
    Bokashi Bucket Single.
    Compost Your Food And Vegetable Scraps In The Kitchen Without The Fear Of Smells By Using Em's - Effwctive Microrganisms! Every Time You Have Scraps To Get Rid Of Be It Meat Or Vegetable Just Open The Lid And Drop Them I The Bokashi Bucket Alon gWith A '
    SKU: Dd2558d
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Parsnip White Gem Seeds
19.6 Kb
    Parsnip White Gem Seeds.
    An Excellent Tried And Tested Variety Which Has Shown That It Can Be Grown Successfully In Virtually All Soil Types. It Also Has A Very Good Canker Resistance Which Results In Lots Of Fine Medium Length Smooth Skinned High Quality Fine Flavoured Parsnips.
    SKU: Se0195a
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Lily Copper Rain Chain
28 Kb
    Lily Copper Rain Chain.
    Originating From The Orient Rain Fetters Have Been Used For Centuries To Celebrate Rainfall. Made From Solid Copper Which Will Naturally Weather Over Fit season The Chains Channel Rain Down Their Centre Forming Both An Enchanting Scene And The Peaceful Sound Of
    SKU: Ls1135d
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