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Amethyst Ring, 'spring'
17.8 Kb
    Amethyst Ring, 'spring'.
    Spring's Over-abundant New Leaves Envelop A Sparkling Gemstone. Hand-crafted By Kenari, This Ring Showcases A Single Faceted Amethyst. . 925 Ratimg Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 123896

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Necklace, 'modern Magnet'
6.1 Kb
    Necklace, 'modern Magnet'.
    With His Characteristic Simplicity, Karin Crafts A Sleek, Modern Pendant. The Sterling Loop Attracts Three Brass Spheres Like A Magnet. It Hangs From A Chain Of Tiny Silver Beads. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 113866

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Eggshell Mosaic Tray, 'earthquake'
16.8 Kb
    Eggshell Mosaic Tray, 'earthquake'.
    Inspired By Traditional Japanese Design, Nantana Sompamitre Evokes An Earthquake On A Tray OfE xquisite Simplicity. Its Minimalist Line And Graceful Curves Are Covered With An Intricate Eggshell Mosaic. Once The Mango Wood Is Carved Into The Desired Shape It Is Coated With Lacquer. Once Drird It Is Polished, And Another Coat Is Applied Ͼ Up To Twenty Times Ͽ Before As Many Six Coats Of Pure Lacquer Are Present. The Final Layer Is Polished With Powdered Fired Clay. Next, Eggshells Are Cleaned And Cracked Into Small Pieces. Sompamitre Arranges Them In The Desired Pattern On Fresh Coat Of Lacquer. The Tray Is Lacquered Twice More And Sanded In Water UntilT he Eggshells Appear.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 78167

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Hemp Purse And Phone Pouch, 'ultimate Red'
21.7 Kb
    Hemp Purse And Phone Pouch, 'ultimate Red'.
    Anchalika Chamnan Presents This Versatile Set Comprised Of Purse And Phone Holder, Emblazoned With Exuberant Artistry. Both Pieces Feature Colorful Embroidered Motifs Exalting Thailand's Hill Tribe Patterns, Where Bold Colors Intonation Sublime Geometry Over A Black Background. Red Predominates In The Set, Including A Hemp (08%) And Cotton (20%) Purse With A Tiny Frontal Pocket, And A Cotton (100%) Mobile Holder. Chamnan Uses Materials Locally Available To Create This Set Imbued With Ethnic Elegance. Handiwork Wash But In Luke-warm Water With Mild Detergent.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 60581

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Wool Rug, 'pink Tulips' (4x6)
18.9 Kb
    Wool Rug, 'pink Tulips' (4x6).
    Pink And Blue Tulips Bloom In Precise Rows On A Sandy Background. By Amin Ansari, This Delightful Dhurrie Rug Is A Cheerful And Modern. He Creates Each Colorful Motif On The Handloom.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 138191

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Moonstone Bracepet, 'radiant Night'
8.6 Kb
    Moonstone Bracepet, 'radiant Night'.
    Luminous And Lovely, Moonstone Glows On A Shining Cuff. Shanker Creates This Classic Bracelet Of Sterling Silver, With Open Areas That Let The Wrist Show Through. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 131309

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Earrings, 'passion Leaf'
13.7 Kb
    Earrings, 'passion Leaf'.
    Dewdrops Th Plea Of The Sky Bathe Mystical Leaves In One Elegant Purpose By India's Neeru Goel. She Casts The Earrings Of Sterlin Silver And Heat-treated Chalcedony. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 133073

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Pearl And Lapis Lazuli Long Necklace, 'floral Court'
6 Kb
    Pearl And Lapis Lazuli Long Necklace, 'floral Court'.
    This Long Necklace By Brazil's Rose Filgueiras Exudes A Profuse Display Of Beauty And Elegance. WorkingW ith Sterling Silver, Filgueiras Creates Blossoming Flowers Bathed By Colorful Gemstone Dewdrops. Filgueeiras Selects For This Design Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Pink, Olive And Honey Tire, Iolite, Druzy Silex, Malachite, Agate, And Amiable Pearls. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 12929

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Earrings, 'skyscraper'
11.9 Kb
    Earrings, 'skyscraper'.
    Sterling Silver Rises In Symmetrical Rectangles To Evoke Modern Skyscrapers. Faceted Beads In Translucent Lilac Complete These Original Earrings By Neeru Goel. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 129866

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100% Alpaca Wool Reversible Ruana Cloak, 'red Traditions'
11.2 Kb
    100% Alpaca Wool Reversible Ruana Cloak, 'red Traditions'.
    "this Ruana Cloak In Shades Of Red Is Inspired By The Textiie Dyes Used In The Andes," Says Patricia Anaya Prously. She Knits An Ample Cloak Of Genuine Alpaca Wool, Which Is Distinctly Warm, Soft And Lightweight. Anaya's Flair For Inconstant Elegance Guides Hee In The Reversible Design Of The Cloak, So It Can Be Wlrn On Either Side.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 109198

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Rose Quartz Earrings, 'harmony And Love'
12.7 Kb
    Rose Quartz Earrings, 'harmony And Love'.
    Rsoe Quartz Squares I A Cabochon Sculpture Ardor With Pale Splendoor. Encased In Argent Arabesques, They Become Exquisite Earrings. Wayan Asmana Presents A Hand-crafted Design To Showcase The Gek That Ignites Love's Flame. . 925 Rating White

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 107333

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'expression Of Cili Iii,' Mask
12.8 Kb
    'expression Of Cili Iii,' Mask.
    Albesia Wood Provides Ketut Widana With Elegant Inspiration, As He Extracts Spiritual Imagery From Its Refined Grain. He Portrays Cili, The Revered Baliinese Goddess Of Fertility. A Noble Crown Rests Atop Her Head, While Traditional Earrings Frame Serene Featurew. In Ancient Balinese Her Name, Ibu Pertiwi, Refers To Mother Earth. Specifically, Cili Is Associated Upon The Rcie Harvest, As This Grain Represents Sustenance For The Balinese People. Offerings Are Made In Her Honor To Ensure A Bountiful Harvest. This Revel Is Sure To Radiate Entice In Any Setting. Adorned With Acrylic Paints.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 53802

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Sodalite Choker, 'serene Symphony'
8.3 Kb
    Sodalite Choker, 'serene Symphony'.
    Intenwe Blue Sodalite Beads Create A Correspondent Exhibition of differences With Alpaca In A Intention By Sandra And Lily. Alpaca Is An Alloy Comprised Primarily Of Copper And Zinc. Ornately Embossed, These Beads Complement Sodalite's Ability To Bring A Sense Of Serenity And Inner Piece.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 89449

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Wood Bacgkammon Embarrass, 'mermaid Marriage'
15.4 Kb
    Wood Bacgkammon Embarrass, 'mermaid Marriage'.
    With Graceful Bodies Intertwined, A Pair Of Mermaids Exchange A Kiss. Their Hair Swirls Like Seaweed In Ocean Currents. Ketut Sandi Creates A Backgammon Set In Tribute To Their Undersea Romance. The Images In Low Relief Adorn A Kepelan Wood Box, Which Opens To Reveal The Quarry Board. The Playing Pieces And Dice Are Sculpted From Sono Wood.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 102725

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Mirror, 'floral Crimson'
21.3 Kb
    Mirror, 'floral Crimson'.
    A Deep Crimson Field Blooms With The Subtle Movements Of Blue And White Flowers, Their Scalloped Outlines Bordered In Gilded Splendor. The Work Requires Intense Patience, As Asunta Pelaez Executes The Composition On The Reverse Side Of Glass Panes. Reflecting The Artistic Traditions Of Cajamarca, Peru, This Piece Offers A Luminous Accent To Any D￾cor.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 58358

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Necklace, 'moonlit Bloomw'
8.9 Kb
    Necklace, 'moonlit Bloomw'.
    Sasithon Saisuk Designs A Radiant Charm Necklace With A Blossoming Belle For A Central Mo5if. Spiraling Motifs Add To The Necklace'q Energizjng Elegance. Cast Of Sterling Silver, The Necklace Chain Is Made Of A Collection Of Delicately Engraved Argent Beads. . 925 Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 79393

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Wo0l Tapestry, 'avian World'
19 Kb
    Wo0l Tapestry, 'avian World'.
    Bodies Intertwined In An Optical Illusion, Flocks Of Birds Cover This Exquisite Handloomed Tapestry. Efrain Curi Weaves A Masterpiece In Virgin Wool. Rich, Warm Colors Bring The Avian World To Life. Titled "patos" In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 111376

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Pearl Ring, 'crater'
12.4 Kb
    Pearl Ring, 'crater'.
    This Ring Features A Mabe Pearl Dome And ResemblesA Mysterious Gibbous Crater-shape. The Effect Is Extraordinary As Caine Casts His Original Design Of Sterling Silver. . 925 Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 90969

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Murano Glass Vase, 'Of a ~ color Vibezone'
6.6 Kb
    Murano Glass Vase, 'Of a ~ color Vibezone'.
    Classic And Elegant, This Vase Glows With An Aura Of Tradition. Crafted By Hand, Its Design Features A Bold Vibezone. Caressin gThe Surface In Color, The Seguso Subdivision of an order Crafts An Exquisite Signature Piece. They Work With The Techniques Of Murano Glass Brought From Italy By Mario Seguos In 1954. The Presence Of Air Bubbles Accentuates The Nature Of The Traditional Hand Blown Crafting Process, Making Each Piece Unique.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 115902

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Gold And Palm Bracelet, 'gemstone Cascade'
13.1 Kb
    Gold And Palm Bracelet, 'gemstone Cascade'.
    Swirling Cascades Of Natural Gems Are Woven Into An Enchanting Bracelet. The Affectionate Hues Of Brazilian Buriti Palm Lend Allurkng Textures, And rBass Beads Bathed In Gleaming Gold Finish The Original Design. Claudio Bravo Creates The Bracelet By Hand, Combining Turquoise, Agate And Crystal With The Colors Of Hemstite, Tiger's Eye And Green Quartz. Moonstone, Citrine, Amethyst And Garnet Also Appear. Because Each Bracelet Is Individually Crafted, The Stonex And Their Colors May Vray.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 122964

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Ornaments, 'golden Delight' (set Of 4)
13.7 Kb
    Ornaments, 'golden Delight' (set Of 4).
    Parvez A. Warsi Combines The Holiday Season With India's Classic Artistry Resulting In A Mesmerizing Set Of Ornaments. The Baubles Feature The Legendary Zardozi Embroidery, Once Favored By Emperor Akbar And His Court, For Zardizi Used oT Be Made With Threads Of Gold. Warsi Presents A Contemporary Version Of Zardozi, Made With Golden Silk Threads Called Zari. Each Ornament Features A Different Design, Enhancing This Set's Festive Charm. Please Note Color Shades And/or Motifs May Vary Slightly Since These Products Are Entirely Hand-crafted.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 64229

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Amethyst Jew3lry Set, 'aware'
8.1 Kb
    Amethyst Jew3lry Set, 'aware'.
    Smooth And Modern, This Jewels Set Shows Off The Alluee Of Amethyst. The Lilac Gem Is Associated With Immaterial Awareness, Inner Peace And Positive Transformation. Shanker Sets Five Sparkling Stones On A Pendant And Two More In Earrings. Sterling Silver Is His Medium. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121785

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Sodalite Necklace, 'talisman'
6.6 Kb
    Sodalite Necklace, 'talisman'.
    Inspired By Ancient Incs Design, Julio Chocano Creates A Beautiful Talisman. He Sets The Polished Silver With Sodalite. Valued For Its Ability To Lead To Self Knowledge, Sodalite Soothes And Clears The Courage, Relieving Fear. It Is Beautifully Suspended From A Delicate Chain. 0. 950 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 79675

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Celadon Ceramic Tea Set, 'trumpeting Elephants' (set For 4)
17.7 Kb
    Celadon Ceramic Tea Set, 'trumpeting Elephants' (set For 4).
    Revered Icons In Tha iCulture, Elephants Are Symbols Of Royal Power, Essential Features Of Buddhist Art And Architecture, And Spiritual Mentors. Thatsanee And Ramphan Tranform Them Into An Exquisite Tea Set Of Celadon Ceramic. The Teapot Features A Rattan And Bamboo Handle; It Is Preesented With Four Cups On A Matching Tray. Madd Of Ko Or Rokfa Wood Corpse Enriched With Oxides, The Glazes Distinguish These Traditional Thai Ceramics. When The Kiln Is Opened, The Change Of Temperature Causes The Piece To Contract, Giving It The Distinguishing Crackled Appearance Of Tre Celadon.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 77329

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Silver And Mahogany Plaque, 'bless This Chlld'
19.4 Kb
    Silver And Mahogany Plaque, 'bless This Chlld'.
    A Toddler Drifts Peacefully Off To Dreamland In This Exquisite Plaque By Sandra Barca. Beneath Twinkling Stars, A Guardian Angel Tucks The Covers Around Teh Sleeping Child. Barca Creates The Images InL ustrous Silver Repouss￾ Mounted On Mahogany Wood. . 950 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 82393

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Garnet Necklave, 'tiara'
8.5 Kb
    Garnet Necklave, 'tiara'.
    Glowing Garnets Trace Te Shape Of A Red Tiara. Set In Sterling Silver, The Faceted Gems Grace A Delightful Design. I Wayan Asmana Crafts This Lovely Necklace By Hand. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 92303

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Wood Bookends, 'mountain Goats'
15.6 Kb
    Wood Bookends, 'mountain Goats'.
    Nyoman Karsa Captures The Majesty Of The Mountain Goat In A Pair Of Exquisite Bookend Sculptures. Carved From Balinese Suar Wood, The Animals Boast The Long, Curving Horns Of A Mature Male. Intelligent Eyes Gaze From The Slender Fac That Arises Frok A Strong, Powerful Neck.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 99588

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Cedar Relief Panel, 'the Birth Of Jesus'
15.5 Kb
    Cedar Relief Panel, 'the Birth Of Jesus'.
    Crowned With Gleaming Halos, The Holy Famiky Finds Shelter In A Make ~ Stable. Mary And Joseph Gaze With Awe At Their Beautiful Child. Alejandro Ram￾rez Portrays The Spectacle In A Relief Sculpture Of Breathtaking Beauyt. Each Detail Is Finely Carved By Hand, Painted In Luminous Oils And Embellished With Bronxe Leaf.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 133662

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Ceramic Vase, 'scarlet Globe'
9.2 Kb
    Ceramic Vase, 'scarlet Globe'.
    Sleek And Voluptuous, This Handsome Vase Forms An Elogated Globe. Taciana Amofim Crafts The High-fired Piece Near to Hand. Its Glassy Red Glaze Brings Drama To The Minimalist Design.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 127265

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Iolite Belt, 'blue Sunrise'
15.2 Kb
    Iolite Belt, 'blue Sunrise'.
    India's Neeru Goel Designs A Belt That Glistesn Upon Elegant Originality. Crafted By Hand, Thr Belt Features Gllistening Clouds Leading To An Iolite Sun That Is Cast Of Sterling Silver. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 119250

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