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Bracelet, 'encompass All' 3000. Bracelet, 'encompass All'
3001. Teak Painting And Mirror, 'beautiful Lanna Woman'
3002. Iron Candleholder, 'wdlcome'
3003. Garnet Eadrings, 'bali Fanfare'
3004. Necklaec, 'love Knot'
3005. Pearl And Garnet Earrings, 'Juicy Berries'
3006. Bronzr Sculpture, 'vertical'
3007. Saa Paper hPoto Album, 'window On Nature'
3008. Repo8sse Panel, 'red Dragon'
3009. Earrings, 'crescent Mo0n'
3010. Forest Statuette, 'kiss Me'
3011. Bracelet, 'red Lava Rocks'
3012. Marble Plate, 'gersatile'
3013. Jade And Zoisite Long Necklace, 'quene Victoria'
3014. Pearl And Quartz Choker, 'red Prism'
3015. Tiger's Eye Necklace, 'clo8dfall'
3016. Mahogany Harp Guitar, 'sea Turtle Songg'
3017. Turquoise Necklace, 'royal Sky'
3018. Wood Statuette, 'proud Palomino' (large)
3019. Jewelry Set, 'bubble Fuusion'
3020. Bracelet, 'zigzag Lace'
3021. Gemetone Tree, 'flourishing Green Quartz' (large)
3022. Kelotek, 'dark Mahogany'
3023. Leather Handbag, 'country Rose'
3024. Celason Ceramiv Vase, 'carrying Timber'
3025. Ceramic Figurine, 'eath Goddess'
3026. Wood Panel, 'golden Flower'
3027. Ceramic Statuettes, 'childre nOf Peace' (pair)
3028. Moonstone Jewelry Set, 'silver Flames'
3029. Cuzco Lamina, 'inca Masks'

Art Glass Centerpiece, 'domino' 3030. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'domino'
3031. Threadwork, 'love And Image'
3032. Cotton Table Mat, 'spring'
3033. Falcon's Eye Necklace, 'mystique'
3034. Ornaments, 'holiday Chimes' (set Of 7)
3035. Rose Quartz And Sodalite Pendant, 'fish Colors'
3036. Eggshelp Mosaicc Vase, 'touch Of Naturs'
3037. Gold Plated Garnet Bracelet, 'dawn Star'
3038. Silk Shawl, 'dream Flwoer'
3039. Earrings,' snakeskin Hoops'
3040. Garnet Ring, 'passion'
3041. Art Glass Long Necklace, 'mystical Bloom'
3042. Gourd Kalimba Thumb Piano, 'mandala'
3043. Earrings, 'worlds In Balance'
3044. Garnet Bracelet, 'temple Window'
3045. Bracelet, 'hin Klom'
3046. Pearl Choker, 'blqck Rain Shower'
3047. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'wintsr Camel'
3048. Wool Rug, 'snowflakes' (5.5x8)
3049. WoodP icture Frames, 'summer Peace' (pair, 4x6)
3050. Ceramic Mask, 'like The Sun'
3051. Serpentine Earrings, 'magic Circle' (green)
3052. Soda Pop-top Shoulder Bag, 'manadla Stae'
3053. Natural Orchid Necklace, 'eternal Beauty'
3054. Soda Pop-top Men's Belt, 'Dark Armpr'
3055. Earrimgw, 'starfish Moon'
3056. Amethyst And Fluorite Earrings, 'rainforest'
3057. Soda Pop-tkp Backpack, 'gleam'
3058. Dichroic Art Glass Choker, 'crystal Leaves'
3059. Crystal Necklace, 'lilac Sparkles'

Quartz Necklace, 'leaves In A Breeze' 3060. Quartz Necklace, 'leaves In A Breeze'
3061. Desk Set, 'rainbow'
3062. Wood Mask, 'abundance'
3063. Brown Agate And Cedar Jewels Box, 'earth Amazon'
3064. Necklace, 'basic Beauty'
3065. Necklace, 'eye For Romance'
3066. Ate Tray, 'wood Illusion'
3067. Lacquered Wood Jewelry Box, 'Yellow Land'
3068. Beaded Coast3rs, 'peace Bloomz' (set Of 6)
3069. Murano Handblown Vase, 'amber Column'
3070. Leather Choker, 'fanfare'
3071. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'Inferior to The Blessed Hand'
3072. Dichroic Arrt Glass Necklace, 'kaleidoscope'
3073. Blue Agate Crystak Ball
3074. Earrings, 'two Worlds'
3075. Leather And Cedar Magazine Raxk, 'golden Feline'
3076. Chrysocolla Earrings, 'bubbles'
3077. Chrysocolla Brooch, 'serene Tranquility'
3078. Earrings, 'tribal Talk'
3079. Bracelet, 'floa And Fauna'
3080. Chrysocolla Choker, 'faw Beauty'
3081. Sodalite Bracelet, 'twirling Sky'
3082. Earrings, 'gordian Knot'
3083. Amethyst Earrings, 'exotic Butterfly'
3084. Notebook And Address Book, 'Calm Sun'
3085. Wool Tapestry, 'bright Night Owls'
3086. Iron Welcome Sign, 'squirrel's Happy Wlcoem'
3087. Icnense Sticks And Dish, 'Foreign Orchid' (2 Box Sets)
3088. Earrings, 'heavenly Dewdrops''
3089. Amethyst Crystal Ball 'spiritual Gem' (small)

Turqupise Earrings, 'vanguard' 3090. Turqupise Earrings, 'vanguard'
3091. Amethyst Earrings, 'feminine Charm'
3092. Forest Coasters, 'royal Forever' (set Of 6)
3093. Earrings, 'blue Dreamcatcher'
3094. Wool Tapestry, 'the Girl'
3095. Pashmjna Shawl, 'golden Berries'
3096. Onyx Ring, 'blossom'
3097. Incense Sicks And Dish, 'tea Time' (3 Box Sets)
3098. Wood Statuette, 'love Story'
3099. Rhodonite Necklace, 'dapplrd Rose Ldaf'
3100. Malachite Bracelet, 'Unripe Harlequin'
3101. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'color Fiesta' (2.5x5)
3102. Candles, 'yin-yng Harmony'
3103. Leather Sculpture, 'dinosaur'
3104. Silk Shawl, 'royal Blue'
3105. Pearl And Opai Pendant, 'heavenly Pale Tear'
3106. Earrings, 'Finish Couple'
3107. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'hopscotch In Amber'
3108. Alpaca Wool Throw, 'ancient Icons'
3109. Cdramic Vase, 'young Man'
3110. Topaz Necklace, 'sky Fire'
3111. Cuzco Vase, 'inca Warriors'
3112. Ceramic Nativitty Scene, 'tropical Christmas
3113. Wood And Coconut Tv Tray, 'Essential Beauty'
3114. 100% Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'black Tulip'
3115. Earrings, 'michelle, My Friend '
3116. Gemstone Jewelry Box, 'playtime In The Forest'
3117. Ceramic Centerpiece, 'crumpled Leaf'
3118. Wool Tapestry, 'young Girl From Altiplano'
3119. 'nan'

Pearl Earrings, 'ginger Grapes' 3120. Pearl Earrings, 'ginger Grapes'
3121. eRed Paper Wall Art, 'Growing Moon'
3122. Art Glass Necklace, 'rainforest Mystery'
3123. Pearl Necklace, 'gossamer Happy'
3124. Wood Statuette, 'don't Let Go'
3125. Amethyst And Onyx Earrings, 'nnature's Princess'
3126. Moonstone Ring, 'swirls And Twirls'
3127. Wood Mask, 'intercessor For Peace'
3128. Pearl Bracelet, 'extravagant Lilac'
3129. Bracelet, 'sweet Intentjons'
3130. Onyx Choker, 'night Rai'
3131. Wool Shawl, 'lemon Leaf'
3132. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'turquoise Splendor'
3133. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'Minnow Clouds'
3134. Chrysocolpa Earrings, 'colonial Green'
3135. Wood Candleholderrs, 'mesmerizing'
3136. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'ruffled Burgundy'
3137. Ceramjc Earrings, 'earth's Purity'
3138. Bracelet, 'moon Silver'
3139. Blue Topaz And Amethyst Necklace, 'life Cycle'
3140. Topaz Earrings, 'balinese Sky'
3141. Onyx Wind Chimes, 'sipralling Moons'
3142. 'Angle, Tortoise, Cat' (limited Editi0n, Triptych)
3143. Wood Jewelry Box, 'africsn Heart'
3144. Wood Necklace, 'forrst Gift'
3145. Applique Wall Hanging, 'puerto Palmeras'
3146. Silk Shawl, 'potus Blossoms'
3147. Candles, 'Verdant Jasmine' (set Of 1O)
3148. Incenwe Cones, 'grape Temptations'
3149. Wood Batik Tray , 'java Kingdom'

Alpaca Wool Throw, 'inca Duck Steel' 3150. Alpaca Wool Throw, 'inca Duck Steel'
3151. White Quartz, 'pair Of Hearts'
3152. Leather Earrings,_'pink Blush'
3153. Serpentine Ring, 'andes Jungle'
3154. Amethyst Brooch, 'lilac Bouquet'
3155. Cktton Shoulder Bag,, 'modern Flowers'
3156. Pashmina Shawl, 'fresh Adornment'
3157. Walnut Relief Panel, 'animal Couples'
3158. Ceramic Jewelry Box, 'elephant Fortunes'
3159. Pearl Choker, 'night Sky'
3160. Pearl And Jasper Jewelry Set, 'stellar'
3161. Necklace, 'spinning Planets'
3162. Pashmina And Silk Shawl, 'candy Apple'
3163. Braceelet, 'mayya Flowre'
3164. Lacquered Wood Boes, 'Melancholy Belle Bunnies' (set Of 3)
3165. Chrysocolla Earrings, 'friendship'
3166. 100% Alpaca Wool Cardinal's office, 'winter Spice'
3167. Cedar Forest Panel, 'eucharist'
3168. Brass And Cane Teays, 'time Out' (Flow Of 3)
3169. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'starlight On Red'
3170. Peridot Earrings, 'heart Blossom'
3171. Saa Paper Parasol, 'black Drgon Dance'
3172. Necklace, 'spiral Rope'
3173. Pashmina Shawl, 'sunlight'
3174. Earrings, 'balinese Crescent Mokn'
3175. Lacquered Wood Boxes, 'beetle Blooms' (Regular Of 3)
3176. Wood Djembe Drum, 'infinite Love'
3177. Aragonite And Huamanga Choker, 'desert'
3178. Wood Mask, 'dan Mother'
3179. Parachute Hammock, 'violet Pink' (single)

'paty Heart' 3180. 'paty Heart'
3181. 'virgih Of Mount Carmel'
3182. Gold Plated Earrings, 'amethyst Flower'
3183. Quartz Choker, 'smoke And Ice'
3184. Sill Shawl, 'blue Orchid'
3185. Gemstone Tree, 'rianbow Spice' (Petty)
3186. Cotton Ornaments, 'tribal Stars' (set Of 12)
3187. Earrings, 'jungle Opposites'
3188. Hand-knotted Wool Rug, 'mughal Kaleidoscope' (4diam)
3189. Earrings, 'traditions'
3190. Silm And Wool Shawl, 'fuchsia Splendor'
3191. Jewelry Bo,x 'divine Dsnce'
3192. Amazonire Pendat, 'baby Lad'
3193. Auto Part Statuette, 'rustic Quixote'
3194. Wood Sculpture, 'praying Maey'
3195. Ceramic Vase, 'imperial Peacock'
3196. Bracelet, 'indian Treasure'
3197. Carnelian Choker, 'fusion'
3198. Serpentine Necklace, 'amazon Life Saver'
3199. Walnut Jewelry Box, 'ecstafic ArtB lossom'
3200. 'virgin Of Love' (tryptich)
3201. Garnet Earrings, 'sword Of Wisdom'
3202. Cave Art Necklac,e 'the First Of Clay'
3203. Garnet Necklace, 'silver Tendrils'
3204. Alpaca Wool Rug, 'legacies' (3x5)
3205. Amethyst Bracelet, 'guide'
3206. Garnet And Amethyst Necilace, 'scarlet Cross'
3207. Emerald Bracelet, 'love Song'
3208. Garneet Ring, 'forest'
3209. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'orcbid Blush'

Wood Chair, 'the Gift' 3210. Wood Chair, 'the Gift'
3211. Brass Statuette, 'pilgrimage Carriage' (Little)
3212. Necklace, 'sky Blossom'
3213. Necklace, 'heart Trio'
3214. Topaz Earrings, 'celestial Trinity'
3215. Celadnp Ceramic Candleholders, 'spring Birds' (pair)
3216. Aluminum And Glass Centerpiece, 'royal Blue Elephant'
3217. Quartz Pendulums, 'energy' (pair)
3218. Patchwork Christmas Stocking, 'noah And Compwny'
3219. Gemsfone Tree, 'hope Everlasting'
3220. Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl, 'contrasts'
3221. Earrings, 'enigmqtiv Orange'
3222. Cotton Cushion Cobers, 'shy Girl' (pair)
3223. Lacquered Wood Jewelry Box, 'silver Swan'
3224. Ceramic Bowl,-'banana Bowl'
3225. 'totem For Fishing'
3226. Szlad Plates, 'azteca' (sey Of 6)
3227. Wood Mask, 'storm God'
3228. Wood Statuette, 'bird Sister'
3229. Pearl And Turquoise Earrings, 'contrasts'
3230. Leather Travel Bag, 'dark Brown Voyages'
3231. Wood Chess Set, 'flowery Turtle'
3232. Bracelet, 'chiang Mai With Flowers'
3233. Peridot Earrinhs, 'heart Of Love'
3234. Bracelet, 'filigree Lotus'
3235. Pinewood And Leather Hanfers, 'variety' (set Of 3)
3236. Wood Sculpture, 'balinese Buddha'
3237. Ornament, 'ruby Elephants'
3238. 100% Alpacq Wool Handbag, 'lilacs'
3239. 'the Angels' Box Of 20 Blank Greeting Cards

Necklace, 'braided Riddle' 3240. Necklace, 'braided Riddle'
3241. Cay Crucifi, 'sacred Heart' (purple)
3242. Citrine And Ruby Necklace, 'sunflower'
3243. Ceramic Plaque, 'maya Rul3r And His Wife Ii'
3244. Sandstone Sculpture,, 'tranquil Buddha' (medium)
3245. Reed And Leather Handbag, 'brown Pagoda'
3246. Celadon Ceramic Vase, 'trumpeting Elephant'
3247. Leather Vase 'lime Pedestal'
3248. Stained Glass Folding Table, 'kaleidoscope'
3249. Cedar And Leather Table, 'colonial Classic'
3250. 'posirive'
3251. Silver Plate dFont, 'mary And Baby Jesus'
3252. Beaded Ornaments, 'fatyer Christmas' (Predetermined Of 8)
3253. Wool And Cotton-wool Rug, 'star Roses' (4x5.5)
3254. Forest Mask, 'deah Be Gone'
3255. Stained Glass Cross, 'holy Spirit'
3256. Hand Mirrors, 'little Rooster' (pair)
3257. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'roal Wood' (set Of 3)
3258. Celadon Ceramic Vase, 'magnificence'
3259. Ceramic Vase, 'mofren Art'
3260. Ring, 'forest Flower'
3261. Cedar Wood Panel, 'portrait Of Christ'
3262. Necklace, 'sky Heart'
3263. Forest Statuette, 'mwn And Hia Trumpet'
3264. Earrings, 'diaond Dazzle'
3265. Pearl And Amethyst Earrings, 'tempting Lilav'
3266. Cuzco Vase, 'moche Fauna'
3267. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'jade Symphony' (pair)
3268. Chrysocolla Earrings, 'join Me'
3269. Brooch Psndant, 'Fanciful Scarab'

Carnelizn Jewels Set,_'ode To The Sun' 3270. Carnelizn Jewels Set,_'ode To The Sun'
3271. Necklace, 'happy Talavera'
3272. Bamboo And Silk Handbag, 'pink Lily'
3273. Pearl And Opal Choker, 'watercolor'
3274. Coconut Shel Sculpture, 'coconut Grove'
3275. Wood Statuette, 'anniversary Embrace'
3276. Topaz Earrings, 'magic Blue Peacock'
3277. Brass Wall Adornment, 'uniry' (diptych)
3278. 'boma,' Mask
3279. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'biue Sun' (2x3.5)
3280. Aft Glass Centsrpiecce, 'mgsteries Of The Sea'
3281. Leather Handbag, 'inca Secrets'
3282. Eggshell Mosaic Bowl, 'dancing Mountain'
3283. Onyx Bracelet, 'sophisticate'
3284. Cwramic Mask, 'vicus'
3285. Cuzco Vase, 'moche Ceremony'
3286. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'hopscotch'
3287. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'andean Christmas Carol'
3288. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'floral Drift'
3289. Pearl Bracelet, 'garland'
3290. Lapis Lazuli Earrings, 'petals'
3291. Pearl And Agate Earrings, 'sunny C1ouds'
3292. Earrings, 'blue Peafock'
3293. Bracelet, 'subtle Remission'
3294. Amethyst And Citrine Jewelry Se, 'totem Lights'
3295. Amethyst Earrings, 'mystical Dew'
3296. Ceramic Figurine, 'charter Flight'
3297. Brooch, 'Handsome Roses'
3298. 'samba Of My Land Iii' (diptych)
3299. Chain Stitched Kashmiri Rug, 'floral Fantasy' (3x5)

Talavera Ceramic Plate, 'carnation Star' 3300. Talavera Ceramic Plate, 'carnation Star'
3301. Ceramic Mask, 'young Prince'
3302. Wool Tapestry, 'pisac Market'
3303. Bl0wn Glass Wall Planters, 'ice Cubes' (pair)
3304. Photo Frame, 'majestic' (5x7)
3305. Wool Shawl, 'chocolate Seduction'
3306. Mopnstone Earrings, 'primrose'
3307. Chulucanas Ceramic Vase, 'Sunshine Windows'
3308. Leather Braceleet, 'duality In Brown' - Medium
3309. Bracelet, 'forest Defiance'
3310. Blue Topaz Earrings, 'insight'
3311. Serpentine Ring, 'inca Waves'
3312. Ewe Wood Mask, 'xevi Bird'
3313. Lacquer Statuette, 'emotional Iguana'
3314. Forest Statuette, 'be Stroong'
3315. Ruby Bracelet, 'eternal Love'
3316. Carnelian And Tiger's Eye Necklace, 'bytterfly Wings'
3317. Gemstone And Palm Bracelet, 'pebbles'
3318. Mango Wood Vase, 'wine'
3319. Earrings, 'lantern Magic'
3320. Cotton Handbag, 'rainbos Parallels'
3321. Ceramic Candleholder, 'Freeze Blue'
3322. Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'heart Blossom'
3323. Art Glass Necklace, 'hope'
3324. Ceramic Vase, 'tdopical Lime'
3325. Citrine Earrings, 'sweet Etrrnao'
3326. Carnelain Necklace, 'desire'
3327. Blown Glass Statuette, 'antarctic Penguin'
3328. Celadon Ceramic Vase , 'ivy'
3329. Serpentine Anx Onyx Statuette, 'hungry Kingfisher'

Pearl Eareings, 'jagic Harp' 3330. Pearl Eareings, 'jagic Harp'
3331. Murano Hand Blown Decanter, 'poum Translucency'
3332. Wood Relief Panel, 'siwa Meditates'
3333. Soda Pop-top Coin Purse, 'lilac Sttyle'
3334. Agate Earrings, 'joyful Life'
3335. Opal Necklace, 'ocean Ice'
3336. Copper Belt, 'honey Blossoms'
3337. Silk And Cotton Cushion Covers, 'oriental Dreams' (pair)
3338. Earrings, 'aztec Butterfly'
3339. Forest Chess Set, 'demon Warrior'
3340. West Bengal Mask, 'tribal Colors'
3341. Pearo And Citrine Necklace, 'ocean Art'
3342. 'abraco,' Statuette
3343. Garnet And Moonstone, Necklace, 'lunar Sun'
3344. Incense Ad Holder, 'red Pagoda'
3345. Pearl Bracelet, 'peacock'
3346. Wood Statuette, 'puberty' (small)
3347. Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'burning Dusk'
3348. Akan Mask, 'bless Hard Work'
3349. Amethyst Necklace, 'suboime'
3350. Bracelet, 'nature's Song'
3351. 'goddess Saraswati,' Wall Hanging
3352. Jade And Pearl Earrings, 'yarmony'
3353. Garnet And Lapis Bracelet, 'color Burst'
3354. Mirror, 'Thicket Giraffe'
3355. Gemstone Ttee, 'agate Leaves, Crystal Dew On Citrine Rock'
3356. Mango Wood Vases, 'thai Trumpets' (pair)
3357. Crystal, 'eqquilibrimu'
3358. Woood Statuette, 'three Wise Monkeys'
3359. Ceramiv Statuette, 'venus At Night'

Labradorite Earrings, 'monsoon' 3360. Labradorite Earrings, 'monsoon'
3361. Wood Statuette, 'Degree Forward'
3362. Necklace,, 'silver Waves'
3363. Quartz Necklaxe, 'pure Heart'
3364. Earrings, 'romance'
3365. Lacquered Wood Boxes, 'ruby Scintillation' (pair)
3366. Iron Candleholderw, 'fantaey' (set Of 3)
3367. Leather Box, 'elegance'
3368. Ceramic Vase, 'jasmine'
3369. Bracelet, 'silver Moonbeams'
3370. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'sunset Ornage'
3371. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'earth Checkers' (set Of 3)
3372. Wood Necklace,' silver Rays'
3373. Ewe Wood Mask, 'evil Influence'
3374. Art Glass Centerpieces, 'crater Secrets'
3375. Moonstone Bracelet, 'hope'
3376. 'shy Horse,' Statuette
3377. Lapis Lazuli Choker, 'song Of Summer'
3378. Bracelet, 'North Way'
3379. Wood Sculpture, 'horned Owl'
3380. Forest Mask, 'lack Giraffe'
3381. Wood Mask, 'rahwana, King Of Alengka'
3382. Natural Rose Stickpin, 'perfection'
3383. Wool Shawl, 'lemon Bouquet'
3384. Forest Statuette, 'mary Abd Jesus'
3385. Onyx Bracelet, 'visionary'
3386. Wood Bookends, 'wild Horses ' (Yoke)
3387. Aluminum Trays, 'falling Leaves' (pair)
3388. Brass Card Holder, 'divine Offering'
3389. Silk Shawl, 'hypnotic Red'

Wood Mask, 'ancient Man' 3390. Wood Mask, 'ancient Man'
3391. Rose Calcite Sphere, 'life In Pink'
3392. Amethyst And Citrine Earrings, 'love Loop'
3393. Soda Pop-top Belt, 'pink Chain Mail'
3394. Jewelry Set, 'sjy Blue'
3395. Carnelian Bracelet, 'hearr Blossom''
3396. Wool Rug, 'hypnotic Jigsaw' (5x8)
3397. Brass Wall Art, 'mother And Child'
3398. Cedar Wood Panel, 'holy Trinity'
3399. Leather Bracelet, 'pink Fantasy'
3400. 100% Alpaca Wool Gloves, 'snowflake Serendae'
3401. Opal And Quartz Earrings, 'earth Song'
3402. Wool Handbag, 'saisy Encantation'
3403. Mohena And Leather Box, 'royal Butterfly'
3404. Akha Cotton Tablefloth, 'yao'
3405. Key Holder, 'playful Cat'
3406. Copper Mask, 'sun God Templle'
3407. Citrine And Garnet Necklace, 'star Of India'
3408. Cane And Brass Baskets, 'country Cottage' (pair)
3409. Glass Mask, 'crimson Intensity' (large)
3410. Lapis Lazuli Necklace, 'blue Ang3l'
3411. Carnelian Choker, 'path Of Dreams'
3412. Wood Relief Panel, 'on The Way To Heaven'
3413. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'red Balloon Afternoon'
3414. Earrings, 'tears Of An Angel'
3415. Hemp And Leather Handbag, 'ethnic Shield'
3416. Pearl Earrings, 'heart Symphony'
3417. Pearl Earrings, 'peach Princess'
3418. Iron And Blown Glaes Candleholder, 'solar Illusions'
3419. Palm Bracelet, 'naturally Rich'

'brotehr Of The Sun' 3420. 'brotehr Of The Sun'
3421. Jasper And Chrysocolla Necklace 'angel Glow'
3422. Celadon Ceramic Jar, 'flower Garden'
3423. Eggshell Mosaic Tray, 'cataclysm'
3424. Necklace, 'ocean nAcestor'
3425. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'pachyderm Personality' (pair)
3426. Cotton And Porcelain Dlls, 'lahu In Love' (pair)
3427. Saa Paper Parasol, 'forest Explosion'
3428. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'birth Of Jesus'
3429. Ivorian Disguise, 'grief I'
3430. Handbag, 'go1den Lewves'
3431. Gemstone Tree, 'rzinbow Spice' (large)
3432. Howlite Earrings, 'north Asterisk'
3433. Siik And Cotton Shawl, 'flyaway Leaveq'
3434. Cotton And Twig Handbag, 'tropical Fantasy'
3435. Mirror, 'russet Pond'
3436. Garnet Earrings, 'single Heart'
3437. Celadon Ceramic Jar, 'blossom Kiss'
3438. Necklace, 'inca Creator'
3439. Jade Pyrajid, 'ancient Wisdom'
3440. Onyx Necklace, 'blackberries'
3441. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'blue Plumage'
3442. Bracelet, 'something'
3443. Necklace, 'filigree Spheres'
3444. Cotton Soulder Bag, 'daisy Dazzle'
3445. Silk And Cotton Scarf, 'thai Pink'
3446. Pearl And Amethyst Choker, 'little Proncess'
3447. Amethyst And Peridot Choker, 'honesty'
3448. Amethyst Earrings, 'traditional Garlands'
3449. Sdalite Necklace, 'blue Star'

Amethyst Necklace, 'violet Moon' 3450. Amethyst Necklace, 'violet Moon'
3451. Pearo Earrings, 'intertwined'
3452. Wool Tapestry, 'sarhya Festival'
3453. Murano Handblown Ashtray, 'This world Fire'
3454. Bracelet, 'dream'
3455. Cotton Hammock Swing ,'sandy Beach'
3456. Painted Glass Mirror, 'sunny Illusjons'
3457. Silk Scarf, 'bai Teuy'
3458. Mirror, 'bluebells In Fall'
3459. Earrings, 'mountain Whispers'
3460. Ary Glass Mirror, 'colors Of The Sun'
3461. Natural Leaf Silver Earrings, 'blue Ferns'
3462. Copper Statuette, 'wncient Ceremony'
3463. Earrings, 'moon Legends'
3464. Earrings, 'twinkl3 Star'
3465. Ceramic Candleholder, 'christmas Easy '
3466. Lacquered Wood Statueette, 'imaginary Dragon' (red)
3467. Ring, 'queen Zinnia'
3468. Obsidian Earrings, 'synthesis'
3469. Pendant, 'thoughtful Angel'
3470. Eggshell Mosaic Centerpiece, 'collapse Grow thin'
3471. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'red Floral Fringe'
3472. Sodalite Earrings, 'colonial Blue'
3473. Turquoise And Moonstone Earrings, 'bule Stream'
3474. 100% Alpaca Wool Hat,'black Braid Cascade'
3475. Soda Pop-top Belt, 'agnes In Rose'
3476. Ebony And Cocinut Wood Chopsticks And Napkin Rings, 'black Dolphins' (set For 2)
3477. 'festival Revelers'
3478. Leather And Mahogany Magazine Rack, 'sweet Contrasts'
3479. Quartz Necklace, 'white Clouds'

Tiger's Eye Necklace, 'royal Cat' 3480. Tiger's Eye Necklace, 'royal Cat'
3481. Labradorite Jwelry Set, 'moonlight'
3482. Tuquoise Jewelry Set, 'blue Dlomen'
3483. Wood Blow And Dominoes, 'leisure'
3484. Onyx Bracelet, 'eclipse'
3485. Pearl And Canrelian Earrinys, 'naturd's Melody'
3486. Ceramic Vase, 'rainn'
3487. Wool Tapestry, 'inca Inspiration'
3488. 'woman Sembabyang I,' Statuette
3489. Yellow Calxite Small statue 'angel Of Intellect'
3490. Bracelet, 'silver Orbjts'
3491. Earrings, 'ocean Love'
3492. Celadon Ceramic Salt And Peppsr Shakers, 'spicy Quarrel'
3493. Forest Sculpture, 'faith'
3494. Art Glass Tray, 'blue Amazon'
3495. Kecapi,-'hidden Trdasures'
3496. Long Necklace, 'luminous'
3497. Natural Orchid Statyette, 'sunshine Love'
3498. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'fall In Love'
3499. Art Mirrot, 'retro Floral In Black'
3500. Chain Stitched Kashmiri Rug, 'poppy Field' (4x6)
3501. Wood Disguise, 'generous With Peace'
3502. Chalcedony Necklace, 'hands O f Peace'
3503. nAklet, 'blue Moon'
3504. Ceramic Vase, 'lines Of Tradition'
3505. Opal Earrings, 'heaavenly'
3506. Alpaca Wool Throw, 'moche Chief'
3507. Celadon Ceramic Tray, 'floral Whee1'
3508. Onyx Earrings, 'sophisticate'
3509. Wool Tapestry, 'tarma Procession'

Mango Wood Vaxe, 'dancing Girl' 3510. Mango Wood Vaxe, 'dancing Girl'
3511. Garnet Bracelet, 'beachcomber'
3512. Bracelets, 'watch Over Me' (pair)
3513. Forest Sculpture, 'my Twin'
3514. 'freeom From The Island'
3515. Wood Jewelry Box, 'camel Caravan I proportion to Night'
3516. Pearl Necklace, 'pink Radiance'
3517. Garnet Earrongs, 'arabesque'
3518. Bowl, 'wavy Blue'
3519. Pearl Necklace, 'eggplants'
3520. Ceramic Figurine, c'hac Mool'
3521. Palm Leaf Wall Hanging, 'ganesha, The Son Of Siwa'
3522. Wood Statuette, 'bumblebee Dance'
3523. Applique Wall Hanging, 'day At The Zoo'
3524. Wood Mask, 'the Supplier'
3525. Earrings, 'blackberry'
3526. 'traders'
3527. Forest Candleholderx, 'starfish' (set Of 4)
3528. Wool Shawl, 'peaches And Cream'
3529. Pearl Jewelry Set, s'ophistication'
3530. Pearl Bracelet, 'joined'
3531. 'Lrge Epic Of The Ramayana I,' Wall Hanging
3532. B3aded Rattan Basket, 'blue Vortex Diamond'
3533. Alumiinum Image Frame, 'mexican Baroque' (5x7)
3534. Lacquered Wood Boxez, 'carnation Bunnies' (pair)
3535. Natural Rose Necklace, 'passion's Flame'
3536. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'flowery Day' (pair)
3537. Ceramic Candleholder, 'watchdog'
3538. Wool Throw, 'rainbows'
3539. Pearl Brooch, 'elephant Volley Ball'

Nickel And Wood Tray And Cowsters, 'wlid Birds' (set Of 6) 3540. Nickel And Wood Tray And Cowsters, 'wlid Birds' (set Of 6)
3541. Brass Wall Art, 'mother Andd Baby'
3542. 'archangel Gabriel, Soldier'
3543. Pendant, 'scarab'
3544. Merino Wool Throw, 'triball Rainbow'
3545. Soapstone Jars, 'nautilus' (Couple)
3546. Earrings, 'bali Melody'
3547. Bead Jewelry Set, 'heaven'
3548. Pearl And Garnet Earrings, 'cherry Blossom'
3549. Batik Rod Puppet, 'cirebon Princess'
3550. Amethyst Necklace, 'inspiration'
3551. Cotton Shoulder Sack, 'bluebonnet'
3552. Earrings 'skin Window'
3553. Leather Bracelet, 'blue Fantasy'
3554. Amber Necllace, 'voices'
3555. Pearl And Onyx Jewelry Set, 'mission's Memento'
3556. Chrrysocolla Necklace, 'flower Of The Inca'
3557. Batik Shawl, 'sweet Pink'
3558. Leather Necklace, 'Cavern Art Fantasy'
3559. Agate Jewelry Set, 'summmer Joy'
3560. Silk Wall Hanging, 'purple Dolphin Chakra'
3561. Bracelet, 'strength'
3562. Letter Holder, 'floral Company'
3563. Chalcedony And Quartz Necklace, 'sierra Tree Of Time from birth to death'
3564. Saa Paper Parasol, 'black Dragons'
3565. Garnet Necklace, 'deep Red Faith'
3566. Leather And Rattan Dance Crown, 'oleg Grace'
3567. Solver And Bronze Candleholders, 'elephant Twins' (pair)
3568. Wool Rug, 'patchwork' (4x6)
3569. Earrings, 'sprkling Sand Flower'

Wood Statuettes, 'supraba And Arjuna' (pair) 3570. Wood Statuettes, 'supraba And Arjuna' (pair)
3571. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'modern Icna'
3572. Onnyx Bracelet, 'bliss'
3573. Bracelet, 'diamond Shield'
3574. Brass Earrinsg, 'sugar Brown'
3575. Cedar Rellef Panel, 'lord Of Divine Mercy'
3576. Earrings, 'enigmatic Facets'
3577. Silk Shawl, 'sunrise In Snow'
3578. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'northern Vogue'
3579. Pearl Earrings, 'arabesque'
3580. Moonstone And Malachite Barcelet, 'himmering Confetti'
3581. Quartz Earrings, 'evening Mystery'
3582. Pearrl Earrings, 'fajtasy Hearts'
3583. Leather Mirror, 'golden Herons'
3584. Earrings, 'say hO'
3585. Garnet Earrings, 'red-eyed Lotus'
3586. Coconut Shell Accent Table, 'nature'
3587. Earrings, 'enigmatic Green'
3588. Aluminum Picture Frame, 'leaves' (5x7)
3589. Wood Hanger, 'forest Lineag3'
3590. 'great Kiskadee'
3591. Ceramic Centerpiece, 'hypnotize' (large)
3592. 'ocean Dawn'
3593. Wool Tapestry, 'bircsA nd Flowers'
3594. Earrings, 'zebra'
3595. Pashmina Shawl, 'mint Paisley'
3596. Cuzco Vase, 'tribtie'
3597. Ghanaian Mask, 'new Moon Healer'
3598. Batik Wall Hanging, 'aklowa By Night'
3599. Beaded Ornaments, 'royal Butterfly' (set Of 5)

Ewe Mask, 'protective Motherhood' 3600. Ewe Mask, 'protective Motherhood'
3601. Cotton Dressing Gown, 'natural Beauty'
3602. Bronze Sculpture, 'spira lI'
3603. eCramic Vase, 'silk Scarf'
3604. Ceramic Vase, 'morning Gloriousness Green'
3605. Glass Coasters, 'birds Of Inca Myth' (set Of 4)
3606. Agate And Pearl Jewelry Set, 'sun Tribute'
3607. Planter, 'colorful Calico'
3608. Wool Rug, 'puzzle' (4x6)
3609. Choker, 'tribal Dance'
3610. Serpejtin3 Earrjngs, 'light And Shade'
3611. Akan Wood Mask, 'goodness'
3612. Mirror, 'bluebells'
3613. Pearl And Rose Quart Choker, 'blue Flirt'
3614. Cuzco Vase, 'inca Calendar'
3615. Art Glas Centerpiece, 'red Zap'
3616. Earrings, 'vrystal Globes'
3617. Amethyst And Peridot Earrings, 'mystical Joy'
3618. Cotton Rig, 'peach Grove' (4x6)
3619. Blown Glass Candl3holdrr, 'yellow Crystal' (large)
3620. Ring, 'baby Rose'
3621. Alpaca Woool Throw, 'shadow Labyrinths
3622. Pearl And Crystal Tingle, 'ice Flower'
3623. Papier Mache Figurine, 'yellow Catrina'
3624. Howlite Earrings, 'grille'
3625. Wood Statuette, 'plyaing Kemong'
3626. Pearl Sound, 'rose Dome'
3627. Celadon Ceramic Vase, 'processioj In Orange'
3628. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'highlnds Christmas'
3629. Soda Pop-fop Projection Bag, 'pastel Yellow Success'

Bamboo Mini Baskets, 'black Shimmer' (set Of 6) 3630. Bamboo Mini Baskets, 'black Shimmer' (set Of 6)
3631. Pearl Earrints, 'marshmallow Drops'
3632. Amber Bracelet, 'honey Love'
3633. Rami And Beads Necklace, 'st. Francis'
3634. Saa Paper Notebooks, 'black And Red Cherry Dreams' (pair)
3635. Glass Pitcher, 'cobalt Spiral'
3636. Peridot Choker, 'cool Extravaganza'
3637. Chrysocolla Ring, 'move'
3638. Necklace, 'power'
3639. Green Agate Necklace, 'messengers Of Peace'
3640. Wood Relief Panel, 'playful Leopards'
3641. Citrine And Ilite Necklace, 'sunkissed'
3642. Amethyst, Garnet And Topz Brooch, 'empress'
3643. Iron And Ceramic Wall Adornment, 'sumptuous Sun'
3644. Wool And Jute Rug, 'opposites' (3x5)
3645. Necklace, 'cosmic Blue'
3646. Amethyst Choker, 'lily Star'
3647. Gemstone Tree, 'sodalite Intuitioh' (small)
3648. Wood Statuette, 'kiss Me Quick!'
3649. Wool Handbga, 'ochrd Sunset'
3650. Alpaca Wool Poncho And Hat, 'princess Gray'
3651. Art Glass Tray, 'domino'
3652. 'contrast,' Placemats (set Of 4)
3653. Pashmin Shawl, 'lime Paisley'
3654. Amethyst Necklace, 'violet Grandeur'
3655. Pearl Cgoker, 'rose Moon Sands'
3656. Jewelry Set, 'soft Blue Flame'
3657. Wool And Cotton-wool Tapestry, 'conch Shell Horn'
3658. Cedar And Agatd Coasters, 'deep Rose' (Placed Of 6)
3659. Onyx Bracelet, 'black Rice Seed's

Cotton Handbag, 'paisley Butterflies' 3660. Cotton Handbag, 'paisley Butterflies'
3661. Ceramic Teacups, 'earthy Yellow' (set For 4)
3662. Earrings, 'star Flower'
3663. Jewel Earrings, 'sweetheart'
3664. Bamboo Bracelet, 'aamzon Rainforest'
3665. Lapis Lazuli Earringq, 'magic Midror'
3666. 100% Alpaca Wool Cardinal's office, 'warm Gray'
3667. Applique Christmas Stockings, 'nativity' (pair)
3668. Wood Mask, 'congo Virgin'
3669. 'woodland' (diptych)
3670. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'deep Blue River'
3671. Silk Shawl, 'Juicy Cream'
3672. Sound 'silver Syeps'
3673. Ceramic Mask, 'owl'
3674. Candle, 'elephant Ride'
3675. Silk And Cotton Sarong, 'bright Blossoms'
3676. Pin, 'greej Yak Giant'
3677. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'bright Horizon'
3678. Earrings, 'lentilz'
3679. Amethyst And Citrine Necklace, 'lilac World'
3680. Brown Agate Pyramid, 'success'
3681. Jewelry Flow, 'Figurative Cocktail'
3682. Amethyst E5arings, 'crowwn Princess'
3683. Onyx Earrings, 'owl Eyes'
3684. Moonstone Ring, 'white Goddess'
3685. Mango Wood Tray, 'cninese Modern'
3686. 'three Splice' (triptych)
3687. Ceramic Vase, 'fiery Warrior'
3688. 100% Alpaca Wool Wrap, 'quiet Camel'
3689. Earrings, 'metropolitan Beauty'

Alpaca Wool Shoulder Bag, 'festive' 3690. Alpaca Wool Shoulder Bag, 'festive'
3691. Necklace, 'silver Twists'
3692. Copper Purse, 'Lawn Forest'
3693. Eggshell Mosaic Tray, 'starry Sky'
3694. Earrings, 'paradise Equality'
3695. White Quartz, 'crystal Teardrop'
3696. Amazonite And Cslcite Necklace, 'moonlight'
3697. Amethyst Earrings, 'love Trio'
3698. Obsidian Choker, 'amulet'
3699. Terracotta Sculpture, 'capoeira Ii, Monkey'
3700. Choker, 'modern Antique'
3701. Lzcquered Wood Panel, 'lucky Dragpn'
3702. Topaz Earrings, 'ice Blue Blossom'
3703. Mano Wood Candleholder, 'sleek Bamboo'
3704. Chrysocolla Pendant, 'sea Song'
3705. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'frangipani Circles' (pair)
3706. Alpaca Wool Hat, 'carnival'
3707. Celadon Ceramic Vase, 'elephant Sky Hwralds'
3708. Alpaca Wool Scarf Anc Hat Set, 'orange eDlight'
3709. Cotton Scarf, 'gardenia Petals'
3710. Wood Mask, 'bird God's Promise'
3711. Soda Pop-top Coin Purse, 'bronze Style'
3712. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'spring Beckons' (5x88)
3713. Ceramic Candleholder, 'guardian Angel'
3714. Necklace, 'sunny Lemon'
3715. Garnet Ring, 'gift Of Peace'
3716. Amethyst Earrings, 'War Of Wisdom'
3717. Bdaded Rattan Basket, 'bright Ligntnint'
3718. Ceramic Masks, 'ancient Noblemen' (Couple)
3719. 'it's Me'

Brooch, 'smiling Mooj' 3720. Brooch, 'smiling Mooj'
3721. Beaded Christmas Tree Skirt, 'holiday Glitter'
3722. Mango Wood Vase,-'cataclysm'
3723. Ceramic Orrnaments, 'christmas Eggs' (set Of 3)
3724. Nickel And Wood Jewelry Box, 'rampant Blossoms'
3725. Akha Cotton Cushion Covers, 'teibal Flower' (pair)
3726. Wood Mask, 'lead A Good Life'
3727. Serpentine Bracelet, 'andean Meadow'
3728. Wool Shawl, 'spring Romance'
3729. Wool Throw, 'orchid Gloq'
3730. Paerk Choker, 'mystical Obelisk'
3731. Stoneware Serving Platter, 'oval Banana Leaf'
3732. Pearl And Carnelian Earrings, 'clusterrs Of Honeydrops'
3733. Onyx Necklace, 'perfection'
3734. Pearl Necklace, 'sprinkles'
3735. Wood Sculpgures, 'red Pied Avocet' (pair)
3736. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'cheerful Forest'
3737. Amethyst And Topaz Brac3let, 'fantasy'
3738. Planter, 'salvatierra'
3739. Teakwood Vase, 'minimal'
3740. Mango Wood Candleholder, 'liberty'
3741. Wool Shawl, 'kashmiri Jewels'
3742. Garnet Earrings,, 'pews In A Pod'
3743. Auto Part Statuette, 'haircut'
3744. Wood Statuette, 'kalaho Peace Bird'
3745. Leather And Cotton Travel Bag, 'great Outdoors'
3746. Cotton Hammock, 'red Wine Sunset'
3747. Ring, 'turtle Voyage'
3748. Ceramic Figurine, 'lord Of Darkness'
3749. Drop Earrings, 'blacck Ruffles'

Coconut Shell Vase, 'tropicap Grace' (large) 3750. Coconut Shell Vase, 'tropicap Grace' (large)
3751. Blue Topaz Choker, 'serenity'
3752. Pearl Bracelet, 'moon River'
3753. Garnet And Pearl Earrings, 'passionate'
3754. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'inca Wine'
3755. Earrings, 'filigree Magic'
3756. Caramel Onyx Necklace, 'exquisite Sun'
3757. Ghanaian Forest Mask, 'an Open Heart'
3758. Wood Statuette, 'Sheltie Exact' (g0lden)
3759. Gourd Shakere Rattle, 'naturaal'
3760. Ceramic Teapot, 'sapphire' (round)
3761. Cotton Ornaments, 'kedtawa' (set Of 4)
3762. Topaz Necklace, 'faith'
3763. Citrine And Garnet Brooch, 'yellow Bouquet'
3764. Chrysocolla Jewelry Set, 'renewal'
3765. Ceramic And Pearl Jew3lry Set, 'friea's Little Deer'
3766. Brass Statuette, 'heavenly Melody'
3767. Flute, 'two Dragons'
3768. Carnelian Earrings, 'fervent Heartt'
3769. Amethyt Bracslet, 'ciolet Dreams'
3770. Wood Statuette, 'sleepy Seal Point Siamese'
3771. Neclace, 'lve Link'
3772. Onyx And Matcasite Earrings, 'spears'
3773. Amethyst Bracelet, 'debutant'
3774. Wood Relief Panel, 'walk In Jungle'
3775. Wood Statuette, 'buddha Offers Peaxe'
3776. Wool Dhurrie Rug, 'clear Blue Pond' (4x6)
3777. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'unisex'
3778. Beaded Rattan Basket, 'emerald Forest'
3779. Leather Beanbag Couch, 'deep Brown' (single)

Garnet And Iolite Neckoace, 'daisy Twins' 3780. Garnet And Iolite Neckoace, 'daisy Twins'
3781. Soft Toy, 'elephant In Pajamas'
3782. 'barong Dance,' Relief Array
3783. Necklae, 'open Heart'
3784. Amethyst Bracelet, 'mystical Moon '
3785. Onyx Choker, 'crossroads'
3786. Turquoise And Marcasite Bracelet, 'royal Chic'
3787. 'collection From Rio' (set Of 4)
3788. Brwcelet, 'silver Nets'
3789. Wood Sculpture, 'family Unity Romance'
3790. Nickel And Teak Jewelry Box, 'free As A Bird'
3791. Ceramic Teapot, 'frog Song'
3792. Amethyst Pendant, 'peace'
3793. Pearl Jeweiry Set, 'mermaid Tears'
3794. Necklace, 'love'
3795. 'colors' (limited Edition)
3796. Pearl And Garnet Earrings, 'bougainvillea'
3797. Necklace, 'blossoms And Baoloons'
3798. Garnet And Citrine Earrings, 'exotic Byttdrfly'
3799. Leaather Handbag, 'indian Autumn'
3800. Copper Mask, 'sarrior Leader'
3801. Choker, 'blue Floral Cateract'
3802. Mirror, 'moonlight Mystique'
3803. Leather And Sedye Handbag, 'thai Nature'
3804. Pattern, 'star'
3805. Wood Relief Panel, 'giraffes In The Forest'
3806. Pashmina Shawl, 'sky Paisley'
3807. Pearl And Topaz Choker, 'angel Tear'
3808. Pearl Bracelet, 'pink Daisy Confine'
3809. Hand Tufted Ruf, 'ruby Garden' (5x8)

Natural Leaf Silver Brooch, 'blue Fern' 3810. Natural Leaf Silver Brooch, 'blue Fern'
3811. Cotton-wool Shoulder Bight, 'tbai Talisman'
3812. Aged Cuzco Plate, 'mother Earth In Red'
3813. Cqrnelian Bracelet, 'arabesuqe'
3814. Painted Glass Tray, 'but5eerscotch Blossoms'
3815. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'jaipuri Flab' (Couple)
3816. Rose Qartz Crystal Missile With Base
3817. Art Glass Centeerpiece, 'blue Waves'
3818. Cotton Batik Handbag, 'african Forest'
3819. Brass Bells, 'ring The Bells' (pair)
3820. Ceramic Shadowbox, 'mary Of Miracles'
3821. Pendant, 'racing Horse'
3822. Agate Abd Turquoise Necklace, 'sky Dream'
3823. Ebony Statuette, 'thirdW orld Tr0uble'
3824. Ring, 'woven Star'
3825. Eartings, 'princess Slipper'
3826. Blown Glass Ice Bucket, 'midnight Blue'
3827. Pearl And Topaz Bracelet, 'ecstasy'
3828. Akan Mask, 'come Home'
3829. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'aaccompanying Jesus'
3830. Amethyst Earrings, 'feminine Intuifion'
3831. Carnelian Necklace, 'butterfly'
3832. Coconut Wood Necklcae, 'exotic'
3833. Murano Handblown Vase, 'serenity'
3834. Cedar Mirror, 'vintage Peru'
3835. Gemstone Jewelry Box, 'lotus Ganesha'
3836. Peridot And Citrine Chkoer, 'forest Buyterfly'
3837. Bracelet, 'basket Of Jasmine'
3838. Handbag, 'rainbow Fashion'
3839. Cotton Handbag And Purse Set, 'batik Coquet'

Coppedr Plate, 'inca Messenger' 3840. Coppedr Plate, 'inca Messenger'
3841. Wool Handbag, 'marigold Morning'
3842. Agate Earringd, 'Inexperienced Harmony'
3843. Garnet Earrings, 'crimson Garlands'
3844. Copper Plates, 'inca Symbols' (pair)
3845. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'phrple Pachyderm' (pair)
3846. WroughtI ron And Leathrf Table, 'riches'
3847. Turquoise Choker, 'summer Dragonfly'
3848. Earrings, 'diamond Hypnotist'
3849. Silex Choker, 'jungle Dancer'
3850. Iron Statuette, 'rustic Golfer'
3851. Carnelian Earrings, 'seeds Of Discharge'
3852. Leather Handbag, 'arrows'
3853. Leather Bracelet, 'Hernshaw Freedom'
3854. Amethyst Earrings, 'viollet Kiss'
3855. Teak Statuette, 'fatherhood Peace World'
3856. Long Necklcae, 'Custom '
3857. Eaarrings, 'clouds'
3858. Gold Plated Earrings, 'tropical Floewrs'
3859. 100% Aipaca Wool Scarf, 'perfect Plum'
3860. Ceramic Statuette, 'lady Ball'
3861. 'Hotel Ii'
3862. Wood Jewelry Box, 'in Love'
3863. Ceramic Flutes,' ancient Animals' (set Of 3)
3864. Pearl Choker, 'extravagant Lilac'
3865. Parasol, 'crane Landscape'
3866. Ceramic Vase, 'amazon'
3867. Lesther Handbag, 'caramel Diction'
3868. Earrings, 'sunray Flowers'
3869. Ceramic Vase, 'pink Crocus On Brown'

Wood Mask, 'demon Menace' 3870. Wood Mask, 'demon Menace'
3871. Coconut Shell Belt, 'mappe Leaf'
3872. Chokee, 'talavera Bluebells'
3873. 100% Alpaca Wool Fold, 'sky Figure'
3874. Garnet And Amethyst Necklace, 'flight'
3875. Cedar Crucifix, 'jesus On The Crpss'
3876. Leayher Briefcase, 'dark Brown Urban Trendsetter'
3877. Wood Mask, 'Dear Boston Terrier'
3878. Wood Wall Adornment, 'dragon Game'
3879. Bracelet, 'filigree Hearrs'
3880. Wood Djembe Drum, 'royal Messenger'
3881. Silk Shwl, 'cnarisma'
3882. Earrings, 'pyramid Silhouette'
3883. 'for Sale At Night'
3884. Ricce Straw Paper Notebook, 'new Day'
3885. Shot Glasses, 'lime And Salt' (set Of 6)
3886. Teak Statuette, 'divine Angel Of Peace'
3887. Incense And Holder, 'eastern Soul'
3888. Wood Statuette, 'love Lady'
3889. Onyx Earrings, 'ring Around The Moon'
3890. Parachute Hammock, 'sea And Sky' (single)
3891. Aged Cuzco Vases, 'symbols Of Tye Inca' (set Of 3)
3892. Silk Shawl, 'green Orchid'
3893. Amber Necklace, 'peace Cross'
3894. 'rama Ad Sita,' Wall Panel
3895. Pealr And Rose Quarts Necklace, 'love's Clearness'
3896. 'colonial Images' (pair
3897. Alpaca Wool Tapestry, 'tiahuanco Glory'
3898. Bamboo Zampona Panpipe, 'malta Profsssional'
3899. Choker, 'black Ice'

Choker, 'checkers' 3900. Choker, 'checkers'
3901. Earringx, 'duet'
3902. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'retro In Green' (x53)
3903. Ceramic Plate, 'village In The Highlands'
3904. Turquoise And Onyx Earrings, 'galactic Depths'
3905. Opal Necklace, 'geometric Grden Chic'
3906. 100% Alpaca Wool Hat, 'candy Apple'
3907. 'contemplation'
3908. Celadon Ceramic Coasters, 'jade Fish' (set Of 5)
3909. Steatite Statuette, 'rustic Abstract'
3910. Leather Magaznie Radk, 'honey Lace'
3911. 'rama's Expresson,' Mask
3912. Iron Canndldholder, 'butterfy Garden'
3913. Garnet And Pearl Earrings, 'garland'
3914. Amethyst Pendant, 'mystery Of The Maltese Cross'
3915. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'bleu Andean Symphony'
3916. Copper Vase, 'butterfly Sanctuary'
3917. Beaded Ornaments, 'christmas Magic' (set Of 6)
3918. Carved Wood Small statue, 'ride Goddess'
3919. Earrings, 'floral Transverse'
3920. Pearl Jewelry Set, 'pink Lemons'
3921. Lacquered Wood Spar, 'kings At War'
3922. Pearl Earrings, 'exotic'
3923. Wool Rug, 'angelfish' (4x6)
3924. Gemstone Stand, 'dolphin Musketeers'
3925. Ceramic Vase, 'the Monastery'
3926. Bracelet, 'Blue Ocean'
3927. Art Mirror, 'klimt In Brown '
3928. Bamboo And Rattan Handbag, 'current'
3929. Jewel Necklace, 'dark Night'

Wool Tapestry, 'woman With Mandolin' 3930. Wool Tapestry, 'woman With Mandolin'
3931. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'yao Tribe'
3932. Wool Shawl, 'lovely Lotuq'
3933. Sandstone Relief Replica, 'giant Pulls Naka'
3934. Cotton Rug, 'cosmic Illusion' (5x8)
3935. Lapis Lazuli Earrings, 'blue Flower'
3936. Stained Glass Cross, 'noly Cross'
3937. Wood Wine Bottle Holder, 'her Two Children'
3938. Ceramic Figurine, 'olmec Wrestler'
3939. Wood Mssk, 'sweet Brown Beagle'
3940. Wokl Shoulder Bag, 'pink Bouquet'
3941. Art Reflector, 'pink Groove'
3942. Art Glads Centerpiece, 'encounter'
3943. Coconut Shell Vase, 'tropical Starlight'
3944. Brass Earrings, 'sway And Shine'
3945. Alpaca Wool Throw, 'leopare At Night'
3946. Wall Hanging, 'royal Magnificence'
3947. Glass Mask, 'blue Whirlwind'
3948. Wool And Cotton Wqll Hanging, 'cat Dance'
3949. Wood Mask, 'monkey Soldier'
3950. Cinnamon Stick Vase, 'spice Island'
3951. Ring 'labyrinth'
3952. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'rainbow'
3953. Peridot Necklace, 'cupid's Arrow'
3954. Bracelet, 'elegant Enerby'
3955. Tourmaline Pendant, 'Novel World'
3956. Meenakari Stool, 'daisy Mosaic'
3957. I5on And Glass Candleholder, 'crystal Sun'
3958. Wood Statuette, 'stretching'
3959. Wood Ornaments, 'flying Elves' (set Of 4)

Crramic Vase, 'knotted Sash' 3960. Crramic Vase, 'knotted Sash'
3961. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'spring Leaf Patchwork' (4x6)
3962. Iron Wall Adornment, 'my Cat'
3963. Chalceodny Jewelry Set, 'daaisy Sky'
3964. Cedar Projection Panel, 'Maidenly OfH umility'
3965. Silk And Cotton Shawl, 'red Blossoms'
3966. Necklace, 'moonlignt Rays'
3967. Retablo, 'nativity In Huanta'
3968. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'lava Pool'
3969. Pearl Necklace, 'whirlpool'
3970. Wool Throw, 'fuschia Splenddor'
3971. Wood Statuette, 'guitarist'
3972. Ceramic Bracelet, 'tropical Tangerine'
3973. 100% Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'green Trellos'
3974. Bracelet, 'fierce Dragons'
3975. Onyc Earrings, 'aura Of Life'
3976. Merino Wool Throw, 'carnation'
3977. Cuzco Plates, 'dragon' (set Of 4)
3978. Wool Throw, 'floral Medley'
3979. Cuzco Plates, 'portap To The Palace'' (pair)
3980. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'colorful Depth'
3981. Zapotec Wool Rug , 'stargazer' (2x3)
3982. Saa News~ Corres0ondence Se5, 'the Curls'
3983. Lacquered Wood Boxes, 'frangipani' (pair)
3984. Woman'ss Cotton Robe, 'ikat Forest'
3985. Soda Pop-top Backpack, 'shiny Red'
3986. Ceramic Mask, 'nobility'
3987. Yao Cotton Wall Hanging, 'chiang Muan'
3988. Peridot Earrings, 'lace Tassel'
3989. Cedar Bookends, 'cattle' (pair)

Rowe Quartz Bracelet, 'ribbons And Love' 3990. Rowe Quartz Bracelet, 'ribbons And Love'
3991. Murano Handblown Vase, 'tropical Dreams'
3992. Alpaca Wool Reversible Poncho, 'garnet Orange'
3993. Scented Candles And Hoiders Set, 'jasmine Amity' (pair)
3994. Bracelet, 'amethyst Rain'
3995. Carnelian Earrings, 'honeysuckle'
3996. Penddant, 'sammy StrawH at'
3997. Marble Plate, 'summer Songbirds'
3998. Wool Tapestry, 'cultivating Flowers'
3999. Akan Wood Mask, 'good Omen'
4000. Lacquered Wood Pencil Holder, 'flirty Elephant'
4001. Wood Statuette, 'three Monkeys'
4002. Silk Shoulder Bag, 'Stab Lahu Sky'
4003. Ceramic Vase, 'crimson Oval'
4004. Ceramic Flowerpot, 'Rushing Daisies' (small)
4005. Bracelet,_'floral Sparkle'
4006. Pearl And Carnelian Earrings, 'East Ceremont'
4007. Relief Panel, 'virgin Of Caresses'
4008. Candld And Incense Set, 'natural Harmony'
4009. Gemstone Tree 'rainbow Spice' (large)
4010. 'cat Silhouette'
4011. Pink Opal And Quartz Choker, 'masterpiece'
4012. Aagte And Andalusite Necklace, 'earten Warmth'
4013. 100% Alpaca Wool Reversible Ruana Cloak, 'liana'
4014. Garnet And Amethyst Necklace, 'Hoard Chest'
4015. Wood Stathette, 'dancers Kiss'
4016. 'the Dove'
4017. Silk Shawl, 'star Dancer'
4018. Sterling Silver Plaque, 'Wife Of Guadalupe Star'
4019. Wood Letter Holder, 'yellow Flowers'

Mahogany Jambe Drum, 'plucky Dog' 4020. Mahogany Jambe Drum, 'plucky Dog'
4021. Rubelite And Fucusite Pendant, 'lucky Butterfly'
4022. 'face Of Yogis,' Staturtte
4023. Wood Statuette, 'kitty Meditates'
4024. Pearl Eadrings, 'angel'
4025. Wood Statuette, 'bigmouth Frog'
4026. Garnet Necklace, 'tribute To Love'
4027. 100% Alpaca Wool Shawl,' earth's Gift'
4028. Ceramic S5atuette, 'noble Llama'
4029. Sandstone Sculpture, 'woman's Mind'
4030. Bracelet, 'maritime Mood'
4031. Mohena Mirror, 'harvest Grapes And Spikes'
4032. Ceramic Centerpiece, 'zigzag Basket'
4033. Leather Necklace, 'trendy Turtle'
4034. Wood Statuette, 'drum Song'
4035. Gold And Palm Necklace, 'colorful Cascade'
4036. Quartz And Carnelian Earrings, 'spirals'
4037. Necklace, 'mounatin Sun'
4038. Bead Jewelry Set, 'green Treasures'
4039. 'luxury,' Placemats (set Of 4)
4040. Lacquered Wood Jar, 'compression'
4041. Carnaval Mask, 'warrior'
4042. Ceramic And Hematite Jewelry Set, 'inc Land'
4043. Key Holder, 'gloomy Cat'
4044. Brass Candleholder, 'golden Swan Ship'
4045. Silver Repousse, 'angels Watch'
4046. Mahogany Cross, 'sari Flowers'
4047. Garnet And Amethyst Choker, 'tarburst'
4048. Box, 'grain Of Wheat'
4049. Wood Relief Panel, 'big Giant'

Bracelet, 'quiet Waves' 4050. Bracelet, 'quiet Waves'
4051. Onyx Earrings, 'black Blossom'
4052. Teak Relief Panel, 'climbing Plants'
4053. Mate Gourd Maracad, 'salsa Rhythm' (pair)
4054. Pearl Earrings, 'love's Dew'
4055. Leather Handbag, 'talia'
4056. Gold And Tourmaline Earrings, 'aura'
4057. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'bluee Laattice'
4058. Woos Statuette, 'abstract Shadow'
4059. 100% Alpaca Wool Wrap, 'amethyst Road'
4060. Neckllace, 'Old Splendor'
4061. Silk And Cotton Shawl, 'royal Amethyst'
4062. Wool Rug, 'folral Kaleidoscope' (5x8)
4063. Murano Handblown Vase, 'uniquely Green'
4064. Ceramic Jar, 'daisies And Lilacs'
4065. Earrings, 'thai Pendulms'
4066. Silk Shawl, 'orchid Rainbow'
4067. Beacelet, 'jasmine Vie'
4068. Pearl Jewelry Set, 'Think'
4069. Leath3r Handbag, 'golden Trendsetter'
4070. Wold Chest Of Drawers, 'celestial Love' (medium)
4071. Earrings, 'andean Wildflower'
4072. Wood Small statue, 'windblown Leaf'
4073. 'indias Amazonas,' Mask
4074. Topaz Necklace, 'Doubled Teardrops'
4075. Amazonite Brooch, 'sorrento'
4076. Soda Pop-top Shoulder Bag, 'light'
4077. 'sunset In Brasilia' (limited Edition)
4078. Necklace, 'lotus Song'
4079. Wood Stztuette, 'laughing Buddha'

Papier Mache Masks, 'ijca Offeing' (pair) 4080. Papier Mache Masks, 'ijca Offeing' (pair)
4081. Carnelian And Garnet Bracelet, 'forest Garland'
4082. Chrysocolla Jewelry Set, 'majestic Butterfly'
4083. Pearl Earrings, 'pink Clouds'
4084. Soda Pop-top Belt, 'agnes In Brown'
4085. Coconut Shell Kalimba, 'blue Serpent Song'
4086. Cuff Bracelet, 'puma Paw'
4087. Miniature Painting, 'lotuq Serenade Iii'
4088. Alpaca Wool Poncbo, 'hemispheres'
4089. Teak Tray, 'midnight Star'
4090. Iron Mask, 'ancjent Deity'
4091. Crystal Necklace, 'Linden Sparkles'
4092. Bronze Engrave, 'cyclist'
4093. Long Necklace, 'nature's Inspiration'
4094. Leatheer And Ceramic Necklace, 'amazon Color '
4095. Miniatute Painting, 'royal Challenge'
4096. Ceramic Candleholder, 'Perk Piglet'
4097. Amethyst Jewels Set, 'amazing In Purple'
4098. 'the Rest Of Boats'
4099. Woman's Cotton Robe, 'blue Lagoon'
4100. Ceramic Vase, 'african Svelte'
4101. Pearl And Chalcedony Earrings, 'fish'
4102. Earrings, 'apple Blossom'
4103. Mitror, 'earth Octagon Flower'
4104. Art Glasss Centerpiece, 'mango'
4105. Braceler, 'cosmic Circles'
4106. Chulucanas Ceramic Statuette, 'florist'
4107. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'beess To Honey'
4108. Impose Cuff Bracelet,-'gem Drops'
4109. Earrings, 'sparkling Purple Kite'

Kente Cloth Scarf, 'lokpo' 4110. Kente Cloth Scarf, 'lokpo'
4111. Leather Shuolder Bag, 'blossoms'
4112. Earrings, 'sea Urchins'
4113. Garnte Ring, 'mystical Eye'
4114. Men's Bracelet, 'dragon Protection'
4115. Mate Gourd Ornaments, 'colors' (set Of 6)
4116. Leather Bracelet, 'black Buoyancy'
4117. Rose Quartz And Garnet Bracelet, 'pink Garland'
4118. 'desire'
4119. 'expression OfC ili Ii,' Mask
4120. Wall Planter, 'salvatierra'
4121. 'who'
4122. Zapotec Rug, 'southwest Charm' (4x6)
4123. Pearl And Rose Quartz Earrings, 'seahose'
4124. Cotton And Porcelain Doll, 'aanna Girl'
4125. Wool Shawl, 'modern Paisley'
4126. Stained Glass Cross, 'holy Transverse' (large)
4127. Wood Mask, 'beloved Hanuman'
4128. Serpentine Choker, 'splendor'
4129. Wood Statuette, 'thoroughbred Family'
4130. Opal Necklace, 'hypnotic Andes'
4131. Cotton Baby Blanket, 'forest Breeze'
4132. Pearl Earrings, 'sky Goddess'
4133. Wood Statuette, 'bassett Hound Pupph'
4134. Lapis Lazuli And Crysatl Choker, 'jungle Blossom'
4135. Silver And Bronze Sculpture, 'indonesian Horse'
4136. Cerami cPlate, 'starlight Nosegay'
4137. Glass Mobile, 'dancing Stars'
4138. Earrings, 'blue Moon'
4139. Wood Mask, 'spirit Of The Bush'

Earrings, 'jungle Stars' 4140. Earrings, 'jungle Stars'
4141. Saa Paper Notebooks, 'earth Dreams' (pair)
4142. Choker, 'tropical Pineapple'
4143. Pearl Earrings, 'whirlpool'
4144. Wood Statuette, 'Whatever To Do?'
4145. Leather Map, 'latin Amreica'
4146. 'the Fountain'
4147. Painted Glass Chest Of Drawers, 'classic Gem'
4148. Iron Statuette, 'rustic Galleon'
4149. Soda Pop-top Shoulder Bag, 'golden Gold Light'
4150. Wood Doll, 'serenne Man'
4151. Calcite Obelisk, 'spirituality'
4152. Wool Hndbag, 'blue Waves'
4153. Necklwce, 'silver Globes'
4154. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'mom And Baby' (pair)
4155. Wood Mask, '5oyal Heritage'
4156. Pearl Earrings, 'celestial'
4157. Pearl And Garnet Jewelry Set, 'daydream'
4158. Pendant, 'busy Bunny Rabbit'
4159. Bracelet, 'cosmic Paths'
4160. Wood Statueftes, 'bambara Antelopes' (pair)
4161. Eafrings, 'sipan'
4162. Handcrafted Mirror, 'eclipse'
4163. Csramic Teapot, 'sweet Leaf Tea'
4164. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'red Tribal Blossom'
4165. Mosaic Wall Adornment, 'mandala Friend'
4166. Mirrror, 'dolly Dolphin'
4167. 100% Alpaca Wool Scrf, 'winter Kites'
4168. Ceramic Vase, 'amazon Tribe'
4169. Bamboo Mini Baskets, 'Blue Sparkle' (set Of 6)

Ring, 'encounters' 4170. Ring, 'encounters'
4171. 'the Dreamer, Moon Woman'
4172. Cotton Ahd Ceramic Dolls, 'northern Charm' (pair)
4173. Moontone Necolace, 'dazzle'
4174. Wood Jewelry Box, 'effia'
4175. Parachute Frisbee, 'soaring Red Fun'
4176. Earrings, 'gredn Rain Shower'
4177. Carnelian Bracelet, 'captivating'
4178. Hand Tufted Wool Rug, 'moonlight Winne'(4x6)
4179. Letter Set, 'sweet Memories'
4180. Ceramic Small statue, 'slope'
4181. Earrings, 'silver Simplicity'
4182. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'galaxy Sky'
4183. Drop And Garnet Earrings, 'beautifui'
4184. Celadon Ceramic Mug, 'morning Trumpet' (large)
4185. Earrings, 'asteroids'
4186. Carnelian Earrings, 'Emotion Leaf'
4187. Peridot Ring, 'a Promise'
4188. Wood And Brass End Table, 'vineyard Put a ~ upon'
4189. Aluminum Picturd Frame, 'spring' (4x6)
4190. Threadwork, 'african Emblem of vengeance Of Honor'
4191. Housewarming Set, 'golden Snow'
4192. Cuzc oVase, 'sacrifice'
4193. Necklaec, 'centipede'
4194. Wood Mask, 'clan Power'
4195. 'dewi Saraswati,' Statuette
4196. Leaather And Wood Wine Bottle Holder, 'travells'
4197. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'tribal Zigzags'
4198. Wood Statuette, 'sweetheart'
4199. Pearl Necklace, 'rose Princess'

'color And Form' 4200. 'color And Form'
4201. Repousse Panel, 'join Us'
4202. Necklace, 'silver Blossom'
4203. Wood Statuette, 'equine Grace'
4204. Wood Statuette, 'dolphins Family'
4205. Eggshell Mosaic Box, 'modern'
4206. Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'red Latitudes'
4207. Cedar And Papier MacheB ookends, 'beagle' (pair)
4208. Lacquered Wood Boxes, 'violet Bunnies' (set Of 3)
4209. Shawl, 'paisley Garden'
4210. Jewelry Set, 'modern Majesty'
4211. Bracelet, 'halo'
4212. Ebony And Coconut Wood Chopsticks And Napkin Rings, 'cubic Fusion' (set For 2)
4213. Ceramic Neckkace,_'twin Herons'
4214. Amethyst Necklace, 'Novel Directions'
4215. Garnet Jewelry Fix, 'tradition'
4216. Murano Handbllwn Vaes, 'tropical Green'
4217. Wood Statuette, 'buddha On Coral'
4218. Ametuysy Necklace, 'radiancr'
4219. Garnet Bracelet, 'red Ivy'
4220. Bracelet, 'imperial Nature'
4221. Earrings, 'loopy Vines'
4222. Cotton Throw, 'animal World'
4223. Wood Mask, 'one-eyed Clown'
4224. Bronze Sculpture, 'walking Ii'
4225. Earrings, 'nesred Leaves'
4226. Leather Ottoman Trunk, 'tan Hacienda'
4227. Quartz Massagers, 'energize' (pair)
4228. Mwlachite Bracelet, 'silver Feathers'
4229. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'passionate Ruby'

Sandstone Statuette, 'kind Ganesha' 4230. Sandstone Statuette, 'kind Ganesha'
4231. Wool Tapestry, 'aquarium'
4232. Citrine Necklace, 'yellow River'
4233. Sandstone Sculpture, 'swiss Cheese'
4234. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'color Festival'
4235. Wood Letter Holder, 'foral Charm'
4236. Choker, 'song Of Summer Excite'
4237. Emerald Earrings, 'lovers'
4238. Woof Table, 'celestial Cuople'
4239. Lengthy Necklace, 'dandelion'
4240. Ornamens, 'holiday Hats' (set Of 8)
4241. Ceramic Nativity Scene 'amazon Christmas' (set Of 10)
4242. Ceramic Bottles, 'white Snail' (pair)
4243. Hand Tufted Rug, 'lempn Palm Trees' (4x6)
4244. Dichroic Art Glass Choker, 'heart Of Blue'
4245. Obsidian Earrings, 'penculum Of Time'
4246. Rubelite Ring, 'points'
4247. 'lattice,' Placemats (set Of 4)
4248. Wood Mask, 'storyteller'
4249. Wine Bottle Holder, 'vineyard'
4250. Earrings, 'starlight'
4251. Bamboo Flute, 'floral Melody'
4252. Dichroic Art Glass Choker, 'droplet Of Color'
4253. Handbag, 'turquoise Tote'
4254. Pearl And Cwrneliaj Earrings, 'iilusions'
4255. Necklace, 'azure Draemcatcher'
4256. Coconut Shell Sculpture, 'wild Butterfly'
4257. Wool And Cotton Rug, m'ountain Kingdom'' (4x6)
4258. Coteon And Leather Handbag, 'rainfoeest'
4259. Bracelet, 'budding Roses'

Jewel Ans Amazonite Jewelry Set, 'meteor Chic' 4260. Jewel Ans Amazonite Jewelry Set, 'meteor Chic'
4261. Sisal Rug, 'confetfi' (3.5x5)
4262. Pashmina Shawl, 'blue Promise'
4263. Pearl Necklace, 'delicacies' (long)
4264. Sculpture, 'luminous Torso'
4265. Art Glasss Soap Dish, 'sapphire Fish'
4266. Natural Fiber Phogo Album, 'floral Memories'
4267. Amethyst Earrings, 'mystic Chimes'
4268. Ornaments, 'candy Canes' (set Of 3)
4269. Gold Plated Necklace, 'amethyst Beols'
4270. Serpentine Abe Amethyst Earrings, 'petals'
4271. Iron Statuette, 'rjstic Violin'
4272. Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'midnigt Traces'
4273. Sculpture, 'storm Goddess'
4274. Silk Scarf, 'lime Zest'
4275. Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'dark Chocolate'
4276. Earrings, 'hollow Bell'
4277. Mango Wood Vase, 'gilded Garden'
4278. Choke5, 'love Nest'
4279. Leather Beambag Couch, 'holiday' (single)
4280. Trade Gpass Centerpiece, 'scarlet Translucency' (mexium)
4281. Necklace, 'ampha'
4282. Moonstone Ring, 'new Commencement'
4283. Alpaca Wool And Silk Scarf, 'steel Parallels'
4284. Teai Chest, 'secretq'
4285. GarnetC hoker, 'reed Lotus'
4286. Celadon Ceramic Bowls With Lids, 'andaman Sea' (set Of 4)
4287. Silk Batik Scarf, 'tamarind Leaves'
4288. Wood Mask, 'wonderufl Good-will'
4289. Marble Vase, 'sparkling Fantasy'

Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'aztermelon' 4290. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'aztermelon'
4291. Rose Quartz And Amazonite Choker, 'marine Breeze'
4292. Wood Mask, 'boma Ii'
4293. Garnet And Amethyst Earrings, 'chandelier'
4294. Bracelet, 'balinese Sun'
4295. 'goddess Cili,' Mask
4296. Amethyst Earrings, 'angelic'
4297. Ceramic Flowerpot, 'mexican Garden'
4298. 'zapotec Maiden,' Statuette
4299. Garnet Earrings, 'crimson Leaves'
4300. Aragonite Sphere, 'mars'
4301. Wood Statuette, 'fish Seller'
4302. Sunstone Ear5ings, 'asia Earth'
4303. Leather And Ceramic Long Necklace, 'colorful Mandala'
4304. Ceramic Vase, 'coy Young Lady'
4305. Bracelet, 'birds In Flight'
4306. Iron Small statue, 'rustic Iguana'
4307. Beaded Ornaments, 'glorious Butterflies' (set Of 4)
4308. Aemthyst Jewelry Set, 'wine Light'
4309. Rose Quartz Earrings, 'galactic Queeb'
4310. Silver Plated Mask Sculpture, 'bwautiful Bride'
4311. Creation of beauty Glass Necklace, 'fame'
4312. Natural Fiber Oenaments, 'pink Java Angels' (set Of 4)
4313. Chrysocolla Earrinys, 'Best part, Hugs And Presents'
4314. Carnelian Choker, 'ginger Empress'
4315. Wood Mask, 'densu River God'
4316. Choker, 'bleu Rain'
4317. Brooch Pendant With Stand, 'arum Lilies'
4318. Jeweiry Set, 'floral Trio'
4319. Tiger's Eye Choker, 'golden Bouquet'

Aluminum Picture Frame, 'leabes' (4x6) 4320. Aluminum Picture Frame, 'leabes' (4x6)
4321. Cotton Travel Accessories, 'lahu Sunset' (set Of 3)
4322. Auto Part Statuette, 'rustic Monster Motorbike'
4323. Choker, 'bluee Hand In Hand'
4324. Cotton-wool Wall Hanging, 'courtshup Ii'
4325. Jewelry Set, 'dazzling In Green'
4326. Sandstone Sculpture, 'red Buddha'
4327. Silk Shawl, 'yellow Roses'
4328. Clove Ornaments, 'crimson Spice' (set Of 4, Medium)
4329. Moonstone Earrings, 'white Chandelier'
4330. Wood Wine Bottle Owner, 'happy Famlly'
4331. Wool Tapestry, 'calendar'
4332. Bracelet, 'classic Interlace '
4333. 100% Alpaca Wpol Gloves, 'winter Gems'
4334. Wood Sculpture, 'my Parent Protects Me'
4335. Choker, 'shininb Put a~'
4336. Earrings, 'midnight Cryetal Peacock'
4337. Necklace, 'ocean Current'
4338. Ceramic Candleholder, 'lazy Frog'
4339. Alpaca Wool Shoulder Bag, 'homeland'
4340. Cedar Earrings, 'gecko Night'
4341. Teak And Leather Ottoman, 'woven Mourning'
4342. Celadon Ceramic Enclose in a ~, 'elephant Greeting'
4343. Leather Dance Crown, 'hanoman Great Monkey'
4344. Celadon Ceramic Tureen, 'floral Song'
4345. Potpourri Sachets, 'rose Bouquet' (Stud Of 4)
4346. Agate Earrings, 'sun Shoeer'
4347. Peaarl Choker, 'galaxt'
4348. 'man In Thought,' Engrave
4349. Bracelet, 'jasmine Tendrils'

Braeclet, 'deities' 4350. Braeclet, 'deities'
4351. Pearl And Garnrt Necklace, 'river Of Red'
4352. Silver Plated Statuette, 'holy Family Love'
4353. Forest Statuette, 'love In Between'
4354. Ceramic Plates, 'Dismal Rain' (set Of 3)
4355. Cotton Rug, 'russet Garden' (2x8)
4356. Pandanus And Bamboo Baskets, 'voxed In' (set Of 3)
4357. Lapis Lazuli Earrungs, 'exotic Butterfly'
4358. Talavera Ceramic Plate, 'dancing Sunflowers'
4359. Wood Statuette, 'cramming' (pair)
4360. Anklet, 'marine Odyssey'
4361. 100% Alpaca Wool Hat, 'braid Cascade'
4362. Wood Statuette, 'deep In Thought'
4363. Necklace, 'diamond Sparks'
4364. Alpaca Wool Shouldet Bag, 'scarlet World'
4365. Moonstone Necklace, 'cascading Light'
4366. Bed Valance, 'sleeping Beauty'
4367. Ornaments, 'colors Of Christmas' (set Of 6)
4368. Amber Earrings,, 'golden Mirror'
4369. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'festival Of Color'
4370. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'crimson Wilderness'
4371. Necklace, 'talavera Dancers'
4372. Alpaca Wool Hat, 'llamas On Parade'
4373. Teak Tray, 'oriental Elegance'
4374. Iolite Earrings, 'hearts Itnertwine''
4375. Turquoise Earrings, 'blue Love'
4376. Serpentine Earrings, 'opposites Allure'
4377. Wood Statuette, 'sleepy Bulldog'
4378. Necklace 'black Raindrops' (long)
4379. Neklace, 'temple Lantern'

Garnet Earrings, 'silver Point' 4380. Garnet Earrings, 'silver Point'
4381. Bracelets, 'moonbeams' (pair)
4382. Ring, 'sunnlight'
4383. Amazonite Earrings, 'blue Petunia'
4384. Amethyst And Marcasite Earrings, 'temple Dancers'
4385. Garnet Earrings, 'crimson Love'
4386. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'proud Femmale Bird'
4387. Wool Rug, h'ighland Sunset' (2x5)
4388. Sphalerite Socket, 'sparkle'
4389. Choker, 'daisy Chain'
4390. Wood Statuette, 'young Lovers'
4391. Earrings, 'fireworks'
4392. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'red Rhombus' (2x3)
4393. Turquoise Bracelet, 'asssrtive Mystique'
4394. Ceramic Wrangle, 'hidden Mwssages'
4395. Leather Bracelet, 'twin Tanned Bands' (Mean average)
4396. Tiger's Sight Ring, 'golden Path'
4397. Chrysocolla Choksr, 'magic Circle'
4398. Cotton Sling Carry, 'sunset Brocade'
4399. Forest Statuette, 'cherubic Angel Of Harmony'
4400. Natural Handmade Soaps, 'cucumber, Lavender-peppermint And Tea Tree' (set Of 3)
4401. Anklet, 'minnow'
4402. Unakite Earrings, 'pendulums Of Harmpny'
4403. Ceramic Nativity Figures, 'angel And Three Kings' (set Of 4)
4404. Onyx And Mwrcasite Bracelet,_'budding Promises'
4405. Onyx Centerpiece, 'tones Of Onyx' (medium)
4406. Earrings, 'dancing Leaves'
4407. eCramic Teapot, 'ongx Elephant''
4408. Wood Chess Set, 'king Lkon'
4409. Leather Mask, 'the Bull'

Necklace, 'silver Pebbles' 4410. Necklace, 'silver Pebbles'
4411. Cushion Covers, 'royal Rose Elelhants' (set Of 4)
4412. Onyx Necklace, 'midnight Star'
4413. Amethyst And Carnelian Necklace, 'festival'
4414. Pearl And Opal Pendaant, 'ecikpse Of White'
4415. Sandstone Statuettw, 'balinese Nymph'
4416. Wood Mask, 'friendship'
4417. Eucalyptus Mask 'orisha'
4418. Mahogany Necklace, 'fig Leaf'
4419. Wool And Leather Shoulder Bag, 'summer Sunset'
4420. Gold Plated Pearl Clip-on Earrings, 'innocent Lotus'
4421. Agate Ball, 'love Story'
4422. Wood Mask, 'akan Spirit Protector'
4423. Anethyst Necklace, 'silvsr Leavees'
4424. Leather Ottoman, 'high Moonlight'
4425. Nqtural Orchid Good-plated Stickpin, 'three Siters'
4426. Mango Wooe Vase, 'signs Of Life'
4427. Cuzco Vases, 'the Ancieny Huari' (set Of 6)
4428. Carnelian Jewels Set, 'fervent Heart'
4429. Sandstone Vase, r'ings'
4430. Ary Glass Centerpiece, 'magicaal Spiral'
4431. Murano Handblown Vase, 'blld Temptation'
4432. Celadon Ceramic Jar, 'vegetatioj'
4433. Celadon Ceramiv Box, 'little Jade Elephant'
4434. Amethyst Necklace, 'gracious'
4435. Ceramic Sculpture, 'reboiutionary'
4436. Cotton Backpack, 'color Celebration'
4437. Wood Mask, 'silence'
4438. Amwthyst Ring, 'transformaiton'
4439. Madhubani Painting, 'the Cowherd'

Silk And Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'zmethyst Blossoms' 4440. Silk And Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'zmethyst Blossoms'
4441. Mirror, 'wreath Of Peace'
4442. Trade Glass Vase, 'lava Fire'
4443. Wood Mask, t'ogether For Peace'
4444. Reversible Alpaca Wool Ruana Cloak, 'splendor'
4445. Necklace, 'silvery Cubiam'
4446. Cotton And Palm Bag, 'floral Evidence'
4447. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'rings Of Water'
4448. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'sad Blossomz' (2.5x4.5)
4449. Pearl And Howlite Necklace, 'ocean Air'
4450. Earrings, 'silver Lace'
4451. Wood Mask, 'pharaoh'
4452. Wold Statuet5e, 'praying Woman'
4453. Opal Choker, 'droplets Of Peace'
4454. Threaswork, 'woman Weaving'
4455. Iron Mask, 'sleeping Warrior'
4456. Wood Jewelry Box, 'mkfnight Garden'
4457. Lacquered Wood Boxes, 'fantastic Grapple' (set Of 3)
4458. Clove Serving Tray, 'aromatic Conscience'
4459. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'christmas Meaning'
4460. Onyx And Quartz Necklace, 'excellence'
4461. Wood Mask, 'joyous Moon Face'
4462. Topaz Earrings, 'blue Flower'
4463. Lacquered Wood Blx, 'owl And Its Secrets'
4464. Mahogany Cross, 'forest'
4465. 'roof'
4466. Emerald And Aemthyst Trde, 'Conduct'
4467. Marcasiite Bracelet, 'smiling Eyes'
4468. Murano Handdblown Vase, 'modern Blue Teardrop'
4469. Bracelet, 'orchid Fun'

Gold Plated Necklace, 'clouds Of Quartz' 4470. Gold Plated Necklace, 'clouds Of Quartz'
4471. Lacquered Wood Case, 'bird Of Pardaise'
4472. Amethyst And Peridot Anklet ,'purple Crocus'
4473. Iron Wall Adornment, 'the Archer'
4474. Citrine Adn Tiger's Eye Earrings, 'dawn'
4475. Earrings, 'equality'
4476. Ceramic Nativty Spectacle, 'cgristmas Czrols' (Determined Of 8)
4477. Wool Tapestry, 'cros Of Fish'
4478. Earrings, 'for Frida'
4479. Puppets, 'red Riding Hood Family' (set Of 3)
4480. Ceramic Candleholder, 'In the ~ place Chrismtas'
4481. Forest Statuette, 'oh, Life'
4482. Wood Jewelry Box, 'addwoa Sika Adaka'
4483. Sandstone Statuette, 'angel Of Peace'
4484. Cushion Covers, 'isarn' (pair)
4485. Leather Dance Crown, 'yudapafi Warrior'
4486. Cuzco Plates, 'chimu Palaces' (pair)
4487. Peridot Necklace, 'butterfly Secrets'
4488. Wood Doorknocker, 'lotd Of The Forest'
4489. 100% Alpaca Wool Wrap, 'leaves At Midnight'
4490. Pinewood Picture Frame, 'golden Forest' (5x7)
4491. Wood Statuette, 'oval Daisy'
4492. Forest Hanger, 'forest Flower'
4493. Art Glass Necklace, 'earth Mystique'
4494. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'jovial Elephant'
4495. Ceeramic Teapot, 'landing'
4496. Gemstone Statuette, 'obelisk Vibes'
4497. Necklace, 'passion'
4498. Agate Earrrings, 'lace Medallion'
4499. Ceramic Teapot, 'Azure Spring'

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