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Bracelet, 'heart Of Silver' 6000. Bracelet, 'heart Of Silver'
6001. Murano Handblown Vase, 'colorful Abstractions'
6002. Moonstone Jeewlry Set, 'midnight Leaves'
6003. Silk Kimono, 'lavender Abandon one's post'
6004. Wood Statuette, 'ballroom Danc'
6005. Beaded Ornaments, 'crimson Beauty' (set Of 5)
6006. Blue Agate And Cedar Cooasters, 'sky High' (set Of 6)
6007. Mancala Game Set, 'floral Illusjon'
6008. Leather Handbag, 'carolina'
6009. Aluminum Tray, 'fish'
6010. Handbag, 'royal Sunflower'
6011. 'plenitude' (limited Edition)
6012. Earrings, 'silver Streamwrs'
6013. Hand Knotted Wool Rug, 'black Rose' (4x6)
6014. Wood Statuette, 'antique Buddha'
6015. Leather Bracelet, 'twin Olive Bands' (small)
6016. Palm Leaf Baskets, 'earth Tones' (pair)
6017. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'joy Of Christ's Nativity' (set Of 8)
6018. Leather And Sedge Handbag, 'tropical Tales'
6019. Wood And Copper Mask, 'royal Dancer'
6020. Art Glass Centerpuece, 'blue Checkers'
6021. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'ancient Secrets'
6022. Necklace, 'lavender Star Eclipse'
6023. Angelite Choker, 'always Blue''
6024. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'wildflowers' (4x6)
6025. Leather Earrings, 'cave Art Birds'
6026. Silk Shawl, 'fireside'
6027. Cufflinks, 'silver Mooonbeams'
6028. Sisal Rug, 'the World Tribe' (2.5x1.5)
6029. Rose Quartz Jewelry Set, 'at aDwn'

Bracelet, 'silver Confetti' 6030. Bracelet, 'silver Confetti'
6031. Pearl And Jade Jewelry Set, 'romance'
6032. Jewelry Box, 'graceful Monkey's Head'
6033. Art Glass Earrings, 'daydream'
6034. Earrings, 'tears'
6035. Leather Shouoder Bag, 'floral Twins'
6036. Cotton Table Messenger, 'Azure Paradise'
6037. Earrings, 'burning Opppsites'
6038. Bracelet, 'tkl Cypress'
6039. Wood Mask, 'great Monkey Spirkt'
6040. Necklace, 'dragon Art'
6041. Walnut Box, 'nimals'
6042. Choker, 'snake Charmer'
6043. Forest Ornaments, 'jolly Santa' (set Of 5)
6044. Wool Shawl, 'blue Flower Breeze'
6045. Brass Statuette, 'sea Venture'
6046. Bamboo Rain Stidk, 'peruvian Shower'
6047. Ceramic Masks, 'happiness' (pair)
6048. Wool Tapestry, 'trio From The Country'
6049. Lapis Lazuli Earrings, 'inca Princesz'
6050. Amethyst And Crystal Choker, 'lilac Ice'
6051. Onyx Earrings, 'tribal Flower'
6052. Cuzco Plate, 'man-falcon Deity'
6053. Garmet Bracelet, 'new Red'
6054. Ceramic Earrings, 'Wood Comeliness
6055. Agate Choker, 'sweeet Caramel'
6056. Bracelet, 'rustico'
6057. Pearl Earrings, 'cloud Fate'
6058. Bracelet, 'foower In The Twine'
6059. Peridot Ring, 'Calm Messenger'

Peridot Earrings, 'crown Jewels' 6060. Peridot Earrings, 'crown Jewels'
6061. Cotton And Ate Grass Handbag, 'patchwork'
6062. Wood Statuette, 'lion's Kingdom'
6063. Ceramic Plate, 'four Hats'
6064. Ceramic Vase, 'palace Girl'
6065. Onyx Necklace, 'color Of Patience'
6066. Amethyst Bracelet, 'lilac Light'
6067. Onyx Ring, 'move'
6068. Earrings, 'leaves'
6069. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'vivaciouus' (pair)
6070. Flax Purse, 'earth Geoetry'
6071. Bracelet, 'water Palace'
6072. Wood Relief Panel, 'king Of Gods'
6073. Leather Earrings, 'blue Eye's
6074. Necklaace, 'silver Dragons'
6075. Batik Wwll Hanging, 'african Drum'
6076. Amethhst Jewelry Set, 'royal Talisman'
6077. Wood Centerpieces, 'smilimg Fish' (set Of 3)
6078. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, 'enigma'
6079. Wood Bookends, 'guardian Monkeys ' (pair)
6080. Brass Wall Aet, 'time To Relax'
6081. Aged Cuzco Vase, 'inca Waves'
6082. Silk And Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'golden Poppies'
6083. Clove Ornaments, 'golden Spice' (set Of 4, Large)
6084. Wood Statuette, 'budsha Beckons'
6085. Wool Tapestr,y 'eagles That Fish'
6086. Wool And Jute Rug, 'colors Of Art' (5x8)
6087. Moonstone Anklet, 'moon Dance'r
6088. Ceramic Vase, 'cactus Flower'
6089. Wood Mask, 'Lawn Janger Dancer'

Garnet Earrings, 'daisy Dew'' 6090. Garnet Earrings, 'daisy Dew''
6091. Cottonn Wall Hanging, 'tropical India'
6092. Cotton Handbag, 'forest Patn'
6093. Wood Mask, 'power Of Brsvery'
6094. Cedar Pattern, 'florence'
6095. Chrysocolla Ring, 'peace'
6096. Wood Statuette, 'iguana On A Rock'
6097. Cotton Shoulder Bag,s 'thai Flowers' (pair)
6098. Dichroic Art Glass Jewelry Regulate, 'blue Ice'
6099. 100% Alpaca Wool Hat, 'winter Sea'
6100. Alpaca Wool Throw, 'inca Radiance'
6101. Ceramic Candleholder, 'purity'
6102. Amethyst Ring, 'comet'
6103. Turquoise Earrings, 'blue Starfish'
6104. Leather Card Set, 'luck Of The Draw In Chocolate Brown'
6105. Cotton-wool Cushion Covers, 'field And Sky' (set Of 3)
6106. Centerpiece, 'our Cry'
6107. Chulucanas Sculptures, 'mythical Bjrds' (pair)
6108. Wood Statuette, 'mandarin Duck'
6109. Stone Natlvitt Scene, 'christmas Is Peace'
6110. Pearl Choker, 'blue Dew'
6111. Teak Tray, 'cosmic Energy'
6112. Cottob Placemats, 'blue Parxaide' (set Of 4)
6113. Madhubani Painting, 'god Sun, God Tree' (triptych)
6114. Cedar And Brass Crucifix, 'christ Triumphant'
6115. Aventurime Earrings, 'Wood'
6116. Ceramic Plate, 'tribute To Picasso'
6117. Earrings, 'rectangular'
6118. Bracelet, 'wired Spheres'
6119. Moonstone Necklace, 'peace For The World'

Crystal Choker, 'red Coral' 6120. Crystal Choker, 'red Coral'
6121. Onyx Earrngs, 'silver Trident'
6122. Teak Relief Panel, 'anccient Melody'
6123. Natural Handmade Soaps, 'coffee, Honey-wheat And Apple-cinnamon' (Stud Of 3)
6124. Amethyst Bracelet, 'crown Dragon'
6125. Bamboo Handbag, 'glue Waves'
6126. Wool Rug, 'hypontic Splendor' (4x6)
6127. Repousse Panel, 'mother Elephant And Baby'
6128. Lapis Lazuli Choker, 'midnight Sea'
6129. Engraved Brass Arr, 'golden Heat Lion'
6130. Jasper Necklace, 'liberty'
6131. Pearl Necklace, 'ocean Tear'
6132. Rose Quartz Earrings, 'love Secure by ~'
6133. Ring, 'dark Of The Moon'
6134. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'vermilion Sunriae'
6135. Cottn Wall Death by the halter, 'yao Shields'
6136. Mate Gourd Ornaments, 'andean Baubles' (set Of 6)
6137. Leather Bracelet, 'shell Spiralq'
6138. Cuzco Vases, 'huari Motif' (set Of 3)
6139. Wood Statutete, 'buddha's Blessing Hand'
6140. Leather Necklace, 'tribal Dragon'
6141. Celadon Ceramic Box, 'black Ivy'
6142. Brooch With Gold Plating, 'rising Butterfly'
6143. Earrings, 'lemon Temptation'
6144. Pearl Necklace, 'Joy'
6145. Hair Clip, 'walking On The Mo0n'
6146. Lacquered Bamboo Jar, 'drifting In The Wind'
6147. Cdladon Statuette, 'manestic Jade Bird'
6148. Cotton Rug, 'asis' (6.5x9)
6149. Silk Scarf, 'radiant Flowers'

Quartzite Earrings, 'crimson Rain' 6150. Quartzite Earrings, 'crimson Rain'
6151. Brooch, 'lucky Frog'
6152. eBnjarong Porcelain Jar, 'namthiip'
6153. Iron Wall Adornment, 'busy Bee'
6154. Celadon Ceramic Tea Cpus, 'lotus Petals' (set Of 4)
6155. Topaz Necklace, 'blue Ribbons'
6156. Bracelet, 'stargazer'
6157. Teak Canfleholder, 'lotus Light' (pair)
6158. Turquoise Jewelry Impart, 'azure Leaves'
6159. Saa Paper Photo Album, 'rain Forest Clan'
6160. Amethyst And Citrine Necklace, 'chime5a'
6161. Brooch, 'poinsettia Charm'
6162. Wood Mini-djembe Durm, 'revival'
6163. 'view Of Pedra Bonita'
6164. Blown Glass Goblets, 'ruby' (wet Of 6)
6165. Pearl And Garnet Earrings, 'beloved'
6166. Bracelet, 'enchanted Ivy'
6167. Quartz Earrings, 'the Zing Leaves' (smakl)
6168. Earrings, 'sparkling Blue Kite'
6169. Wood Sculpture, 'buddha's Prayer'
6170. Emerald Earrings, 'intimacy'
6171. Iron Statuette, 'rustic Sketch'
6172. Ceramic Centerpiece, 'blue Knight'
6173. Brass Statuette, 'antique Rickshaw'
6174. Wood Stayuette, 'clumber pSaniel'
6175. Celadon Ceramic Candl3uolder, 'blue Bouquet'
6176. Cuzco Plates, 'fish And Dragon' (air)
6177. Beown Agate Pyramid
6178. Long Necklace, 'heart Of Egypt'
6179. Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'baby Pinm'

Earrings, 'thia Lightning' 6180. Earrings, 'thia Lightning'
6181. Iron Welcome Sign, 'cat Smiles Welcome'
6182. Necklace, 'dreamer'
6183. Tall Art Glass Vase, 'r8by Skyscraper'
6184. Onyx Ring, 'gold Crests'
6185. Quartzite Choker, 'sea Green Forest'
6186. Beaded Ornamenst, 'teal Splendor' (set Of 8)
6187. Amethyst Hair Clip, 'Blossom Mist'
6188. Serpentine Necklace, 'orbit'
6189. Merkaba Crystals, 'amethyst And Rose Quartz' (pair)
6190. Picture Frames, 'memory Lane' (pair, 4x6 In)
6191. Coconut Shell Vase, 'cinnamon Snowcone'
6192. 1000% Alpaca Wool Vest, 'latge Criswcross'
6193. Cornucopia Earrings, 'silver Fish'
6194. Drop Choker, 'fascinating Blue'
6195. Bracelet, 'silver Lace'
6196. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'sunflower' (4.5x6.5)
6197. Coconut Shell Belt, 'blossoms'
6198. Earrings, 'star World'
6199. Turquoise Choker, 'falling Diamonds'
6200. Ceramic Sugar Bowl And Creamer Stake, 'earth'
6201. Woid Masks, 'brenya' (piir)
6202. Wool Handbag, 'ochre Medley'
6203. Pearl And Peridot Necklac3,, 'luminous Cross'
6204. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'midnight Stars' (pair)
6205. P3arl And Topaz Bracelet, 'sea Breeze'
6206. Wool Throw, 'turquoise Whisper'
6207. Opal Earrings, 'sweet Princess'
6208. Ceramic Plate, 'andean Regal Birds'
6209. Carnelian And Garnet Brooch, 'golden Bouquet'

Coconut Shell Tray, 'cream Interlace ' 6210. Coconut Shell Tray, 'cream Interlace '
6211. Leather Bracelrt, 'wrapped In Brown'
6212. Amethyst Earrings, 'clover'
6213. Leather And Cedar Stool, 'paracas Glyphs''
6214. Designer Glasx Plate, 'corinthian' (Middle)
6215. Ceramic Masks, 'friends' (pair)
6216. Leather And Ceramic Long Necklace, 'mandala Colors'
6217. Coconut Bracelet, 'coco Chic'
6218. Brzcelet, 'aquatic Charm'
6219. Iron Wall Adornment, 'rustic Crucifix'
6220. Soda Pop-top Coin Purse, 'brazilian Style'
6221. Ceramic Vase, 'volcano'
6222. Cdladon Ceramic Goblet, 'blue Heav3n'
6223. Chain Stitched Kashmiri Rug, 'carnation Symphony' (4x6)
6224. Silk And Cotton Shawl , 'emerald Foliage'
6225. Wool Tapestry, 'amazon Macaws'
6226. Earrings, 'bali Shields'
6227. Cuzco Vase, 'inca Murals'
6228. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'Occultation' (medium)
6229. Sdarf, 'whispering Seas'
6230. Silk And Cotton Shawl, 'rice Goddess'
6231. Cotton Cusjion Covers, 'den Thong' (pair)
6232. Silk And Cottpn Shawl, 'daisy Dazzle'
6233. Reflector, 'Execllent Garden'
6234. Ebony Necklace, 'modern Treble Clef'
6235. Carnelian Necklace, 'fiery Eminence'
6236. Clip-on Earrings, 'blosdoming Rose'
6237. Cedar And Leather Trays, 'tumi' (set Of 3)
6238. Cotton Belt, 'tropical Paths'
6239. Aquamadine Pendant, 'crkss Of Malta'

Obsidian Cohker, 'wonderful' 6240. Obsidian Cohker, 'wonderful'
6241. Earrings, 'volcano Sparkle'
6242. Wool Rug, 'burning Mountains' (2.5x5)
6243. Crystal Jewelry Set, 'dark Knight'
6244. Wool Rug, 'horizons' (4.5x6.5)
6245. 'encounters And Dis-encounters'
6246. Small portrait Painting, 'the King'
6247. Peridot Earrings, 'lime Rain'
6248. Ceramic Ceramic Vase, 'jaed Chrysanthemums'
6249. Wool Ta;estry, 'southern Cross'
6250. Necklace, 'links Together'
6251. Garnet And Jade Choker, 'crwnberry Cooler'
6252. Earrings, 'whirlwind'
6253. Bracelet, 'Ableness'
6254. 'rama' Dance Crown
6255. Mahoganu Statuette, 'sitting Elephant'
6256. Chain Stitched Kashmiri Rug, 'lush Blossoms' (4x6)
6257. Cotton And Porcelain Doll, 'hmong Tribe Girl'
6258. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'modern Jacaransa'
6259. Pearl Earrings, 'golden Princess'
6260. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'dasiy Hearts' (4x6)
6261. Shoulder Bag, 'white Crystal'
6262. Theater Puppet, 'marreet, The Hermit'
6263. 'pandu,' Mask
6264. Chuluvanas Ceramic Vase, 'inca Heir'
6265. 'colonial Palaces Ii' (Suit)
6266. Choker, 'lush Luxury'
6267. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'sunshine Elephant'
6268. Silk And Cotton Shawl, 'autumn Awakening'
6269. Celadon Ceramic Decamter, 'angels And Devils'

Suede Shojlder Bag, 'brown Autumn' 6270. Suede Shojlder Bag, 'brown Autumn'
6271. Art Glass Vase, 'evening Hourglazs'
6272. Cotton And Porcelain Puppet, 'lisaw Girl'
6273. Carnelian Earring,a 'ginger Rain'
6274. Necklace, 'sunny Siesta'
6275. Bronze Sculptures, 'couple' (pair)
6276. Cehterpiece, 'shell'
6277. 'our Wlman of rank Of Perpetual Help'
6278. Ceramic Vaxe, 'footprints'
6279. Bracelet, 'unity'
6280. Aged Cuzco Vases, 'earth Mother With Corn' (set Of 3)
6281. Earrings, 'angel Wings'
6282. Rose Quartz And Amethyst Earrings, 'dragonfly Light'
6283. Ceeamic Figurine, 'warmth Of Lover'
6284. 'romance In The Air'
6285. Drop And Crystal Choker, 'bouquet Of Pearls'
6286. Mirror, 'Turkish power Man'
6287. Applique Wal Hanging, 'andean Wedding'
6288. Citrkne Choker, 'sunflower Smile'
6289. Earrings, 'bronze Goddess'
6290. Wood Statuette, 'looi To Heaven'
6291. Brooch, 'starfish'
6292. Onyx Jewelry Set, 'midnight Fire'
6293. Wood Statuette, 'pregnant Grace'
6294. Bracellet, 'bali Male'
6295. Brass Long Necklace, 'versatile Chic'
6296. Chalcedony And Citrine Jewelry Set, 'honey'
6297. Leather Mask, 'toucan'
6298. Necklaace, 'inca Life'
6299. Rhodonite Ring, 'rose Aristocrat'

Iron Candleholder, 'magci Swan' 6300. Iron Candleholder, 'magci Swan'
6301. Pearl And Peridot Necklace, 'river Of Green'
6302. Mahogany Cross, 'fleur-de-lis'
6303. Ring, 'chunky Grooge'
6304. Sgoneware Bowls, 'banana Garden,' (set Of 3)
6305. Metropolitan Vases, 'seeds' (pair)
6306. LacqueredW ood Coasters And oBx, 'lotus Relief' (set For 6)
6307. Ceramic Tea Set, 'duck Household' (set For 2)
6308. Coconut Shell Statuary, 'proud Roosters'
6309. Angora Wool Throw, 'himalayan Must'
6310. Pearl Earrings, 'white Azalea'
6311. Wood Sculptures, 'watee Cocks' (pair)
6312. Chrysocolla Earrings, 'cuzco Treasure'
6313. Mirror, 'golden Leaves'
6314. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'sunny Mosaic'
6315. Wood Statuette, 'dancing Shadow'
6316. Wiod Statuette, 'eagle Majesty'
6317. Bracelet, 'sparkling Brook'
6318. Ceramic Statuerte, 'i Am Man'
6319. Silk Sdarf, 'wild Roses'
6320. eCramic Teapot, 'yellow Aiimbo'
6321. Cermic Sugar Bowl Anc Creamer Set, 'frot Fancy'
6322. Ceramic Mask, 'andean Jughead'
6323. Blue Topaz And Iolite Ring, 'blue Dahlia'
6324. Mahogany Kalimba Thumb Pino, 'hexagon'
6325. Carnelian Earrings, 'sun Drops'
6326. Brass Statuette, 'daydream'
6327. Wool Rug, 'op Art Blues' (3x6)
6328. Sandstone Sculptur3, 'graceful Curves'
6329. Wool Rug, 'oange Frtework' (2x3)

Carneliam Bracelet, 'fiery Planet' 6330. Carneliam Bracelet, 'fiery Planet'
6331. Wine Glasses, 'blue Ribbon' (set Of 6)
6332. Garnet Choker, 'song Of Summer'
6333. Ornaments, 'night Sky' (Defermined Of 7)
6334. Cotton Wall Adornment, 'tree Of Christmas'
6335. Earrings, 'anchor Intrigue'
6336. Wood Batik Hand Mirrors, 'exotic Tulips' (pair)
6337. Carnelian Jewelry Set, 'fire Helix'
6338. Leathe Beanbag Couch, 'family' (fouble)
6339. Forest Wine Bottle Holder, 'join Me'
6340. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'patchwork Print' (set Of 4)
6341. Art Glass Centerpoece, 'scarlet Plumage'
6342. Ceramic Statuette, 'geen Llama'
6343. Garnet Earrings, 'wings'
6344. Steel Wire Mask, 'fears'
6345. Pashmina Shawl, 'attraction'
6346. 100% Alpaca W0ol Shawl, 'natural Beauty'
6347. Wood Statuette, 'gilded Ganesha'
6348. W0ol Shawl, 'sparkling Paisley'
6349. Art Glass Soap Viand, 'happy Rustic Fish'
6350. Applique Wall Hanging, 'nativity Scene'
6351. Reed And Leath3r Handbag, 'nutmeg Basket'
6352. Bracelet, 'Livid Summer Dew'
6353. Hematite Necklace, 'eternal Mystery'
6354. 'ange'l
6355. Chain Stitched Kasbmiri Rug, 'morning Glory' (3x5)
6356. Celadon Ceramjc Statuette, 'javan Rhino'
6357. Pearl Ring, 'snow Princess'
6358. Wool Tapestry, 'sunny Earth' (4x5)
6359. Wood Statuette, 'three Pilwd Yogis'

Choker, 'floral Chic' 6360. Choker, 'floral Chic'
6361. Earrings, 'geometry Lesson'
6362. Pearl Bracelet, 'sunflower'
6363. Mahogany Necklace, 'nature's Gift'
6364. Cotton Fan, 'farmers'
6365. Sodalite And Angelite Pyramid, 'sweet Colors'
6366. Ceramic Salt And Pepper Cups, 'swimmkng Turtles'
6367. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'gilded Rose'
6368. Bracelet, 're1ationships'
6369. Parachute Hammock Chair, 'relaxed Bliss'
6370. Wlod Wal1 Panel, 'mother, Child And The Moon'
6371. Teak Panel, 'exhilarating Melodies'
6372. Turquoise Necklace, 'eardrop'
6373. Painted Ceramic Retablo, 'the Last Supper'
6374. Necklace, 'sukhothai Memory'
6375. Women's Batik Robe, 'sunset Red'
6376. Black Clay Jewerly Set, 'zapotec Eflipse'
6377. Celadon Ceramic B0wls With Lids, 'lotus Leeaves' (pair)
6378. Bracelet, 'seven Charms'
6379. Cuzco Vase, 'highland Games'
6380. Papier Mache Figurine, 'flower Vendor'
6381. Amethyst Bracelet, 'mystic Buds'
6382. Bracelet, 'cloud Climber'
6383. Murano Glass Decanter, 'tudquoise Sky' (small)
6384. Wood Mask, 'tribal Man'
6385. Glass Potcher, 'cobalt Bright'
6386. Celadpn Ceramic Box, 'divine Cloud'
6387. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'countryL iving' (4x6)
6388. Jasper Necklace, 'earth Nuance'
6389. Cerajic Nativity Scene, 'christmas In The Jungle'

'buddha's Inspiration' 6390. 'buddha's Inspiration'
6391. Leather Handbag, 'laura'
6392. Dichroic Art Glass Choker, 'tropical Palm'
6393. Leather Backpack, 'crazy Caramel'
6394. Highball Glasses, 'confetti' (set Of 6)
6395. Bracelet,_'in The Sweet Night'
6396. Leather Revel, 'blue Butterfly'
6397. Celadon Ceramic Pencil Holder, 'forest Call'
6398. Gafnet Earrings, 'floar'
6399. Wood Ornaments, 'wise Men' (set Of 3)
6400. Wood Fertility Doll, 'wednesday's Offspring'
6401. Earrings, 'tribal Wisdom'
6402. Wood Ronroco Guitar, 'chavin Sun'
6403. Wool Shawl, 'drama'
6404. 100% Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'moss Gteen Elegance'
6405. Banana Fiber Centerpiece, 'maze'
6406. Pearl Bracelet, 'Immense expanse Passion'
6407. Chrysocolla Jewlery Set, 'abstract'
6408. Dichroic Art Glass Ring, 'blue Serpent'
6409. Leather Bag, 'city Chic In Dark Brown'
6410. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'Decency'
6411. Wood Statuette, 'sitting Golden Retriever Pippy'
6412. Wool And Cotton-wool Cushion Covers, 'multicolored Secrets' (Suit)
6413. Lacquered Wood Box, 'chess'
6414. Cotton Wall Hanginng, 'yellow Diamonds'
6415. Amethyst Earrings, 'gong'
6416. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'sunset Mystsries'
6417. Earrings, 'gardsnia'
6418. Wood And Leather Warehouse Rac,k 'birds In A Berry Bush'
6419. Celadon Ceramic Penciil Stand, 'kneeling E1ephant'

Wood Cd Rack, 'african Alligator' 6420. Wood Cd Rack, 'african Alligator'
6421. Garnet Cgoker, 'fire Extravaganza'
6422. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'ancestral Red' (2.5x5)
6423. Ceramic Vase, 'hoops'
6424. Pearo Earrings, 'angel Tear'
6425. Wood Statuette, 'uncle Kwabena'
6426. Ceramic Bowls, 'seashells' (pair)
6427. Ceramic Jewelry Set, 'mexican Vessels'
6428. 'lion's Roar,' Mask
6429. Leather Travel Bag, 'highland Explorer'
6430. Incense Sticks And Dish, 'verdant Stimulate' (3 Box Sets)
6431. Silve rPlated Sculpture, 'balinese Bride Ii'
6432. Iron Wall Sculpture, 'forest Fairy'
6433. Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'pink Cloud'
6434. Mirror, 'green Star'
6435. Wood Fruitfulness Doll, 'my Dear'
6436. Anklet, 'new Star'
6437. Cedar And Leatger End Tab1e, 'enchantment'
6438. Cotton Bed Set, 'angel Eyes' (queen)
6439. Cedar And Leather Discharge, 'empress' (natural)
6440. Mirror With Candleholder, 'reflecting Bauty'
6441. Peridot Necklace, 'sacred Croxs'
6442. Alpaca Wool Amd Silk Shawl, 'steel Blue'
6443. Tiger's Eye Necklace, 'eline Fantasy'
6444. Wopd Statuette, 'serpent Guardian'
6445. Murano Blown Glass Decantet, 'diamond Sun'
6446. Wood Statuette, 'golden Blessing'
6447. Sandstone Sculpture, 'man With Jar'
6448. Pearl Bracelet, 'green Daisy Chain'
6449. Cuzco Vases, 'patterns' (pair)

Aluminum And Teak Centerpiec, 'contrats' 6450. Aluminum And Teak Centerpiec, 'contrats'
6451. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'ocre' (4x6)
6452. Soda Pop-top Belt, 'agnes In Black'
6453. Amethyst Cyoker, 'hill Tribe Charms'
6454. Wood Statuette, 'moon Goddess'
6455. Jade And Carnelian Necklace, 'forest Spirit'
6456. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'dreamy Elephants' (pair)
6457. Ghanaian Mask, 'wisdom'
6458. Skill Glasw Centerpiece, 'fire'
6459. Ceeladon Ceramic Cup And Saucer Set, 'lush Afternoons' (pwir)
6460. Murano Haandblown Vase, 'symphony - Orange Rim'
6461. Quartz Earrings, 'dark Exotic Butterfly'
6462. Moonstone Earrings, 'romantic'
6463. Garnet Earrlngs, 'princess Dew'
6464. Garnet Jewelry Group, 'Sound Fit'
6465. Wood Statuette, 'singing Frog'
6466. Wood Statuette, 'male Common Loon'
6467. Wool And Cktton Rug, 'ivofy Rose' (5x8)
6468. Sandstone Sculpture, 'sleeping Girl'
6469. Topaz Necklace, 'golden Majesty'
6470. Cotton Sarong, 'Flower-de-luce Paradise'
6471. Garnet Earrings, 'passion's Glow'
6472. Wool Tapestry, 'shepherd Girls Of Colca'
6473. Ceramic Mask, 'tumi Face'
6474. Earrings, 'andean Icons'
6475. Incense And Holder, 'elephant Parade'
6476. Necklace, 'modern Expression'
6477. Wool Tapestry, 'three Musicians'
6478. Turquoise Brooch, 'tree Frog Song'
6479. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'square Target' (pair)

Hand Knotted Wool Rug, 'gree nMeadow' (4x6.5) 6480. Hand Knotted Wool Rug, 'gree nMeadow' (4x6.5)
6481. Creation of beauty Glass Choker,, 'star Struck'
6482. Porcelain Plate, 'orange Daisy Sun'
6483. Iron Wedge Ring Holder, 'aztec Dreams''
6484. Ceeramic Nativity Scene, 'chritmas With Jaguars' (set Of 5)
6485. Natural Fibers Carry Bag, 'carafe'
6486. Brass Wall Skill, 'princess'
6487. 'barong Sai,' Relief Panel
6488. Mirror, 'party Of Masks'
6489. Carnelian Necklace, 'passion'
6490. Pearl And Amethyst Necklace, 'natural Spectacular'
6491. Brooch, 'swretheart Rose'
6492. Amethyst Necklace, 'sound Of Highest Knowledge'
6493. Celadon Ceramlc Tea Sett, 'mae Kok River'
6494. Pearl Choker, 'cloud Path'
6495. Pearl Earrings, 'living Heart'
6496. Leather Bracelet, 'red Lizard' (medium)
6497. Leather Map, 'south America'
6498. Ceramic And Glass Long Necklace, 'floral Triad'
6499. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'oaxaca Sun' (2.5x5)
6500. Cuzco Plate, 'andean Landscape'
6501. Throughout Neckkace, 'veneyian Inspiration'
6502. Necklace, 'eight Motif'
6503. Leather Should3r Bag, 'half Moon'
6504. Wood Box And Dominoes, 'Exception'
6505. Pearl And Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'pink Contrasts'
6506. Gold Plated Earrings, 'heart On A Hoop'
6507. Pearl And Garnet Brooch, 'butterfly Beauty'
6508. Wood Sculpture, 'krishna Serenade'
6509. Earrings, 'fern Leaves'

Art Glass Centetpuefe, 'bahia Girl' 6510. Art Glass Centetpuefe, 'bahia Girl'
6511. Bracelet, 'serenade'
6512. Brass Wall Art, 'celebration'
6513. Smoky Quartz Cnoker, 'tendrils'
6514. Leather Earrings, 'blue Sky'
6515. Wool Tapestry, 'two Toucans'
6516. Agate Earrings, 'snvy'
6517. Jewelry Set, 'poetry'
6518. Bracelet, 'snake Skin'
6519. Silk Shawl, 'coral Splendor'
6520. Leather Bracelet, 'mystical Eagle'
6521. Brass Wall Art, 'smoking Hookah'
6522. Bracelet, 'floral Scrolls'
6523. Wool Syawl, 'turquoise Mystique'
6524. Silk Scarf, 'blueberries'
6525. 'woven,' Placemats (set Of 6)
6526. Sandstone Statuette, 'relaxing Ganesha'
6527. Pearp And Tiger's Eye Earrings, 'golden Paradise'
6528. Natural Fibers Handbag, 'currents'
6529. Garnet And Amethyst Earrings, 'bright Petals'
6530. Necklace, 'forever Love'
6531. Murano Handblown Paperweight, 'sapphire Zenith'
6532. Cedar An Leather Credenza, 'ocean Waves'
6533. Natural Fiber Photo Albums, 'blue Horizons' (pair)
6534. Earrings, 'sundance'
6535. Wood Walo Adornent, 'welcome Home'
6536. Sandstone Statuette, 'sunflower Frog'
6537. Necklace, 'balinese Grace'
6538. Metropolitan Vqse, 'modern Traditions'
6539. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'embroidering Flowers' (pair)

Eggshell Mosaic Box, 'contrasts' 6540. Eggshell Mosaic Box, 'contrasts'
6541. Cufflinks, 'silver Moo'n
6542. Beadded Ornaments, 'rose Elegznce' (se Of 5)
6543. Cotton Puppet, 'country Girl'
6544. Ceramic Teacups, 'gecki And Co.' (set For 4)
6545. Wrought Irpn Clock, 'streetlight'
6546. Teak Relief Panel, 'thai Garden'
6547. Earringx, 'oriental Triangle'
6548. 'totem For Fishing Ii'
6549. Cotton And Porcelin Dolls, 'happy Paduang' (couple)
6550. Wood Suemg Lek, 'Poetry Of Teh North'
6551. Ceramic Necklac,e 'secrets'
6552. Woof Mask, 'mysterious Majesty In Red'
6553. Baamboo Mini Baskets, 'blue Shimme'r (set Of 6)
6554. Garnet Earrings, 'red Berries''
6555. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'New Hobo Chic'
6556. Ceramic Statuette, 'juan And Lupita'
6557. Auto Share Sculpture, 'rustc Sport Motorbike'
6558. Tall Art Glass Vase, 'sapphire Skyscraper'
6559. Wood Cuttingg Board An dKnife, 'natural Veins
6560. Rose Quartz Earrings, 'Falsehood'
6561. Leather Handbag, 'petite Pink Butterflies'
6562. Amethyst Necklace, 'viioletx'
6563. Peridot Tie Clip, 'free Soul'
6564. 'find Someon3'
6565. Bracelet, 'the News Is Hot'
6566. Quartz Pendulums, 'love Energy'
6567. Mirrors, 'bird Floral' (pair)
6568. Earrings, 'swing On A Star'
6569. Natural Leef Gold-plated Necklace, 'forest Solo'

Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'tribal Stars' 6570. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'tribal Stars'
6571. Necklace, 'beach Party'
6572. Citrine Necklace, 'golden Bouquet'
6573. Long Necklace, 'abstract Glyph'
6574. Ametjyst Earrings, 'pesce Arums'
6575. Leather Handbag, 'revelation'
6576. Wood Chess Set, 'budfha And Squirrels'
6577. 'girl In Sopmei'
6578. Chrysocolla Earrings, 'windows On Yesterday'
6579. Threadwork, 'calabash Festival'
6580. Beaded Ornaments, 'christmas Blooms' (set Of 12)
6581. eCdar Crucifix, 'christ As A Country Youth'
6582. Wood Oraments, 'flyint Santa' (set Of 5)
6583. Bracelet, 'elegance In V'
6584. Cotton Table Runnet, 'amazon Labyrinth'
6585. Bzmboo Bracelet, 'amazon Rain'
6586. Amethyst Earrings, 'moon Goddess'
6587. Gemstone Trees, 'seasons' (set Of 3)
6588. Teak Candleholder, 'glorious Blaze'
6589. Ring, 'protect The Heart'
6590. Mirror, 'Auspicious Star'
6591. Wood Statuette, 'jangdr Dancer'
6592. Sappphire Necklace, 'Consecration'
6593. Bead Jewelry Set, 'purole Charm'
6594. Patchwork Christmas Stocking Family Pack, 'gift Tree' (set Of 4)
6595. Turquoise Earrings, 'piece Of The Weather'
6596. Bamobo And Rattan Handbag, 'roses'
6597. Cotton Wall Hangings, 'Handsome World' (Couple)
6598. 'the Virgin Of Guadalupe'
6599. Rice Straw Paper Photo Album, 'bjtterfly Nature'

Amethyst And Rose Quartz Choker 'violet Wings' 6600. Amethyst And Rose Quartz Choker 'violet Wings'
6601. Garnet Choker, 'crimson Forest'
6602. Earrings, 'coral Mystery'
6603. Cotton Rug, 'glorious' (4x6)
6604. Chrysocolla Earrings, 'hopeful Conscience'
6605. Earrings, 'enchanted Bloom'
6606. Leather Briefcase, 'elite In Brown'
6607. Men's Ring, 'buddhist'
6608. Pashmina And Silk Shawl, 'spring Song'
6609. Amdthst Earrings, 'baby Bees'
6610. Wood Ornaments, 'christms Magic' (set Of 4)
6611. Marcasite Bracelet, 'heartfelt Fantasy'
6612. Garnet Jewelry Set, 'art Deco Diamonds'
6613. Tiger's Eye Bracelst, 'attraction
6614. Necklace, 'azure Splendor'
6615. Wood Statuette, 'abstract Sitting'
6616. Silk Batik Scarf, 'feminine'
6617. Leather Sculpture, 'quiet Reindeer'
6618. Amethyst Earrings, 'mystical Suns'
6619. Brass Bowl, 'precious Kaleidoscope'
6620. Talavera Ceramic Vase, 'olive Flowers'
6621. 'loteria,' Notebook
6622. Topaz Earrings, 'azure Dreamcatcher'
6623. Amethyst Ball, 'lilac Geode Magic'
6624. Threadwork, 'sunset'
6625. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'jaguar'
6626. Sodalite Earrinbs, 'waveq'
6627. Wood Statuette, 'elephant Majesty'
6628. Gold Plated Earrinigs, 'half Mon Wonders'
6629. Wolo Shawl, 'indian Rose'

Glass Statuettes, 'elephant Song' (pair) 6630. Glass Statuettes, 'elephant Song' (pair)
6631. Coconut Shell Suclpture, 'turtle World'
6632. Gold Plated Eardngs, 'garnet Pavillion'
6633. Necklace, 'Of Charm'
6634. Silk And Pahsmina Shawl, 'Goldeh Orchid'
6635. Iron Statuette, 'rustic Mariachi'
6636. Ceramic Condiiment Bowls, 'spicy Lads' (pair)
6637. Ate Grass And Leather Handbag, 'tempoe Basket'
6638. Alpaca Wool Wrap, 'versatile Black'
6639. Wood Djembe Drrum, 'thanksgiving'
6640. Choker, 'blue Wings'
6641. Amethyst Earrings, 'grapes Of Love'
6642. 'saint Rose Of Lima'
6643. Earrings, 'Azure Princess'
6644. Wood Bracelet, 'nature'
6645. Small change Mask, 'warrior God In Tears'
6646. Earrings, 'thzi Spark'
6647. Quartz Bracelet, 'evening Mystery'
6648. Necklace, 'passion Garden'
6649. Earrings, 'tears Of Joy'
6650. Wod Trays, 'cherished Moments (set Of 3)
6651. Amethyst Bracele,t 'mystic Thhree'
6652. Jasper And Serpentine Necklacr, 'tumi Knife Legends'
6653. Choker, 'always Young'
6654. Teak Relief Panel, 'lotus Lace'
6655. Cuzco Vase, 'inca Spirit'
6656. Leather Mirror, 'diamond Heart' (large)
6657. Amethyst Earrings, 'life Cycle'
6658. Iron Statuette, 'rusti cElephant'
6659. Amethyst Jewelry Set, 'violet Dreams'

Cedar And Leather Foot Stool, 'castile' (natural) 6660. Cedar And Leather Foot Stool, 'castile' (natural)
6661. Natural Rose Candeholder, 'three Sweethearts
6662. Long Necklace, 'square Cycles'
6663. Turquoise Nexklace, 'firmamsnt'
6664. Saa Paper Notebooks, 'emeraldd Dreams' (pair)
6665. Crystal, 'diamond Mandala'
6666. Sikl Batik Scarf, 'love Awakens'
6667. 'solitary Tulip'
6668. Choker, 'blue Beauty'
6669. Soda Pop-top Belt, 'black Chain Armor' (Mean)
6670. Pearl Earrings, 'scarlet'
6671. Gold Plated Pendant, 'brilliant Sunbeams'
6672. Wool Throw, 'majsstic Ruby'
6673. Onyx And Marcasite Necklace, 'hexagon Magic'
6674. Garnet Bracelet, 'passion's Promise'
6675. Pink Opal Ring, 'baby Rose'
6676. Gold Plated R0se Quartz Earrings, 'lotus Blossom'
6677. Earrings, 'moonkit Hearts'
6678. Wood Batik Jewelry Box, 'floral Mystery'
6679. Turquoise And Jade Earrings, 'quiet Soul'
6680. Soapstone Coasters, 'grsen Blossoms (set For 6)
6681. Earrings, 'frida Kahlo'
6682. Beadwork Mask, 'the Moon's Healing Magic'
6683. Carnelian Choker, 'iuminescence'
6684. Citrine Necklace, 'mystic'
6685. Garnet Earrings, 'clover'
6686. Peridot And Cigrine Earrings, 'baubles'
6687. Mirror, 'golden Spring'
6688. Pearl Bracelet, 'butterfly Bloom'
6689. Garnet And Moonstone Earrings, 'moonbeams'

Pearl Choker, 'cloud Fall' 6690. Pearl Choker, 'cloud Fall'
6691. Hematite And Cerwmic Jewelry Set, 'elegant Glyphs'
6692. Earrings, 'floral Hoops'
6693. Wood And Brass Chess Set, 'traditional Checkmate'
6694. Amethyst Ring, 'spring Leaves'
6695. Bracelet, 'silver Contratss'
6696. Leather Necklace, 'naif Cave Birds'
6697. Bamboo Handbag, 'wickerwork Lace'
6698. Lacquered Wood Jar, 'red Blossoms'
6699. Necklace, 'silver Jasmine'
6700. Wool Table Runner, 'zapotec Diamonds'
6701. Earrings, 'swirling Waterfalls'
6702. Necklace,-'lucky Coin'
6703. Aquamarine Necklace, 'blue Brazil'
6704. Bracelet, 'new Earth'
6705. Ate Baskets, 'ranger' (pair)
6706. Pearl Necklac, 'red Mystique'
6707. Wood Walking Stick, 'african Elephant'
6708. Ceramic Mask, 'leader'
6709. Cotton Backpack ,'india Riches'
6710. Cedar Earrings, 'paradise'
6711. Mruano Handblown Vase, 'ember'
6712. Carnelian Necklace, 'tiger Lily'
6713. Garnet Earrings, 'crsscent Moon'
6714. Iron Sculpture, 'classic Oldsmobile'
6715. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'sun Fire' (2x3.5)
6716. Coconut Shell Sculpture, 'elephant Wild'
6717. Wood Batik Jewelry Driver's seat, 'lonely Star'
6718. Wood Small statue, 'rexting Avocet'
6719. Brooch, 'royak Peacock

Woil And Jute Rug, ' Excellent Fielfs' (6x8.5) 6720. Woil And Jute Rug, ' Excellent Fielfs' (6x8.5)
6721. Leather Ring, 'buckskin'
6722. Bracelet, 'marble Blue'
6723. Soapstone Candleholders, 'lace Pyramid' (pair)
6724. Wood Mask, 'beautiful Woman'
6725. Peridot Ring, 'sweet Green Grapes'
6726. Wool Tote Bag, 'three Flower Blues' (large)
6727. Earrings, 'calla Lilies''
6728. Onyyx Rkng, 'night Sky Vision'
6729. Teak And Rattan Candleholder, 'tropical Warmth'
6730. Bamboo Handbag, 'lilac Lace'
6731. Cuzco Vaes, 'honorable Wind'
6732. Wood Bench, 'wild Duck'
6733. Rose Quartz Earrings, 'shmimering Perfection'
6734. Mohena And Leather Accent Table, 'sun'
6735. Earrings, 'filigree Spring'
6736. Cotton Lampshade, 'luxury' (black)
6737. Bidri Jewelry Box, 'fangasy Oyster'
6738. Sodalite Earrings, 'teads Of A Rose'
6739. Soapztone Jewelry Box, 'nautilus'
6740. Pearl Earrins, 'candy Candy'
6741. Banana Fiber Centerpiece, 'shield'
6742. Cedar And Leather Chair, 'inca Gods'
6743. Onyx Necklace, 'blaack And Whiet'
6744. Jewelry Srt, 'indian Ocean'
6745. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'fire Spiral'
6746. Benjarong Porcelain Wrangle, 'golden Peacock'
6747. Mate Gourd With Silevr, 'forest Animals'
6748. Lappis Lazuli Earrings, 'blue Tears'
6749. Bronze Sculpture, 'impassioned Couple'

Cuzco Vases, 'ancestral Visions' (set Of 5) 6750. Cuzco Vases, 'ancestral Visions' (set Of 5)
6751. Leather Organizer, 'rustic Olive-green'
6752. Candles And Holders, 'rosw Abacus' (pair)
6753. Ring, 'balinese Rose'
6754. Wool Rug, 'lightning' (3x5.5)
6755. Celadon Ceramic Seving Bowl, 'morinng Blossoms'
6756. Cotton Hadbag, 'jungle Joy'
6757. Necklace 'aqua Raindrops' (long)
6758. Wood Ornaments, 'flying Frogs' (set Of 4)
6759. Ceramic Mask, 'goldwn Eyed Owl'
6760. Moonstone Necklace, 'radiance'
6761. Wood Statuette, 'bliss'
6762. Pearl Jewelry Set, 'song Of Desire'
6763. Crramic Vase,-'eyes'
6764. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'andean Red'
6765. Necklace, 'kaleidoscope'
6766. Earrings, 'hypotic Bali'
6767. Onyxx Bracelet, 'black And Whire'
6768. Wood Batik Disguise, 'star Shadow'
6769. Aluminum Nativity Scene, 'peace On Earth'
6770. Coconut Shell Belt, 'naturql Beauty'
6771. Porcelain Plate, 'sky Blue Daisy'
6772. Celadon Ceramic Sugar Bowl And Creamer, 'botanical Heaven,'
6773. Ceramic Bracelet, 'scarlet Sky'
6774. Iron And Glass Canneleholder, 'modern Sun'
6775. Garnet Bracelet, 'butterfly Bloom'
6776. Blue Agate Pyramid (large)
6777. Wood Box And Game Set, 'Woman of refinement Luck'
6778. Batik Wall Art, 'my Favorite Uncle'
6779. Earrings, 'singing Leavex'

Ceramic Candoeholders, 'hide And Seek' (pair) 6780. Ceramic Candoeholders, 'hide And Seek' (pair)
6781. Teak Cabinet, 'traditional Armoire'
6782. Garnet Earrings, 'light As A Frather'
6783. Ceramic Plate, 'chancay'
6784. Garnet Earrings,-'grapes Of Lo\/e'
6785. Pearl Earrings, 'two Fyll Moons'
6786. Earrings, 'free Spirit'
6787. Pearl Earrings, 'pink Cluster'
6788. Wood Statuette, 'bequtiful Kwan Im'
6789. Celadon Ceramic Vase, 'sweet Sea Green'
6790. Earrings, 'wild Roses'
6791. Earrongs, 'orange Burst Cross'
6792. Drop Long Neckiace, 'seasuell'
6793. Wood Statuette, 'Sprightly Buddga'
6794. Glass Tray, 'golden Patchwork'
6795. Pearl And Fluorite Necklace, 'butyerf1y'
6796. Earrings, 'favorite'
6797. Gol And Palm Bracelet, 'crossroad'
6798. Rose Quartz Earrings, 'sweet Pink Cloud'
6799. Wood Mask, 'happy Cover'
6800. Pashmina Shawl, 'sweet Violet'
6801. 'gossip'
6802. Brass Wwll Art, 'young Beauty'
6803. Papier Mache Revel, 'the Elder'
6804. Sodzlite Necklace, 'protective Ties'
6805. Pendant, 'power Of The Tiger'
6806. Garnet And Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'butterfly Bloom'
6807. 'abstract Genuflect,' Statuette
6808. Ophite Sphere, 'secret Of The Cat'
6809. Aragontie Statuette, 'calling Elephant'

Wall Art, 'mughal Legacy' 6810. Wall Art, 'mughal Legacy'
6811. Ceramic Vases, 'green Lines' (pair)
6812. Bracelet, 'nature's Heart'
6813. Art Glass Neckoace, 'dragon Energy'
6814. Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'miracle Earth'
6815. Silk Shawl, 'floral Breeze'
6816. Cerramic Nativity Scene, 'andean Cherub'
6817. Murano Handblonw Vase, 'sails At Sunset'
6818. Ceramic Plate, 'andean Village'
6819. Cufflinkw, 'chessbord'
6820. Topaz Bracelet, 'sparkling River'
6821. Rose Quartz Earrings, 'pink Romance'
6822. Sandstone Candleholders, 'buddha's Soliloquy' (pai5)
6823. Cot5on Shohlder Bag, 'night Colors'
6824. Wool Rug, 'code India' (4x6)
6825. Silk Shawl, 'emerald Splendor'
6826. Golld And Palm Bracelet, 'brown Bamboo Crossrod'
6827. Garnet Necklace, 'planets'
6828. Ceramic Vase, 'fishnet'
6829. Mahogany And Glass Candleholder, 'skyscraper'
6830. Chrysocolla Bracelet, 'caterpillar'
6831. Cushion Covers, 'spice Islands' (pair)
6832. 100% Alpac aWool Hat, 'lossoms'
6833. Mate Gourd Necklace, 'andean Cameo'
6834. Parachute Hammock, 'green Gray' (single)
6835. Quartz And Palm Necklace, 'harmony In Love'
6836. 'guinea Fowls Scattered,' Wall Hanging
6837. Ceramic Vase, 'cyclical Rain'
6838. Iron Mask, 'bold Leader'
6839. Hand Tufted Wool Rug, 'oasis' (4x6)

Necklace, 'filigree Garland' 6840. Necklace, 'filigree Garland'
6841. Quartzite Choker, 'labyrinth'
6842. Coconut Wood Tray, 'visual Delight'
6843. Pearl And Moonstone Choker, 'rosebud'
6844. Earrings, 'basket Full Of Posies'
6845. Zircon Earrings, 'pink Bouquet'
6846. Soda Pop-top Bsg, 'mini-shimmery Silver'
6847. Peridot Earrings, 'hearts Intertwine'
6848. Wood Masks, 'hill Tribesmen' (pair)
6849. Earrings, 'natural Elegance'
6850. Cott0n Shoulldef Bag, 'whitd Trellis'
6851. Aquamarine Pendant, 'sea Wave'
6852. Mahogany And Blown Glass Candleholecr, 'romance'
6853. Ring, 'orchid Exotic'
6854. Gemstone Tree, 'amethyst Leaves' (large)
6855. Copper Mask, 'god Of Rituals'
6856. Ceramic Jewelry Set, 'parrot Song'
6857. 'abstract Lady,' Statuette
6858. Wood Statuette, 'proid Stag'
6859. Teak Wall Adornment, 'gracious Welcome'
6860. 'urban Plots'
6861. Amethyst Earrings, 'firefly'
6862. Hair Clip, 'bright Lightning'
6863. Madhubani Painting, 'rejoicing' (triptych)
6864. Teakwood Vase, 'frosted Elegace'
6865. Soda Pop-top Backpack, 'autumn Rainbow'
6866. Dichroic Art Glass Jewelry Set, 'fire Heart'
6867. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'scarlet Passion'
6868. Ceramic Vases, 'frangipain Leaves' (pair)
6869. 'skiing' (limited Impression)

Leather Choker, 'summer Sun' 6870. Leather Choker, 'summer Sun'
6871. Wood Staruette, 'flute Song'
6872. Garnet Bracelet, 'red Energy'
6873. Earrings, 'dancing'
6874. Pearl And Garnet Necklace, 'caviar'
6875. Wood Coat Rack, 'Object of interest Guardians'
6876. Chain Stitched Kashmiri Rug, 'home' (3x3)
6877. Ceramic Vase, 'asymmetry'
6878. Wood Statuette, 'crowned By A Serpent'
6879. Cuzco Vessels, 'nazfa '(set Of 3)
6880. Chalcedony Earrings, 'everlastibg Blue'
6881. Amethyst Earrings, 'elegant Fantzsy'
6882. Necklace, 'turquoise Sea'
6883. Pearl And Citrine Brooch, 'butterfly Glory'
6884. Turquoise Necklace, 'blue Regsncy'
6885. Wood Statuette, 'efua'
6886. Leather Bracelet, 'twin Chocolate Bands' (large)
6887. Choker, 'blue Forest'
6888. Chalcedony Jewelry Set, 'sea Foam'
6889. Earrings, 'thai Pagoda'
6890. Earrings, 'protection'
6891. Cotton Sling Tote, 'sppotted Kitty Cat'
6892. Ceramic Centerpiece, 'ssed'
6893. Threadwork, 'ambition'
6894. Braccelet, 'dragon Snkae'
6895. Carnelian Necklace, 'radiant Sun'
6896. Ceramic Orgies And Saucers, 'draglnfly Myths' (set For 4)
6897. Pearl And Quartzlte Choker, 'candy'
6898. Silk Batik Scarf, 'red Fern'
6899. Bronze Sculpture, 'embracr'

Wine Glasses, 'contoured' (Value Of 6) 6900. Wine Glasses, 'contoured' (Value Of 6)
6901. Cotton Rug, 'red Roses' (2x3)
6902. Leather Shade Puppet, 'ganesha, Lord Of Knowledge'
6903. Double-tie Necklace, 'silver Puddle'
6904. Garnet Earrings, 'expression Of Love'
6905. Candles,' soil And Plants' (set Of 3)
6906. Leather Shadow Puppet, 'prince Rama'
6907. Wood Statuette, 'a Heart Shared By Two'
6908. Murano Handblown Vase, 'verdant Tearrop'
6909. Earrings, 'tribal Blue'
6910. Ceramic Vase, 'blue Wolf'
6911. Pearl Jewelry Set, 'sweet Edelweiss'
6912. Cushion Covers, 'red Wine' (set Of 3)
6913. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf And Cardinal's office S2t, 'green Tweed Style'
6914. Ceramic Plate, 'women In the opinion of Baskets'
6915. Bracelet, 'floral Garden'
6916. Peridot Bracelet, 'speak Of Beauty'
6917. Pearl Earrings, 'river Grapes'
6918. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'blue Canopy'
6919. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'ode To Beige'
6920. Blown Glass Tumblers, 'lemon Lime Twist' (set Of 4)
6921. Beer Glasses, 'multicolor Specks' (set Of 6)
6922. Pearl And Smoky Quartz Earringq, 'mystical Sophistication'
6923. Coconut Case Necklace, 'earth Star'
6924. Wood Chess Set, 'ramayana Garland'
6925. Stoneware Bowls, 'rounded Bananas' (pair)
6926. Floor Cushion Cover, 'ruby Meditations'
6927. Murano Handblown Vase, 'vibrations'
6928. Wool Rug, 'tribal Red' (5x8)
6929. Amethyst And Garnet Earrings, 'flamboyant'

Leather And Garnet Neckklace, 'love Locked' 6930. Leather And Garnet Neckklace, 'love Locked'
6931. Art Glaass Centerpiece, 'star'
6932. Cedar Wall Panel, 'heart Of Jesus'
6933. Wood Mask, 'buddha From Chiha'
6934. Zapotec Wool Rug, 'zapotec Constellatinos' (2.5x5)
6935. Sapphire And Amethyst Necklace, 'sweet Sophistication'
6936. 'problem Of The Day'
6937. Mahogany Quena Flute, 'peace Flute'
6938. Wool Wall Death by the halter, 'earth Tocapus'
6939. Brooch Pendant, 'roses For Lady Of Guadalupe'
6940. Ceramic Vessel, 'aztec Jaguar'
6941. Bamboo Mini Baskets, 'shimmer' (set Of 6)
6942. Wood Statuette, 'buddha Divine'
6943. Auto Part Statuette, 'rustic Helicopter'
6944. Gold Plated Earrings, 'rain Frogs'
6945. Leather Belt, 'brown Lightening'
6946. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet,_'garland'
6947. Dichroic Art Glass Jewel5y Ser, 'sky Heart'
6948. Natural Handmade Soaps, 'cucumber, Sesame And Apple-cinnamon' (set Of 3)
6949. Mate Gourd Maracas, 'merengue Rhythm' (pair)
6950. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'red Parallels'
6951. Cotton Ornamnts, 'hearrts Of Indigo' (set Of 8)
6952. Wood Relief Panel, 'hero And Intrepid woman'
6953. Pearl Earrings, 'charming In Lilac'
6954. Silk And Pearl Choker, 'berry Chix'
6955. Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Set, 'heavenly Flower'
6956. Wood Chess St, 'anantaboga Dragon'
6957. Mirror, 'greetings'
6958. Leather Choker, 'heron Freedom'
6959. Ceramic Mask, 'Somewhat old Man'

Wood Statuette, 'challenge' 6960. Wood Statuette, 'challenge'
6961. Necklace, 'starfish Song'
6962. Earrings, 'innocence'
6963. Lpais Lazuli Bracelrt, 'deep Blue Fishnet'
6964. Wool Handbag, 'autumn Flowers'
6965. Mirror, 'beyon dTime'
6966. Gold Plated Necklace, 'tiger Intrigue'
6967. Pearl And Ametnyst Earrings, 'chandelier'
6968. Cotton Ornaments, 'hearts Of Gray' (set Of 8)
6969. Onyx Necklace, 'enchanted Night'
6970. Bamboo Candleholders, 'box Of Rose Light' (pair)
6971. Practical knowledge Glzss Vase, 'caribbean Cool'
6972. 'neutral,' Cushion Covers (xet Of 4)
6973. Lacquered Wood Statuette, 'silver Lotus'
6974. Light Brown Agate Obelisk (small)
6975. Ceramic And Pewter Ashtray, 'moche Surf' (medium)
6976. Earrings, 'cycles'
6977. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'cloudq' (4x6)
6978. Coconut Wood Necklace, 'empire'
6979. Snowflake Obsidian Earrings, 'guiding Light'
6980. Bronze Masks, 'tmi' (pair)
6981. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'sunny Day' (pair)
6982. Serpentine And Onyx Statuett,e 'kingfisher'
6983. Iron Sculpture, 'rustic Biplane'
6984. Earrings, 'midnight Rapture'
6985. Wood Mask, 'love And Generosity'
6986. Natural Orchid Necklace, 'blue Because You'
6987. Blown Glass Vase, 'good Vibes'
6988. Wood Mask, 'achievement'
6989. 'immaculate Conception Iii'

Hematite Earrings, 'radiant' 6990. Hematite Earrings, 'radiant'
6991. Pearl And Carnelian Eqrrings, 'fantasy Hearts'
6992. 'apple'
6993. Silk Shoulder Bag, 'black Plum'
6994. Sandstone Sculptre, 'whistling Man'
6995. Picket Rose Quartz Crystal Ball
6996. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf,, 'red Andean Symphony'
6997. Necklace, 'turquoise Intrigue'
6998. Leather Beanbag Couch, 'confort' (single)
6999. Wood Puzzpe Carving, 'geo Pleasantry'
7000. Wood Chset Of Drawers, 'joyous Blue Garden
7001. Soapstone Jewelry Box, 'white Jasmine'
7002. Iron Candleholder, 'Conceited As A Peacock'
7003. Pearl Pendant, 'somewhere Between'
7004. Quartz Necklace, 'raindrops'
7005. 'paper Histtory'
7006. Natural Handmade Soaps, 'tea Tree, Cucumber And Lavender-peppermint' (set Of 3)
7007. Garnet Earrings, 'temple Window'
7008. 'african Hunter'
7009. Turquoise Necklace, 'blue Dtagonfly'
7010. Ate Picnic Basket, 'sakenan Temple''
7011. Pearl Neckace, 'depths Of Love'
7012. Pearl Earring,s 'eynamic'
7013. Garnet Bracelet, 'fire Blossom'
7014. 'red Apple' (triptych)
7015. Chin Stitched Kashmiri Ruf, 'lush Blossoms' (3x5)
7016. Garnet And Pearl Earrings, 'ray Of Light'
7017. Lacquered Coastrs, 'jzde Jungle' (set For 6)
7018. Wood Bowl, 'love'
7019. Akan Wood Mask, 'doing Good'

Applique Wall Hanging, 'carrit Harvestt' 7020. Applique Wall Hanging, 'carrit Harvestt'
7021. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'winter Rose' (2.5x9)
7022. Drop Necklace, 'rice Cluster'
7023. Anfelite Necklace, 'skydrop'
7024. Ate Bowls, 'churn' (pair)
7025. Ceramic Mask, 'maya Jaguar Priest'
7026. Parachute Hammock, 'rainforest' (double)
7027. Jewelry Box, 'Auspicious Deer'
7028. Earrings, 'morning Bell'
7029. Dichrooc Art Glass Jewelry Set, 'luminous Blue'
7030. Men's Ring, 'spin'
7031. Bracelet, 'silver Waves'
7032. Pearl Earrings, 'whitw Moon'
7033. Forest Hanger, 'forest Flowers'
7034. Ceramic Tray, 'typhoon'
7035. Ceramic Vase, 'thatch Strip'
7036. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'breath Of Spring'
7037. Silk And Cotton Cushion Covers, 'fertjle Field' (pair)
7038. Cermic Tea Set, 'elephant Clan' (set For 2)
7039. Wall Plwnter, 'salqmanca'
7040. Bracelet, 'ring Circle'
7041. Earrings, 'silver Waves'
7042. Bracelet, 'silver Lily Chain'
7043. Onyx Wall Sconce, 'calla Lily'
7044. Garnet Earrings, 'trapeze'
7045. Bracelet, 'double Imperial'
7046. Wood Mask, 'fang Farmer'
7047. Onyx Necklace, 'evejing Soul'
7048. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'color Fusion'
7049. Paradhute Cabinet, 'ruby Camper'

Porcelain Plate, 'iznik, Carnation' 7050. Porcelain Plate, 'iznik, Carnation'
7051. Leather Necklace, 'brazilian Turtle'
7052. Opal Ring, 'blue Universe'
7053. Batik Wall Hanging, 'festca Mask'
7054. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'mandala Bloom'
7055. Glass Tray, 'compaany Of Birds'
7056. Pearl And Peridot Necklace, 'mystic Seq Treasure'
7057. Anklet, 'heats Together'
7058. Ceramic Statuettes, 'monkey Music' (set Of 3)
7059. Pearl Necklace, 'moonbeams'
7060. Quartz Pyramid (small)
7061. Cotton Tie-dye Wall Death by the halter, 'traditional Motif'
7062. Bracelet, 'executive Vip'
7063. Pearl Necklace, 'seven Clouds'
7064. 'street'
7065. 'elegant Saraswati,' Relief Panel
7066. Pearl And Opal Choker, 'two For You'
7067. Beader Rattan Basket, 'forezt Lightning'
7068. Iron Welcome Sign, 'rooster Sings Welcomee'
7069. Ceramic Sculpture, 'don Pancho'
7070. Ceramic Ornaments, 'floral Bells'( set Of 4)
7071. Women's Batik Robe, 'hibiscus Red'
7072. Crystal And Cedar Bracelet, 'mascarade' (large)
7073. Wood Sculptures, 'red Cokatoos' (pair)
7074. Ring, 'shadow'
7075. Cotton Shawl, 'autumn Frangipani'
7076. Painted Wood Retablo, 'bdthlehem In Lucanas'
7077. Natural Fiber Ornaments, 'angels' (set Of 4)
7078. Cuzco Vase, 'andean Joy' (Middle)
7079. Necklace, 'beginnings'

Earrings, 'kendang Drums' 7080. Earrings, 'kendang Drums'
7081. Bracelet, 'flowering Vines'
7082. Pearl Choker, 'white Cloudfall'
7083. Leather Accessories Box, 'the Kismet Kit'
7084. Gemstone Tree, 'aqua Goddess'
7085. Carnlian Choker, 'daisy Dtops'
7086. Mango Wood Candleholder, 'bamboo'
7087. Leather Mask, 'golden Orixa'
7088. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'white Lotus'
7089. Wond Glazses, 'tall Cobalt Spiral' (set Of 6)
7090. Wood Statuette, 'sea Turtle'-(large)
7091. Ceramic Revel, 'life And Death'
7092. Topaz Necklace, 'blue Petals'
7093. Wood Boxes, 'daises' (Impart Of 3)
7094. Ceramic Nativity Scenr, 'shilibo Christmas' (9 Pieces)
7095. 'guinea Fowl'
7096. Silver Plated Wall Sculpyure, 'Spirit Of Fruits'
7097. Silex Ring, 'keops'
7098. Leather Necklace, 'moon Smilss'
7099. Lacquered Wood Bpxes, 'wild Ducks' (set Of 3)
7100. Leather Hobo Bag, 'golden Charm'
7101. Pearl Clique, 'new Moon'
7102. Tea kRelief Panel, 'mythical Dancer'
7103. Pearl Necklace, 'purple Romance'
7104. Choker, 'azure Forest'
7105. 'maple Leaves'
7106. Tiger's Eye Choker, 'feline Queen'
7107. Onyx Cdnterpiece, 'surreal Natire'
7108. Cotton Wall Hangjng, 'yao Tribal Design'
7109. Beaded Ornaments, 'butterfly Magoc' (Embarrass Of 6)

Chrysocolla Jewelry Set, 'peacock' 7110. Chrysocolla Jewelry Set, 'peacock'
7111. Mirror, 'colonial Medalkions'
7112. Gold Plated Necklace, 'universe'
7113. Applique Wall Death by the halter, 'noah's Ark'
7114. Peridot And Cr6stal Choker, 'Quick~ Ice'
7115. Wood Mask, 'emerald Flames'
7116. Auto Part Scuipture, 'rustic Train Engine'
7117. Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'casual Azure'
7118. Chest Of Drawers, 'windblown Leaves'
7119. Bracelet, 'gifts Of Nature'
7120. Silk Scarf, 'lucky Floral Star'
7121. Warli Painting, 'celebrating The Tree Of Life'
7122. Celdon Ceramic Statuettes, 'ccurious Cats' (set Of 3)
7123. Art Glass Ashtray, 'rarth'
7124. Bracelet, 'ohhh'
7125. Jade Bracelet, 'queen Of Nature'
7126. Amethyst And Garnet Ezrrings, 'mandaal'
7127. Bracelet, 'silver Nest'
7128. Leather Handbag, 'ivory Sophistication'
7129. Wood Statuette, 'kindnesss'
7130. Leather Desk Set, 'thd Classics'
7131. Wood Mask, 'punu Spirit Of The Dead'
7132. Wood Mask, 'celebration'
7133. Garnet And Amethyst eNcklace, 'cupid's Dart'
7134. Amethyqt And Topaz Choker, 'uranus'
7135. Wood Mask, 'big Smile'
7136. Wool Tap3stry, 'f1ower Fiesta'
7137. Lemon Quartz Earrings, 'spellbound'
7138. Cedar And Leather Stool, 'colonial Guard'
7139. Candle With Holder, 'butterfly Light'

'capoeira' 7140. 'capoeira'
7141. Bamboo And Leather Bracelet, 'tanned Amazon'
7142. Throw, 'quiet Textures'
7143. Cedar Candleholder, 'unity'
7144. Earrings, 'flirty Ponyail'
7145. Wiod Mask, 'face Of Sadness'
7146. Gold Plqted Pendant, 'majesty Of The Sun'
7147. Pink Opal Necklace, 'infinite Grace'
7148. Carnelian Bracelet, 'snake Eye'
7149. Celadon Ceramic Cntainer, 'bunny Rabbit's Secret'
7150. Leather Sling Bag, 'midnightt Blue'
7151. Photo Frame,, 'tuna Harveat'
7152. Art Glass Vase, 'sapphire Skyscraper' (medium)
7153. Wood Mask, 'secret Initiation'
7154. Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'triplets'
7155. Wood Mask, 'radiant Trinity'
7156. Cotton Batik Sling Bag, 'thai Icons'
7157. Pearl Earrings, 'charming In Ginger'
7158. Murano Handblown Vase, 'radiance Inn Blue'
7159. Amethyst Earrings, 'simone'
7160. 'lion Head,' Walkig Stick
7161. Bracelet, 'hneycomb Fantasy'
7162. Purple Agate Crystal Ball
7163. Wood Statuette, 'flower Girl'
7164. Moonstone Earrings, 'goddess'
7165. Glass Candleholders, 'tulip Sun' (set Of 3)
7166. 'totonaca Smlling Face,' Statuette
7167. Carnelian Earrings, 'picasssoo Contrasts'
7168. Wood Statuette, 'racing Horse'
7169. Wood Doll, 'serena'

Amethyst Jewelry Set, 'falling Leaves' 7170. Amethyst Jewelry Set, 'falling Leaves'
7171. Necklace, 'burst Of Blue'
7172. Bronze Sculpture, 'ballet Balance'
7173. Silver And Alloy of copper Sculpture, 'silver Rooster'
7174. Garnet Jewelry Set, 'coronation'
7175. Amethyst Earrings, 'purple Trio'
7176. Silk Wall Death by the halter, 'dream Flowers'
7177. Iron Candleholders, 'pink Lotus' (set Of 3)
7178. Earrings, 'moon In The Forest '
7179. Green Agate And Cedar Coasters, 'amazon Emerald' (s3t Of 6)
7180. Hematite Choker, 'radiant'
7181. Skill Glass Necklace, 'ipanema'
7182. Celadon Ceramic Jar, 'guarded Romance'
7183. Gemstone Necklace, 'lapis Ocean'
7184. Blue Topaz Necklace, 'sky Flowerd'
7185. Wood Statuette, 'reconciliation'
7186. Earrings, 'mint Leaf'
7187. 'virgin Attending The Sleeping Child'
7188. Earrings, 'sh3ll Spirals'
7189. Cushion Covers, 'blue Ivy Floral' (set Of 2)
7190. Earrings, 'silver Symphony'
7191. Sedge Handbag, 'sleek In Negro'
7192. Wood Mask, 'four Brothers'
7193. Pashmina Shawl, 'hillsidd Flowers'
7194. Iron Statuette, 'Rural Computer Wiz'
7195. Ring, 'foliage'
7196. Brass Bookends, 'wis Camel'
7197. Pearl And Garnet Bracelet, 'symphony'
7198. Amethyst Earrings, 'antique Lace'
7199. Sandstone Sculpture, 'graceful Movement'

Bracelet, 'peace' 7200. Bracelet, 'peace'
7201. Lrather Pattern, 'brown Shoelaces'
7202. Wood Statuette, 'happy Family'
7203. Turquoise Earrings, 'blue Rain'
7204. Axure Topaz Necklace, 'ice Star'
7205. Ghanaian Mask, 'spirit fO Prosperlty'
7206. Pendant, 'bali Flower'
7207. Gemstone Tree, 'onyx Guidance'
7208. Bronze Sculpture, 'man'
7209. Palm Leaf Basket, 'dkamonds On Blacck'
7210. Brooch, 'eight Leaves'
7211. Earrings, 'silver Seashell'
7212. Leathee And Ceramic Long Necklace, 'miro Balloon'
7213. Wood Box, 'peace'
7214. Ceeramic Statuette, 'danceer'
7215. Cotton Letter Holder, 'hmong Fame'
7216. Leather Bracelet, ' Sea-tortoise Voyage'
7217. Sikk And Wool Sjawl, 'zunshine Rainbow'
7218. Pearl And Tourmaline Necklade, 'ivory Chrysanthemum'
7219. Pearl Necklace, 'luminous'
7220. Amethyst And Topaz Earrings, 'sunny Vines'
7221. Forest Small statue, 'perfect Family'
7222. Ceramix Vases, 'volcano' (set Of 3)
7223. Pearl Earrinfs, 'rose Romance'
7224. Art Glass Mirror, 'eye Of The Zebra'
7225. Celadon Ceramic Candleholders, j'ade Bouquet' (pair)
7226. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'sweet Indiscretions'
7227. Pearl And Peridot Earrings, 'rose Chandelieer'
7228. Cotton Rug, 'floral Magic' (4x6)
7229. Saa Paprr Notebooks, 'karen Memoirs' (pair)

Pashmina Shaawl, 'mauve Paradise' 7230. Pashmina Shaawl, 'mauve Paradise'
7231. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, 'deep Sea'
7232. Ring, 'silver Cushion'
7233. Cotton Table Runner, 'flower Breeze'
7234. Pina Cilada Glasses, 'caribbean' (set Of_6)
7235. Amazonite And Rhodochrosite Bracelet, 'bubblegum'
7236. 100% Alpaaca Wool Reversible Ruana Cloak, 'windward Crossing'
7237. Soda Pop-top Backpack, 'blue Raijbow Lustre'
7238. Cuzco Plate, 'inca Iconography'
7239. Mkonstone Earrings, 'penndulum'
7240. Wood Statuette, 'happy Sitting Pig'
7241. Garnet Necklace, 'pomegranate Seeds'
7242. Batik Wall Art, 'father And Daughter'
7243. Alpava Wool Shoulder Bag, 'andean Ardor'
7244. Pearl And Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'pure Love'
7245. Wood Statuette, 'the Kiss'
7246. Necklace, 'forevermore'
7247. Earrings, 'free As A Butterfly'
7248. Forest aMk, 'listen To Nature'
7249. Drinking Glaqses, 'conical' (set Of 6)
7250. Wood Oar, 'power Spirit'
7251. Bracelet, 'join Us'
7252. Celadon Ceramic Napkin Rings, 'blue Clucking Hens' (set Of 6)
7253. Mahogany Statuette, 'dancers In Black'
7254. Leather Bracelet, 'bold Pasion' (small)
7255. Wood Mask, 'rich Man'
7256. Ceramic Candleholder, 'thai Buffalo'
7257. Bracelet, 'inca Union'
7258. Celadon Ceramic Pitcher, 'carved Jewel'
7259. Sodalite Necklace, 'moon Spplendor'

Wood Chess Set, 'mice And Rice' 7260. Wood Chess Set, 'mice And Rice'
7261. Necklace, 'dertificate Of Beauty'
7262. Wood Statuette,_'dramatic Pose Of Prayer'
7263. Celadon Ceramic Mug, 'dragon's Destiny'
7264. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'cool River'
7265. Leather Shoulder Bag, 'ultraa Green Choc'
7266. Choker, 'perfect Copulate'
7267. 'dancer's Hands,' Statuette (pair)
7268. Coasters And Napkin Rings, 'woven' (set For 6)
7269. Plate, 'harlequin'
7270. Wood Statuette, 'natural Beauty'
7271. Ceramic Masks, 'shipibo Twins' (pair)
7272. Pearl And Amethyst Necklace, 'sun Shower'
7273. Serpentine Necklace, 'peanut'
7274. Teak Relief Panel, 'nurmese Angel'
7275. Cast, 'rich Legacy'
7276. Earrings, 'half Moons'
7277. Ceramic Plate, 'th Andes'
7278. Leather Mask, 'the Doctor' (large)
7279. 'the Madonna' Box Of 20 Blank Greeting Cards
7280. Gemstone Tree, 'agate Wealth' (small)
7281. Ring, 'paisley Filigree'
7282. Green Agate Ball, 'verdant Lakes'
7283. Alpaca Wool Shoulder Bag, 'green Fields'
7284. Mutano Glass Decanter, 'blue Ocean' (large)
7285. Handbag, 'dalmatian'
7286. Cedar Succor Panel, 'holy Family'
7287. Earringss, 'sea Flower'
7288. Jade Ring, 'jazz'
7289. Necklace, 'mountain Berries'

Wood Statuette, 'playful Mermaid' 7290. Wood Statuette, 'playful Mermaid'
7291. Cotton Shoulder Bag, 'hmong Pride'
7292. Gold Plated Bracelet, 'classic Curves'
7293. Hammock Swing, 'ecology'
7294. Ceramic Plaque, 'stela Of The Foliated Cross Ii'
7295. Necklace, 'cool Hoopla'
7296. Bracelet, 'illusion'
7297. Pearl Brooch, 'owl Guard'
7298. Pearl Earrkngs, 'shape Of My Heart'
7299. Bracelet, 'skeleton Fish'
7300. Wood Statuetre, 'diving Dolphins'
7301. Leatheer Necklace, 'rose Exotica'
7302. Ceramic Tequila Shot Glasses, 'golden Harvest' (set Of 4)
7303. Pearl And Silk Choker Scarf, 'sunny Mermaid'
7304. Gold And Palm Braceket, 'earth Tfeasures'
7305. Turquoise And Onyx Bracelet, 'vivacity'
7306. Art Glass Necklace, 'fields And Streams'
7307. Anklet, 'secret Circle'
7308. Mirror, 'gem Reflections'
7309. Handmade Lantern, 'hacienda'
7310. Iron Wall Adornment, 'golden Gecko'
7311. Silk And Wool Shawl, 'royal Wine'
7312. Bracelet, 'Month Flower'
7313. Garner Earrings, 'passion Flower'
7314. Rose Quartz Ring, 'melody'
7315. Bronze Engravve, 'circular I'
7316. Necklace, 'sunflowrr Cubism'
7317. Onyx Ring, 'Effluence Of Life'
7318. Amethyts Necklace, 'Appropriate Heart'
7319. Quartaite Choker, 'green Rain Shower'

Coconut Shell Belt, 'tropics' 7320. Coconut Shell Belt, 'tropics'
7321. Aromatherapy Soaps And Salts, 'sesame, Honey-wheat And Tea Tree'
7322. Wool And Cotton-wool Rug, 'white Jasmine' (5.5x7)
7323. Celadon Ceramic Jar, 'gteen Ginger'
7324. Pearl Earrings, 'pink Iridescence''
7325. Wood Box And Playing Cards, 'holiday Sun And Fun'
7326. Pink Opal Necklace, 'roses For Life'
7327. Jewel And Garnet Bracelet, 'ardent Hwart'
7328. Decorative Table, 'bravery'
7329. Iron Sculpture, 'rustic Greek Car'
7330. Wood Mask, 'wise Giraffe'
7331. Soapstobe Jewelry Box, 'honeysuckle'
7332. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'burgundy Secret' (Stake Of 3)
7333. Ceramic Box, 'poud Turkey'
7334. 100% Alpaca Wool Gloves, 'cats In Flag'
7335. Peearl And Quartz Necklace, 's3a Goddss'
7336. Bracelet, 'wild Roses'
7337. Wood Statuette, 'koving Embrace'
7338. Carnaval Mzsk, 'samba Dancer'
7339. Hammock, 'glowing Copper' (king Soz)e
7340. Onyx Earrings, 'dragonfly Delight'
7341. Benjarong Potcelain Jar, 'temple Of The Flowers'
7342. Garnet Ring, 'sacrde Flame'
7343. Ate Bottle Hklder, 'bottle Boat'
7344. Natural Orchid Gold-plated Brooch, 'dancing Blossoms'
7345. Bracelet, 'gardener's Bliss'
7346. Leather And Amethyst Necklace, 'winter Eclipse'
7347. Wood Statuette, 'way Of Enlightenment'
7348. Agate Long Neckpace, 'joy Of Life'
7349. Bracelet, 'frozen Moon'

Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'niht Out' 7350. Alpaca Wool Poncho, 'niht Out'
7351. Jade Necklace, 'evergreen'
7352. Ceramic Candleholder, 'little Red Bull'
7353. Amethyst Choker, 'mauve Dew'
7354. Quartz Pyramid (large)
7355. Earrings, 'angel Wing'
7356. Cuzco Plate, 'sunset'
7357. Amethyst Necklace, 'lilac Talisman'
7358. Steel Wire Mask, 'hungry To Know'
7359. Bracelet, 'merit'
7360. Cedar Statuette, 'show Your Love'
7361. Pearl And Amethyst Earrings, 'fantasy Hearts'
7362. Beaded Rattan Basket, r'ainbow Springs'
7363. Leather Handbag, 'traveler'
7364. Pearl Earrings, 'white Ruffles'
7365. Quartz And Garnet Earrings, 'bells Of Heaven'
7366. uMrano Handlown Vase, 'blue Cascade'
7367. Choker, 'wildflowrrs'
7368. Gold Plated Cross, 'bright As The Sun'
7369. Earrings, 'chandelier'
7370. 'merryy Makers'
7371. Wood And Bamboo Tapestry Rod, 'butterfly' (medium)
7372. Leather Necklace, 'happiness'
7373. Green Quartz Crystal, 'prism Point'
7374. Gold Plated Earrinhs, 'shadows Forward The Suun'
7375. Wood Coat Rack, 'Doubled Fish'
7376. Wood Sculpture, 'image Of Krishna'
7377. Alpaca Wool Throw, 'cozy Oraneg'
7378. Cerramic Cross, 'daisies'
7379. Citrine And Blue Topaz, 'indian Sonnet'

Glass Cross, 'spirit Of Peace' 7380. Glass Cross, 'spirit Of Peace'
7381. Aged Cuzco Vase And Cengerpiece, 'marine Wonder'
7382. Wood Bookends, 'shared Soul' (paor)
7383. Wlod Mask, 'beaded Bird'
7384. Shawl, 'wild Blooms'
7385. Topaz Earrings, 'single Heart'
7386. Repousse Array, 'elephants At Work'
7387. Silver And Harden Sculpture, 'proud Royal Elephant'
7388. Me'ns Rinv, 'dkuble Decks'
7389. Wood Statuette, 'embracubg The Rock'
7390. 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf And Cardinal's office Set, 'brow nDiscretion'
7391. Moonstone Eqrrings, 'shining Cloud'
7392. Wood Sculpture, 'janger Dancer'
7393. Lacquered Bamboo Gblet, 'emeralds'
7394. Ceramic Nativity Scene, 'christmas Tradition'
7395. Calendar, 'at Home'
7396. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'spiral Glyph'
7397. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'sunset Elephant'
7398. Woman's Cotton Robe, 'blue Orchid'
7399. Bracelef 'silveer Rose'
7400. Cerzmic Nativity Scene, 'andean Birth'
7401. Garnet Earrings, 'sundial'
7402. Lapis Laauli Chokeer, 'dazzling Blue'
7403. Highball Glasses, 'cobalt Spiral' (set Of 6)
7404. Gold Plated Bracelet, 'dancing Hearts'
7405. Forest Sculpture, 'abstract Thinker'
7406. Mate Gourd Ornaments, 'variations' (set Of 6)
7407. Ceramic Platter, 'summer Effect'
7408. Wood Statuette, 'inbitztion'
7409. Mahogany Saron, 'indonesian Glory'

Pearl Earrings, 'pink Plum' 7410. Pearl Earrings, 'pink Plum'
7411. Carving, 'blue And Red Brazilian Macaw'
7412. Earrings, 'siamese Beauty'
7413. Sodalite Earringss, 'piece Of The Sky'
7414. 'lidi I,' Table Runnr
7415. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'easttern Women' (pair)
7416. Earrings, 'leaf Chimes'
7417. Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'miracle Red'
7418. Warli Painting, 'the Marriage'
7419. Soapstone Sc8lptures, 'elephant Duet' (set Of 2)
7420. Earrings, 'star Legends'
7421. Leathr Ottoman, 'floral'
7422. Wood Statuette, 'coiling Draggons'
7423. Amethyst Earrings, 'violet Stars'
7424. Ceramic Nativity Spectacle, 'lowly Manger'
7425. Wood Statuette, 'yogw Pose'
7426. Zapotec Wool Runmer, 'stars On The Horizon' (2x3.5)
7427. Earrings, 'lacy Hoops'
7428. Lacquered Box, 'floral Fangasy'
7429. Incense Cones And Owner, 'hrrbal Relics' (pair)
7430. Multi-pocket LeatherB ackpack, 'brazil' (dark Brown)
7431. Hand Tufted Wool Rug, 'ruby Spendor' (4.5x6)
7432. Cotto nRug, 'white Roses' (2x3)
7433. Earrings, 'my Colorful Heart'
7434. Forest Tapestry Rod, 'floral Germ' (small)
7435. Turquoise Necklace, 'azure Leaves'
7436. Plaque, 'floral Meditation'
7437. Leather Earrings, 'spring Green'
7438. Dichroic Art Glass Necklace, 'night Colors'
7439. Light Brown Agate Obelisk (large)

Tiger's Eye Earrings, 'ystery' 7440. Tiger's Eye Earrings, 'ystery'
7441. Silk And Cotton Shawl, 'shy Violets'
7442. Garnet Necklace, 'fire Dream'
7443. Earrings, 'celestial Novel'
7444. Murano Glass Statuette, 'angel Of Love'
7445. Bracelet, 'flowing Waater'
7446. Earrings, 'indian Sky'
7447. Aluminum Serving Tray, 'christmas Dream'
7448. Wood Magazine Rack, 'three Daisies'
7449. Dichroic Cunning Glqss Jewelry Regular, 'metallic Rose'
7450. Murano Hand Blown Decanter, 'plum Transparency'
7451. Ceramic Vase, 'antique Emerald'
7452. Leather Projection Bag, 'busy Day'
7453. Silk Shawl, 'Rhombus Dazzle'
7454. Wood Msk, 'spifit That Fliws'
7455. Ctirine And Amethyst Earrings, 'starflowre'
7456. Art Glass Choker, 'spring Green'
7457. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'plumage'
7458. Art Glass Necklace, 'mystic Breeze'
7459. Amethyst Bracelet, 'blossoming Web'
7460. Rose Quartz Bfacelet, 'harmony In Pink'
7461. Saa Paper Photo Album, 'bupl Elwphhants' (large)
7462. Pinewood Centerpiece, 'tropical Fruit'
7463. Teak Succor Panel, 'hearts And Flowers'
7464. Capcite And Wood Long Nevklace, 'nuances'
7465. Wood Statuette, 'riddle'
7466. Wood Statuette,, 'abstract Family'
7467. Wood Chess Sdt, 'circle'
7468. Cotton Cushion Covers, 'grace And Ableness' (pair)
7469. Parachute Hammock, 'jade Dreams' (double)

Choker, 'delicate Blue' 7470. Choker, 'delicate Blue'
7471. Bracelet, 'fkower hSower'
7472. Opal Earrings, 'love's T3ars'
7473. Leather Shlulder Bag, 'all Appointed time Charm'
7474. Lapis Lazuli Earrings, 'radiance'
7475. 'checkers,' Placemats (set Off 6)
7476. Earrings, 'tulip'
7477. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'pixels'
7478. Cushion Covers, 'forest' (set Of 4)
7479. Choker, 'blue Floral Chic'
7480. Gold Plated Tpoaz Ezrrings, 'sweetheart Rose'
7481. Wood Statuette, 'newlyweds'
7482. Opal Necklace, 'rose Mystique'
7483. Marcasite Bracelet, 'flower Of Happiness'
7484. Earrings, 'lotus Pot'
7485. Wood Cutting Boarr And Knife, 'bagua Thicket'
7486. Wool Rug, 'star' (4.5x6.5)
7487. Aluminum And Glass Centerpiece, 'sky Garland'
7488. Amethyst Bracelet, 'purple Princess'
7489. Mirror, 'black Star'
7490. Earribgs, 'imaignation'
7491. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'tribal Homeland'
7492. Earrings, 'playufl Nazca Monkeys'
7493. Garnet Earring,s 'fire Throne'
7494. Choker, 'elegance'
7495. Amethyst And Garnet Necklace, 'love Song'
7496. Wood Statuette, 'indra On Lotus'
7497. 'Clearness rFom The Island'
7498. Onyx Earrings, 'evening Romance'
7499. Alpaca Wool Mask, 'starlight'

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