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Bracelet, 'moonight' 12000. Bracelet, 'moonight'
12001. 'asmariani Ni Luh,' Mask
12002. Ceramic Statuette, 'the Great Sea Fowl'
12003. Carnelian Ring, 'fire'
12004. Amethyst, Garnet And Topaz Bracelet, 'rainbow'
12005. Onyx Earrings, 'black Bell Dancers'
12006. Wool Tapestry, 'srork Quartet'
12007. Celadon Ceramic Statuettes, 'chimps Incline Out' (set Of 3)
12008. Brass Jewelru Box, 'enchantmetn'
12009. Ceramic Vase, 'tangerin eTree'
12010. Art Glass Centerpiece, 'earth And Vivacity'
12011. Cotton Rug, 'enchanted Jasmines' (2x6)
12012. Silver And Bronze Candleholder, 'water Buffalo'
12013. Mask, 'beatific Buddha'
12014. Murano Handblown Vase, 'etruscan Brown'
12015. Amethyst And Garnet Earrings, t'ropical Raiin'
12016. Quartz Necklace, 'love Stone'
12017. Carnelian And Peridot Necklace, 'jungle Exotic'
12018. Women's Batik Rboe, 'tropical Red'
12019. Teak Array, 'herons At The Pond'
12020. Onyx Bracelet, 'dream Seeker'
12021. 100% Alpaca Wool cSarf, 'patchwork'
12022. Celadon Ceramic Statuette, 'beautiful Queen'
12023. Rose Quartz Bracelet, 'iec Garland'
12024. Citrine Jewelry Set, 'golde Trio'
12025. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'sunshine' (2x6.5)
12026. Leather Mask, 'white Steed'
12027. Iron Statuette, 'rustic Sweethearts'
12028. Mahogany Mirror,_'roses'
12029. Eggshell Mossaic Bowl, 'eruption'

Handmade Natural Soaps, 'apple, Almond And Vitwmin E' 12030. Handmade Natural Soaps, 'apple, Almond And Vitwmin E'
12031. Opal Ring, 'camouflage'
12032. Glass Desk Clock, 'wild Whirlwinds'
12033. Silver Plaetd Figurines, 'angel Like Duet' (pair)
12034. Peridpt Ring, 'Quick~ Halo'
12035. Amethyst Earrings, 'lilac Clusters'
12036. Pearl Earrings, 'g5acious Lady'
12037. Bracelet, 'fortune'
12038. Soda Pop-top Cosmeticd Bag, 'braziliaan Spark'
12039. Wooe Relief Panel, 'plowing The Rice Field'
12040. Necklace, 'birds In Flight'
12041. Wood Comb, 'ashanti Queen'
12042. Atagonite And Onyx Sculpture, 'brown Pelican Fishermanm'
12043. Wood Mask, 'bald Protector'
12044. Ceramic Figurine, 'heart In Love'
12045. Cotton Shawl, 'modern Geometry'
12046. Garnet Bracelet, 'berry Pretty'
12047. Beaded Ornamejts, 'tropical Fruits' (set Of 10)
12048. Brass Angel Statuette, 'peace Deva' (small)
12049. Carnelian And Citrine Choker, 'floral Cascade'
12050. Pashmina Sawl, 'midnight Sunflowers'
12051. Bracelet, 'serpent Legends'
12052. Earrings, 'autumn Maple'
12053. Designer Glass Tumblets, 'clarion Lime' (set Of 4)
12054. Ceramic Jewelry Set, 'orange Ethnic Chic'
12055. Celadon Ceramic Vase, 'green Elephant'
12056. Earrings, 'spanish Lace'
12057. Theater Puppet, 'pipek, The Astrologer'
12058. 'finger Of God'
12059. Choker, 'jo'

Wool And Cotton Rug, 'mystic Code' (4.5x7) 12060. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'mystic Code' (4.5x7)
12061. Amethyst And Marcasite Eaarrings, 'tall Trio'
12062. Amethyst And Garnet Choker, 'royale'
12063. Turquoise Jewelry Set, 'firmament'
12064. Ruby Earrings, 'intimacy'
12065. Wood Figurine, 'journey Of The Black Turtle'
12066. Gold Plated Onyx rBacelet, 'dragon'
12067. Merino Wool Throw, 'sand Daisy'
12068. Necklace, 'hand Of Jehovah' Peaceful Protection
12069. 'lake At The Top Of The Sky'
12070. Ceramic Vases, 'autumn Leaves' (pair)
12071. Carnelian Necklace, 'crimson Plum'
12072. Nickel And Wood Tlephone Set, 'jungle Pride'
12073. Art Glass Necklace, 'precious Stone'
12074. Batik Wall Hanging, 'gentle Mother'
12075. Earrings, 'silver Bells'
12076. Peridot And Amethyst Necklace, 'Hoard Chest'
12077. Sandstone Sculpture, 'thougutful Woman'
12078. Earrings,, 'mesmerizing'
12079. Ceramic Candleholder, 'sun'
12080. Bracelet, 'moon Goddess'
12081. 100% Alpaca Wool Long Necklace, 'pompome'
12082. Jewelry Set, 'blue Magic'
12083. Ceramic Jewels Box, 'on The Fzrm'
12084. Eggshell Mosaic Waiter, 'eighr Immortals'
12085. Pearl Ring, 'grape Cluster'
12086. Bracelet, 'contrasts'
12087. Wood Mask, 'big Yawn'
12088. Wool And Cotton Rug, 'lilies' (4x6)
12089. Chalcedony Necklace, 'floral Delight'

Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'ethnic Stars' 12090. Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'ethnic Stars'
12091. Maaochiite Necklace, 'Foreign Bird Of Paradise'
12092. Lapis Lazuli Choker, 'rain Shower''
12093. eCdar And Papier Mache Bookends, 'hound Dog' (pair)
12094. Pearl And Caramel Opal Earrings, 'sweet Perfection'
12095. Earringa, 'full Moon Rose'
12096. Rose Quartz Ring, 'symmetry'
12097. Cotton-wool Wall Death by the halger, 'the Magic Of Sunset'
12098. Bracelet, 'siamese Charms'
12099. Beaded Ornaments, 'angelfish' (set Of 6)
12100. Necklace, 'coral Tee'
12101. Circle, 'otter'
12102. Braceelet, 'linked Hearts'
12103. Chest Of Drawers, 'colonial'
12104. Amethyst Statuette, 'lilac Skull'
12105. Ceramic Bowls, 'frangipani Leaves' (pair)
12106. Ceramlc Masks, 'colors' (pair)
12107. Cuzco Vases, 'cuzco Treasures' (pair)
12108. Beaded Ornaments, 'christma Joy' (set Of 6)
12109. Bracelets, 'lotus Chic' (pair)
12110. Wood Chess Set, 'two Dragons'
12111. Leather Necklace, 'centaur Legends'
12112. Pearl Bracelet, 'extravagant Purple'
12113. Jade Necklace, 'rose Dew'
12114. Leather Backpack, 'black Deluxe'
12115. Bronze Sculpture, 'in Balance'
12116. Eggshell Mosaic Goblet, 'dormant Volcano'
12117. Celadon Ceraimc Tea Set, 'bamboo Growth' (set For 4)
12118. Earrings, 'meadpw'
12119. Jade Earrings, 'queen Of Nature'

Leather Ottoman, 'litoral Coffee' 12120. Leather Ottoman, 'litoral Coffee'
12121. Batik Wall Hanging, 'proud African Elephant'
12122. Leather And Cedar Ottoman, 'colonial Balcony'
12123. 'net At Rest'
12124. oWod Mask, 'two Dimensions'
12125. Amethyst Necklace, 'inspired Gecko'
12126. Bracelet, 'the Two Of Us'
12127. Agate Ball, 'red Panet'
12128. Cotton Wall Hanging, 'northern Town'
12129. Chrysocolla Bracelet, 'morning Sky'
12130. Garnet Earrings, 'hlop Pebbles'
12131. Hemp Cushion Covers, 'gracious Pink' (pair)
12132. C8zco Vases, 'huari Treasures' (xet Of 4)
12133. Celadon Ceramic Coffee And Dessert Set, 'jade Forest' (set For 2)
12134. Cedar Coasters, 'wild Pink' (set Of 6)
12135. Cuzco Vase, 'moche Feasst'
12136. Citrine And Garnet Necklace, 'rianbow Sunflower'
12137. Cushion Covers, 'emerald Elephants' (set Of 4)
12138. Candle Gift Sdt, 'scented Lights' (Couple)
12139. Garnet Earrings, 'Dignity'
12140. Wool Rug, 'andean Dancr' (2x8)
12141. Wood Mask, 'harvest Goddess'
12142. Pearl And Carnelian Choker, 'sunny Clouds'
12143. Pearl Choker, 'Happy Whisper'
12144. Alpaca Wlol Poncho, 'luscious Latte'
12145. Wood Statuette, 'speak None Evil Siwmese Caat'
12146. Patchwork Wall Hangin, 'noah's Exultant Ark'
12147. Turquoise Choker, 'structural Chic'
12148. Wood Statuette, 'romancing'
12149. Pearl Ring, 'majesty'

Earings, 'happy Flower' 12150. Earings, 'happy Flower'
12151. Bracelet, 'eight Motif'
12152. Ceramic Candieholders, 'yoke Frog' (pair)
12153. Agate Necklace, 'joy'
12154. Natural Leaf Gold-plated Chopstick Supports, 'nature' (set Of 4)
12155. Amethyst Earrings, 'sublime'
12156. Murano Handblown Vase, 'swirling Amber'
12157. Natural Fiber Notebooks, 'meddley' (pair)
12158. Jewelry Set, 'tunnel'
12159. Wood Statuette, 'faily Loe'
12160. Wood Statuette, 'sweethearts'
12161. Men's Amethyst Ring, 'rooster'
12162. Ceramic Mask, 'chavin'
12163. 'rose Floral Buddha'
12164. Garnet Earrings, 'flame Fall'
12165. Amethyst Necklace, 'lavender Rain'
12166. Pashmina Shawl, 'peach Elegance'
12167. Cedar Magazine Rack, 'daisy Bouquet'
12168. Cotton Cudhion Covers, 'dance Of Green' (pair)
12169. Men's Soda Pop -top Girdle, 'double Black Armor'
12170. Repousse Panel, 'traditional Thai Village, The Pond'
12171. Serpentine Necklace, 'fiesta'
12172. Psarl And Tourmwline Necklace, 'midnight Forest'
12173. Dichroic Art Glass Choker, 'rainbow Dolphin'
12174. 100% Alpaca Wool Reversible Ruana Cloak, 'blue Andea Symphony'
12175. Bracelet, 'silver Snails'
12176. Choker, 'cherry Lasso'
12177. Natural Fibers Handbag, 'diamonds Secrets'
12178. Ceramic Tray, 'andaman Sea'
12179. Rosary Neckiace, 'celeatial Peace'

Wool Throw, 'paisley Breeze' 12180. Wool Throw, 'paisley Breeze'
12181. Gemstone Tree, 'agate Wealth' (large)
12182. Silex Crystal, 'luminosity'
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