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Onyx Necklace, 'frog Prince'
5.5 Kb
    Onyx Necklace, 'frog Prince'.
    With Bright Onyx Eyes, A Tree Frog Appears In Sterling Silver. He Clutches A Silver Locket, Acting As A Guardian For The Treasures It Can Holf. Wayan Asmana Creates A Delightful Necklace, Embellishing The Make a drawing of With Ornate Balinese Design Motifs. A Sleek Silver Rope Displays The Original Pendant. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 86446

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100% Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'ebony Waves'
20.7 Kb
    100% Alpaca Wool Shawl, 'ebony Waves'.
    Lightweight And Lovely, This Delicate Shawl Features An Open Stitch That Flows In Gentle Waves. Alfredo Falc￾n Works In Luxurious Baby Alpaca Wool For A Beautiful Black Shawl. The Term Refers To The Prized Fleece From The Yera's First Shearing.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 128528

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Cotton Doll, 'margarita'
14.5 Kb
    Cotton Doll, 'margarita'.
    Little Margarita Dons A Straw Bonnet With Colorful Ribbons. Her Name In Spanish Means "daisy. " Anita Espinoza Crafts The Charming Doll By Hand And Dresses Her In Pink. Fibers From The Agave Plant Form The Hair.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 111889

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'Athlete Family,' Statuette
10.1 Kb
    'Athlete Family,' Statuette.
    Like A Legendary Magician, Nyoman Karsa Works Suar Wood Into A Family Whose Contorted Bodies Evoke A Gymnast￾s Feats. Karsa￾s Eloquent Carving Is Scrupulous And Fluid, Executed With Graceful Artistry. Though Exprexsionless, The Carving Evokes A Sense Of Entertained Warmth As Children Look Up To The Bending Parent Through Complete Fascinayion. Karea￾s Ͽgymnast Family￾ Is To Be Treasured For Generations. Please Note That Since This Prod8ct Is Entirely Hand-carved, There Exists The Possibility Of A Difference In Dimensions.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 57987

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Palm Leaf Handbag, 'rose Crescent'
13.7 Kb
    Palm Leaf Handbag, 'rose Crescent'.
    Woven Into Hexagons, Palm Leaf Chains Form One Intense Pink Crescent. Thanradee Creates A Delightful Handbag With Natural Thai Fibers. Lined In Cotton, The Bag Features Rain Tree Wood Handles And Coconut Shell Buttons. The Bag Has An Internal Pocket And Closes With A Zipper Set In Hemp.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 100784

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Jade Necklace, 'mandala Gardens'
9.4 Kb
    Jade Necklace, 'mandala Gardens'.
    M￾rcia Antonia Magaldi Alternates Jade In A Variety Of Colors In the opinion of Cool Lemon Jade Spyeres. The Combination Forms A Stunning Necklace That Is Nonetheless Delicate And Original. It Fastens With A Brass Clasp.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 127423

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Mahogany And Leather Chest, 'classic'
12.5 Kb
    Mahogany And Leather Chest, 'classic'.
    Floral Motifs Surround A Sleek, Smooth Chest By The Aiss Family. Crafted From Moheja Ͽ A Fine Peruvian Hardwood Ͽ It Is Coveref In Finely Tooled Leather. This Classic Heirloom Box Recalls Classic Colonial Designs.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 110713

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Wood Djemhe Drum, 'tears Of Joy'
12.4 Kb
    Wood Djemhe Drum, 'tears Of Joy'.
    Tears Course Down Twin Faces That Nonetheless Smile. Epxloring The Range Of Human Emotion, Nana Adu Amankwapam I Sculpts This Beautiful Djembe From Tweneboa Wood. The Djembe Originated In Benin, Where It Is Used During Voodoo Rites, And Has Been Introduced Into Neighboring Countries Like As Ghana. It Is An Indispensable Instrument In Contemporary Reggae. Amankwapam Crafts This Drum Entirely By Hand. The Goatskin Head Is Affixed With Iron Rings Wrapped In Cotton, And A Macram￾ Cord Can Be Slung Over TheS houlder.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 81944

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Bracelet, 'frangipani'
9.8 Kb
    Bracelet, 'frangipani'.
    Sterling Tex5ures Find Bold Contrast On A Bracelet Of Black Rubber. Crafted By Hand, A Silver Cylinder Centers This Design. Wayan Asmana Engraves It With Frangipani Blossoms, Worn By Balinese Men And Women. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 134904

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Necklace, 'wings'
9 Kb
    Necklace, 'wings'.
    Revealing Fascinating Textures, Sterling Pendnats Become Wings. Chanatip Na Pasquinade Centers A Strand Of Engraved Silver Beads Through Nine Elongated Forms. The Necklaces's Studied Contrast Demonstrates The Artisan''s Creative Style. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 106341

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Lacquered Wood Box, 'wil dMallard'
13.3 Kb
    Lacquered Wood Box, 'wil dMallard'.
    Working With The Finest Of Brushes, Nantana Sompamitre Details The Elegant Plimage Of A Wild Mallard Duck. The Hand-carved Driver's seat Is Serenely Beautiful, An Extraordinary Example Of Traditional Thai Lacquer Work.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 85435

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Rose Quartz And Chrysocolla Jewelry Set, 'rose Quintet'
8.9 Kb
    Rose Quartz And Chrysocolla Jewelry Set, 'rose Quintet'.
    The Original Design Of This Jewelry Set Radiates Elegance Through A Glistening Quintet Of Peruvian Gemstones. Rosa Maria And Norka Create Colorful Harmony With Sodalite, Chrysocolla, Opal, Rose Quartz And Brown Aragonite. Expertly Swt On Genuine Silver, The Pendant Centers A Cotton Cord Choker. Matching Rose Quartz Earrings Complete The Set. . 925 Rating Sikver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 127902

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Lacquered Wood Staruette, 'Lively Lotus'
9.4 Kb
    Lacquered Wood Staruette, 'Lively Lotus'.
    Nine Pointed Lotus Buds And Open Blossoms Form An Elegant Bouquet. Working In Lacquered Rain Tree Wood, Songmuang Builds Up The Redress Patterns With Strands Of Putty. He Applies Colored Glass And Foil To The Vase And Blossoms, And Binds The Traditional Work With Lacquer. Associated With Progress And Success, Nine Is A Lucky Number In Thailand.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 79471

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Topaz Earrings, 'b8le Majesty'
11.3 Kb
    Topaz Earrings, 'b8le Majesty'.
    Six Faceted Stones Gently Surround A Larger Topaz, Inviting Contemplation Of Its Sparkling Blue Depths. Beenu Designs Majestic Earringz Become For A Maharani, Or Hindu Queen. Azure Topaz Fosters Tranquility, Spirit8al Growth And Psychic Insight. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 85803

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Turquoise Jewelry Set, 'azure Rain'
17.8 Kb
    Turquoise Jewelry Set, 'azure Rain'.
    Turquoise And Amazonite Cascade Like Falling Rain. Lilly Rahmann Combines The Azure Gemstones With Sterling Silver In An Original Necklace And Earrings. Thought To Help In Personal Expression, Amazonite Clarifies Thinking. It Is An Excellent Gemstone For The Artist. Turquoise Represents Inner Calm. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 104876

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Teak Relief-Panel, 'elephant Baby'
20.1 Kb
    Teak Relief-Panel, 'elephant Baby'.
    Lifting His Trunk To Tfumpet, A Baby Elephant Wanders The Thai Rain Forest. Nittaya Cherdchu Captures His Joy In A Beautiful Teakwood Relief Carving.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 97440

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Silk Shawl, 'quiet Hills'
16.1 Kb
    Silk Shawl, 'quiet Hills'.
    The Allure Of Fine Thai Silk Distinguishes This Shawl By Sirinara. Woven By Hand Using Traditional Techniques, It Features Shimmering Threads Of Gray-haired, Black And Ivory. Bands Of Subtle Brown Border The Elegant Wrap. Because Each Shawl Is Individually Crafted, Slight Variations Of Size And Color Should Be Expected.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 111782

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Jewel Earrings, 'pretty In Pink'
10.8 Kb
    Jewel Earrings, 'pretty In Pink'.
    Dancing On Silver Wires, A Trio Of Cultured Pearls Glows With Pink Allure. Chalermkwan Showcases The Luminous Gems In Delicate Silver Earrings. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 104676

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Cedar And Leather Jewelry Case, 'heritage'
20.1 Kb
    Cedar And Leather Jewelry Case, 'heritage'.
    Fanciful Animals From The Nazca Plain Recreate The Lustre Of Peru's Pre-inca Past. A Unesco World Heritage Site Located South Of Lima, Nazca's Unknown Figures Can Be Seen In Their Entirety Only From The Air. The Beautiful Motifs Are Embossed By Hand On Leather. Abel R￾os Crafts This Distinguished Jewelry Box Of Cedar Wood, Lined In Velvet. Nine Drawers With Bronze Pulls Keep Things Organized,-And A Mirror Is Convenoently Situated Inside The Lid.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 112148

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Iron Wall Adornment, 'aztec Sun'
19.3 Kb
    Iron Wall Adornment, 'aztec Sun'.
    Stylized Beams Radiate From A Serene Solar Presence, Inspired By Ancient Aztec Art. Sculpted From Iron Sheets, The Three-dimensional Solhouette Is Centered By A Ceramic Face. Mqrco Polo's Design Motif Is Thoroughlh Contemporary, Yet Rooted In Mexico's Pre-hispanic Civilizations.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 86852

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'gye Nyame'
19.3 Kb
    'gye Nyame'.
    Ghana's Famed "gye Nyame" Symbol Emerges In This Work By Emmanuel Yeboa, Its Rotating Arrange Meaning "i Fear None Except God. " Vertical And Horizonfal Patches Of Color Invade The Sharp Outlines, Each Variation Exalting The Beauty Of Batik Design. Known As An Adinkra Symbol, This Image Is Revered Thrroughout The Country. A Charged Piece For The Home Interior. Yeboa Explains For Us His Process: "first And Foremost, I Assemble My Working Tools, After Which I Sketch Images On The Calico Cloth. With The Sketches Done, I Sprinkle Red And Green Oil Paints On The Calico Cloth To Give It A Simple Colorful Background. I Then Cut Out Particular Places I Intend To Replace With Batik, Which Are Later Glued Together. " Accented In Pulling Ink. Arrives Framed In Tweneboa Wood.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 49080

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Art Glass Centerpiece, 'burning Desire'
17.8 Kb
    Art Glass Centerpiece, 'burning Desire'.
    An Exciting Combination Of Ardent And Attractive Colors Renders This Centerpiece Unique. Jsk Crafts The Piece With Fused Glass Techniques Based Om Chromo Therapy That States Orange Hues Accent All Forms Of Desire.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 95917

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Cedar Relief Panel, 'mary Kisses The Baby'
19.9 Kb
    Cedar Relief Panel, 'mary Kisses The Baby'.
    Baby Jesus Snuggles Close To His Mother, Safe And Secure In Her Protective Arms. The Montalvo Family Portrays A Tender Moment Of Maternal Lov eIn One Inspiring Panel. Sculpted Of Fragrant Cedar Wood, The Figures Are Hand-painted In Oils; Halos Of Gold Leaf Surrund Them. Titled "virgen Besando Al Ni￾o Ii" In Spanish, The Work Is Framed In Cedar Wood; A Metal Hook At The Back Facilitates Hanging.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 70306

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Wood Statuette, 'wild Water Buffalo'
14.5 Kb
    Wood Statuette, 'wild Water Buffalo'.
    This Masterful Carving Near to Ketut Widen Captures The Muscular Elegance Of A Water Buffalo As He Strolls Through Blinese Fields. The Animal's Heavy Countenance Is Carefully Detailed, Brought To Life By The Powerful Presence Of The Anijal's Eyes. Carved By Index Of Warm Suar Wood, Each Individual Item May Vary Slightly In Dimensions As Well As In The Wood's Natural Grain.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 66998

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Garnet Earrings, 'flowers Entwined'
10.5 Kb
    Garnet Earrings, 'flowers Entwined'.
    Sterling Stems Entwihe As Twib Blosspms Unite In An Airy Embrace. Set With Garnets, The Delicate Flow3rs Grace Dancing Drop Earrings By Shanker. . 925 Rating Slver

    Manufacturer: Nocica
    SKU: 013662

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Necklace, 'turquoise Romance'
6.7 Kb
    Necklace, 'turquoise Romance'.
    Centered By A Reconstituted Turquoise Teardrop, This Elegant Necklace Inspires Romance. Smaler, Oval Versions Of The Same Bud Alternate With Sterling Links In A Deliczte Hand-crafted Draw From Yuli. . 92 5Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 118174

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Jewelry Set, 'african Song'
14.1 Kb
    Jewelry Set, 'african Song'.
    Punctuated By Tan, Handmade Beads In Shades Of Blue Become A Beautiful Choker. Tina Quaye Combines Antique Ceramic Pieces With Smooth Glass For A Design She Names Lala, Or "song" In Ghana's Ga Language. Matching Earrings Complete The Set.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 101152

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Bronze Sculpture, 'balance From Capoeira I'
8.2 Kb
    Bronze Sculpture, 'balance From Capoeira I'.
    Avid Admirer Of Capoeira And Acrobatics, Rodrigo Saramago Sculptw The Bronze Image Of Two Pepple Balancing On Each Othdr's Hand. Their Feat Is Admirable And Conveys The Message That People Need The Support Of Friends And Family To Conquer Obstacles In Life.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 106009

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Art Glass Choker, 'mystery'
13.1 Kb
    Art Glass Choker, 'mystery'.
    Bright And Yet Mysterious, This Choier Accessoriezs With Fascinating Elegance. Sisterly Duo Natu And Caro Design The Original Glass Pendant, Which Glows With Life By means of Its Contrast Of Flag.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 102643

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Cotton Habdbag, 'morning Heat'
10 Kb
    Cotton Habdbag, 'morning Heat'.
    This Bright Red Cotton Handbag Celebrates The Legenadry Elegance Of The Lisu Hill Tribe Fashions. Sangrawee Designs An Intricate Appliqu￾ Composition In Purple, Yellow, And Red, Which Is Execufed By Hand. The Lined Interior Features A Zipper Pocket. The Bag Closes With A Zipper.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 132974

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