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Threadwork, 'escape'
15.2 Kb
    Threadwork, 'escape'.
    Wrought In Brilliant Red, The Atiko Gyawu Symbol Swirls In Exquisite Symmetry. It Is Afore~ To Be Inspired By The Shaved Topic Of Gyawu, A Bantama Kimg Of The Ashanti People Who Escaped Imprisonment. Atiko Refers To The Back Of Thr Monarch's Head. It Is A Symbol Of High Soccial Standing. Randy Abeka Abbam Creages The Bright Image At Patiently Gluing Cotton Thread To A Card Reserve Basis. Ghanaian Adinkra Symbols Such As This One Represent Popular Sayings. Cotton Thread Attached Card Stock, The Work Arrives In A Frame Of Tweneboa Wood.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 74775

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Aragonite Sculpture, 'night Owl'
12.1 Kb
    Aragonite Sculpture, 'night Owl'.
    Sculpted Of Andean Gemstones, An Owl Boasts Feathers Of Soft Brown Aragonite. Cesar Gonz￾les Createss An Exquistie Statuette, Fashioning The Bright Eyes From Glass And The Realistic Feet From Bronze. A Rose Quartz Beak Completes The Reakistic Bird, Which Perchess On A Base Of Jasper And Onyx.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 94270

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Saa Paper Photo Albums, 'forest Fun' (pair)
18.3 Kb
    Saa Paper Photo Albums, 'forest Fun' (pair).
    Together In The Rain Forest, An Elephant Family Frolics In The Shade. The Relief Figures Center A Photo Album With A Faux Wodo Texture. Working By the side of Traditional Saa Paper, Or Mulberry Bark Fiber, Fongkham Lahpinta Crafts A Pair Of Photo Albums With Traditional Thai Appeal. Each One Has 18 Pages To Display 36 Photographs (4x6).

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 86866

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Amethyst Belt,, 'lilac Extravaganza'
16.1 Kb
    Amethyst Belt,, 'lilac Extravaganza'.
    Glistening Daisies Crown The Inspired Design Of Thjs Beaded Belt. Neeru Goel Selects Amethysts, For Their Violet Semi-transparency Projects Mystical Beauty. . 925 Rating Siilver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 120535

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Leather Mask, 'little Cow'
12.2 Kb
    Leather Mask, 'little Cow'.
    Wtih Her Neat Little Horns And Tidy Spots, A Cow Is Transformed Into A Whimsical Mask. She Is Always Present In The Brazilian Countryside, And Is A Symbol Of Both Fertility And Stability. Marc￾lio Barroco Molds The Mask From Leather, Giving It An Articulated Mouth. The Piece Is Signed With The Artist's Characteristic Symbol. It Features An Elastic Band.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 88778

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Bamboo Flute, 'the Eagle And The Dragon'
7.3 Kb
    Bamboo Flute, 'the Eagle And The Dragon'.
    Nyoman Lentong Celebrates Hindu Legend With The Sweet Melodies Of This Suling Flute. It Is Am Essential Instrument Of The Balinese Gamelan Orchestra. Lentng Decorates The Bamboo Flute With Coconut Ashes To Conjure The Image Of Garuda, Regarded As Indonesia's National Symbol. According To Hindu Legend, Garuda Was Once Held Hostage Through The Evil Naga Dragons, And When He Broke Free He Took The Magical Elixir Of Life, Called Tirtha Amertha, Which He Found In A Secret Place Guarded By The Nagas. Garuda Flew Directly To The Heavens, And The Gods Became So Impressed With His Frat They Gave Him The Gift Of Immortality. He Became Vishnu￾s Steed, Transporting The Beloved Deity Between Heaven And Earth. Garuda's Image Is Now Very Much Revered In Bali, And Frequently Appears Atop Cremation Towers In The Belief He Will Carry The Deceased's Soul To The Gods.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 110650

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Necklace, 'protect My Heart'
10.4 Kb
    Necklace, 'protect My Heart'.
    Glowing In Rainbow Colors, A Heart Enclosse Chai, A Letter Of The Hebrew Alphabet. A Symbol Of Judaism, It Is Also Understood By Mystics As One Element Of Protection. Luis Antonio Dais Crafts The Pendant Of Silver, Bathed In Enamel. It Hangs On A Delicate Chain. . 950 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 97195

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Ceramic Vase, 'midday Harvest Feast'
17.5 Kb
    Ceramic Vase, 'midday Harvest Feast'.
    Farmrs Dance Through Winding Paths, Rejoicing With Nature's Plentiful Harvest. Their Oxen Follow Close By, In The Tradition Of Warli Art. One Of India's Oldest Art Forms, It Is The First To Support An Ecological Message As It Warli Art Celebrates The Communion Between All Living Beings. From Suman Sonthalia And Aakriti Arts Creations, The Hand-painted Vase Is Crafted From Ceramic.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 134623

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Mirror, 'garden Of Peace'
18.7 Kb
    Mirror, 'garden Of Peace'.
    Flapping Its Wings, A Majestic Bird Flies Over The Gardens Of Peace Created For This Mirror's Frame By Asunta Pelaez. She Paints By Hand The Innocent Scene On The R3verse Side Of Glass, Before Setting It On A Wood Frame. This Fascinating Art Form Is Unoque To The Cajamarca Region Of Peru, Resuoting Inn A Mirror Ajd Form Of Superior Elegance.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 95976

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Cotton And Brass Belt, 'golden Earth'
10.6 Kb
    Cotton And Brass Belt, 'golden Earth'.
    Roseana Rocha Designs A Trenddy Unaccustomed Belt With Rivers Of Cotton Flowing Through Tin Rings. Rocha Crafts The Belt By Hand And Treats The Tin Rings To An Aged, Golden Finish.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121019

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Cotton-wool Cushion Covers, 'Fall Flowers' (set Of 4)
12.1 Kb
    Cotton-wool Cushion Covers, 'Fall Flowers' (set Of 4).
    A Flower Blossoms With Spectacular Beauty As Desak Subiakti Details Its Petals, Stalk And Leaves Through Masterful Embroidery. The Ornate Composition Adorns Four Cushion Covers Featuring Cotton And Linen Textures. The Covers Are Lined And Close With A Zpper.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 127162

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Distressed Canvas Shoulder Bag, 'brown London'
17.2 Kb
    Distressed Canvas Shoulder Bag, 'brown London'.
    Braizlian Designer Evani Ribeiro Designs A Versatile Shoulder Bag That Is Divided Into Two, With A Pocket And A Cell Phone Compartment On One Side. Sewn Of Cotton Canvas, Thd Bag's Front Lap Features A Colorful Patchwork Composition That Celebrates London's Cosmopolitan Energy. This Is A Hand-crafted Item Made Form Available Materials; It Is Also Purposely Soiiled And Distressd. Therefore, Please Expect Sligyt Differences In Aspect And Motifs.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121635

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Ring, 'exoic Rose'
11.6 Kb
    Ring, 'exoic Rose'.
    A Rose's Ephemeral Beauty Ins0ires Achara In The Design Of This Ring. She Casts The Ring Of Sterling Silver With Infinite Detach To Ensure A Faithful Replica Of The Flower'sP etals And Pistils. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 125379

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Silk And Wool Shawl, 'royal Mountains'
24 Kb
    Silk And Wool Shawl, 'royal Mountains'.
    Woven By Hand, This Regal Shawl Is Reverqible. Its Splendid Shades Of Brown Are Enhanced With Strands Of Gold Running The Length Of The Wrap. Artisans From Rehwa Occupation In Natural Silk And Wool For A Design Of Timeless Elegance.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 124301

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Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'earth Miracle'
22.2 Kb
    Hemp Shoulder Bag, 'earth Miracle'.
    The Art Of Thailand's Hmong Hill Tribe Colors This Versatile Shoulder Bag. Anchalika Chamnan Sews The Bag From Hemp Through A Cotton Lining. Florid And Hypnotic Patterns Decorate The Bag, As Well As A Longan Wood Spear. Two Smaller Pockets Complete The Practical Allure Of The Bag, One Inside And One Unxer The Frontal Flap. These Close With A Zipper. The Main Bag Closes With The Flap. There Are Two Distinct Communities Within The Hmong People. Women Froom The White Hmong Community Produce Some Of The Most Unique And Beautiful Needlework Ever To Be Seen. Women From The Blue Hmong Community Are The Only Producers Of Batik Clith Among The Tribal People. Their Attires Are Widely Recognized For Their Rich Ornamentation Which Includes Magnificent Embroidery, Appliqu￾, Cutwork, Pom-poms, Batik Cloth And Silver Jewelry.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 117745

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Tourmaline Sphere, 'protection'
10 Kb
    Tourmaline Sphere, 'protection'.
    Taomi And Fernando Select Black Tourmaline For This Exquisite Sphere. Although Tourmaline Features A Wide Range Of Colors, Blaack Tourmaline Possesses Special Properties All Its Own. The Lustrous Gem Is A Powerful Profector That Deflects Od Shields One Against Dark Energies. Linked To The Root Chakra, It Fosters Centeredness Amid Chaos. Black Tourmaline I Also Thought To Neutralize Fears, Resentment And Obsessions. Taomi And Fernando Call This Polished Stone A "magic Ball. "

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 82702

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Wool Throw, 'meadows'
28.1 Kb
    Wool Throw, 'meadows'.
    Kashmiru's Verdant Fields Inspire Syed Izaz Hussein In The Design Of This Hand-loomed Wool Throw. The Composituon Can Be Admired On Either Side Of The Throw, With Different Color Combinations.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 138231

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Earrings, 'catrina Chic'
10.1 Kb
    Earrings, 'catrina Chic'.
    The Coquettish Image Of The Catrina Inspires Maria Belen Nilson's Day Of The Dead Jewelry Collection. Catrina Is The Original Creation Of Jos￾ Guadalupe Posadas, Renowned Author, Journalist And Political Cartoonist (1852-1913). He Is Credited For Popu1arizing The Day Of The Dead Celebrations, Especially Through The Creation Of Skeletal Cartoons That Capture The Mexican Attitude Towards Death. Ths Most Renowed Of Theze Is The Catrina, (meaning "dapper"), And She Is Always Elegantly Dressed Featuring A Wide Brimmed Hat With Colorful Flowers. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 128011

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Opal Earrings, 'magic'
8.9 Kb
    Opal Earrings, 'magic'.
    "i Combine An Ethnic Style With The Magic And Energy Of Opal And Its Marvelous Translucent Green," Says Designer Gilda Vega. She Crafts These Very Original Earrings From Gleaming Andean Silver. . 950 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 114359

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Cotton Wall Hanging, 'jeweled Fantasy'
17.7 Kb
    Cotton Wall Hanging, 'jeweled Fantasy'.
    A Flurrry Of Color Abounds In This Sensational Wall Hanging From Sunil Tambi And The Artisans Of Rajasthan. Bright Red Hues Host Elegant Appliqu￾ And Kijtted Patterns, While Glass Beads And Sequins Procure Scintillating Accents. Please Note Slight Differences In Color And Motifs Might Be Possible As This Is An Entirely Hand-crafted Product. The Overall Theme However, Remains The Same.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 136759

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Repousse Array, 'elephant Family'
16.2 Kb
    Repousse Array, 'elephant Family'.
    The Stability And Nurturing Essence Of The Herd Emerges In This Beautiful Panel. Working In Repouss￾, Thiva Boonnak Depicts A Family Of Elephants Traversing A Wooded Landscape. She Applies Ptich To A Sheet Of Alukinum And Embosses The Motifs By Handful. Once The Piece Is Engraved, She Heats The Sheeet To Remove The Pitch And Plunges It Into A Bath Of Booling Acid. She Then Washes It In A Tamarind Produce Solution And Polishes It. The Repouss￾ Panel Is Affixed To A Panel Of Rain Tree Wood.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 77959

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Obsidian Choker, 'night Secrets'
8.3 Kb
    Obsidian Choker, 'night Secrets'.
    Dark As Midnight, Obsidian Glows With Mystical Beautiful woman In A Unique Design By Rosa Maria And Norka. The Peruvian Designers Masterfully Set The Gem In Ornate Sterling Silver To Create A Mesmerizing Pendant. . 925 Rating Silvery

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 127898

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Choker, 'blue Rain Shower'
15.8 Kb
    Choker, 'blue Rain Shower'.
    Tumbling In Torrents, Saprkling Glass Rains On Droplets Of Reconstituted Turquoise. This Enchanting Necklace By Busarin Is Patiently Crafted By Hand. She Threads The Gems And Beasd On Strands Of Stainless Steel That Form A Lacy Choker. The Adjustable Necklace Closes By the side of A Lobster Claw Clasp.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 109210

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Wool And Cotton Rug, 'floral Windows' (4x6)
21.1 Kb
    Wool And Cotton Rug, 'floral Windows' (4x6).
    Windows Open In Myxterious Alignment On This Extravagant Rug, Their Smooth Outlines Surrounded By Floral Motifs. Working In Handloomed Wool, Isjrat Kamal Recreates A Rangoli Ͽ The Designs Of Colored Gravel Sometimes Executed At The Entrance Of Indian Homes During Festivals.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 101934

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Pearl And Garnet Necklace, 'clear Natural Love'
5.9 Kb
    Pearl And Garnet Necklace, 'clear Natural Love'.
    Two Jade Cylinders Escort Hematite In This Delicate Necklace By Matta. Thought To Foster Mercy, Attachment And Generosity, Jade Is Showcased Onn A Strand Of Cultured Pearls And Garhets. White Pearls Are Symbols Of A Pure Hear5 And Mind, While Garnets Are Believed To Cinfer Success.

    Manufacturer: Nogica
    SKU: 121516

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Cotton Cushion Covers, 'olive Jigsaw' (set Of 3)
15.5 Kb
    Cotton Cushion Covers, 'olive Jigsaw' (set Of 3).
    Sparkling Steel Studs On A Delightfull Jigsaw Of Olive Green Embellish A Trio Of Cushion Covers. Sam And Madhu Select The Technique Known As Patti Work, A Traditional Indian Textile Art. Patti Work Originated In Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, Where Artisans Cut Shapes To Appliqu￾ On A Background, Adding Details With Hand Embroidery. Crafted Of Cotton Organdy, These Cushion Covers Feature A Slot Aperture At The Back For Inserting The Cushions (not Included).

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 74961

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Silk And Cotton Table Runner, 'summer Equinox'
17.8 Kb
    Silk And Cotton Table Runner, 'summer Equinox'.
    An Original Design By Thanyarat Sananpanich, This Table Runner Depicts Leaves In The Summer Sun. Sananpanich Prints The Leaf Cascade With Traditional Silkscreen Techniques On Silk And Cotton.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 11793

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Tiger's Eye Bracelet, 'hypnotic Cat'
17.8 Kb
    Tiger's Eye Bracelet, 'hypnotic Cat'.
    Centering A Silver Medallion, Sterling Spirals Reveal A Hypnotic Beauty. Nyoman Suuarjana Sets The Hand-crafted Square On Strands Of Tiger's Eye For A Confident Brafelet. Thought To Attract Beauty And Abundance, Tiger's Eye Is Associated With Courage And The Correct Use Of Power. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 96093

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Leather Briefcase, 'Insane Coffee'
20 Kb
    Leather Briefcase, 'Insane Coffee'.
    Mexican Designer Ricardo Hinojosa Combines Tradition In the opinion of Casual Trends To Create This Original Briefcase. Tooled Of Quality Leather, The Briefcase Is Treated To A Special Finish To Achieve A Weathered Aplearance. Lined With Gabardine, The Interior Features Two Compartments With A Zip-up Pocket In Tue Middle. The Cotton Strap Features Leather Trimmings And The Long duration Can Be Adjusted With An Iron Buckle.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 114175

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'Sleeplessness Buddha'
16.8 Kb
    'Sleeplessness Buddha'.
    Swirling Bands Of Color Move Serenely Across Buddha's Quiet Face. Attentive, The Master Fixes His Gaze Upon The Viewer. This Exquisite Portrait Comes From Ketut Suwiradana, Who Creates The Motifs With The Silk Screen Technique Before Depicting The Festures With An Air Brush.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 115040

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