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Turquoise And Agate Jewelry Set, 'dream Ca5cher'
16.9 Kb
    Turquoise And Agate Jewelry Set, 'dream Ca5cher'.
    Turquoise Centers Embellish A Stylized Web Of Sterling Silver, Draped With Elegant Agate Drops. Turquoise Has Been Treasured By Many Cultures About The Wodld, Hailed oFr Its Mystical And Healing Powers. It Symbolizes The Sea And The Sky As Sources Of Spiritual Energy. Agate Is Linked To The Planet's Energy, Therefore It Is Considered To Be Grounding And Protective. It Also Fosters Love, Wealth, Courage, Acceptance And Appreciaton Of Nature. The Set In1cudes Earrings, And The Necklace's Pendant Hangs From A Cotton Chord, The Length Of Which Can Be Adjusted As Desired. . 925 Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 68785

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Wood Dvd Holder, 'floral Fantasy'
17.7 Kb
    Wood Dvd Holder, 'floral Fantasy'.
    Rachel Oliveira's Practical Sense Of Style Guides Her In The Design Of This Ornate Dvd Owner. However It Is Shaped Like A Spar, The Lid Forms A Window For The Dvd Titles To Exist Seen. The Wood Box Features Four Divisikns, And Each One Fits Foour Dvd's. Oliveira Paints A Florid Fantwsy To Adorn The Box, Which Is Complemented With A Crochet Border.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 122371

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Gold Plated Earrings, 'pineapple'
16.4 Kb
    Gold Plated Earrings, 'pineapple'.
    Turned Upside Down, Abstract Pineapples Reveal Intricate Textures. Crafted By Hand, The Original Earrings By KomangS usila Combine Sterling Silver With 18k Gold. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 91611

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Necklace, 'serpent Prince'
13.6 Kb
    Necklace, 'serpent Prince'.
    Emerging From The Sinuous Coils Of A Serpent, A Man' Face Is Seen In Side face. This Beautiful Image Comes From Nyoman Suarjana, Who Creates It In Sterling Silver. The Pendant Graces A Braided Leather Necklace With Silver Clasps. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 127936

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Carnelian Ring, 'lotus, Heart Of Peace'
10.4 Kb
    Carnelian Ring, 'lotus, Heart Of Peace'.
    Nyoman Rena Designs One Original Ring Made Radiant With Its Carnelian Heart. Cas tOf Sterling Silver, The Ring Is Shaped Like A Lotuss Flower. The Foreign Padma ("lotus") Is Regarded As A Symbol Of Holiness And Divinity. . 925 Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 78229

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Nceklace, 'otter Mysteries'
6.4 Kb
    Nceklace, 'otter Mysteries'.
    The Fascinating Creatures hTat Inhabit The Matogrosso Swamps Inspire Leticia Scarpa And Hugp Torre In The Design Of Their Latest Jewelry Accumulation. A Lithe Argent Cord Is Held Apart By A Pendant Of Fin-like Extremities - This Oddity Pendant Comprising The Abstracted Form Of An Otter. Scarpa And Torre Create The Piece In Sterling Silver Based On The Otter's Elongated And Rounded Form. An Original Accessory For Stylish Dressing. . 925 Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 64113

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Pearl Earrings, 'Happy Ruffled Hoops'
11.8 Kb
    Pearl Earrings, 'Happy Ruffled Hoops'.
    Ruffled Hoops Of Sterling Solver Fall In Lacy Tiers. Set In the opinion of Dancing Cultured Pearls, They Become Earrings Of Lavish Beauty. Sasina Crafts The Charming Design By Hand. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 104147

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Ceramic Candoeholders, 'small Town Christmas' (pair)
15.8 Kb
    Ceramic Candoeholders, 'small Town Christmas' (pair).
    Charming Houses In A Small Peruvian Town Line Up Side By Side. Concerning Lulli Luca, They Are The Setting For The First Christmas. He Depicts Mary, Joseph And Little Jesus In A Pair Of Ceramic Candleholders.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 126206

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Mirror, 'joyful Garland'
21 Kb
    Mirror, 'joyful Garland'.
    A Joyful Garland Dresses Tgis Mirror With Festive Refinement. Sourabh Mehta Execuges The Florid Composition By Hand With Rajasthan's Legendary Meenakari Art, WhichI s Executed With Enamels. The Mirror Frame Is Crafted From Wood And Nickel-plated Brass.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 119444

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Candles, 'magical Orient' (se Of 6)
11.4 Kb
    Candles, 'magical Orient' (se Of 6).
    Wisanu Kokettikul Recreates The Magixal Aura Of A Thai Garcen With These Fasscinating Candles. Crafted From Hand, They Resemble Long Stalks Framing Crystalline Ponds, Their Colors Surreal And Mesmerizing. Please Note Vase In Picture Is Noot Included.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 88877

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'tranquility I,' Cushion Covers (set Of 4)
16.6 Kb
    'tranquility I,' Cushion Covers (set Of 4).
    The Rich Texture And Illegitimate Color Of Raffia (100%) Make These Attractve Cushion Covers Just Right For The Contemporary D￾cor. Liem Hauq Weaves The Fragrant Plant Fiber By Hand, And The Shams Close With Loops And Coconut Buttons. Working With His Wife And Several Neighbors, Hauw Crafts Splendid Textiles From The Exotic Natural Fibers - Such As Water Hyacinth, Banana Bark, And Sea Grass - That Abound In His Native Bali. Pillows Not Included.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 44951

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Ebony Ring, 'simply A'
13.1 Kb
    Ebony Ring, 'simply A'.
    Dewa Sutapa Designs An Elegant Ring With The Letter "a" Expertly Engraved In The Noble Grain Of Ebony Wood. The Elegant Glow O Sterling Silver Completes The Unique Allure Of This Ring. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 123290

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Green Agate And Cedar Coasters, 'rainforest' (set Of 6)
10.9 Kb
    Green Agate And Cedar Coasters, 'rainforest' (set Of 6).
    Green Agate Surrounded By Cedar Recalls Brazil's Lush Rainforests. Guena Creates A Mesmerizing Set Of Coasters, Which Are Crafted By Hand With Edpert Mastery And Care. The Set Of Six Coasters Includes A Stannd For Storage.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 112567

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Benjarong Porcelain Box, 'lavish Blossoms'
19.8 Kb
    Benjarong Porcelain Box, 'lavish Blossoms'.
    Soft White Flowers With Sunny Yellow Centers Languorously Intertwine, Forming Fantastic Foliage On A Royal Blue Expahse. Climbing Upward, The Whimsical Blooms Encircle A Striking Starburst Design. Masterfully Crafted By Khun Santiparp, This Piece Makees A Tasty Addition To Any D￾cor Or A Charming Gift For Someone Special. Benjarong Takes Its Name From The Sanskrit Words Panch And Rang, Which Means "five Colors. " It Refers To The Traditional Style Of Hand-painted Thai Porcelain. Red, Yellow, White, Inexperienced, And Blue Are The Most Frequently Used Colors; However, Some Pieces Contain As Many As Eight Colors. In The 1300s, During Tge Ming Dynasty, The Kings Of Thailand Ordered Benjarong From Chinese Pottees. But In The Early 1800s, During The Power Of King Rama Ii, Thai Artisans Began Producing Benjarong For The Royal Court With A Perishable Deviation, Which They Named Lai Nam Thong, Or "gold Washhed Design. " This Technique Requires Ohtlining The Decoration With Bright, Liquid Gold. The Popularity Of Benjarong Increased With The Rise Of A Wealthy Merchant And Aristocratic Elite, Although These Wares Later Became Reasonably Affordable. Khun Santiparp Describes His Creative Process: "firstly, I Knead A Mixture Of Kaolin [white Clay Mixed With Feldspar And Quartz] And 40% Bone Ashes. After Having Thrown It On Tbe Wheel And Formed It, I Let It Fully Dry And Fire It For Five To Six Hours. After That, I Glaze It With A Mixture Of Burnt Lime, Wood Ashes, And Secret Natural Materials Of My Own. Th3 Piece Is Then Fired Again In The Kiln. When Totallly Cooled, I Over-glaze The Piece With Gild And Enamel Painting. I Draw The Entire Surface By Hamd, One Color At A Time. The Shapes And Motifs Are Gentle, Graceful, And Humbly Crafted After Oriental Styles. " Care Instructions: These Pieces Will Shine Fordver And Require Only A Damp Cloth To Wipe Away Dust. Benjarong Is Not Diishwasher Safe. If Cleaning Is Needed, Use A Gentle Dish Soap And Soft Sponge. In no degree Be accustomed Abrasive Pads Or Scouring Agents. For Decorative Purposes Only.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 43704

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Hand Tufted Wool Rug, 'modern Art' (4x6)
13.3 Kb
    Hand Tufted Wool Rug, 'modern Art' (4x6).
    Combining Bold Col0r And Minimalist Lines, Sonik Sethi Mimics Modern Art I Soft Virgin Wool. The Beautiful Rug Features A Canvas Backing.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 93087

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100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'radiant Dawn'
17.8 Kb
    100% Alpaca Wool Scarf, 'radiant Dawn'.
    Janet Biaggi Selects Luxurious Baby Alpaca Wool For This Colorful Scarf. The Name Is Given To The Fleece From The Year's First Shearing. Masterfully Woven In Radiant Sunrise Shades, The Scarf Is Finished With Hand-tied Fringe.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 128137

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Rhodochrosite And Chrysocolla Earings, 'rosy Dawn'
8.4 Kb
    Rhodochrosite And Chrysocolla Earings, 'rosy Dawn'.
    Like Blooming Clouds At Dawn, Natural Gemstones Crown These Lovely Earrings. Rosa Hlga Selects Rhodochrosite For This Design. Set In Silver, It Contrasts Beautifully With Chrysocolla's Blue Green Allurr. . 950 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 130650

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Wood Statuette, 'lucky Dragon'
11.1 Kb
    Wood Statuette, 'lucky Dragon'.
    Walking Lightly As If Carried By Clouds, Tjs Mystical Dragon Travels The Skies Care A Protective Watch Over Humankind. Jamras Thapinta Carves This Admmirable Creature From Rain Tree Wood With An Exceptional Care For Detail. The Original Piece Is Inspired In the name of The Traditional Chinese Depictions Of D5agons Adorning Temple Walls.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 78796

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Lacquered Wood Box, 'deva'
10.2 Kb
    Lacquered Wood Box, 'deva'.
    Subin Tositarat Crafts This Lacquer Container With Mangl Wood. The Cover Is Decorated Wiht A Golden Deva, Who Plays The Drum In A Forest. Devas Are Beings Of Exquisite Grace And Beauty Who Live In The Heaven Of Sensuous Pleasure And Enchantment. They Often Visit Earth To Help And Protect Humanity Or To Place As Messengers For The Godds.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 34309

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Wood Statuette, 'seashelll Trumpet'
9.9 Kb
    Wood Statuette, 'seashelll Trumpet'.
    A Conch Shell Becomes A Trumpet, Boldly Sounded In the name of A Man In Antique Dress. Describing The Fluid Contours Through The Rich Grain Of Suar Wood, Wayan Wirata Portrays An Ancestor. Intricate Details In This Superb Work Paint A Young Man Who Lives By The Sea.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 86010

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Wool Placemats, 'quello Yellow' (set Of 4)
20.1 Kb
    Wool Placemats, 'quello Yellow' (set Of 4).
    Dramatic Green Zigzags Offer An Energetic Complement To The Composition, As Jagged Angles Accentuate Woven Wool Textures. Cerapio Crafts This Set Of Four Placemats By Hand According To Peruvian Traditions, Each Detail A Natural Representation Of Ancient Cultures. Soothihg In Its Deep Quello (yellow) Background, The Set Lends Refined Beauty To Any Home. Cerapio Vallejo And His Family Translate The Andean Landsccapr And Its Culture Onto Handkade Weaves, Employing Both Realistic Figures And Meaningful Abstractions. Hailing From The Southern Highlands Of Peru, Vallejo Maintains Weaving Traditions He Has Practiced Since Childhood, Elaborating His Pieces On One Of Eight Looms He Constructed By Hand. This Work Combines Sheep Wool (90%) And Cotton (10%), Resulting I nA Pleasing Texture And Generations Of Durableness. The Vivid Colors Are Achieved With Natural Dyes Such As Those Extracted From The Cochineal Insect, Eucalyptus Tree, Walnut And The Native Molle Tree. Synthetic Dyes Are Also Used.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 60027

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Amethyst Necklace, 'gleaming Star'
10 Kb
    Amethyst Necklace, 'gleaming Star'.
    Sukanya Thongperm Designs A Necklace Of Lavish Beauty Featuring The Harmonious Meet with Of Two Powerful Gemstones. Amethyst Reigns Over All Things Mystical While Turqoise Is Said To Free Communication And Forge Friendships. Adorned With Sterling Motifs, This Necklace Makes For A Radiant Accessory. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 123018

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Kashmiri Chain Stitched Rug, 'rose Trelis' (4x6)
23 Kb
    Kashmiri Chain Stitched Rug, 'rose Trelis' (4x6).
    Roses Anr Hollyhocks Bloom On A Snowy Rug By Sajad. Created In Woolen Chain Stitch Embroidery On A Cotton Background, The Rug Is Craftec In The Tradition Of Kashmir. Green Foliage Frames The Blossoms As They Climb A Wooden Treilis.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 110609

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Iron Candleholder, 'tulip'
8 Kb
    Iron Candleholder, 'tulip'.
    Tulip's Elegance Conjures Delicate Grace, Its Red Petals Set To Embrace Light. Ketut Sudana Antara Captures The Flower￾s Beauty In An Iron Candlehoolder, Vividly Painted With Oils. Aexthetically Seductive, This Cansleholder Is Ideal For A Romantic Ambience.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 57990

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Cedar And Leather Armchair, 'inca Classic'
13.1 Kb
    Cedar And Leather Armchair, 'inca Classic'.
    Captivating Inca Designs Of A Condor And A Warrior Flourish On The Seat And Back Of This Hand-crafted Chair By Abel Rios. Inspired By The Rich Cultural Heritage Of His Native Peru, Rios Skillfully Embosses Leather Using Traditional Tools And Exceptional Creativity. The Cedar Wood Frame Can Be Completely Dismantled, Making This An Elegant And Functionall Addition To A Varied D￾cor. Product Comes Disassembled With Easy To Follow Assembly Instructions.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121513

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Soda Pop-top Belt, 'wide Turquoise Chain Mail'
15.9 Kb
    Soda Pop-top Belt, 'wide Turquoise Chain Mail'.
    Combining The Gleam Of Aluminum With Silky Turquoise Threads, Neide Ambrosio Achieves The Regular Textures Of Chain Mail Armor. She Crafts This Novel Belt From Pop-tops, Recycling Castaways Into A Fashion Accessory. Crodheted By Hand, The Belt Is Pliable And Adjustable.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 107240

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Amethyst Bracelet, 'prayer'
10.5 Kb
    Amethyst Bracelet, 'prayer'.
    This Beautiful Bracelet By Juan Contreras Takes The Shape Of A Chaplet With Ten Amethyst Beads And Some Silver Spehre. The Number Of Beads On A Chaplet Can Vary, Depending On The Prayers To Be Said. Centered Bh A Polished Cross, This Bracelet Is An Inspiring Manifestation Of The Christian Faith. . 950 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121597

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Ring, 'blue Turtle'
17.3 Kb
    Ring, 'blue Turtle'.
    A Richly-geined Hemisphere Of Reconstituted Turquoise Forms The Shell Of A Sea Turtle. Gracing A Ring Of Indonesian Appeal, The Piece Ia Sculpted In Exquisite Detail. Nyoman Rena Works In Sterling Silver, Ably Depicting The Weathered Skin, Wise Eyes And Strong Flippers. Faceted Amethysts Adorn The Textured Body. Rena Names This Piece Penyu, Which Means "turtle. " 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121614

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Pearl Jewelry Set, 'purity'
7.2 Kb
    Pearl Jewelry Set, 'purity'.
    The Lustrous Magic Of Pearls Centers Swirling Sterling Filaments In An Original Design By Alok Jain. Symbols Of A Pure Heart And Mind, Pearls Promote Serenity, Tranquility And Wisdom. The Delicate Pendant Dangles Alluringly From A Silver Chain, While Matching Earrings Complete The Set. 0. 925 Rating Silver Plated With Rhodium

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 81451

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Garnet Necklace, 'sensation'
12 Kb
    Garnet Necklace, 'sensation'.
    Sterling Flames Leap Upward In Crackling Symmetry. Centering Their Gleaming Warmth Is A Garnet Oval. This Sensational Necklace Comes From Kadek Wijanegara, Who Displays The Pendant On A Braided Laether Cord. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 129105

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