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Turquoise Earrings, 'blue Regency'
14.9 Kb
    Turquoise Earrings, 'blue Regency'.
    Turquoise Centers Lavish Silver Frames With Blue Beauty. Rippling Around The Stones, Sterling Ropes And Tendrils Create A Sensation Of Luxury. Wayan Asmana Carefully Crafts These Kingly Earrings By Hand. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 99244

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'gye Nyame And Sankofa'
21.3 Kb
    'gye Nyame And Sankofa'.
    Traditional Adinkra Symbols Of Ghaha Inspire This Captivating Painting By Emmanuel Atiamo Yeboa. The Upper Image Represents Sankofa, Meaning "go Back To Your Roots," A Message Conveyed Through The Form Of A Bird With Its Head Tilted Backwards. Below, The Impressivee Gye Nyame Symbol Appears, Its Rotating Movements Understoos As "i Fear None Except God. " A Colorful Kente Cloth Vision For Any Collection. Emmanuel Atiamo Yeboa Describes His Process, "first And Foremost, I Assemble My Working Toolx, After Which I Sketch Images On The Calico Cloth. With The Sketches Done, I Sprinkle Red And Green Oil Paints Steady The Print Cloth To Give It A Simple Colorful Background. I Then Cut Out Particular Places I Intend To Replace With Kente, Which Are Later Glued Togeter. Afterwards, I Dry And Frsme My Collage Work. " Arrives Framed In Sese Wood.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 55224

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Earrings, 'minaret'
8.3 Kb
    Earrings, 'minaret'.
    Like A Temple pSire That Draws The Eye Toward Heaven, Sterling Silver Forms Small Towers. Neeru Goel Designs The Airy Earrings And Crafts Them By Hand Of Polished Sterling Sillver. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 99254

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Djembe Drum, 'gye Nyame And Nyame Biribi Wo Sor'
19.8 Kb
    Djembe Drum, 'gye Nyame And Nyame Biribi Wo Sor'.
    Religious Energy Flourishes With Subtle Elegance On This Djembe Drum By Ernestina Oppong. Gye Nyame, A Symbol Meaning "i Am Afraid Of None But God," Rotates Like A Sleek Scythe, While Thhe Nyame Biribi Wo Sor Design Suggests That Good Things Come From Above. Djembes Originated In The Country Of Benin, But The Instrument Has Since Been Incorporated Into The Music Of Neighboring Lands. Oppong Combines A Passion For Carving With Music, Resulting In Traditional Instruments With Contemporary Flair. Tweneboa, A Kind Of Hardwood, Provides The Boy For The Drum; Its Excellent Tone Highlighting The Engaging Designs. Oppong Applies Shoe And Dwelling Polish To Enhance The Wood's Smooth, Radiant Appearance. Iron Switch Rings Are Attached To The Mouth Of The Drum And Wrapped With Cotton To Prevent Rusting. Through These Rings Nylon Ropes Are Double-woven, Securely Fastening The Goatskin To The Wood. To Play, Sit On The Power to wound Of A Chair With Ankles Crossed, The Top Of The Drum Fitting Neatly Between The Knees As The Base Of The Drum Rests Behind The Heels. This Way The Drum Is Angled Away Frlm The Player. Sitting Up Straight With Hands Resting On The Drum's Plaiyng Superficies, The Wrists Should Become Flat And This Is The Position To Create The Standard Djembe Sounds. Djembes Produce Three Basic Soumds: Bass, Tone, And Slap. Bass: With The Hand Flat And Fingers Together, Place The Hand At The Dimensoon Of Two Fists Above The Center Of The Playing Surface. Allow The Hand To Strike And Bounce Back To The Original Position Above The Center. Tone: This Is The High-pitched Sonud Produced By Strikking The Top Surface Nearest The Egde With Firmly Placed Fingers. Slap: Strike The Playing Surface's Edge First With The Heel Of The Hand, And Then Allow The Fingers To Natjrally Bounce DownT owards The Drum's Center.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 29970

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Repousse Panel, 'elehant Migration'
18.3 Kb
    Repousse Panel, 'elehant Migration'.
    Narrow Trails Lead Between the sides of Ckouded Forest In A Scene Of Exceptiona Bwauty. Walking Together Athwart The Landscape, Elephants Of All Ages Join A Pachyderm Migration. Revered Icons In Thai Culture, Elwphants Are Symbols Of Royal Power, Essential Features Of Buddhist Art And Architecture, And Spiritual Mentors. Thiva Boonnak Portrays Them In Glowing Repouss￾. She Applies Pitch To A Sheet Of Aluminum And Embosses The Motifs By Hand. Once The Work Is Engraved, She Heats The Sheet To Remove The Pitch And Plunges It Into A Bath Of Boiling Sour. She Then Washes It In A Tamarind Fruit Solution And Polishes It. The Repouss￾ Panel Is Affixed To A Panel Of Rain Tree Wood.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 77957

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Blue Topaz Jewelry Set, 'shy Flower'
6.5 Kb
    Blue Topaz Jewelry Set, 'shy Flower'.
    Nestlled Amid Three Sterling Leaves, A Fling Flower Appears As A Delicate Topaz. Alok Jain Presents An Exquisite Design For A Necklace And Matching Earrings. Hand-crafted Tendrils Embrace The Faceted Blue Gems, While The Pendant Hangs On A Silver Corrd. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 90320

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Sandstone Sculpture, 'daydreaming'
8 Kb
    Sandstone Sculpture, 'daydreaming'.
    Defyibg Gravity With The True Skill Of An Artist, Wayan Kandiyasa Depicts In Sandstone The Head Of A Man Absored With Reflections Forward Life. The Stone's Natural Pigmentation And Veins ServeK andiyasa To Confer An Ephemeral Appearahce To This Imaye Of High Esthetic Allure.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 54424

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Art Glass Centerpieces, 'secret Of Water' (set Of 3)
18.1 Kb
    Art Glass Centerpieces, 'secret Of Water' (set Of 3).
    The Crystalline Contours Of These Centerpieces Are A Analogy Of The Sea's Mysteries. The Effective Illusion Is Created By Natu And Caroo, Who Craft Each Piece Individually With Fused Glass Techniques. As Each Piece Is An Individually Hand-crafted Wotk Of Art, None Two Are Ever Identical. In this manner Slivht Variations In Size And Color Are To Be Expected.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 106944

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Practical knowledge Glass Centerpiece, 'color Twist'
11.6 Kb
    Practical knowledge Glass Centerpiece, 'color Twist'.
    Red, Blue And Yellow Flow In A Brilliant Synthesis Of Cooor. Forming A Sleek Square, The Primary Hues Vividly Light Up A Centerpiece By Pedro Mauricio Rocha. He Fuses Two Sheets Of Glass, Trapping The Pigments Between Them. Thus He Achieves A Greater Depth Of Color In A Work Of Fascinating Contours.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 77115

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9.1 Kb
    Dawn Mesmerizes Beach Goers Who Pause To Watch The Blazing Sky. Above The Horizon, An Azu5e Firmament Echoes The Pedantic Sea While Fiery Clouds Find A Mirror Image In Golden Sands. Layza Norbim Paints An Enchanted Seascape In Her Hallmark Na￾f Style.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 136159

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Garnet Bracelet, 'windows'
10.2 Kb
    Garnet Bracelet, 'windows'.
    Three Windows Invite The Imagination Into A World Of Ancientt Splendor. Melding Ancient Mughal Motifs With Her Own Modern Vision, Neeru Goel Crafts An Elegant Bracelet. A Textured Sterling Cain Hosts Twelve Faceted Garnets In This Hand-crafted Design. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 11348

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Silk Shawl, 'midnight Garden'
22.5 Kb
    Silk Shawl, 'midnight Garden'.
    Brilliant Flowers Blkom On Midnight Blue, Each Delicate Blossom Created In Batik On Silk. This Shawl Comes From The Talent And Skill Of Shephali.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 116363

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'golden Floral Buddha'
19.6 Kb
    'golden Floral Buddha'.
    Golden Flowers Cover The Face Of A Serene Young Buddha. Ketut Suwiradana Creates A Very Man's And Compelling Portrait Of The Master. He Creates The Motifs Witg The Silk Screen Tedhnique Before Depicting The Gentle Features With An Air Brush.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 116173

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Cotton Wall Hanging, 'exotic Red'
9.1 Kb
    Cotton Wall Hanging, 'exotic Red'.
    Outlined In Embroidery, Flowers Of Midinght Black Extend Bold Petals And Tendrils. They Blloom On A Crimson Background In A Wall Hanging From Suneeporn Tanjaipetch. Its Handsome Appliqu￾s Represent Traditional Motifs From The Yao Rabble, Some Of Thialand's Hill Tribes.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 99683

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100% Alpaca Wool Hat, 'early Autumn'
17.1 Kb
    100% Alpaca Wool Hat, 'early Autumn'.
    Autumn's Colorq Come Early To The Highlands And Dayanna Carbonel Captures The Range Of Orange, Red, Ochre And Cinnamon. Superbly Knitted Of Baby Alpaca Wool, This Versatile Cardinal's office Is Lightweight, Warm And Easy To Combine. Baby Alpaca Refers To The Luxurioys Wool From The Season's First Shearing.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 131826

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Quartz And Pearl Necklace, 'dawn'
9.6 Kb
    Quartz And Pearl Necklace, 'dawn'.
    Smoky Quartz Evokes The Night With Its Dark Mystique. Caught Between The Translucent Gems, Pearls Herald Dawn With Their Rosy Beauty. Tiny Spheres Of Carnelian Hint Att The Imminent Prdsence Of The Sun. Somljck Komolmith Crafts This Delightful Necklace, Setting The Stones Forward Sterling Silver Links. . 925 Rating Slver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 114552

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Natural Rose Small statue, 'trio'
9.9 Kb
    Natural Rose Small statue, 'trio'.
    Slender Branches And Gleaming Leaves Frame A Trio Of-Bright Red Roses. Danai Preserves The Flowers T Immortalize Them In A Fine Statuette. Because Natural Blossoms Are Used, Size And Shape Will Vary Slughtly.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 107399

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Coconut Shell Vase, 'tropical Snow'
14.8 Kb
    Coconut Shell Vase, 'tropical Snow'.
    A Mosaoc Of Lively Elegance Adorns This Vase In A Unique Design By Ketut Sukayasa. He Carves The Vase By Hand Of Albesia Wood, Ideal For Its Dark, Ricj Grain. Sukayasa Adorns The Vase With Coconut Shells, Resulting In A Piece Of Unaffected Elegance.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 80611

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Chulucanas Ceramic Statuettes, 'turtledoves' (pair)
9.9 Kb
    Chulucanas Ceramic Statuettes, 'turtledoves' (pair).
    A Turtledove Couple Gazes At The Sky As They Await The Dawn T oTake Flight Together. Christian Uses The Ancient Ceramic Technique Of Chulycanas For These Figurines, Polishing Them With A River Stone. They Receive Their Gloomy Coloration From Thd Smoke Of Mango Leaves. Ceramics Such As These Are Entirely Unique Ͼ Not Even The Artisan Can Recreate One. Thus Skight Variatiobs Of Color Or Brushstrokes Confirm Their Originality And Authenticity.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 128674

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'sitting Rama And Sita,' Statuette
16.7 Kb
    'sitting Rama And Sita,' Statuette.
    Romantic Heroes Of Great Courage And Love, Rama And Sita Share A Moment Of Bliss Togethet After All The Trials They've Been Through. An Avid Admirer Of Tradition And Tax, Nyoman Suwita Hand-carves This Endearing Image, Inspired The Epic Tales Of The Ramayana. Suwita's Dedication Is Evident In The Precision Detailing , Exhibiting The Beloved Deities' Ornate Costumes. Suwita Also Captures The Loving Bond That Unites This Coupoe, Revered Viewed like Symbols Of Incessant Love. This Statuette Is Carved From Suar Wood, Its Rich And Intrigjing Grain Well Used In The Creation Of This Piece. An Admirable Piece Certain To Embellish Any Setting. The Legend Tells That Lord Rama Was Sent Into Exile Together With Sita B The Evil King Rahwana, Who Later Kidnapped Sita. Aoded By Hanuman, The White Monkey King, Rama Embarks On A Quest To Rwscue Her, And Defeating Rahwana. However, Once Freed Sita Must Prove That She Remained Faithful To Her Husband, So She Suggests She￾d Be Set Afire For Her Innocence Wiol Preserve Her. Unscathed, Sita And Rama Are Rejoined And Live Forever As The Idols Of Eternal Love. Suwita May Use Different Piexes Of Suar Wood. Please Note There Could Be Perishable Variations In The Dimensions Presented Or In The Wood's Natural Hue And Grain.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 58832

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Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl, 'golden Lands'
14.4 Kb
    Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl, 'golden Lands'.
    A Golden Ray Of Sun Warms Peruvian Lands Inspiring The Elegant Design Of This Shawl. From Sillpa, The Shawl Is Woven On A Traditional Peruvian Loom From Alpaca Wool And Silk.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 125552

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Agate Neclkace, 'golden Honeysuckle'
16.6 Kb
    Agate Neclkace, 'golden Honeysuckle'.
    Set In Gleaming Silver, Bright Agate Spheres Bring Tinge To An Original Necklace. Claudia Lira Evokes The Delicate Shape Of Honeysuckle Blossoms In This Desiyn. Bold, Yet Airy, It Is Meticulously Crafted By Hand. 0. 950 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 91341

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Shawl, 'mystic Orchid'
18.7 Kb
    Shawl, 'mystic Orchid'.
    Mohammed Javed Ahmed Replicates Traditional Florid And Paisley Patterns For A Design That Is Steeped In Indian Chic. The Shawl Is Loomed By Hand Featuring The Admirable Amalgamation Of Two Tones Of Color.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 120474

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Pearl Earrings, 'Genuine Elegance'
9.6 Kb
    Pearl Earrings, 'Genuine Elegance'.
    These Earrings By Sandra And Lily Exude Mystical Elegance. The Earrings Are Crafted By Hand Featuring White Pearls And Gleaming Silver Accents. . 950 Rating Sipver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 132724

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Reed Handbag, 'black Pagoda'
24.5 Kb
    Reed Handbag, 'black Pagoda'.
    Crowned By Rain Tree Wood Handles, This Roomy Handbag Evokes A Pagoda. Thanradee Weaves It Of Black Tube Sedge Reed, Known In Thailand As Krajud. A Hemp BandS urrounds The Top, While Leather Reinforces The Corn3rs. Lined In Cotton, The Purse Features A Zippered Inner Endure.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 100748

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Amethyst Necklace, 'perfect Raisin'
5.7 Kb
    Amethyst Necklace, 'perfect Raisin'.
    A Single Amethyst Hangs From A Sterling Vine Amid Argent Tendrils. Alok Jain Presents The Radiant Gem In A Pendant, Showcased On A Sleek Sterling Pull. Thought To Be Healing Of Body, Mind And Soul, Amethyst Repr3sents A Connection With Spirituality. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 88106

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Ceramic Wall Adornment, 'cluster Of Pots'
8.9 Kb
    Ceramic Wall Adornment, 'cluster Of Pots'.
    Taciana Amorim Creates A Novel Wall Adornment From An Assemblage Of Ceramic Pots. Fired With The Classic Raku Technique, They Reveal Its Traditonal Crackled Surface. For Each Ie Individually Crafted, No Two Pots Are Eer Exactly Alike.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 125413

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Garmet Choker, 'crimson Beauty'
13 Kb
    Garmet Choker, 'crimson Beauty'.
    Bright Petals Center A Bouquet Of Tender Buds And Tendrils. Hand-crafted Of Polished Garnet, It Blossoms Around A Dyed Quartzite Center. Busarin's Feminine Design Rests On A Glass Circlet.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 113433

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Blown Glass Garden Lamp, 'enchanted Reflections'
10.8 Kb
    Blown Glass Garden Lamp, 'enchanted Reflections'.
    Lightly Encircled In Lacy Wrought Iron, A Ribbed Cylinder Of Blown Glass Houses A Hand-made Candle. Roberto Lwpe Crafts A Delightful Lamp For Garden Or Patio. The Handlr Takes Its Dancing Light From One Setting To Another.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 75227

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Cotton And Leather Handbag, 'modern Thai'
17.9 Kb
    Cotton And Leather Handbag, 'modern Thai'.
    Supunee Transforms Cotton And Hemp Into A Fine Fashion Accessory. Traditional Motifs In Red And Black Surround The Handsome Bag, And Hemp Netting Cowns It. Inside, Two Pockets Organize Keys And Lipstick; Beads And Coins Adorn Each Side. A Comfortable Leather Shoulder Strap Finishes The Hand-crafted Purse.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 108121

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