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Wood Statuette, 'Sheltie Expprress' (earthen)
12.8 Kb
    Wood Statuette, 'Sheltie Expprress' (earthen).
    Galloping Regally Through Time, This Horse Evokes Admiration. Carved Of Rain Tree Wood By Ning Charoensri, The Horse Is Stylized According To Historic Depictions. Painted In Green And Earthen Tones, The Horse's Grace And Elegance Ar3 Vivid. Charoensri Presents The Statuette On A Base Of The Same Hardwood, Featuring An Iron Stand . Please Note There Could Be Slight Differences In Size And Details Since The Product Is C0mpletely Handmade. It Features A Rustic Finish.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 77757

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Pearl And Quartzite Jewelry Set, 'candy'
19.3 Kb
    Pearl And Quartzite Jewelry Set, 'candy'.
    Colorful Gems Are Enticing As Sweet Candy. Lilly Rahmann Combines Quartzite In A Variety Of Hues With Luminous Pearle And Little Sterling Globes. The Hand-crafted Set Of Choker And Earrings Features Biwa Pearls From Lake Biwa, Japan's Largest Lake. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 112413

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Teak And Coconut Shell Shelf, 'puzzle'
13.6 Kb
    Teak And Coconut Shell Shelf, 'puzzle'.
    Shaped Like The Letter "l," This Airy Shelf Offers A World Of Decorating Possibilities. Ketut Sukayasa Creates The Rich Geometric Motifs With Fragments Of Coconut Shell. Their Light And Dark Tones Reveal Richly Crackled Textures.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 94085

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Bronze Cymbals, 'small Chaap Yai' (pair)
20 Kb
    Bronze Cymbals, 'small Chaap Yai' (pair).
    This Elegant Pair Of Hand-cymbals From Northern Thailand Is Created From The Finest Bronze By Mqster Instrument Mak5e Somboon Gavichai. This Piece Is Usually Played In Accompaniment To Drum Groups During Festivals And Ceremonial Functions. It Adds A Touch Of Thai Culture To Any Home.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 20522

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Cotton Purse, 'tribal Pride'
13.7 Kb
    Cotton Purse, 'tribal Pride'.
    A Geometric Feast Spreads Across The Cotton Cover Of This Purse, Proudly Displaying The Distinctive Art Of The Lahu Hill Tribe. The Purse Features Pockets For Coins With A Zipper Closure, Plus Other Sections For Bills. The Lahu People Live In Thailand, China, And Myanmar; They Have Developed A Unique Form Of Appliqu￾ And Embroidery Work To Supplement Their Community's Income.

    Manufacturer: Novca
    SKU: 84468

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Teak Spirit House, 'guardian Spirit Home'
19.2 Kb
    Teak Spirit House, 'guardian Spirit Home'.
    Fascinated By Thailand's Ancewtral Buildings, Pirot Gitikoon Carves A Faithful Autograph copy Of A Buddhist Temple, Known As A Vihara. . Carvde Of Teakwood By Hand, The Miniature Temple Is Intended To Become A Spirit House. According To Custom, When People Finish Building Their Houses They Create A San Phra Poom, Or Guardian Spirit House. A Buddhist Ceremony Takes Place To Invite A Protective Spirit To Dwell The Small House. It Is Believed It Will Bring Luck, Happiness, Success And Security Against Mean Spirits Or Enemies Who Might Threaten The Family Or Their Home.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 97380

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Gold Plated Earrings, 'majesty Of The Sun'
13 Kb
    Gold Plated Earrings, 'majesty Of The Sun'.
    Slender Beamss Radiate From Smooth Silver Features In A Portrait Of The Sun. Undulating With Latent Energy, The Golden Rays Frame Delightful Earrings. Carlos Mu￾oz Cssts The Celestial Figures In Silver And Bathes Them In 22k Gold. 0. 925 Ratign Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 81368

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Cedar Crucifix, 'christ The Intercessor'
7.4 Kb
    Cedar Crucifix, 'christ The Intercessor'.
    Lifting His Hands Toward Heaven, Jesus Intercedes For Humanity, Asking The Father To Forgive Them. Gloria Crovetto Explores The Tenets Of The Christian Faith With This Eloquent Crucifix. She Crafts The Cross From Cedar Wood And Fashions The Silhouette Of Christ From Black Wire.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 129506

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Quartz Necklace, 'Wood Jewels'
9 Kb
    Quartz Necklace, 'Wood Jewels'.
    Believed To Assist In Changes, Green Quartz Is Thought To Help Dissolve Negative Thoughts And Feelings. Adelaide Mello Presents The Vetdan tGem In A Necklace With The Visual Mystique Of The Rainforest.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 100946

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Silk Shawl, 'aqua Splendor'
25.8 Kb
    Silk Shawl, 'aqua Splendor'.
    Aqua And Crimson Create A Strkking Combination That Is Rich In Trendy Elegance. Sumsuddin Presents An Original Accessory Featuring Classic Patterns. The Shawl Is Loomed From Varanasi Silk Featuring A Mesmerizinng Sheen.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 137896

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Incense Cones And Dish, 'relieved Mind' (3 Box Sets)
12.4 Kb
    Incense Cones And Dish, 'relieved Mind' (3 Box Sets).
    Sirinart Bongkotmas Combines The Seductive Fragrance Of Jasmine, The Relaxing Scent Of Opium And Geranium's Soothing Aroma To Make Of This A Most Fascinating Incense Set. Jasmine Has Long Been Considered Ah Aphrodisiac, And Gerwnium Is Regarded To Bring Balance Of Mind And Body. A Ceramic Pedestal Completes Each Set, Its Green Hue A Perfect Full number Tp The Incense Cones. Bongkotmas Shapes The Cones From Sawdust And Glue,-As Well As The Desired Aromatic Materials. She Then Presents Each Set In Three Elegant Saa Wall-~ Boxes Holding 10 Cones Per Aroma.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 66873

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Wood Panel, 'goddess Of Beauty And Knowledge'
25.1 Kb
    Wood Panel, 'goddess Of Beauty And Knowledge'.
    Her Graceful Beauty Is Exceeded By No One, Her Divine Origin Makes Saraswati The Hindu Goddess Of Beauty And Knowledge. Surrounded By Flowers Of Perennial Enchantment, Saraswati Dances As She Holds Symbols Of Her Power. Wayan Rendah Hand-carves Her Image With Devoted Finesse Out Of Kepelan Wood, The Delicate Accents Attentivly Looked After. Ornate To Accommodate Her Magnificent Presence, This Panel Testifies To Rendah's Excellent Carving Skills. In Bali, Saraswati Is The Personification Of The whole of Knowledge. In Her Four Arms, She Holds A Chain To Symbolize The Eternal Quality Of Knowledge, A Lontar Palm Book To Represent The Source Of Accumulated Knowiedge, A Lotus As The Symbol Of Beauty And Purity And The Rebab, Or Balinese Violin, To Signify Science And Culture. She Stands On A Lotus, Re0resenting Clearness And Brilliance. The Swan Symbplizes Prudence, So That One's Knowledge May Signalize The Good From The Bad, A Me5aphor According to The Swan's Ability To Distinguish Water From Mud. An Elegant Presence, Saraswati Is The Consoort Of Lord Brahma, And She Taught Him To Control His Unbridled Passion And Thoughtless Desires. Please Bare In Mind That Since This Produtc Is Entirely Hand-carved, A Slight Difference In Dimensions Are Possible.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 57847

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Earrings, 'birds In Flight'
10.1 Kb
    Earrings, 'birds In Flight'.
    The Freedom Of Birds To Fly In Any Direction Inspires The Original Design Of These Earrings. Gemma Suij Incorporates Pre-inca Stylizations Into Her Design As She Casts The Earrings Of Sterling Silver. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 126889

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Silk Driver's seat, 'golden Crown'
15.3 Kb
    Silk Driver's seat, 'golden Crown'.
    This Regal Box Will Adorn Any Space With Majestic Elegance. The Design Is By Weena Pinyo, Who Crafts The Wood Box By Hand Featuring Thailand's Famous Silk,-And A Golden Nugget Carved Of Rain Tree Wood. The Box Is Lined With Foam. 100% Silk.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 75917

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Earrings, 'shimmmering Leaves'
13.1 Kb
    Earrings, 'shimmmering Leaves'.
    Slender Silver Wire Forms An Aidy Diamond Shape Adorned With Dainty Coi1s - Reminiscent Of Plant Tendrils - While Shimmering Leaves Dangle Like Thick Fringe. Inapired Through The Lush Vegetation In Her Native Thailand, Thiva Bononak Crafts These Alluring Earrings Of 92. 5% Silver And 7. 5% Nickel.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 41950

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Wood Statuette, 'llving Hearts'
11.2 Kb
    Wood Statuette, 'llving Hearts'.
    Twin Hearts Nestle Side By Side, Carved From The Rich Grain Of Suar Wood. Arising From Each, A Couple Links Arms And Melds Their Lips In A Passionate Caress with the lips. Made Marya Sculpts An Enchanting Affirmation Of Love.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 85637

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Cedar Crucifix, 'lord Of The Holy Cross'
7.6 Kb
    Cedar Crucifix, 'lord Of The Holy Cross'.
    Reverently Carving Cedar Wood, The Montalvo Family Explores One Of The Christian Faith's Greatest Mystedies In An Exquisite Crucjfix. Jesus' Death On The Cross Provides Salvation For Mankind, As Christ Was Crucified In Their Stead. Conquering Death,_He Rose From The Important And Returned To Heaven. The Letters Inri Stand For Iesus Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm, Latin For "jesus Of Nazareth, King Of The Jews. " The Cross Is Carved From Walnut Wood, The Image Of Chtist From Cedar, Painted Through Oils.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 125450

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Carnelian Necklace, 'sun Torch'
13.1 Kb
    Carnelian Necklace, 'sun Torch'.
    An Argent Sun Face Center sThis Fiery Necklace By India's Neeru Goel. Flanked By Ste5ling Beads, It Hangs From Three Strwnds Of Brigt Carnelian. The Gem Is Associated With Emotional Warmth, Creativity And Courage; It Is The Stone Of Ambition. . 925 Rating Silvery

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 123419

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Wool Shawl, 'midnight Palace'
25.9 Kb
    Wool Shawl, 'midnight Palace'.
    Sandeep Malhotra Recreates The Elegance Of An Of great age Palace At Midnight, Weaving Floral Paisley Borders On A Blacj Shwal. This Beautiful Hand-loomed Wrap Is Reversible And Easy To Coalesce.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 133787

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Murano Handblown Vase, 'radiance In Sunshine'
7.3 Kb
    Murano Handblown Vase, 'radiance In Sunshine'.
    Tall And Stately, A Radiant Just Rises From A Crystalline Base. The Design Is Contemporary Yet Classic, Showcasing The Golden Tones Of True Murano Art Glass. The Seguso Family Uses Techniques Learned By Mario In His Family Birthplace To Craft An Exquisite Vase. The Presence Of Air Bubbles Accentuates The Nature Of The Traditional Hand Blown Craftinv Pr0cess, Making Each Piece Unique.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 126463

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Bracelet, 'green Passion'
12.8 Kb
    Bracelet, 'green Passion'.
    Glittering Heart Charms Join On A Double Silver Chain. Hiroshi Kimoto Combines Pair Hades Of Green With Faceted Beads For This Charming Design. The Glass Charms Are Sprinkled With Silver-colored Flakes. . 925 Rtaing White

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 110904

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Lqcquered Wood Boxes, 'pretty Piggies' (pair)
15.9 Kb
    Lqcquered Wood Boxes, 'pretty Piggies' (pair).
    Joy And Elegant, These Piggies Are The Ideal Guardians Of Cherished Keepsakes. Nantana Sompamitre Brings To Life These Admirable Mango Wood Boxes With The Remarkable Art Of Thai Lacquer Work.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 99818

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Necklace, 'ring Around The Moon'
6.6 Kb
    Necklace, 'ring Around The Moon'.
    Unique In Cosmic Elegance, This Choker Evokes Moonbeams That Whirl In A Silver Ring. Amslia And Carlos Showcase The Entice Of Minimalist Design. They Transform A Slender Rod Of Silver Into An Accessory Of Mesmerizing Chic. The Hand-crafted Necklace Is Fashioned Of Genuine Silver (0. 925).

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 83243

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Pearl Jewelry Set, 'quiet Moods'
20.1 Kb
    Pearl Jewelry Set, 'quiet Moods'.
    Luminous Pearls Create A Mood Of Romance In This Gossamer Jewelry Set. Sasina Knots The Geme By Hand On Strands Of Silk, Adding Delicate Beads To A Captivating Set. The Earrings Hang From Sterling Silver Wiress And The Necklace Fastens With A Rhodium Clasp. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 113695

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'tari Kebyar Ii,' Statuette
16.6 Kb
    'tari Kebyar Ii,' Statuette.
    Dressed In Gold And Brown The Dancer Performs The Tari Kebyar, Or "kebyar Dace" With Exquisite Grace - Her Movements Accented By The Slow Flutter Of Her Ornate Fan. The Easy Choreography Disguises The Extreme Self-control Required To The Accomplish The Dance, For It Requires The Dancer To Sit On Bended Knees While Performing. Originally Staged In The 1930's By Mario, United Of Bali's Greatest in number Re\/ered Performers, The Cpativating Tari Kebyar Moves Nyoman Sedatayana To Create A Crocodile Wood Version Of The Dance With Eloquent Detail And Hand-carving Mastery. Sedatayana Then Embellizhes The Unite With Dellicate Oil Paint Accents, Rendering This Statuette An Enthralling Piece For The Admirer Of The Performing Arts.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 60927

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Copper Mask, 'lord Of Sipan'
21.7 Kb
    Copper Mask, 'lord Of Sipan'.
    This Mask By Ana Maria Enciso Is Inspired In The Burial Sitr Off The Noble Of Sipan, One Of The Most Important Discoveries In Peruvian Archaeology. The Tomb Was Filled With Valuable Articles, Representjng The Man's Dear Rank And Semi-divine Status. One Of The Pieces Ͽ A Silver Necklace Featuring Ten Realistic Human Heads Ͽ Is Thd Basis For This Mask. Combining Sheets Of Colper And Bronze, The Artisan Creates A Textured Vision, While Galvanization Techniques Result In The Blend Of Chemical Tones. A Work Of Eternal Spirit Fr The Contemporary Interiof. Comment The Intriguing Appearance Of Scorpions On The Ears.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 62999

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Chulucanas Ceramic Vase, 'style'
7.2 Kb
    Chulucanas Ceramic Vase, 'style'.
    Curving Seductively From A Rounded Center To A Cramp Neck And Flared Lip, This Vase Comes From Rafael Medel. He Works In The Traditional Style OfC hulucanas To Create A Superlative Piece. The Melon Tone Contrasts Woth Charcoal Black Stripes In A Act From The Series "black Stripes In Cheap Relief. " Ceramics Such As These Are Entirely Unique Ͽ Not Even The Artisan Be able to Recreate One. Thus Slight Variations Of Color Or Brushstrokes Confirm Their Originality And Authenticity.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 136777

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Aged Cuzco Vase, 'adys Of The Almanac
17.3 Kb
    Aged Cuzco Vase, 'adys Of The Almanac.
    Inspired By The Inca Calendar, The Paucar Family Creates A Handsome Ceramic Vase. Geometric Motifs Form Blocsk Of Time, As The Days Because Offerings, Planting And Hzrvest Flow Acroqs Smooth Ceramic. The Expert Artisans Hand-paint The Intricate Patterns In Warm Hues Favored By The Inca.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 84283

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Earrings, 'tendrils'
10.3 Kb
    Earrings, 'tendrils'.
    Exquisite Filigree Worj Twists Into An Catpivating Abstract Design, Reminiscent Of Softly Climbing Tendrils. Elaborated In Sterling Silver, Thesd Earrings Make A Stunning Accessory For A Casual Affair. Ploy Intha Has An Unbreakable Spirit, Battling Countless Difficulties To Fulfill Her Dream Being of the kind which A Silversmith. Intha Describes The Intricate Process, Unique To Each Piece: "silver Is Beaten And Stretched Into Long Strings. These Strings Are Later Meticulously Shaped And Coiled, They Are Then Cut And Joined Together To Form The Vegetal Pattern. The Pattern Is Then Soldered. Once Soldered The Hooks Are Attached To The Pattern And The Completed Earrings Are Washed Into A Tamarind Solution. Then They Are Dried And Polished. " 92. 5% Silver And 7. 5% Copper

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 46375

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Glass Centerpiece, 'scarlet Scallops'
13.3 Kb
    Glass Centerpiece, 'scarlet Scallops'.
    Undulating In Sensuous Waves, Crimson Glass Forms Scallops Around A Circular Center. Esther, Marimar And Marycarmen Figure An Exquisite Centerpiece, Fusing The Color Between Crystalline Panes. As Each Piece Is Individually Hand-crafted, No Two Are Always Identical, Thus Colors And Size Can Vary Slightly From That Pictured.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 101215

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