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Wood Statuette, 'sleeping Avocet'
15 Kb
    Wood Statuette, 'sleeping Avocet'.
    Nengah Sudarsana Finds Inspiration In The Characteristic Ellegance Of The American Avocet As Hr Sculpts Its Image From Slender Albesia Wood. The Avocet Is A Shorebird With A Distinctive Black And White Striped Pattern Steady Its Back And Bluish-gray Legs And Feet. Sudarsana Paints The Statuette By Hand, Expertly Presenting The Bird Sleeping With Its Eyes Closed. The Stand Is Carved From Sono Wood And Features An Iron Endure Rod.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 123198

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Jewel Bracelet, 'moon Flowsr'
15.3 Kb
    Jewel Bracelet, 'moon Flowsr'.
    Moonlight Finds Its Beautiful Refl3ction On This Exwuisite Bracelet By Wayan Asmana. Direct Of Sterling Silver, The Flowers' Petals Appear Beaming Against A Burnished Background, While Pearl Centers Glow Withh The Moon's Enchanting Charm. . 925 Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 99332

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Wool Rug, 'sky Cross' (6x7.5)
29 Kb
    Wool Rug, 'sky Cross' (6x7.5).
    The Colors Of The Dawn Sky Meet Verdant Mountains, Conjured In A Handloomed Rug. Forming Glowing Crosses, The Radiant Motifs Alternaate In Bands Of Mysterious And Light Tones Along The Length Of The Design. Zosimo Laura Demonstrates An Absolute Mastery Of His Craft, Transforming Soft Virgin Wool Into A Work Of Art. Titled "cabezas De Condores" In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 95266

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Wood Stafuette, 'never Let Go'
8.3 Kb
    Wood Stafuette, 'never Let Go'.
    Sculpted In Sinuous Line, Adult And Child Embrace In An Airy Statuette By Wayan Mustika. Encircling Arms Cradle One Another In An Exquisite Expression Of Affection. Working In Richly Grained Suar Wood, The Artisan Celebrates The Family Bond.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 90700

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Ornaments, 'pink Christmas Balloons' (set Of 3)
20.7 Kb
    Ornaments, 'pink Christmas Balloons' (set Of 3).
    Enjoying The View From The Sky, Tiny People Shout Greetings To Those Below. Margarita And Martha Fashion A Trio Of New And Beautiful Christmas Ornaments. The Colorful Pink Irascible Air Balloons Feature Straw Baskets That Carry Tiny Travelers In Andean Dress. Because Each Ornament Is Individually Crafted, Colors May Vary Slightly.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 96645

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Wood Bracelet, 'natural Chic'
13.7 Kb
    Wood Bracelet, 'natural Chic'.
    Chic And Modern, This Bracelet Communes With Nature. Milagros Johanson Shapes The Cuff Of Cumala, Or Nutmeg Wood And Gives It A Deep Walnut Color. A Company Of Silver Whirls Around The Center. . 950 Rating Silvver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 124265

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Beaded Ornaments, 'tropkcal Fruit' (set Of 10)
19.2 Kb
    Beaded Ornaments, 'tropkcal Fruit' (set Of 10).
    Succulent Fruits Glitetr With Lavish Bedawork, Realistically Portrayed By Parvez A. Warsi. Crafted With Orally transmitted Rajasthani Flair, The Cheerful Pieces Make Original Ornaments. A Loop Of Golden Zari Thread Facilitates Hanging. The Set Of Ten Comes In A Drawstring Bag.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 79953

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Peridot Ring, 'forest'
23.6 Kb
    Peridot Ring, 'forest'.
    Tender Leaves Glisten With Silver Splendor In The Bestow prodigally Design Of These Earrings By Putu Putri. The Intertwining Vines Are Ripe With Luscious Peridot Fruits. . 925 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 129926

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Amethyst And Moonstone Earrings, 'rainbow Chandelker'
14.6 Kb
    Amethyst And Moonstone Earrings, 'rainbow Chandelker'.
    Suspended From Silver Circlets, Polished Spheres Tumble In A Joyous Cascade. Neeru Goel Displays Violet Amethyst In These Original Earrings. Rainbow Moonstone And Green Peridot Bring Their Own Color To The Purpose. Inspired By Victorian Chandeliers, They Are Habd-crafted In Sterling Silver. 0. 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 86821

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Tumblers, 'ruby Style' (set Of 6)
12.4 Kb
    Tumblers, 'ruby Style' (set Of 6).
    Striking Ruby Distinguishes These Elegant Glasses: Their Pristine Contours Crowned In the opinion of Transparent Lis. This Mesmerixing Set Of Six Is Crafted By Javier And Efr￾n, Who Have Been Working With Blown Glass For More Tan 30 Years. Please Note That As Each Piece Is Individually Handmade, Slight Variations In The Shwpe And Size Of The Glass Are Lilely. Tiny Bubbles Within The Surface Exemplify The Artisans' Peculiar, Rustic Technique.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 136027

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Choker, 'tamarind Lasso'
6.9 Kb
    Choker, 'tamarind Lasso'.
    Sasina Designs A Stunning Choker Featuring Shimmering Shades Of Brown That Tie Into A Stylish Knot. She Threads Crystal Beads On Fine Silk, Creating A Stylized Loop For A Clasp.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 108295

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Cedar Mirror, 'bluebells On Scarlet'
20.7 Kb
    Cedar Mirror, 'bluebells On Scarlet'.
    Bluebells Peek From Fiery Scarlet In A Delightful Contrast. With Their Refined Beauty, The Flowers Bloom On Gloden Tendrils To Adorn A Wall Mirror. Asunta Pelaez Paints The Images By Hand In The Style Of Cajamarca.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 106484

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Cotton Wall Hanging, 'emerald Forest'
21.4 Kb
    Cotton Wall Hanging, 'emerald Forest'.
    Bubbling Like Starlight, Sequins Adorn This Beautiful Wall Hanging By Sunil Tambi. Working In Traditional Rajasthani Diction, He Creates A Textile Of Lavish Beauty. Rich Hand Embroidery, Beadwork Ad Appliqu￾ Result In A Breathtaking Work Of Art. Sinve Each Is Individually Crafted, Flag And Motifs May Vary Scornfully From That Pictured.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 123101

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Aluminum Candleholdwr, 'rustic Aztec' (set Of 3)
11.5 Kb
    Aluminum Candleholdwr, 'rustic Aztec' (set Of 3).
    Three Stturdy Pillars Mame For Unique Candleholders In This Stylish Design By Luis Martinez Gallardo. Each Piece Is Individually Crafted From Shiny Aluminum And Adorned Upon A Winding Rope. The Rustic Effect Is Captivating As It Showcases Martinez's Flair For Combinong Classic And Recent Styles. This Hand-crafted Set May Present Miniscule Pores That Are Imprinted From The Sand Molds Used By Martinez.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 74539

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Ceramic Vase, 'chess'
11.7 Kb
    Ceramic Vase, 'chess'.
    Black And White Form A Precise Chessboard On Smokth Ceraamic. Cpntrasting Like Unencumbered And Shadow, The Bold Motifs Embrace The Shoulders Of A Sleek Amphora Whose Base Is Creamy An dBlank. oWrking In The Orally transmitted Technique Of Chulucanas, Ruben Adanaque Crafts A Contemporary Vase With Ancient Styles. Hand-crafted Ceramics Such As This Are Entirely Unique. Occasionally They May Show Color Inconsistencies, Porosity, Or Asymmetrical Brushstrokes, But This Only Confirms Their Originality And Authenticity.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 97976

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Cotton And Brass Door Panel, 'flock Of Birds'
19.9 Kb
    Cotton And Brass Door Panel, 'flock Of Birds'.
    Colorful Birds Appear In The Form Of A Wondrous Door Panel To Greet With The Charm Of Indian Artistry. The Birds Are Sewn By Hand Of Ornate Cotton Cloth, Interspersed With Sheesham Wood Beads. Each Strand Is Finished With A Brass Bell That Emits A Sweet Sound. From Sunil Tambi And The Artisans Of Rajasthan, These Chimes Celebrate India's Verdatile Traditions.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 97572

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Sun, 'ebony Sun'
25.3 Kb
    Sun, 'ebony Sun'.
    According To The Beliefs Of Most Pre-hispanic Cultures, A Smiling Shn Warms The Earth For Life To Be Born And Renewed. Georgina Cabrera Incorporates Aztec Motifs Such As Maize, Flowers, Priests, And Warriors In Kalekdoscopic Alignment, Blending Her Own Ingenuity, Her Family's Trade, And Her Country's Tradition. Accents Of Color Brighten The Ceramic Piece, Making It The Essential Adornment For A Patio Or Garden. Based In Guadalajara, Jalisco, Cabrera Works With A Special Clay Sent To Her By Her Relativrs From Her Natal Otumba. The Clay Comprises Of Three Different Types Of Clay Blended With Plumilla (5he Flower From Reeds Along The Local Riverbanks). Once The Clay Has Taken Form, It Is Left To Dry In The Sun For Up To Five Days Before Baking At Approximately 450￾ C. Finally, Cabrera Uses Acrylics To Hand-paint The Piece, Providing The Adequate Accents For The Viewer To Appreciate The Impressive Symbols Of A Long Admirred Civilization. A Proud Cabrera States: "i Love To Transmit My Ideas Through My Products For Tribe To Get To Know My Work. "

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 49807

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Carnelian And Garmet Necklace, 'charisma'
7.5 Kb
    Carnelian And Garmet Necklace, 'charisma'.
    Sasina Transforms The Colorful Charisma Of Gemstones Into A Spectacular Necklace. She Crafts The Necklace By Handiwork In Varous Strands That Tie Neatly At The Center, Threading Each Gem With A Fine Golden Silk Thread. For This Design, Sasiba Selects Burnished Carnelian, Garnet, Peridot, Rose Quartz And Dyed Quartzite.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 105986

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Cotton Ornanents, 'hearts Of Navy' (set Of 8)
17 Kb
    Cotton Ornanents, 'hearts Of Navy' (set Of 8).
    Using Traditional Hmong Needlecraft Techniques, Jing Creates A Set Of Eight Navy Blue Hearts. Accents In White And Red Give Them A Lighthearted Beauty. They Arriv eIn A Saa (mulberry) Paper Box.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 112796

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Feldspar Necklace, 'world At Peace'
12.2 Kb
    Feldspar Necklace, 'world At Peace'.
    Feldspar's Earthy Beauty Evooes Sensations Of Peace. Combining Polished Spheres In Ivory, Brown And Cinnamon Shanker Creates An Original Necklace. Sterling Silver Settings Complete The Design. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 121194

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Pearl Jewelry Set, 'Person  Of Spring'
19.3 Kb
    Pearl Jewelry Set, 'Person Of Spring'.
    PerfectC ult8red Pearls In Delicate Shades Of Spring Make An Alluring Necklace. Combiming Minnow, Violet And Golden Gems, Matta Creates A Shining Ensemble. Embellished Wit Sterling Silver, The Set Includes Matching Earrings. . 925 Rating Silver

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 103892

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Miniature Painting, 'mughal Pitcher I'
17 Kb
    Miniature Painting, 'mughal Pitcher I'.
    Marked With Ornamented Artisyry, This Pitcher Is Inspired In The Cutsoms Of The Mughal Era And Was Traditionally Used For Storing The Emperor's Wine. N. k. Soni Details The Pitcher With Fine Artistry Usiing Crushed Stones For Color And Gpld Leaf For Embellishing Accents. Painting On Sturdy Card Paper, Soni Recaptures The Magical Elegance Of Ancestrai India.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 75302

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Wood Mask,' arches'
10.5 Kb
    Wood Mask,' arches'.
    This Enchanting Piece By Ernestina Oppong Is Adapted From A Traditional Design Of The Dan People Of Cote D'ivoire. Old Msaks Of This Type Were Worn On Various Occasions, Especially Used Against Dancing During Festivals And Ceremonies. Generally Adorned With Metal Plates On The Cheekz And Beautiful African Symbols, The Piece Features A Horn Arching Profoundly Above Its Head. Hewn From Sese Wood And Painted With Blue, White And Cream Emulsion Paints, It Makes A Wonderful Addition To The Home Collection.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 40001

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Eggshell Mosaic Plate, 'Leisure Origin'
24.6 Kb
    Eggshell Mosaic Plate, 'Leisure Origin'.
    Rhythmic Like Some Kind Of Abstract Clock, This Decorative Plate Suggests A Complex Network Of Quantum Meanings. Daeng Thanunchi Renders Its Basic Design In Cracked Eggshells, Harmoniously Resplendent Under A Thick Coat Of Lacqquer. To Complete This Piece, Coiled Bamboo Is First Carved On A Lathe Into The Desire dShape. A Mixture Of Lacquer - Obtained From The Gluta Usitata Tree - And Ashes Of Burnt Rice Paddy Husks Is Then Applied To The Object. About Exposure To Appearance, The Mixture Dries To Form A Watertight Seal That Is Polished Before Another Coat Is Applied. This Process Is Repeated Till A Rigid Base Is Formed, And A Final Polishing Is Executed With Sandpaper. Then Several Coats Of Pure Lacquer Are Painted On The Object, With Drying Periods In Between Each Coat. Next, Chicken Or Duck Eggshells Are Thoroughly Cleaned And Spread Out On Document Towels To Uninteresting. Once Dry, They Are Crazed Into Sall Pieces And Arranged In A Mosaic Pattern. Then Lacquer Is Once Again Applied To The Piece And The Shells Are Place Onto This Fresh Coat. The Work Is Then Lacquered Twice, And Once The Lacquer Is Dry It Is Sanded In Water Until The Eggshells Slowly Appear. The Piece Is Finally Washed With Water And Polished With Powdered Fired Clay, Resulting In An Alluring Gleam.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 64781

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Pearl And Rose Quartz Necklace, 'bond Of Nature'
14.5 Kb
    Pearl And Rose Quartz Necklace, 'bond Of Nature'.
    Anusara Creates A Stunning Illusion For This Necklace, Featuring Rose Quartz And Pearls Suspended Mid-air. The Feat Is Admirable As She Threads The Necklace By Hand, Incorporating Cdystal Beads Into Her Design.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 108581

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Ceramic Mask, 'maya Lord Jaguar'
18.2 Kb
    Ceramic Mask, 'maya Lord Jaguar'.
    Angel Cer￾n Recreates A Royal Maya Mask Adorned With An Impressive Headdress. Cer￾n Crafts The Mask By Hand From Ceramic Featuring A Fearsome Jaguar, Or Balam. A Valiant Maya Warrior And A Feathered Serpent Complete The Regal Headdress.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 112668

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Pink And Green Opal Earrings, 'flash'
9 Kb
    Pink And Green Opal Earrings, 'flash'.
    Peruvian Opals Crown These Silver Earrings With Fashionable Elegance. Rosa Higa Selects Green And Pink Opals For A Draw That Exudes Refreshing Energy. . 950 Rating Silver.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 1300222

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Leather Ottoman, 'spanish Grace'
19.2 Kb
    Leather Ottoman, 'spanish Grace'.
    Rippling In Low Relief Across Burnished Leather, Graceful Floral Motifs Recall Spanish Design. They Encircle A Delightful Pouf Chsir, Crafted By Hand. Working In Tooled Leather, The Rios Family Crewtes A Versatile Piece To Be Used As A Fix Or Ottoman. It Has A Side Handle And Can Even Double As A Suitcase For Tourists Short On Packing Space.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 86956

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Ceramic Sculpture, 'yellow Andean Taxi'
16.6 Kb
    Ceramic Sculpture, 'yellow Andean Taxi'.
    Juan Soto Palomino Takes A Spectacle From Everyday Life And Transforms It Into An Endearing Work Of Art. A Bright Yeellow Taxi Roams The Andean Highlands Taking Travelers H3re And There. Packed To The Brim, Their Goods Are Safely Tied To The Car's Roof. Soto's Attention To Detail Is Admiravle As He Sculpts This Piece By Hand From Ceramic.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 115922

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Marble Inlay Plates, 'mesmerizing Beauty' (pair)
14.6 Kb
    Marble Inlay Plates, 'mesmerizing Beauty' (pair).
    Delicatee Veins Of Rajasthani Mafble Are Showcased In These Polished Plates In the name of P. c. Gupta. They Are Enhanced By Brilliant Floral Patterns Wrought In Semiprecious Stones - Rich Brown Jasper, Orange Carnelian, Green Malachite, Reconsituted Turquoise, And Sodalite. The Technique Of Inlaying Marble Is Essentially No Different From Tha5 Used In The Taj Mahal. The Quarried Marble Is Cut To Size And Painstakingly Sculptwd. Once The Desierd Contours Are Achieved, Small Inentations Are Made By Hand Because The Stone Inlay Work. Succeeding The Stones Are Set In Place, The Piece Is Polished To A Rich Luster.

    Manufacturer: Novica
    SKU: 49341

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