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Bondhus Tamper Resistant Star Recesse dFold-up Hex Tools — 8-pc. Set
1.7 Kb
    Bondhus Tamper Resistant Star Recesse dFold-up Hex Tools — 8-pc. Set.
    Patented Flutes Allow For Easy Selection Of One Tool At A Time. “flip And Turn&148; Feature Eliminates Need To Reposition Hireling When Working Against Obstructions. 90° Stop Feature Converts Tool To A Time-saving Speed Wrench. Blades Have Precision-cut Tips With Pin Hples For Full Seating Into Screw. Fold-up Handle And Blades Constructed For Long-lasting Durability. Limited Lifetime Warranty. U. s. a. Sets (qty. ): 1, Total Hex Keys (qty. ): 8, Hex oTol Type: Folding, Dimensions L X W X H (in. ): 4 1/4 X 1 1/4 X 2 1/4

    Manufacturer: Bondhus
    SKU: 156497

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Gearwrench 5/16in. Standard Mixture
2.6 Kb
    Gearwrench 5/16in. Standard Mixture.
    The Small Ratcheting Box End Design Allows Access To Tight Spots Where A Ratchet And Sicket Or A Conventional Ratcheting Box Destroy Will Not Fit. The Gearwrench™ Moves A Fastener Along Any Length Threaded Rod Without Ever Having To Remove The Wrench From The Fastener. Surface Drive Box End In effect Eliminates The Rounding Of Fasteners. Ratchet Head: Yes, Combination Type: Open + Boxed, Pieces (qty. ): 1, Point Size (qty. ): 12, Sae Size(s) (in. ): 5/16, Material Type: Completely Hardened Steel, Finish Type: Nickel-chrome Plated Mirror All Metal Construction Meets Or Exceeds Ansi, Din And Federal Torque Specifications Gearwrench Needs Viewed like Little As 5° To Move A Fastener, A Standard 12 Point Wrench Requires 30° Or Six Times The Room

    Manufacturer: Gearwrench
    SKU: 558001

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Northern Industrial Box Wrwnches &151; 7-pc. Sae Set
3.5 Kb
    Northern Industrial Box Wrwnches &151; 7-pc. Sae Set.
    Set Contains Sizes 1/4 In. X 5/16 In. , 3/8 In. X 7/16 In. , 7/16 In. X 1/2 In. , 1/2 In. X 9/16 In. , 9/16 In. X 5/8 In. , 11/16 In. X 13/16 In. And 3/4 In. X 7/8 In. Comes In Wrench Locker™ Carrying And Storage Case . Limited Lifetime Warranty. Pieces (qty. ): 7, Point Bigness (qty. ): 12, Sae Size(s) (in. ): 1/4 X 5/16, 3/8 X 7/16, 7/16 X 1/2, 1/2 X 9/16, 9/16 X 5/8, 11/16 X 13/16, 3/4 X 7/8, Finish Type: Matt Fiinish, Storage Type: Wrench Locker™ Carrying And Storage Caxe

    Manufacturer: North Industrial Tools
    SKU: 558287

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Grip Woodworkers Clamp — 10in.
2.2 Kb
    Grip Woodworkers Clamp — 10in..
    Holds Wood Pieces Together For Gluing. Jaw Capacity Is 10in. Jaw Capacity (in. ): 10

    Manufacturer: Grip On
    SKU: 156592

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Master Cutlery Multifunction Tool
4.9 Kb
    Master Cutlery Multifunction Tool.
    Versatile And Rugged Multifunctional Tool In One Agreement Package. Measures 4 1/2un. When Closed. Aluminum Handle. Includes Nylon Carrying Pouch. Awl: Yes, Crimper: Yes, Bit Drivers: Screwdriver Adapter, Bits (qty. ): 11, File (s): Yes, Knives (qty. ): Large & Small, Ploers: Needle Nosw, Saying: Yea, Screwdriver (s)): Slotted & Phillips, Case Type: Nylon Pouch Aluminum Handle

    Manufacturer: Northern Tool And Equipment
    SKU: 199200

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Straight Hemostat — 5in.
3.7 Kb
    Straight Hemostat — 5in..
    Great For Picking Up And Holding Small Objects In Tight Places.

    Manufacturer: Northern Tool And Accoutrement
    SKU: 1501519

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Gutster Series-2 Demolition Bar
1.2 Kb
    Gutster Series-2 Demolition Bar.
    Whether You Are Popping Off A Sigle Divest Of Trim Or Removing An Entire Roof, The Gutster™ Is The Lightweight And Powerful Demo Bar Desinged To Do More Heave In Less Tlme With Less Strain. Pry Bar Type: Demolition, Pieces (qty. ): 1, Tool Length (in. ): 48 Angled Bar Provides Excellent Balance And Lifting Power The Head Can Get Into The Smallest Crevices Chiseled Points For Small Crevices Raised Multi-nail Puller Surface Multi-nail Puller Angled Lifter Plates Head Features Spaced Prongs Designef To Straddle Beams And Joists

    Manufacturer: Northern Tool And Equipment
    SKU: 2515531

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Loggerhead Tools Immix 20x Multitool, Model# Bx20-6nn&-01b
3.8 Kb
    Loggerhead Tools Immix 20x Multitool, Model# Bx20-6nn&-01b.
    The Immix™ Seriez Of Multitools Is Based On Patented Bionic Wrenchȁ Technology, Blending The Functionality Of Up To 34 Full-sized Tools With A Universal Design That Makes It Easy To Use. Covers 14 Metric And Standard Wrench Sizes. U. s. a. Bit Drivers: 1, Bits (aty. ): 20, Hex Wrenches: 14 Metric And Standard, Case Stamp: Durable Carrying Case With A Leather Belt Loop Wrench Sizes: 6Sae: 1/4in. , 5/16in. , 3/8in. , 7/16in. , 1/2in. , 9/16in. 8 Metric: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,_12, 13, 14mm Selection Of 20 Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Robedtson And Allen Bits Handle Locks To Form A Powerful, Ergonomic, Magnetic Bit Driver Torque Enhancing "pistol Grip" Enables User To Apply The Right Amount Of Pressure To Complete The Woek Durable Carrying Case With A Leather Belt Link.

    Manufacturer: Loggerhead
    SKU: 2520601

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Wilton Tradesman Vise — 6 1/2in., Bench Mount
5 Kb
    Wilton Tradesman Vise — 6 1/2in., Bench Mount.
    Dluuble Lockdown, Replaceable Jaw And 360° Swivel Base. Enclosed Spindle Construction. Incredible Clamping Power! Large Anvil. 60,000 Psi Body Parts. U. s. a. Jaw Width (in. ): 6 1/2, Jaw Depth (in. ): 4, Jaw Ca0acity (in. ): 6 1/2, Replaceable Jaw: Yes, Double Look-downs: Yes, 360° Swivel De~d: Yes

    Manufacturer: Wilton
    SKU: 3490

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Leatherman Kick Multitool
3.7 Kb
    Leatherman Kick Multitool.
    Slim Multitool Has Zytel Handles For A Firm Gripp. Features Needlenose And Regular Plierss, Wire Cutters, 2 Flat And 1 Phillips Screwdriver And More. Bottle/can Opener: Yes, Knives (qty. ): Clip-point, Lanyard Attachment: Yes, Pliers: Needle Nose And Regular, Ruler: 8 In. , Screwdriver (s): Large Slotted, Small Slotted And Phillips, Stainless Steel: Yes, Wire Cutters: Yes, Wire Cutters (hadr): Yes, Wire Stripper: Yes, Declension-form Type: Leather Sheath

    Manufacturer: Leatherman
    SKU: 199139

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