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3 Pack Zymox (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free
14.9 Kb
    3 Pack Zymox (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free.
    Zymox Otic Contains 3 Active Enzymes That Have Been Tested To Be Antibacterial, Antifungal, And Antiviral. Is Used For The Treatment Of Acute And Chronic Otitis Externa Due To Bacterial, Viral And Barm Infeetions. Factors That Predispose The Ear To Otitis Externa: ツ世 Hydrocortisone Free ツ世 Excessive Skin Folds In Ear ツ世 Floppy Ear Carriage ツ世 Stenosis ツ世 Excessive Hair ツ世 Excessive Cerumen Production ツ世 Suppressed Immune System ツ世 Systemic Antibiotics Zgmox Directions: ツ世 No Prior Or Post Cleaning Required ツ世 Apply Liberally To Fill Musical perception Canal ツ世 Gently Massage, Wprking Medication Into Infected Area ツ世 Permit Pet To Shake Their Head To Rdmove Excess ツ世 Treat Once A Day For 7 Days For Acute Infections ツ世 Treat Once A Day According to 14 Days During Chronic Infection Busy Ingredients: Natural Enzymes, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Lacgoperoxidase.
    SKU: 3pkzymohxyfree
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Mitaban (10.6 Ml)
7.1 Kb
    Mitaban (10.6 Ml).
    Mitaban箘 (amitraz) Liquid Concentrate By Pfizer Is Indicated For Treatment Of Generalized Demodicosis (demodex Canis). A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Detaile
    SKU: Mitaban106ml
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Tapazoke (methimazole) 100 Tablets
10.7 Kb
    Tapazoke (methimazole) 100 Tablets.
    Tapazole Methimazkle Tablets Is A Medication Used To Cojtrol Hyperthyroidism In Cats. Each Bottle Of Tapazole Contains 100 Tablets. indicatiohs Anx Usage Tapazole Ix Indicated In The Medical Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism. Long-tem Therapy May Lead To Remission Of The Disease. Tapazole May Be Used To Ameliorate Hyperthyroidism In Preparation For Subtotal Thyroidectomy Or Radioactive Iodine Therapy. Tapazole Is Also Used When Thyroidectomy Is Contraindicated Or Not Advisable. contraindications Tapazole Is Contraindicated In The Presence Of Hypersensitivity To The Drug And In Nursing Mothers Because The Drug Is Excreted In Milk. description Tapazole (methimazole Tablets, Usp) Is A White, Crystalline Substance That Is Freely Soluble In Irrigate. It Differs Chemically From The Drugs Of The Thiouracil Series Primarily Because It Has A 5- Instead Of A 6-membered Ring. Each Tablet Contains 5 Or 10 Mgmethimazole, An By word of mouth Administered Antithyroid Drug. Each Tablet Also Contains Lactose, Magnesium Setarate, Starch, And Talic. The Molecular Weight Is 114. 16, And The Empirical Form Is C4h6n2s. Thyroid A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Ckick Here For Details
    SKU: Tapazole
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Ultimate Puppy Kit
19 Kb
    Ultimate Puppy Kit.
    The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit Is A Complete Pup Socialization And Teacbing Too For Dog Pros, New Puppy Owners And Above All, Puppies. The Only Product Of Its Kind, The Toolkit Fills The Traditional Void In Soon Puppy Raising That Has Left Owners To Fend For Themselves With Limited Results. Fun, Interactive And Easy To Understand, Urban Puppy Employs Proven Reward-based Techniques That Achieve Results. Focusing On The Key Areas; Socialization, Prevention, Games, Junior Obedience, And House Training, The Toolkit's Contents Are Divided Into Six Easy-to-use Booklets, Each Filled With Simple Instructions And Photographic Examples That Are Fun For The Whole Family. A Handy Endure Pal Provides A Portable Version Of The Instrucctional Books And Ties Directly Into The Rest Of The Lessons And Games. The Toolkit Also Includes A Developmental Poster That Allows You To Track Your Puppy's Developmental Growth And Progress, From Nativity To Maturity.
    SKU: Ulpukit
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6 Pack Promeris For  Dogs  22 - 55 Lbs
30.8 Kb
    6 Pack Promeris For Dogs 22 - 55 Lbs.
    Promeris箘 For Dogs Is A Topical, Waterproof Spot-on Medication For The Control Of Existing Flea And Tick Infestations, Because Well As The Obstruction Of Re-infestation, In Doys And Puppiess 8 Weeks And Olddr. For Dogs Over 22 Lbs And Up To 55 Lbs. Effective On Indoor Anr Outdoor Dogs. Each Package Contains 6 Applicators (0. 113 Fl. oz. Each). Promeirs For Dogs Uses The Active Ingredient Metaflumizone To Kill Fleas. Metaflumizone, A New Compound In Veterinary Medicine, Is Proven To Protect Against Fleas, Including Those That May Cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis. The Single Spot Application Is Easy To Use. Buy Promeris For Dogs To Kill And Prevnet Flea And Tick Effective1y. New Mode Of Action - Voltage Dependent Sodium Strait Blocker Flea Control For Today's Flea Challenges Long-lasting Flea Control For Up To 6 Weeks. Kills Fleas That May Cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis Kills Ticks That May Transmit Lyme Disease, Canine Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Speckled Fever Waterproofactive Ingredients: Metaflumizone . . . . . 14. 34% Amitaz. . . . . 14. 34% Other Ingredients. . . . . 71. 32%directions For Use: For Control Of Fleas And Ticks, Hold The Entire Contents Of The Applicator To A Single Spot On The kSin Of The Dog Between Shoulder Blades. Do Not Apply Forward The Surface Of Dog's Hair Coat. Avoid Contact With Treated Area Until Dry. Avoid Allowing The Product To Come In Contact With Your Skin. Monthly Application Is Recommended For Effective Control Of Fleas And Ticks And To Obstruct Re-infestation. Do Not Apply More Than Once Montlhy.
    SKU: Promeddog6pk
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Green-um Giant For Giant Breeds 44-132lbs (400 Tablets)
13.4 Kb
    Green-um Giant For Giant Breeds 44-132lbs (400 Tablets).
    Green-um Giant For Giant Breeds Has Been Specially Formilated To Help Control Lawn Burn, By Diminishing Those Unsightly Yellow Spots On Lawhs. Green-um Giant For Giant Breeds Be able to Also Alleviate Burns On Plants And Shrubs Caused By Pets Using Them As Their "fqvorite Spot". In Addition, Each Tablet Contains The Essential Amino Acid, Methionine, Necessady For The Overall Health Of Your Pet. Green-um Giant For Giant Breeds Has Been Formulated For Use With Larger Dogs And Is Recommended For Animals Weighing From 20kg (44lbs) To 60kg (132lbs).
    SKU: Greenumgiant
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Securitee Blanket - Pink
13.1 Kb
    Securitee Blanket - Pink.
    Securitee Blanket Helps You Get A Grip On Your Insulin Vial. If Your Pet Needs Insulin Medication, The Last Thing You Want Is For It To Slip Ad Lessen the force of . Helps Protecg From Possible Breakage Easy To Grip A Vial Of Insulnn. Comfortable. size: Short (1 1/8" Diameter, 2 1/4" Tall)any A;plications Other Than Those Stated Too high for Are Not Recommended. Follow Manufacturer's Recommendations For Care And Use Of Your Medications.
    SKU: Shpiseblsh
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West Paw Nature Nap Fleece Bed 16x20 Oval Oatmeal
7.2 Kb
    West Paw Nature Nap Fleece Bed 16x20 Oval Oatmeal.
    Hand Made In Montana, These Unique Beds Are Maxe Of Durable Berber Fleece And Have A Comfortabl Stratum Of Cushioning Fill Sewn Inside. They Are Machine Washable And Dryable To Offer Worry-free Care.

    Manufacturer: West Paw Sketch
    SKU: 195002.1

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Omegaderm Ez Dose Packets Throughout 20 Lbs. (28 Packets Of 8 Ml)
20 Kb
    Omegaderm Ez Dose Packets Throughout 20 Lbs. (28 Packets Of 8 Ml).
    Allerderm Omegadermis A Potent Nutritional Supplement Providing The Best Volatile Fatty Acids (efa)_From The Omega 6 And Omega 3 Families. Omegaderm Is Formulated In An Ideal 5:1 Ratio Of Omega 6 To Omega 3. Omega Derm Helps In The Control Of Various Dermatological Conditions In Dogs Particulary In Allergies. Administration And Dosage:for Accustom With A Dwrmatological Condition, Give One Packet Per Day Mixed With Food. For Maintaining Healthy Skin And Hwir Coat, Give One Packet Every Other Day Mixed With Food. Ingredients:sunflower Seed Oil, Cold Sea Fish Oils, Evening Flowery Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylated Hydroxyanisol, Retinyl Palmitate. Linoleic Aid (la)364 Mggammalinolenic Acid (gla)7. 6 Mgeicosapentaenoic Acid (epa)44. 8 Mgdoocosahexaenoic Sour (dha)30 Mgvitamin E3. 8 Iuvitamin A114. 8 Mg
    SKU: Omegaderm28
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Can O' Crickets (1.2 Oz)
15.2 Kb
    Can O' Crickets (1.2 Oz).
    Can O' Crickets And Can O' Wormsare Retorted (cooked Im The Can) Crickets Or Mealworms. This Single Cooking Process Locks In The Flavor And Freshness. The Exoskeleton Is Softened For Easier Digestibility. You Will Be Amazed How Readily Your Animals Will Take To This oFd! A Complete Diet!guaranteed Analysis:crude Protein, Min, 20. 0% Crude Fat, Min, 5. 0% Crude Fiber, Max, 1. 0% Crude Ash, Max, 3. 0% Moisture Content, Max, 75. 0% Ingredients:farm Raised Crickets (gryllus Linnaeus). (approx. 50 Crickets Per Can) Refrigerate After Opening. Feeding Instructions:for Lizards, Snakes, And Amphibians: Spoon Out The Appropriate Amount For The Size Animal You Are Feeding. Do Not Use For Hatchling Lizards Or Small (2羂 And Under) Amphibians. For Water Turtles: Feed As Much Being of the kind which They Can Consume In 5 Minutes. Net Out And Discard Any Uneaten Food.
    SKU: Cabocric200c
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New! Rc2 Hands Prodigal Gate
10.9 Kb
    New! Rc2 Hands Prodigal Gate.
    Rc2 Hands Free Gate Helps To Keep Your Pet In And Children Out. None Hand Latch Mechanism, No Hardware Needed, And An Adjuustable All Metal Frame. fits Doorways From 29" To 34"
    SKU: Rc2gateitem
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2-pack Smalll Ranch Rewards Rawhide Bone
10.5 Kb
    2-pack Smalll Ranch Rewards Rawhide Bone.
    Ranch Rewards箘 Rawhide Bones Are Irresistible!our Ranch Rewards Flavored Rawhide Bones Are Made From Only The Best Quality American Beef Hide Processed Overseas. Our Premium Quality Dog Chews Are Thicker And More Palatable Than You'll Find In Generic Brands. Each 100% Natural Rawhide Bone Is Processed With Pure Clean Water And A Bacteria-killing Agent, Then Cut, Formed And Sun-dried To Create A Long-lasting Delectable Treat. Treats Are High In Protein And Low In Fat. Individually Shrink-wrapped To Ensure Quality. Ranch Rewards Rawhide Bones Come In A Two Pack And Are 4 To 5 Inches Each.
    SKU: Rarerwboo1
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Bronchicine Cae (one Dose)
16.7 Kb
    Bronchicine Cae (one Dose).
    Bronchicine邃「cae Is For The Vaccination Of Normal, Healthy Puppies And Dogs As Each Aid In The Control Of Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis (canine Cough) Caused By Bordetella Bronchiseptica. the New Formulation Process Significantly Removes Extraneous Gram-negative Cellular Debris, Proteinaceous Material And Lipopolysaccharides. Convenient Sc Paren5eral Administration. Ready To Advantage, Does Not Require Reconstitution. Non-adujvanted, Which Minimizes Local Reactions. Unique Cellular Antigen Drawing out Process Antigenic Potency And Minimizes Possible For Reactions. Single Antigen Vaccine. Easily Supplements Vaccination Programs And Provides Planned Shield Against Canine Cough. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29. 95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Bronchicine
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6 Months Heaartgard More Blue (for Dogs Up To 25 Lbs)
22 Kb
    6 Months Heaartgard More Blue (for Dogs Up To 25 Lbs).
    Heartgard Plus Is A Monthly Pet Medication For The Prevention Of Heartworm Disease. Heartgard Plus Is 100% Effective Against Heartworms; And It Controls Roundworms And Hookworms. Heartgard Plus Treats And Controls More Effectively Than The Next Leading Brand And Is Veterinarian Recommended. Heartgard Plus Is Approved For Puppies And Kittens As Young As 6 Weeks Of Age. Help Your Pet By Ordering Heartgard Plus Today. A Prescription Isrequired For Thos Petmed. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Hearbymer
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Nature's Variety Dry Cat Food Chicken & Rice 4 Lb. Bag
8.8 Kb
    Nature's Variety Dry Cat Food Chicken & Rice 4 Lb. Bag.
    Fresh Meat Is The First Ingredient In Nature's Variety Dry Kibble, And It Is Enriched With Probiotics, Prebiotics, And Enzymes, Conains Over 50 Trace Minerals, And Uses Only Whole Grains.

    Manufacturer: Nature's Variety
    SKU: 131012

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Revplution For Cats 5 To 15 Lbs (12 Month)
14.5 Kb
    Revplution For Cats 5 To 15 Lbs (12 Month).
    Revolution Is A Topical Liquid Medication Which Is Used According to Flea Prevention, Heartworm Prevention, And The Prevention And Control Of Ear Mites, Sarcoptic Mange, And American Dog Ticks. It Is Used Once A Month And Is Applied Conveniently At One Spot On The Skin. It Can Be Used For Dogs And Cats 6 Weeks Or Older. This Monthly Topical Application Prevents Heartworms While Controlling Fleas And Ear Mites. Order Revolution For Cats Today And Protect Your Kitty. A Prescription Isrewuired For This Product. Click In the present state For Details
    SKU: Revforcat51t12
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Spiritessence Ultimate Peacemaker (Stud Of 3) 1 Oz.
10.3 Kb
    Spiritessence Ultimate Peacemaker (Stud Of 3) 1 Oz..
    This Three-formula Set Is For Serious Or Longstanding Aggression And Conflicts Between Animals. Includes Peacemaker, Bully Remedy & Self-esteem.

    Manufacturer: Spirit Essence
    SKU: 276011

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Air Kong Squeaker Donut - Large
15.2 Kb
    Air Kong Squeaker Donut - Large.
    Air Kong Squeaker Donut Is Made With Nonabrasive Tennis Missile Material That Will Not Wear Down Dog's Teeth. Also Features A Great Squeak That Your Dog Will Go Crazy For. Diameter = 6. 6" 100% Pure Tejnis Fetch Toy Nonabrasive, Nontoxic F3lt Cover Heavy Duty Erratic Bolt High Floating
    SKU: Airkongdonutl
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Azmira Sharkrah Shark'rah 60 Gm
47.7 Kb
    Azmira Sharkrah Shark'rah 60 Gm.
    Each Teaspoon Contains 2500 Mg. Of Shark Cartilage Concentrate. This Pharmaceutical Grade Cartilage Is Far Superir Due To A Substantially Highef Mucopolysaccharide Satisfied (up To 20% More Chondroitin Sulfate Than All Other Standard Products), Low Ash And Plump Content And Its Solubility. Cast To Be Beneficial In Lubricating Joints Reducing Pain From Arthritis And Injuries. Sharks Are Also Highly Touted For Their Noticeable Anti-cancer Dna. Cartilage Has Alsoo Been Used Successfully In Permanently Reducing Fatty And / Or Cancerous Tumors.

    Manufacturer: Azmira
    SKU: Azmra106

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Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats Chicken Medium
13.3 Kb
    Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats Chicken Medium.
    These Organic Treats Ard Made With Nothing But Natural, Wholesome Ingredients In the manner of Chicken, Carrots,A pples, And Flax Seed. In 4 Delicious Flavors.

    Manufacturer: Newman's Own Organics
    SKU: 144029

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Pill Pockets Pill Delivery Dog Treats Chicken Small
9.6 Kb
    Pill Pockets Pill Delivery Dog Treats Chicken Small.
    Pill Pockets Are Healthy Treats With A Patented Pocket To Safely Conceal Pills And Capsules. Made From Natural Ingredients, Conceals Medicinal Odors, And Makes Medicating A Breeze!

    Manufacturer: Pill Pockets
    SKU: 169002

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Ziwipeak Daily Cat Dry Cuisine Pouches Lamb 14 Oz. Bag
8 Kb
    Ziwipeak Daily Cat Dry Cuisine Pouches Lamb 14 Oz. Bag.
    Formulated With The Same Balance Of Food Ingredients That Cats Would Find By Hunting In The Wild, This Is The Diet That Nature Intended.

    Manufacturer: Ziwipeak
    SKU: 311017

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Nylabone Rhino Cone - Giant
12.2 Kb
    Nylabone Rhino Cone - Giant.
    Nylabone Rhino Cone Giaht Is Soft To The Touch, Yet Super-strong. These Rubber Dog Chews Are Bouncy And Fun For You And Your Best Confidant. Comes In Assorted Flag, PleaseA llow Us To Choose For You.
    SKU: Rhinogiang
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Zukes Poweebones Beef 6 Oz. Bag
11.2 Kb
    Zukes Poweebones Beef 6 Oz. Bag.
    Dogs Of Every Size, Shape And Physical Condition Have Cause to ply Faster And Lasted Longer During Activities Because Of Powerbones.

    Manufacturer: Zukes
    SKU: 136002

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S Adenosyl 225 (same) For Medium / Large Dogs - 225 Mg (60 Tabs)
11.1 Kb
    S Adenosyl 225 (same) For Medium / Large Dogs - 225 Mg (60 Tabs).
    S Adenosyl 225 (same) For Mean average To Large Dogs Is Used To Increase Liver Metabolic Activity And Restore Proper Liver Function. Contains Antioxidants To Help Neutralize Oxygen Free Radicsls, Amino Acids To Stimulate Glutathione Synthesis And Reduce Oxidative Damage, B-vitamins To Provide Nutritional Support Ensuring Proper Protein And Energy Metabllism, And Vitamin B-6 For Synthesis Of Cysteine In Th eLiver Detoxification Pathway. Unique, Enteric-coated Delivery A whole Allows It To Stand Up Formidably To Stomach Acid And Ef fectively Deliver The S-adenosylmethionlne 1,4 Butanedisulfonate (same) To The Small Intestine For Proper Absorption. Both Strengths Contin Same And Other Important Ingredients For Proper Liver Support Such As Mllk Thistle To Help Protect Liver Cells From Toxins And Reduce Damage To Those Cells Caused By Some Prescription Drug Use. Generic For Denosyl 225 Mg.
    SKU: Sadenosyl2256
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