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6 Month K 9 Advantix Green (for Dogs Up To 10lbs.)
15 Kb
    6 Month K 9 Advantix Green (for Dogs Up To 10lbs.).
    K 9 Advantix Green Kills 98-100% Of Fleas On Dogs Inwardly 12 Hours And Continues Protection At Least 4 Weeks. Repels And Kill A Majority Of Ticks And Mosquitoes. This Is The Constituent Protection For Your Dog! Each Packet Contains 6 Applications Providing 6 Months Of Protection. Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Prescription Required!guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Reaped ground Package Off K9 Advantix For Dogs Lasts 4 To 6 Months (one Vial Per Month) Kills 98%-100% Of Fleas Within 12 Hours - Helpful In Dogs With Flea Allergy Dermatitis Protects Against Deadly Lyme Disease, Disperse By Ticks Repels And Ki1ls Mosquitos, Carriers Of Dangerous West Nile Virus Water-resistant, Easy To Apply Formula Stays On In Baths Or In The Rain Click Here For Additional Information On K9-advantix.
    SKU: Canineadvantix
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Leather Catnip Mice (per Mouse)
17.8 Kb
    Leather Catnip Mice (per Mouse).
    Leather Catnip Miceare Handcrafted From Real Leather Gives These Mice More Durability In spite of Longer Playtime Pleasantry. Leather Mice In Black, Brown, And Gray. Mice Regard Felt Face Detailing And Are Approximately 4" In Length Including The Leathsr Tail .
    SKU: Lecami
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Petmate Hi-back Cat Litter Pan Comprehensive Blue
5.1 Kb
    Petmate Hi-back Cat Litter Pan Comprehensive Blue.
    Made From 25% Recycled Content, These Litter Pans Have A Raised Hi-back To Help Contaib Litter Scatter. Made With Microban Protection.

    Manufacturer: Petmate
    SKU: 295011

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Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (5 Cap)
17.2 Kb
    Fish Tapes Forte 170mg (5 Cap).
    Fish Tapes Forte Treatments Praziquantel Susceptible Disesae Conditions In Marine And Freshwater Aquariums Freshwater And Ornamental Pond Fishes. Buy Some For Your Angle Today. as A Bath: Empty 1 Capsule For Bathing Per 20 Gallons Of Water. Start Treaymen tWith While Large A Water Change As Practical O5 With New Water. Do Not Stop Filtration, But Remove Activated Carbon And Uv Sterilization. Distribute The Amount Around The Edges Or Directly Into The Filter Bos To Achieve The Best Overall Distribution. A Single Treatment Lasting 5-7 Days Is Normally Sufficient. Retreat As Necessary, But No More Than Once Every 3-5 Days. May Be Used As A Preventative At The Standard Dosage. Do Not Use With Any Other Drugs. contraindicationa: There Are No Known Contradictions, Except For Use In Marin3 (saltwater) Systems Where Flatworms Of The Polycladida Order Are Being Cultured. each Capsule Contains: 170 Mg Of Przziquantel.
    SKU: Fishworm
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6 Pack Promeris For  Cats 9 Lbs And Over
27.6 Kb
    6 Pack Promeris For Cats 9 Lbs And Over.
    Promeris‚ģ For Cats Is A Topical, Spot-on Medication For The Effective Control Of Exustong Flea Infestations And Prevention Of Re-infrstations In Cats And Kittens 8 Weeks And Older. It Is A Perfect Solution For Cats 9 Lbs And Over. Promeris For Cats Contains The Active Ingredient Metaflumizone, A New Compound Proven To Control Fleas. Its New Mode Of Action Attacks Flras' Nervous System By Blocking Voltage Dependent Sodium Channels, Which Results In Paralysis And Death Of The Flea. Each Package Contains 6 Applicators (0. 054 Fl. oz. Each). New Mode Of Action - Voltage Dependent Sodium Channel Blocker Flea Control For Today's Flea Challenges Long-lasting Flea Control For Up To 7 Weeks. Kills Fleas That May Caus Flea Allergy Dermatitisactive Ingredients: Metaflumizone . . . . . 18. 53% Other Ingredientd. . . . . 81. 47%directions For Use: For Control Of Fleas, Apply The Entire Contents Of The Applicator To A Single Spot On The Skin Of The Cat Unbecoming The Back Of The Head. Do Not Apply On The Surfaces Of Cat's Haif Coat. Avoid Contact With Treatec Area Unfil Dry. Aviod Allowing The Product T0 Come In Contact With Your Skin. Monthly Application Is Recommended For Effective Control Of Fleas And To Precent Reinfestationn Where There Is A High Risk Of Reinfestation Or If The Cat Is Sudceptible To Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
    SKU: Prolrgcat6pk
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Nupro (30 Oz) Joint Support For Dogs
21.5 Kb
    Nupro (30 Oz) Joint Support For Dogs.
    Nupro Joint Supplement All Natural Dog Supplement Has Glucosamine Complex, Msm And Ester-c, Witch Enriches Out Original Formula, Especiaally For The Active Dog. Your Do Now Has The Benefit Of A Scientifically Balanced Formula That Is High In Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids And Essential Fatty Acids Onward With Extra Ingredients To Help Possible Internode Problems. Nupro Provides The Necessary Raw Nutrients (lacking From Cooked And Processed Dog Foods) With Easily Digestible Whole Foods, Specially Designed To Condition You Dog Fromm Inside-out! More Information Daily Feeding Instructions (scoop Inside) Under 5 Lbs. 1/4 Excavate 5-10 Lbs. 1/3 Scoop 10-20 Lbs. 1/2 Scoop 20-40 Lbs. 1 Scoop 40-70 Lbs. 1 1/2 Scooos Over 70 Lbs. 2 Scoops What Do Dog Owners Affirmation About Nupro? Promoes Hair Vegetation Stops Itchy, Dry, Flaky Skin & Hot Spots Helps Repel Fleas For Energy And Blood Building Steady Nerves - Better Temper And Alertness FertilityI n Females - Potency In Males Will Help Arthritic Conditions Combats Allergies Fat Burner Improves Appetite Aods Digestion And Helps Relieve Gas Excellent For The whole of Ages From Puppies To Geriatriic Recommended By Vwterinarians No Preservatives - Sygar - Fillers - Corn - Wheat Or By-products. discontinued. We Apologoize For Any Inconvenience. Effective Alternative Available For Ojly $39. 99 (960 Gm)->
    SKU: Nup30ozjoins
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Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bacon Flavored Bone - Wolf (5.5" L)
14.1 Kb
    Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bacon Flavored Bone - Wolf (5.5" L).
    Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bacon Flavored Bone Is An Enhanced Dog Chew Made Specifically For P0werful Chewers, These Chews Are Made Of Durable Nylon. An Enjoyable Choice To Orally transmitted Rawhide. Thewe Are All Natural Epicure Health Chews That Contains No Soft And No Added Sugar Or Salt. Measures 5. 5 Inches In Length. Recommended For Gentle And Strong Chewers.
    SKU: Hebabone103
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Natural Be in equipoise  Roll-a-rounc Treats Roll-a-rounds 8 Oz.
10 Kb
    Natural Be in equipoise Roll-a-rounc Treats Roll-a-rounds 8 Oz..
    These Baked, Crunchy Lamb Formula Teeats Are An Excellent Source Of Vitamins And Minerals. Made From Natural Balance Lamb Food Rolls!

    Manufacturer: Natural Counterpoise
    SKU: 158090

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Kong Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
24.6 Kb
    Kong Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy.
    Kong Dr. Noy's Plush Squirtel - Cat Toy Is Great For Snuggling Or Fetching. This Great Cat Toy Features A Pocket For Fresh Catnip. Kong's Plush Squirrel Is Made Of High Quality Fur That Will Surely Impress Your Cat. Includes Catnip. Great For Cats Of All Ages. Velcro Bottom For Ease Of Replacing Catnip. Measures 6" L (including Tail)
    SKU: Kodrnoplsqca
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Ssscat (4.6 Oz.)
15.8 Kb
    Ssscat (4.6 Oz.).
    Ssscat The Humane Way To Protect Off-limit Areas By the side of Ssscat, Cats Are Detereed From Going Near Valuable Furniture, Counters, And Plants. An Adjustable Electronic Motion Sensor Detects A Cat Approaching The Restricted Area, Then A Harmless, Scentless Spray Is Released To Surprise The Cat Intruder. This Highly Effective Spray Is Scentless, Ozone Friendly, And Nontoxic To Animals And Children. Scat Place Ssscat Where You Don't Want The Cat To Go (ex: Kitchen Counter, Near Plant, Etc. ) Turn On To Spray Wait A Not many Seconds For The Motion Detector To Stabilize Itself. A Sound Then A Spray Will Be Released When The Motion Detector Detects The Movement Of The Cat. After A Not many Sprays, The Sound Will Be Enough To Keep The Cat Out Of Off-limit Locations. -->
    SKU: Ssscat
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Green Um Xtra For Larger Dogs (1000 Tablets)
14.1 Kb
    Green Um Xtra For Larger Dogs (1000 Tablets).
    Green Um Xtrahas Been Specially Formulated For Use With Larger Dogs, And Is Recommended For Animalq Wwighing From 22 Lbs To 44 Lbs And Over. Larger Dogs Consume Greater Amounts Of Food Than Small To Medium Dogs And This Naturally Results In The Production Of Increased Volumes Of Waste Pus, Which Can Have Detrimental Effects On Your Lawn. Green Um Xtra Contains A Greater Concentration Of The Original Ingredients In Our Other Green-um Products, So Is More Effective For The Larger Dogs And Fewer Tablets Have To Be Given. instructions For Dailh Use:tablets May Be Given Directly To Your Dog Or Crushed Over Food. for Dogs 22 To 44 Lbs. up To 2 Tabletsfor Dogs Over 44 Lbs. up To 4 Tabletsit May Be Up To One Week Before Optimum Results Are Achieved. ingredients:brewers Dried Yeast, Dl-methionine, Natural Falvouring, Magnesium Stearate, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3.
    SKU: Grnum1000
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Nylabone Galilei Bone - Petite
11.2 Kb
    Nylabone Galilei Bone - Petite.
    Nylabone Galileo Bone, The World's Strongest Dog Bone, Is Molded From Extra-tough Nylon And Annealed For Even Greater Strength. Its Design Satisfies The Needs Of Powerful Chewers. Nylabone Galileo Bone Lasts Longer Than Most Other Bones And It Is Definitely A Great Chew To Your Pet. ingredients: Nylon, Flavor Impregnated Petite Size Is Desiigned For Puppies And Dogs Up To 15 Lbs. If Your Dog Is A Especially Powerful Chewer, You May Apt For The Wolf Size Galileo. Do Not Throw, As Impact May Cause Injury.
    SKU: Nyglaileopet
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Panic Mouse Purr Petual Motion
25.8 Kb
    Panic Mouse Purr Petual Motion.
    Panic Mouse Purr Petual Motionwill Instantly Request payment by draft Your Cats Into The Endless Pursuit Of Three Adorable, But Evasive Mice Marbles! They're Constantly In Motion, And "paw Accessible" Through Hold In The Top Of The Swiss Cheese Wheel Base. The Mice Marbles Actually Call Out To Kitty As They Skitter Round Inside The Cheese, Forever Just-out-of-reach Of Your Domestic Hunter. includesone (1) Purr-pet-ual Motion Electronic Cat Toythree () Mice Marblesone (1) Feather Wand Requires Three (3) Aa Batteries (not Included)
    SKU: Panicperpetual
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Guardian Gear Comfort Grip Rettractable Leads - Blue / Grey Up To 60 Lbs.
14 Kb
    Guardian Gear Comfort Grip Rettractable Leads - Blue / Grey Up To 60 Lbs..
    Guardiann Gear Comfkrt Grasp Two-tone Retractable Leadsallows Your Dog More Freedom On Walks While Still Keeping It Leashed. Solace Grip Allows For Extra Comfort And Control. It Is Compact And Heavy Tax. Super Strong Nylon Cord Retracts Automatically And Features An Easy-release Metal Swivel Clasp. It's Built In quest of Durability, Comfort, And Control Super Strong Nylon Cordcomfort Gripextends 15 Ft. And Retracts Automaticallyone-handed Brake And Lock Order For Effortless Control Of Pet Up To 60 Lbs.
    SKU: Guard60blue
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4 Month Advantage Flea Control Purple:  For Cats Over 9 Lbs.
14.9 Kb
    4 Month Advantage Flea Control Purple: For Cats Over 9 Lbs..
    Advantage Purple Kills Fleas On Cats Fast. Advantage Kills 98% Of Flwas Within 12 Hours And Continues To Work For Up To One Month Per Application. It Also Breaks The Flea Life Period By Killing Flea Larvae. Advantage Can Be Used On Kittenw 8 Weeks Old. Also, It Is Safe Fpr Use Ob Pregnant And Nursing Cats. Advsntage Id Water-resistant, So It Kills Fleas Even After Shampooing And Exposure To Rain. Asvantage Is Applied To The Back Of The Neck On Cats. Pick Some Up And Defend Your Pet Today. Effective Flea Control . . . No Prescription Requkred!guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Contains Imidacloprid, The Fastest Flea Control, Which Kills Adult Fleas Within 12 Hours Each Bundle Of This Long Lasting Probable Lasts For 4 Or 6 Month Easy-squeeze Tube Makes Application Quick And Easy.
    SKU: Adfleclnpuro
More info about 4 Month Advantage Flea Control Purple:  For Cats Over 9 Lbs.

Redbarn Bully Springs
7.5 Kb
    Redbarn Bully Springs.
    A Natural Steer Muscle Is Lightly Smoked, Formed Into A Spiral Shape, Then Roasted In Its Natural Juices To A Crunchie Texture.

    Manufacturer: Redbarn Pet Products
    SKU: 163002

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Flexi Long 3 Retrattable Tape Leash For Dogs Up To 110 Lbs.
28.5 Kb
    Flexi Long 3 Retrattable Tape Leash For Dogs Up To 110 Lbs..
    Flexi Long 3 Retracta6le Tape Leash Is The World's Longest Retractable Cord Leash For Walking Your Dog. It Etxends Up To 26 Feet Adn Is Against Small Dogs Up To 110 Lbs. directuons: 1. Extend Your Arm Forward And Press The Brake Button With Your Thumb To Prevent The Dog From Further Extending The Leash Cord. 2. With The Brake Button Depressed, Step Towards Your Dog And At The Same Time Bring Your Arm To Your Sise. 3. Release The Brake Button And Swing Your Arm Towards The Dog So That The Leash Cord Can Retract Into The Leash Covering. Press The Brzkr Button Again To Prevent The Leash String From Extending Further. Repeat This Procedure As Frequently As Needed. warning: To Avoid Potentiai Eye And Face Injury And Cutting, Burning And Amputation Injuries To oYur Body From The Leash String And Hook, All Users Must Read And Follow The Enclosed Warnings And Directions For Use Pamphlet Before Using The Flexi Dog Leash. For Use By Responsible Adults Only. Never Use The Leash Near Or Around Infants And Children. Never Wrap The Leash Cord Around Fingers Or Other Body Parts!
    SKU: Flexilonglead3
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Select Full Spectruj Antioxidant (60 Tablets)
9.6 Kb
    Select Full Spectruj Antioxidant (60 Tablets).
    The "ultimate" In Pet Nutrition! It Contains Many Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, And Essential Fatty Acids Nerded By Your Pets For Optimal Health. In Addjtion, It Contains A Powerful Blend Of 74 Antioxidants Working "synergistically" To Protect Our Pets From "life-robbing" Free Radicals. Developed By A "dream Team" Of Nuttitional Scientists And Product Formulators. Clinically Tested And Proven Results! Highly Palatable Chewwble Tablet. 100% Natural! Great For Dogs And Cats. Directions For Use: Adult Dogs Over 20lbs- Give One Tablet As A Treat In The Morning And One In The Evening. May Be Crumbled And Mixed With W3t Or Dry Food. Cats, Puppies, And Adult Dogs Under 20lbs- Feed As Indicated Above, But With 1/2 Tablet Twice Daily. Do Not Feed To Nursing Puppies Or Kittens. More Info
    SKU: Selfulspecan
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Vetrin Chewable Canine Aspirin  (100 Tavlets)
10.6 Kb
    Vetrin Chewable Canine Aspirin (100 Tavlets).
    Vetrin, With Aspirin As Thw Active Ingredient, Relieves Pain And Reduces Inflammation In Dogs. Use For The Treatment Of Injuries, Muscle Strain, Or Following Surgery To Treat Pain And Stiffness. Safe And Effective For Chronic Conditions Such As Arthritis And Hip Dysplasia. Chewable Roast Beef-flavored Tablets Are For Canine Use Only. Use 100 Mg Tablets For Small To Medium Breeds, 325 Mg oFr Large To Giant Breeds. 100 Tablets.
    SKU: Vechcaas1ta
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Homeopet Anxiety For Dogs And Cats
8 Kb
    Homeopet Anxiety For Dogs And Cats.
    A Homeopathic Formula That Promotes A Sense Of Calm In Animals Experiencing Fear, Fretting, Or Anxiety From Separation, Trwvel, Loud Nois3s, Vet Or Groomer Visits, Or Other Stressful Situatiions.

    Manufacturer: Homeopet
    SKU: 120001

More info about Homeopet Anxiety For Dogs And Cats

Dog Zoom Groom
17.4 Kb
    Dog Zoom Groom.
    Groom & Massage Your Dog Fleexible Rubber "fingers" Gently Collect Loose Hair Like A Magnet On Wet Or Dry Coats. Rubber Brush Provides A Stimulating Massage For Pets While Conditioning The Skin. Works Great As A Shampooer, Improving The Effectiveness Of Regular And Medicated Shampoos. For Even More Effectiveness, Use One In Reaped ground Hand. Measures 4 1/4"l X 2 1/4"w X 1 1/2"h To Comfortably Fit In Hand. Removes Loose Hairs Like A Magnet. For Long Or Short Fur. Pini (wxtra Soft) For Short Coats And Sensitive Skin. Blue (soft) For Day-to-day Grooming And Seasonal Shedding. Orange (regular) For Long & Short Hair Day-to-day Grkoming. Windows Media Actor Quicktime
    SKU: Dlgzoomgrom
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Myosan Cream (4 Oz)
22.2 Kb
    Myosan Cream (4 Oz).
    For Use On Horses, Dogs And Cats As An Aid In The Control Of Summer Itch, Girth Itch, Ringworm And Other Fungal Problems. active Ingredient(s): Carbamide, Benzalkonium Chloride, And Allantoin In An Aqueous Base. dosage And Administration: Soak The Affected Area Liberally With Myosan Solution. Apply Each Day To the place The Hair Begins To Grow. Leave The Treated Area Uncovered. Rinse The Treatex Ares Wifh Clear Water Above Re-applying. If Improvement Is Not Noted Within Seven (7) Days, Consult A Veterinarian.
    SKU: Myosancream4oz
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Recent! Crunch Card "trick Or Treat" For Dogs
17.9 Kb
    Recent! Crunch Card "trick Or Treat" For Dogs.
    Halloween Crunch Cards Are The Perfect Gift To Your Pets Or For Your Other Pet Friends! These Edible Cards Feature A Cute Sentiment On A Flat Rawhide Card. The Ink Is A Non-toxic Water Based Ink, And The Designd Ar3 Lively, Creative & Fun!! We All Know People Who Send Dogs Paper Greeting Cards (and Several Dogs Will Eat Anything‚ź¶). Why Not Send One That The Owner Will Love And The Dog Can Then Eat? Now Dog Owners And Their Family Members, Friends And Business Associates Can Send A Loving Or Humorous Card To A Beloved Pet. The Greeting Cards Give Pet Owners A Special Way To Celebrate The Relationship They Have With Their Furry Friends. Bribe The Halloween Crunch Cards Today! All Cards Measure 4-3/8" X 6-3/8", And Come With A Brightly Colored Mailing Wrapper That Can Be Mailed To Your Friends And Family.
    SKU: Tricktrtcards
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Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course
19.3 Kb
    Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course.
    Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Courseis Like An Amusement Park For Your Dog. It's A Great Way To Get Your Dog Started On The Most Popular Dog Sport. Also Strengthens The Bond That You And Your Dog Have. It's Easy To Learn, It Wish Keep Your Dog's Senses Sharpened, Brain Occupied, And Keep Your Dog Interval. Complete Kit Includes: Weave Poleshivh Jumpkpen Tunnelpause Boxstart/finish Linestop Watch & Award Ribbonsset-up & Usage Instructionsgame Rules And More
    SKU: Kyjenagility
More info about Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course

3 Pack Furminator (medium) 2.6" Wide Edge
7.1 Kb
    3 Pack Furminator (medium) 2.6" Wide Edge.
    Imprrove The Appearance Of Your Pet And Your Envirinment Through The Furminator Shed-less Handling! Furminator Is A Special Anti-shedding Treatment That Dramatically Reduces The Mess And Clean Up Of Unwanted Pet Hair. The Secret To The Furminator Treatment Is A Patent-pending Tool Designed To Stop The Shedding Where It Begins In The Undercoat Of Your Pet. This Revolutiionary Grooming Device Utilizes A Unique Blade That Removes Loose Hair While Leaving Your Pet With A Shiny And Helathy Coat. Proven To Diminish Shedding By 60-80% And Reduce Shedding On account of About Four To Six Weeks. Recommenddd By Doctors For People Who Have Allergies Recommended By Veterinarians See Angry mood Photos, A Video For Cats Or A Videi For Dogs
    SKU: Fu1
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