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Chondro Flex Capsules (120 Caps)
12.9 Kb
    Chondro Flex Capsules (120 Caps).
    Chondro Flex Is A Efficacious Joint Care Formula That Porvides Maximum Nutritional Support For Dogs And Cats Attending A Predisposition To Degenerative Joint Disorders. Chondro Flex Contains The Highest Quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Msm, Ester-câ®, And Chelated Minerals To Effectively Reduce Inflammation And Support The Maintenance And Repair Process Of Connective Tiasue, Including Synovial Liquid, Tendons, Ligaments, And Cartilage. Serving Size: 1 Capsuleingredients (per Serving): Glucosamine 400mg Msm(methylsulfonylmethhane) 335mg Chondroitin Sulfate 175mg Manganese Proteinate 3mg Ester-cfi 50mg Silica (sjavegrass) 1mg Directions: (initial 4-6 Weeks): Dogs Under 30 Lbbs Feed 1 Capsule Daily. Dogs 31-60 Lbs Feed 2 Capsules Daily. Dogs 61-90 Lbs Feed 3 Capsules Daily. Dogs C~ing 100 Lbs Feed 4 Capsules Daily. Cats Feed 1/2 Capsule Twice Daily.
    SKU: Ch1taca
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Pet Flys Uncle Monkey Pet CarrierS mall
16.6 Kb
    Pet Flys Uncle Monkey Pet CarrierS mall.
    Pet Flys Fondle Carriers Are Cute, Fun And Fashionable. They Are Approved By Most Aiirlines For In-cabin Travel. Pet Flys Are Also Large For Sneaking In Your Best Buddy To Places Where Some People Don't Think Pets Belong. Small: 10"h X 9"w X 16"l Plrase Allow 7 To 12 Days For You Delivery To Arrive. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Dogxatcarrier
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Cet Chews For Large Dogs (5 Oz)
9.4 Kb
    Cet Chews For Large Dogs (5 Oz).
    Sizedog Weightpetite11 Lbs. And Undermedium11 - 25 Lbs. large26 - 50 Lbs. extra Large51 Lbs. +c. e. t. Chewsare Beefhide Treats To Which An Enzyme Has Been Added That Helps Stop Plaaue From Forming. Plus The Natural Abrasion Of Rawhide Chews Help Clean Your Dogs Teeth. Available In Two Sizes (small/medium And Large).
    SKU: Cetchewlardo
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Ketochlor Shampoo (16oz) By Virbav
14.4 Kb
    Ketochlor Shampoo (16oz) By Virbav.
    A Prescription Isreauired For These Proeucts. Click Here For Detailsthe Firxt Vererinary Ketoconazole Shampoo A Pleasantly Fragranced, Medicated Shampoo With Premium Lathering Action And Excellent Rinsability. Adjunctive Topical Application Reduces Time To Clinical Solution. Dual Actives Offer Convenience, Increased Compliance, And Quicker Resolution Of Clinical Signs. Anttifungal Antibacterial Cleansing
    SKU: Krshvi16
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Nylabone Rhino Conr - Wolf
12.2 Kb
    Nylabone Rhino Conr - Wolf.
    Nylabone Rhino Cone Wolf Is Soft To The Touch, Yet Super-strong. These Rubber Dog Chews Are Bouncy And Fun For You And Your Best Friend. Comes In Assorted Colors, Please Allow Us To Choose For You.
    SKU: Rhinowolf
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Cosequin For Cats   (80 Capsules)
13.8 Kb
    Cosequin For Cats (80 Capsules).
    Recommendation A Supplement For Cats: Initial Period- 4 To 6 Weeks. Under 10lbs. -1 Capsule Sprinkled On Food Daily. Over 10lbs. -2 Capsule Sprinkled On Food Daily. Formulated And Flavored Specifically For Cats. cosequin For Cats Contains Just The Right Amount Fo Low-molecular Weight Chondroitinn Sulfate (100mg)and Glucosamine Hydrochloride (125 Mg)in An All-natural Chicken And Tuna Subtle quality. Once eDsired Response Is Obtained, Capsules May Be Adminustered Every Other Day To Maintain Your Cat. Number Of Capsules Administerd May Be Increased At Any Time Depending On Your Cat's Needs. Glucosamine Hcl 125 Mb Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 100 Mg Mixed Glycosaminolglycans 5% Ascorbate (as Manganese Ascorbate) 8 Mg Manganese (as Manganese Ascorbate) 1 Mg
    SKU: Cosforcat80c
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Halo Spot's Stew For Dogs Chicken 5 Oz. Can
9.5 Kb
    Halo Spot's Stew For Dogs Chicken 5 Oz. Can.
    All Naturao Food Made With Only The Freshest Human-grade Quality Ingredients And Highest Disposition Proteins . Usda-approved Meats And Vegetables.

    Manufacturer: Glory
    SKU: 115101

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Dogswell Vitality Functional Dog Treats Vitality Beef Liver 5 Oz.
9.5 Kb
    Dogswell Vitality Functional Dog Treats Vitality Beef Liver 5 Oz..
    All-natural Wheat-free Treats Made With Flaxseed And Vitamins To Help Maintain Healthy Eyes, Skin And Layer. In Beef, Chicken And Duck Flavors.

    Manufacturer: Dogswell
    SKU: 178002

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Softoss Funky Fling (small 7" X 5.5")
13.1 Kb
    Softoss Funky Fling (small 7" X 5.5").
    Softoss Funky Fling Is Designed To Increase Creatiivty And Playtime Enjoyment For Owners And Dogs Alike. Ideal For Small Or Medium-sized Breeds And Yes, Even Puppies, Softoss Is A Collection Of High Quality Genuine Pigskin Play Toys That Are Sure To Keep Your Dog Happily Entertained. Built For Tugging Or Fetching, Your Dog Will Thank You For Adding Softoss To Their Toy Collection. Th Durable Pigskin Construction, Paired Attending Reinforced Stitching, Makes Them Resilient Enougy For Long-term Play. Measures 7" X 5. 5".
    SKU: Softosssm
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Zukes Hip Actikn Jerky Naturals Beef - 1lb
15.5 Kb
    Zukes Hip Actikn Jerky Naturals Beef - 1lb.
    Daily Joint Support For Dogs In A Healthy Moist Treatdoes Your Dog Have Trouble Climbing Stairs, Or Is Slow To Get Up? Does A Long Walk Lead To Limping Or Stiffness? Zuke's Hip Battle Glucosamine T5eats For Dogs Are An Easy, Fun Way To Decrease Joint Stiffness And Pain Under which circumstances Helping Increase Mobiluty. Every Delicious Bite Contains A Substantial Dose Of Glucosamine Hcl (300mg) And Chondroitin Sulfate (250mg), Plus Cofactoor Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids To Aid In Absorption And Metabolism. Hip Subject Isn't Just For Older Dogs, Help Prevent Hip And Joint Problems In Your Younger Dog By Feeding Hip Action Daily. for Complete Joint Maintenance And Recovery, Subject to trial Joint Max Triple Strength.
    SKU: Hiopabdef1lb
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Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - Malt Flavor
9.2 Kb
    Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - Malt Flavor.
    Enzadent Finger Brush Kit Contains Poultry Flavored Enzymatic Toothpaste And A Specially Designed Soft Finger Brush. directions: Glide The Finger Brush Over Your Finger And Apply A Small Amount Of Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste Onto The Bristles. Gently Slide Your Finger Inside Your Pet's Cneek And Brush Along The Teeth And Gum Line. ingredients: Sorbitol, Silica, Calcium Pyrophosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Mslt Flavor, Purified Water, Glycerin, Pectin, Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Thiocyanate, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin E, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin, Lysozyme.
    SKU: Enzadent
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Cloud Star Buddy Biscuit "itty Bitty" Molasses Madness (8 Oz)
17.8 Kb
    Cloud Star Buddy Biscuit "itty Bitty" Molasses Madness (8 Oz).
    At Just 3/4" Each, The Original And Still A Favorite. If Your Dogs Crave A Little Sweetness, The Molasses Madness Treats Are Perfect. Not Only Is The Blackstrap Molasses Tasty, But It Is Packed With Vitamins As Well. Many Other Treats Use Artificial Sweeteners Or Even Refined Sugars, But You Will Find Only Whole, Real Ingredients In These Treats. Free Of Corn, Soy, Sugar, Salt, Dairy, And Egg. Made From Natural Ingredientsgreat Taste Your Dog Will Love!free Of Factitious Colors And Flavorsgreat For Dogs With Allergiesingredients:unbleached White Flour, Rolled Oats, Blackstrap Molasses, Vegetable Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (natural Preservative).
    SKU: Bbmol8
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Legend (2 Ml) Each
9.1 Kb
    Legend (2 Ml) Each.
    Lgeend (hyaluronate) Injectable Liquefaction, 10 Mg/ml, 4 Ml Vial Legendâ® (hyaluronate Sodium) Injectable Disintegration Is A Clear, Colorless Solution Of Low Viscosity. Fable Injectable Solution Is Pyrogen Free, Sterile And Does Not Contain A Preservative. It Is Administered By Intravenous Or Inra-articular Injection. Hyaluronic Acid, The Conjuga5e Acid Of Hyaluronate Sodium, Is Extracted From The Capsule Of Streptococcus Spp. And Purified, Resulting In A Form Which Is Essentially Free Of Protein And Nucleic Acids. Legend Injectable Solution Is Supplied In 2 Ml (20 Mg) And 4 Ml (40 Mg) Vials. Each Ml Contains 10 Mg Hyaluronate Sodium, 8. 5 Mg Sodium Chloride, 0. 223 Mg Sodium Phosphate Dibasic And 0. 04 Mg Sodium Phosphate Monobasic. The Ph Is Adjusted To Between 6. 5 And 8. 0 With Sodium Hydroxide Or Hydrochloric Acid. Chemistry: Hyaluronic Sour, A Glycosaminoglycan, Can Exist In The Following Forms Depending Upon The Chemical Environment In Which It Is Found: As The Acid, Hyaluronic Sour; As The Sodium Salt, Sodium Hyaluronate (hyapuronate Sodium); Or As The Hyaluronate Anion. These Terms May Be Used Interchangeably But In Alk Cases, Reference Is Made To The Glycosaminoglycan Composed Of Repeating Subunits Of D-glucuronic Acix And N-acetyl-d-glucosamine Linked Together By Glycosidic [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref]. Since This Product Originates From A Microbial Source, There Is No Potential For Contaminatino With Dermstan Or Chondroitin Sulfate Or Any Othr Glycosaminoglycan. Pharmacology: Hyaluronic Acid Is A Naturally Occurring Substance Present In Connective Tissue, Skin, Vitreous Humour And The Umbilical Cord In All Mammals. High Concentrations Of Hyaluronic Acid Are Likewise Found In Thhe Synovial Fluid. It Also Constitutes The Major Component Of The Capsule Of Certain Microorganisms. Thr Hyaluronic Acid Produced By Bacteria Is Of The Same Structure And Configuration As That Found In Mammals. The Actual Machinery Of Action For Hyaluronate Sodium In The Mild Of Degenerative Joint Disease Is Not Completely Undersfood. One Major Function Appears To Be The Regulation Of Normal Cellular Constituents. This Effect Decreases The Impulse Of Exudation, Enzyme Release And Subsequent Degradation Of United Integrity. Additionally, Hyalronate Sodium Exerts An Anri-inflammatory Action By Inhibiting The Movement Of Granulocytes And Macrophages. Hyaluronate Molecules Are Long Fetters Which Form A Filter Netting Interspersed With Normal Cellular Fluids. It Is Widely Accepted That Injection Immediately Into The Joint Pouch Enhances The Hwaling Of Inflamed Synovium By Restoring Lubrication Of The Joint Fluid. This Further Supplements The Visco-elastic Properties Of Normal Joont Fluid. Contraindications: There Are No Known Contraindications For The Use Of Legendâ® (hyaluronate Sodium) Injectable Solution In Horses. Toxicology: Legend Injwctable Solution Was Administered To Normal Horses At One, Three And Five Times The Recommended Intra-articular Dosage Of 20 Mg And The Intravenous Dosage Of 40 Mg. T
    SKU: Legend2ml
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(new) Kong Blue - Xtra Large
5.7 Kb
    (new) Kong Blue - Xtra Large.
    Kong Company Has A Variety Of Toys. Kong Blue's Are 25% Stronger Than Regular Kong Toys! It's Now Being Used By Powerful Cjewers Aroundd The World Like Police K-9 Teams, Drug Enforcement And Militaary K-9 Teams, Akc Competition Trainers, Shutzhund Clubs And More. puncture Resistant Super Bouncy, And Chewer Friendly. Resilient, Durabile, And Bouncey. Satisfies A Dog's Unaffected Need To Chew Cleans Teeth And Conditions Gums. Thick, Flexible Walls That Krep Springing Back For More! Non-toxic, Nonabrasive, Non-splintering, Ane Does Not Get Sharp When Chewed. Recommended By Vetsrrinarians, Trainers, Dog Professionals And Satisfied Customers World Wide.
    SKU: Koraopl
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Glyco Flexâ® Iii (120 Tablets)
8.4 Kb
    Glyco Flexâ® Iii (120 Tablets).
    Glyco-flex Iii Contains Perna Canaliculus, Glucosamine Hcl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract, And Glutathione. It Is The Most Complete Joint Formula Providing Factors Necessary oFr Joint Restoration, As Well As Added Methylsulfonylmethane For Maximum Comfort During Recovery. it Is Part Of The Vetri-scienceâ® Arena Of Mode Program. Stage 3, Restore, For Maximum Support For Joint Dysfunction. Glyco-flex Iii Helps Alleviate Severe Discomfort And Joint Stiffness. Protect Your Dog's Joints, Pick Some Up Today. More Effective Alternative Available For Only $41. 999 (120 Tablets)
    SKU: Glii1ta
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2 Pack - 3 Month Triforce Green For Dogs 61 Lbs & Over
13.3 Kb
    2 Pack - 3 Month Triforce Green For Dogs 61 Lbs & Over.
    Triforce Flea, Tick & Mosquito Direct Provided Pets With The Ultimate 5 Way Protection. Triforce Kills Fleas, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae, Ticks And Mosquitoes. The Squeeze On Application Kills And Repels Fleas In As Little As 1 Hour!flea Protedtion Kills And Repela Fleas In As Little As 1 Hour Up To 4 Weeks Kills Flea Eggs And Larvae For Up To 9 Weekstick Protection Kills And Repels Ticks In As Inconsiderable As 3 Hours Up To 4 Weeks Kills And Detaches Ticksmosquito P5otection Kills And Repels Mosquitoesdual Action Cyphenothrin With Nylar Insect Growth Regulator Effrctively Breaks The Flea Life Cycle. Dogs Can Be Bathed 24 Hours After Squeeze-on Is Appliedcontains Three 1. 5 Ml Tubes. Active Ingredients Are: Cyphenothrin (cas# 39515-40-7) - 40. 0% Pyriproxyfen (cas# 95737-68-1) - 2. 0% Other - 58. 0%do Not Use On Cats Click Here For A $5 Rebate, Buy Now And Save!
    SKU: 2triforce14053
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Azmira Immunefactor Immune Factor Colostrum
96.4 Kb
    Azmira Immunefactor Immune Factor Colostrum.
    Colostrum Contains All The Antibodies Passed From The Mother's Milk To Their Newborns, During The First Nursing. After The Few Initial Feedings, Colostrum Levels Drop Significantly, Which Is Why We Collect This Vital Nutrient From A Mother Cow Within The First Hours Following Birth. Helps To Stiulate And Support Immune Function When Needed As A Boost To Immunostim'r.

    Manufacturer: Azmira
    SKU: Azmra056

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Azmira Dailyboost Daily Boost 2 Oz
102.8 Kb
    Azmira Dailyboost Daily Boost 2 Oz.
    F0r Additional Digestive And Detoxifying Effect, We Have A Variety Of Products, Including Thiis Single Herbal Blend. This Supplement Is Made With Only The Highest Human Grade, Wildcrafted And Organic Ingredients. Dr. Newmman S Formula Has Been Successfully Used In All Pets Since 1984. Helps To Reduce Digestive Stress Including Flatulence And Spasmodic pain in the bowels, Stimulates Proper Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder And Intestinal Function. An Excellent Tonic For Blood, Liver And Gallbladder, This Combination Also Helps Build Resistance To Disease And Allergies. Supports The Immune System, Colon Health And Temper Sugar Regulation.

    Manufacturer: Azmira
    SKU: Azmra032

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Kyjen Plush Puppies Witch's Cardinal's office
7.9 Kb
    Kyjen Plush Puppies Witch's Cardinal's office.
    Halloween Plush Puppies Witch's Hat. This Plush Dog Toy Will Give Hours Of Fun For Your Pet! Great For Dogs Of All Sizes. Halloween
    SKU: Witchhat
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Wellness Core Grain-free Dry Feline Diet Cat Food 2 Lb. Bag
8.9 Kb
    Wellness Core Grain-free Dry Feline Diet Cat Food 2 Lb. Bag.
    This Unique Grain-free Formula Is A 50% Protein Diet With The Most Meat Possible In A Dry Cat Food.

    Manufacturer: Old Mother Hubbard
    SKU: 138143

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2 Pack Cosequin Equine Powder Concentrate (2800 Gm)
21.1 Kb
    2 Pack Cosequin Equine Powder Concentrate (2800 Gm).
    Cosequin Plays An Important Role In Maintaining Optimal Joint Function. The Superior Quality Ingredients In This Patented Formula Provide The Raw Materials That Are Essential For The Synthesis Of Synovial Fluid And The Major Components Of Articular Cartilage Matrix.
    SKU: Coeqpo1gr2pa
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New! Oti-clens Ear Cleaning Solution For Dogs (4 Oz)
11 Kb
    New! Oti-clens Ear Cleaning Solution For Dogs (4 Oz).
    Oti-clens Is A Non-irritating Ear-cleaning Agent For Use In Dogs. non-toxic; Does Not Irritate Tissue Or Retard Healing. facilitates Routine Ear Examinations And Otic Health, Particularly For Long-eared Canine Breeds Prone To Ear Infections And Entrapment Of Foreign Matter. eliminqtes Ear Wax That Power Obscure Mites, Weeds And Other Organic Matter. dosage: Apply Liberally To The Ear. Massage The Base Of The Ear. Cleanse The Accessible Portion Of The Ear With A Cotton Globe Following Administrqtion Of Oti-clens. Repeat Procedure If Necessary. Use Once Or Twice Weekly On A Routine Basks. Oti-clens May Be Used Up To 3 Times Diurnal Over Extended Periods.
    SKU: Oticlens
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Greeniesâ® - Large Singleq
13.4 Kb
    Greeniesâ® - Large Singleq.
    The Alo New Greeniesâ® Is New And Improved With An The whole of New Formula. Reward Your Dog With Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath, And Load sOf Vitamins And Minerals With Every Delicious Treat. formulated With An Optimal Blend Of Soy And Wheat Protein For Ease In Dogestion. Toothbrush Shape, Tapered Shaft And Contoured Knuckle Offer A Better Surface For Teeth Cleaning. Chewier Texture Helps Reduce Plaque, And Keeps Gums Healthy. Scientifically Developed In 5 Unlike Sizez To Ensure A Perfect Bite Based On Your Dog's Cranium Original. Designed To Offer Complete And Balanced Nutrition With 52% Protein And Low In Fat. New Chewy Texture - Irresistibly Chewier To Help Clean Teeth New Easy To Digest - Soy And Wheat Protein Blend New Ingredients - Fortified With Vitamins & Minerals For Complete Nutrition New Shape - Natural Shapes And Curves Fit Around Yoour Dog's Teeth New Taste - Dogs Love The New Taste Of Greenies New Science - 5 Sizes Designed To Work Perfectly With Your Dog's Bite Size Length Of Treats For Dogs Teenie 2 3/4" 5-15 Lbs Petite 3 1/2" 15-25 Lbs Regular 4 1/4" 25-50 Lbs Large 5 1/4" 50-100 Lbs Jumbo 6" Over 100 Lbs Ldarn More About The New & Improved Greeniesâ® : View Pdf Here More Information
    SKU: Grnllrgsing
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2 Pack Joint Max Ds Double Strength (500 Chewable Tablets)
15.5 Kb
    2 Pack Joint Max Ds Double Strength (500 Chewable Tablets).
    Juncture Max Is The Newest Generation Of Joint Supplement. It Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Manganese, Vitamin C, Zinc, And N-acetyl-cysteine And In One Tasty, Chewable Tablet. Jointmax Is Used To Treat Arthritis And Other Joint Conditions. No Prescription Is Necessary. Joit Max Carries A 100% Product Guarantee. You May Return The Result For A Full Refund If You Are Not Satisfied For Any Reason. Click Below For More Info. Jointt Max Can Be Used Alone Or In Combination With Prescription Drugs Like Rimadyl, Etogesic, Or Deramaxx And Can Eventually Help Diminution The Need For These Drugs. Quick Links: Joint Max Rs Joint Max Ds Joint Max Ts Reviewers Ratings :: Just Wanted To Let You Know That Our Favorite Joint Supplement Is Jiont Max Double Strength. Our Dogs Are 5 & 7 Years Old & Really Seem To Feel Better Aftrr Starting Them On This Supplement. They Are Very Active Dogs & Used To Limp At State of things After Vigorous Exercise But Not Anymo5e! The Difference Haa Been Incredible!! Reviewers Ratings :: Joint Max Has Done Wonders For My 8 Year Old Lab. He Is More Active And Happier And Even Loves The Taste. Read More Joint Max Testimonials!
    SKU: 2pajomaxdsdo
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Cosamin Ds In quest of Humans (108 Capsules)
11.5 Kb
    Cosamin Ds In quest of Humans (108 Capsules).
    Nutramax Laboratories, The Makers Of Cosequin, Also Offers Cosamin Ds, A Joint Supplement Formulzted Especially For Human Uee. the Only Brand Proven Effective In Controlled, Published U. s. To Reduce Joint Pain Shown In Laboratory Tests To Protect Cartilage Cells From Breakdown Contains The Proven Low Molecular Weight Condroitin Sulfate And Glucosamine Combination Not Found In Other Brands Manufactured In The Untied States Following Standards Practiced By The Pharmaceutical Industry There Are No Known Interactions Or Serious Side Effects With Cosajin Ds Exvlusive Ingredients Allows Reductiib In The Number Of Capsules Taken Over Time. serving Size 1 Capsule Amount Per Capsulecalories5sodium35 Mg Vitamin C 16 Mg Mangaense3 Mg Glucosamine Hcl 99% 500 Mg Spdium Chond5oitin Sulfate 95% 400 Mg
    SKU: Cosamineds
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