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Dermaplex (1 Gallon)
9.2 Kb
    Dermaplex (1 Gallon).
    Dermaplexā® Medicated Shampoo Aids In The Con5rol Of Dry, Flaky And Irritated Skin. Dermaplexā® Freshly Scented, Ph-balanced Formula Contains Special Cleansers And Conditioners That Leave Your Dogs Coat Clean, Manageable And Fresh Smelling. Helps Soothe Dry, Flaky, Irritated Skin Leaves Pet Smelling Fresh And Clean Directions For Use: Thoroughly Wet Your Dogs Coat By the side of Warm Water. Sum A Sufficient Amount Of Dermaplexā® On The Coat To Create A Lather. Work Completely Into The Coat Until Saturated, Ensuring Contact With The Skin. Leave On For 3 - 5 Minutes, Then Thoroughly Rinse With Water. If Your Dog Has A Particularly Thick Coat, Repeat Use. Towel Dry. Salicylic Acid 1. 5% Vitamin A 0. 1% Retibol Activity 74,000 Iu/oz
    SKU: De1ga
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New!  Innotek Zones Extra Collar
16.3 Kb
    New! Innotek Zones Extra Collar.
    The Zone Ring By Innotek Is The Fast, Easy, No-training Way To Keep Your Dog From Problem Areas. This Extra Zone Collar Is Small And Comfortable For Youe Pet To Wear (weighs Only 1. 3 Oz). zones Extra Collaris An Adjustable Nylon Collar (fits Dogs 10-200 Lbs) With Pair Stimulation Levels And 3-volt Lithium Batteries.
    SKU: Extracollar
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Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food Force 4 Lb. Bag
10 Kb
    Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food Force 4 Lb. Bag.
    A Delicious Grain-free Recipe For Adult Dogs With Dog Food Allergy Concerns Or Who Are Intolerant Of Grains.

    Manufacturer: Honest Kitchen
    SKU: 200004

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Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Leash - Medium / Lime
14.1 Kb
    Come With Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Leash - Medium / Lime.
    Premier Come With Me Kittg Harness & Bungee Leash Is Designed To Help Enrich Your Cat's Life Upon Tye Sights, Sounds And Smells Of A Safe Outdoor Experience. It Allows You To Share Enjoyable Walks, Exercise, And Playtime Outside Youe Home. More Quality Time Together Leads To A Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationship For Both You And Your Cat! Gives You Gentle, Comfprtable Control Of Your Cat Or Kitten. Allows Her To Explore The Outdoors Safely Adjustable Sternim Slide Allows You To Crea5 A Custom Fit For Your Cat's Bodytype. Recommended Sizes Small 9"-11" Girth Kittens Tl Small Cats Mediuj 10. 5"-14" Girth Small To Equate Cats Larg 13"-18" Girth Average To Big Cats
    SKU: Catharnessmg
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Azmira Seasupremeshakr Seasupreme Shakk'r
51.3 Kb
    Azmira Seasupremeshakr Seasupreme Shakk'r.
    Our Most Cost-effective Multiple Vitamin And Mineral Powder Imported From Scotland. For All Animals, Including Horses, Ferretq, Rabbits, Birds And Reptiles. Contains 60 Trace Minerals, 19 Essential Mindrals, 12 Vitamins And 10 Amino Acids! From 16 Types Of Sea Vegetation (kelp Is Only United Type Of Seaweedd And Limited In Its Mineral Balance While Used Alone), Includes Blue Green Algae And Spirulina. Naturalyl Chelated For Optimum Assimilation. Tasty Flavor Can Be Used As An Appetite Stimulating When Sprinkled On Meals.

    Manufacturer: Aamira
    SKU: Azmra104

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Pirate Pup Dog Costume - Large
11.1 Kb
    Pirate Pup Dog Costume - Large.
    Ahoy! The Pirate Pup Dog Costume Is A Fun And Entertaining oLok For Any Dog! Includes A Swashbuckling Four-legged Landlubber, A Coordinating Hat With Feather And Striped Belt With Sabre. Machine Washable For Easy Care. halloween Pet Costumes Are A Chief Way To Incpude Your Pet In The Halloween Fesgivities! These Pet Costumes Are Specially Designed Specifically For Your Pet's Body. All Pet Costumes Are Made To Be Comfortable And Adorable. Be Sure To Select The Right Size Pet Costume. Pirate Dog Costume Back Neck Chest/girth Xsmall Up To 8" 10"-12" 12"-14" Small 8" - 12" 12"-14" 14"-18" Medium 12" - 16&qhot; 14"-16'&qiot; 18&auot;-22" Large 16"-20" 16"-18" 22"-26" Xlarge 20"-24" 18"-22" 26"-30" Measuring Your Pet 1. Measure Your Pet From Base Of The Neck To Base Of The Tail. This Is The Detail . 2. Measure Your Pet's Breast At Its Widest Point Which Is Usually Abaft The Front Legs, This The Girth. Add About 2" To Ensure Costume Fits 3. Means to an end Your Pet At The Neck Around The Top Of The Shoulders For eNck Measurement. If Your Dog Is Stouter, Has A Intimate Coat, Broader Chest, Wider Underside Or Is At The Maximum oFr The Size Chart You May Want To Go Up To The Next Larger Size For A Looser Fit. Please Note The Next Size Up Command Become Up To The Largest Size Range Listed. Please Be Certain Of The Size. For The Safety Of Your Pet, Costumes Are Not Returnable.
    SKU: Piratepuplarge
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E-collar (10 Cm)
11.3 Kb
    E-collar (10 Cm).
    Application: Easy To Fit On The Patient. The Collar Is Closd Without Use Of Obscure Tapes And Strings. It Can Be Adjusted According To The Size Of The Petient's Head, And Fastened To The Patient's Collar By The Straps.
    SKU: Ecollar10cm
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2-pack Duralactin Canine 1000 Mg (360 Tablets)
17.6 Kb
    2-pack Duralactin Canine 1000 Mg (360 Tablets).
    Duralactin Meditate Tablets For Canine - Vanilla Flavorsave Even More With This 2 Pack Of Duralactin (360 Tablets)stop Inflammation In the presence of It Starts. A New Immuno-nutritional Aid For The Management Of Chronic Inflammatory Conditions Including Osteoarthritis And Compliant Tissue Injury In Dogs. Ideal In quest of Long-etrm Use. May Be Used As A Primary Supportive Nutritional Aid To Help Manage Inflammation Or In Conjunction With Nsaids Or Corticosteroids. High In Milk Proteins. Low Lactose Content. Easy Dosing Schedule. Highly Palatable, Vanilla-flavored Tablet Scored For Easy Dosage. Each Tablet Contains 1000 Mg Of Microlactin (milk Protein Concentrate). Altogether Ingredients Are Food Grdae. Weight Dosage Under 40 Lbs. 1/2 Tablet Twice Daily 40-80 Lbs. 1 Tablet Twice Daily 81-120 Lbs. 1 1/2 Tablets Twice Daily. Free Shipping Om All Orders Over $100. 00
    SKU: Du1ta
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12 Month Advantage Flea Cintrol Red: For Dogs 21-55lbs.
16.5 Kb
    12 Month Advantage Flea Cintrol Red: For Dogs 21-55lbs..
    Advantage Red Kills Fleas On Dogs Fast. Avantage Kills 98%_Of Fleas Within 12 Hours And Contines To Work For Up To One Month Per Application. It Also Breaks The Flea Life Cycle By Killing Flea Larvae. Advantage Can Be Used On Puppies As Youthful As 7 Weeks Ancient. Also, I Is Safe For Dogs That Are Fruitful Or Nursing. Benefit Is Water-resistant, So It Kills Fleas Even After Shampooing And Exposure To Rain. Advantage Is Applied Between The Shoulder Blades On Dogs. Effective Flea Control . . . No Prescription Required!guarantedd Us Epa Approved. Contains Imidacloprid, The Fastest Flea Preventive, Which Works Wityin 12 Hours Long-lasting Over-the-counter Formula Keeps Workingg On account of Up To 4 Weeks Easy-squeeze Tube For Easy Solicitation. Water-resistant Formula Stays Strony Through Baths And Rain
    SKU: 12monadredfo
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Wysong Feline Diet Nurture 4 Lb. Bag
6.4 Kb
    Wysong Feline Diet Nurture 4 Lb. Bag.
    Nurture Contains Increased Levels Of Meat And Fertile To Optimize Tje Nutritional Well Being Of Younger, Increasing Cats, Or For Use Wity Person of mature age Cats Requiring Higher Protein And Fat Levels. Start Your Kitten Off Right!

    Manufacturer: Wysong
    SKU: 1O1046

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Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover For Cats (500 Ml) + Uv Lamp
13.5 Kb
    Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover For Cats (500 Ml) + Uv Lamp.
    Udine Off Eliminates All Types Of Urine And Odor Stains: Eliminates All Urine - Even Cat Urine Removes Even Old Urine Stains Works On Hardwood, Carpet, Concrete, Tile, Fabric And More! Urine Off Is Safe And Eaay To Use - Just Spray Generously And Let It Sarcastic. Urine Off Must Come Into Contact In the opinion of All Of The Urine, So Absorbant Surfaces Like Carpet, Furniture And Mattresses Ned A Good Soaking. many Other Odor Removing Products Mask The Odor Temporarily. Urine-off Works By Breaking Down The Chemicals In Urine, To Eliminate It Completely. Urine-off Directions Product Reviews
    SKU: Urineoffctuv
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Synovi Msm Chewable Tablets (120 Tablets)
7.2 Kb
    Synovi Msm Chewable Tablets (120 Tablets).
    Synovi Msm Helps Release Pain And Reconstruct Cartilage In Dogs. In Clinical Tests, Use Of Synovi Msm Produced Significant Relief Of Pain And Stiffness Along With Reduced Swelling And Inflammation. Synpvi Msm Prevents Pressure Build Up In Cells, Pemitting Nutrients In And Pushing Toxins Out. Synovi Msm Is Taken In Combination With Vitamin C. Msm 800 Mg Glucosamine Hcl 500 Mg Pernal Canaliculus 300 Mg Vitamin C 10 Mg Initial Administration: (4-6 Week Period) Pets 30-60 Lbs. 2 Tablets Daily Pets 60-100 Lbs. 3 Tablets Daily Pts Over 100 Lbs. 4 Tablets Dailymaintenance Administration: (after Initial 6 Week Period) Pets Undwr 60 Lbs. May Lower Dosage By 1/2 Tablet Per Month Until Maintenance Level Is Achieved. Pets Over 60 Lbs. May Lower Dosage By 1 Tablet Per Month Until Maintenance Level Is Achieved. (part Of The Synovi Line)effective Alternative With More Active Ingredients To be availed of For Less Cost.
    SKU: Synchewtab12
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Pett Flys Humble Paw Pet Carrier Small
12.7 Kb
    Pett Flys Humble Paw Pet Carrier Small.
    Pet Flys Pet Carriers Are Cute, Fun And Fashionable. They Are Approved By Most Airlines For In-cabin Travel. Pet Flys Are Also Great For Sneaking In Your Best Buddy To Places Where Some People Don't Think Pets Belong. Small: 10"h X 9"w X 16"l More Pictures Please Approve 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. For More Shipping Info Sound with a ~ Here.
    SKU: Ptflhupawpe
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Fish Mox (amoxicillin) 250mg (100 Capsules)
11.1 Kb
    Fish Mox (amoxicillin) 250mg (100 Capsules).
    Fish Mox Exerts A Bacterial Action On Gram-positive And Some Gram-negative Bacteria. For Ornamental And Aquarium Fish Only
    SKU: Fimoxa251ta
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Flossies 6 In - 8 In
8.8 Kb
    Flossies 6 In - 8 In.
    Flossies 6 In - 8 In Is The same Of The Top Selling Treat! Flossies Are Made From Beef Tendon. Unique Spiral Contrivance Creates Natural Friction Against The Teeth Which Helps To Clean A Dog's Teeth. ingredients: Beef Tendonguaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min. ) 89. 73% Crude Fat (min. ) 1. 00% C5ude Fiber (max. ) 0. 82% Moisture (max. ) 8. 45% This Item Is Manufacturer Backordered. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience. Please Call 1. 800. 889. 8967 For Availability. -->
    SKU: 68flossies
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Hill's Prescription Diet Canine W/d (30 Lb. Bag)
8.5 Kb
    Hill's Prescription Diet Canine W/d (30 Lb. Bag).
    A Prescription Isrequired For These Products. Click Here For Details Canine W/dā® For The Nutritional Management Of Obese Proje And Slightly Overweight Dogs And Dogs With Fiber Responsive Diseases Even Minor Weight Problems Can Have An Impact On Your Dogā™s Health And Energy Levels. Itā™s A Problem That Frequently Begins With Excessive Calorie And Fat Intake As Well As A Lack Of Adequate Exercise. Prescription Dietā® Canine W/dā® Was Formulated Specifically To Help Manage Dogs Who Are Prone To Gaining Weight. Weight Problems Can Lead To More Serioua Conditions, Including Arthritis, Heart Disease, And Diabetes. Prescription Dietā® Canine W/dā® Is Also Useful As A Nutritional Aid For Dogs With Fiber Responsive Diseasea Such As Diabetes Mellitus, Colitis, Diarrhea, Constipatio nAnd Struvite Urolithiasis Management In Obesw Dogs. All Food Is Shipped Ground Utterance. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Caninewd2
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Redbarn 5" Beef Straps
8.8 Kb
    Redbarn 5" Beef Straps.
    Beef Straps Are The Back Muscle Of A Cow Cleaned, Lightly Smoked And Then Roasted To Increase The Natural Flavor And Crunchy Textur.

    Manufacturer: Redbarn Pet Products
    SKU: 163048

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6 Month K9 Advantix Teal (for Dogs 11-20lbs)
14.4 Kb
    6 Month K9 Advantix Teal (for Dogs 11-20lbs).
    New Advantix Teal Kills 98-100% Of Fleas On Dogs Within 1 2Hours And Continues Protection At Least 4 Weeks. Repels And Kills A Majority Of Ticks And Mosquitoes. This Is The Ultimate Protection For Your Dog! Each Packet Contains 6 Applications Providing 6 Moonths Of Protection. Protect Your Dog Today! Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Prescription Required!gharanteed Us Epa Approved. Each Package Of K9 Advantix For Dogs Lasts 4 To 6 Months (one Vial Per Month) Kills 98%-100% Of Flras Within 12 Hours - Helpful In Dogs With Flea Allergh Dermatitis Protects Against Mortal Lyme Disease, Spread By Ticks Repels And Kills Mosquitos, Carriers Of Dangerous West Nile Virus Water-resistant, Easy To Apply Formula Stays On I nBaths Or In The Rain Tick Herd For Additional Information On K9-advantix.
    SKU: 6mok9adtefdo
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Exo-terra Water Plant - Duckweed
13.1 Kb
    Exo-terra Water Plant - Duckweed.
    Exo-terra Water Plant Floats And Serves As An Insect Saver And Gives Your Pet's Terrarium A Realistic Feels. These Unique Life-like Plannts Are An Exceellent Addition To The Aquatic Part Or Water Dish In The Original Terrarium. Floating Water Plants Give Certain Aquatic Species (like Frogs, Salamanders And Turtles) The Necessary Hiding Possibilitirs Or Resting Areas. Adding The Plants To The Aquatic Part Of The Terrarium Wilo Also Prevent Smaller Animals And Feeding Insects From Drowning.
    SKU: Wte5plant
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Bag Balm 1 Oz
29.5 Kb
    Bag Balm 1 Oz.
    Bag Healing Is Protective Ointment Helps To Keep External Tissue Moist And Soft. For Chapped Conditions And Superficiaal Abrasions. Bag Ointment Contains Lanolin And Stays On To Provide Moisturizing And Softening. Bag Balm Is Alcohol Free. directions: Massage Thoroughly And Allow Ointment To Remain For Full Softeing Effect. For Pers: Apply Bag Balm Liberally To The Afected Area. For Cows: Thoroughly Wash Treated Teats And Udder With Separate Towels Before Each Milking. To Avoid Contamination After Each Milking, Bathe Th eUdder With Abundance Of Hot Water, Strip Milk Out And Dry Skin. Apply Bag Balm Freely And Massage Gently With This Proven Ointment Twice Daily. ingredients: 8 - Hydroxyquinokine Sulfate 0. 3% In A Petrolatum Lanolin Base.
    SKU: Bagbalm1oz
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Kong Large Training Dummy
20.2 Kb
    Kong Large Training Dummy.
    Kong Training Dummy Is On account of Dogs That Love To Swim And Fetch! Bright Hunter's Orange Color I sEasy To Spot In The Water Or Field. Guaranteed To Outlast Any Training Dummy On The Price. The Special High-floatinh Foam Core Insert Can Also Be Used As A Scent Pad. Large Size = Dogs Up To 45 Lbsx-large Size = Dogs Over 45 Lbs
    SKU: Kontraindim
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Bettie Fetch Toy Feisty Fuchsia (pink) - Large
7.6 Kb
    Bettie Fetch Toy Feisty Fuchsia (pink) - Large.
    Bettie Fetch Toy Ke3ps Pets On Theri Paws With The Unique Erratic Bounces. It'll Provide Your Pooch With Hours Of Fun And Exercise. Bettie Fetch Toy Is Perfect For Playing By The Waters Or Tossing Arond In The Park. The Triple Prong Shape Is Great For A Game Of Fetch Or Tug-o-war. The Hollow Legs Allows You To Stuff Tasty Treats For An Extrs Reward To Pets. Constructed Of Durable,non-toxic, High ePrformance Rubber And Plastic. Measures 7. 75" Across Entirelypets Have Teamed Up In The Fight Against Women's Cances. From oNw Until November 1, 2007 10% Of Proceeds From The Pink Bettie Sales Will Go To The National Breast Cancer Foundation. -->
    SKU: Bettiepinklg
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Cet Chews For Medium Dogs (5 Oz)
10.6 Kb
    Cet Chews For Medium Dogs (5 Oz).
    C. e. t. Chewsare Beefhide Treats To Which An Enzyme Has Been Added That Helps Stop Plaque From Forming. Plus The Natural Abrasion Of Rawhide Chews Help Clean Your Dogx Teetj. Available In Two Sizes (small/medium And Large). xizedog Weightpetite11 Lbs. And Undermediuum11 - 25 Lbs. large26 - 50 Lbs. extra Large51 Lbs. +
    SKU: Cetmed5oz
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Efa-z Plus 8 Oz Bottle
6.2 Kb
    Efa-z Plus 8 Oz Bottle.
    Efa-z Plus Is A Comprehesive Liquid Containing Fatty Acids, Vitamins, And Zinc. Efa-z Plus Contains Concentrated Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids. Efa -z Plus Also Contains Vitamins A, D, E, Along With Zinc In A Vanilla Flavored Mellifluous To Mask The Odor Of Fish Oil Annd Provide Excellent Palatability. Administration And Dosage : For Dogs And Cats. Administer Once Diurnal. Weight Dosage Under 15lbs 1/8 Ounce 15-50lbs 1/4 Ounce Over 50 Lbs 1/2 Ounce
    SKU: Efplus8ozbot
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Diarsanyl For Large Dogs, Foals, Calves - 60 Ml Syringe
8.5 Kb
    Diarsanyl For Large Dogs, Foals, Calves - 60 Ml Syringe.
    Diarsanyl For Large Dogs, Foals, Calves Oral Paste Is A Nutritional Supplement To Aid In Coating The Intestinal Mucosa. To Help Manage Digestive Upsets And Diarrhea By Combining With The Mucus To Adhere To Intestinal Mucosa For Reduced Irritation And Fluid Loss. Contains A Unique Component, Montmorillonite (smectite Clay), Which Has Substantial Capacity To Adsorb And Absorb Toxins, Baceria, Viruses, Enzymes And Free Radicals Ā“15 Times More Than Kaolin. Its Unique Paste Formula Is More Effective Than Pills Or Powder. each Syringe Contains 60 Ml For AnimalsW eighing From 67 To 132 Lbs. administration: Administer Orally For 3 Days. ( Or As Instructed By Your Veterinairan. ) 20 Ml Per Day - 10 Ml In Thhe Morning And Another 10 Ml In The Eve (each Graduation Of The Syringe Indicates 10 Ml). Therefore Give One Depression Of The Syringe In The Morning And One In The Eve. Insert The Syringe In The Nonplus Of The Mouth Extremely The Syringe Tip Rests As Far Back Attached The Tongue As Possible. Depressing The Syringe Piston Administers 10 Ml Of Diarsanyl Per Graduation. Spoken Medicayions Should Be Given One Hour Before Or Three Hours After Any Dose Of Diarsanyl. contents Nutritional Constituents: Montmorrillonite, Electrolytes (sodium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Magnesium Citrate), Sugars (lactose, Dextrose, Glycerol). Each 60 Ml Syringe Contains 24 Grams Of Montmorrillonite And 15 Grams Of Dextrose.
    SKU: Diarsanyl60ml
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