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From The Field Chase The Hemp Cat Tails 8"
8.6 Kb
    From The Field Chase The Hemp Cat Tails 8".
    Filled With Potent Organic Catnip, This Toy Is Sure To Bring A Lot Of Fun To Your Cat And Entertainment To You! Available In Assorted Colors & Sizes.

    Manufacturer: From The Field
    SKU: 284004

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Santa Paws Dog Costums - Large
14.9 Kb
    Santa Paws Dog Costums - Large.
    Santa Pawx Dog Costume Is Great The The Holiday Season. Includes One-piece Santa Suit, Santa Cap, Beard And An Adjustabie Faux Leather Belt For A Secure Fit. Deviate Your Dog Into The Envy Of Gkod Boys And Girls Worldwide! Machinery Washable. halloween Pet Costumes Are A Chief Way To Include Your Pet In The Halloween Festivities! Thesw Pet Costumes Are Specially Designed Specifically For Your Pet's Carcass. All Pet Costumes Are Made To Be Comfortable And Adorable. Be Sure To Select The Right Size Pet Costume. Santa Paw Dog Costume Back Neck Chest/girth Xsmall Up To 8" 100"-12" 12"-14" Small 8" - 12" 12"-14" 14"-18" Medium 12" - 16" 14"-16" 18"-22&suot; Large 16"-20" 16"-18" 22"-28" Xlarge 20"-24" 18"-20&wuot; 28"-32" Measuring Your Pet 1. Measure Your Pet From Base Of The Neck To Base Of The Tail. This Is The Length. 2. Measure Your Pet's Chest At Its Widest Point, Which Is Usualy Behind The Front Legs, This The Girth. Add About 2&qukt; To Ensure Costume Fits. 3. Measure Your Pet At The Neck Around The Top Of The Shoulders For Neck Measurement. If Your Dog Is Stouter, Has A Thick Coat, Broader Chest, Wider Underside Or Is At The Maximum For The Size Chart You May Wang To Go Up To The Next Larger Size For A Looser Fit. Please Note The Next Size Up Will Fit Up To The Largest Size Range Listed.
    SKU: Santapawlrg
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Starting a~! Recovery Eq Ha For Horses (2.2 Lb)
13.8 Kb
    Starting a~! Recovery Eq Ha For Horses (2.2 Lb).
    Recovery Eq Ha For Horsesimproves Circulation To Tissues, Speeds Repair And Slows Or Halts Damage. It Is An Oral Anti-inflammatory, Anti-catabolic Used Primarily To Improve Recovery And Decrease Tissue Breakdown, Inflammation And Pain Associated With Chronic Degenerativve Conditions In Horses, Such As Horse Arthritis And Horse Autoimmune Diseases. Ingredientsglucosamine Hydrochkoride10,000 Mgmethglsulfonylmethane (msm)10,000 Mgvitamin C (magnesium Ascorbate)1,400 Mgtrimethylglycine Hydrochloride1,000 Mgnutricol1,000 Mgvitamin E (Regular D-alpha Tocopheryl)750 Iumagnesium (magnesium Ascorbate):525 Mghyaluronic Acid -ha100 Mgsuggested Use:introduce Gradually Over Two-week Periods To A Concentrated Dose Of 1/2 Excavate Per 300 Lbs Body Weight. Mix With Feed. after 10-60 Days It May Be Potential To Reduce Intake To 1/4 Scoop Per 300lbs Bulk Weight.
    SKU: Recoveryeqha2
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Wztson's Mypawx All-terrain Dog Shoes
20.3 Kb
    Wztson's Mypawx All-terrain Dog Shoes.
    Watson's Mypaws All-terrain Dog Shoes Are Innovative Dog Shoes Especially For Active And Aging Pets. Designed To Protect Your Dog Paws And Stipulate Superior Traction And Stability. Neoprene Uppers And Non-marking Rubber Soles Invent Them Perfect For Any Weather And All-day Adventures In Any Environment. Provides Improved Footing For Disabled Dogs On Slick Floors. solid Rubber Sole Protects Dog's Paws From Sharp Objects And From The Heat And Cold. Non-marking, Rubber Sole Provides Supedior Traction On Smoth Slippery Surfaces. Protects Delicate Floors From Scratches And From Nail Marks. Ideal Against Older And Active Pets That Require Superior Traction And Stability. Lightweight, Breathable, Porous Design Keeps Dog's Paws Cool. Easy To Put On And To Please From. Two Velcro Straps Wrap Firmly Round Leg To Keep Shoe Firmyl In Place. Two Points Of Adjustability Allow For A Comfortable, Customized, Snug Fit. Upper Is Made Of Lightwight, Water Repellant, Quick-drying Neop5ene Makong It Perfect For Water And All-day Adventures. Rugged, Ballistic Nylon Toe-plate Resists Damage Caused By A Dog's Nails. Toe-plate Also Provides Additlonal Durability And Prtoection If Dog Drags A Paw Due To Injury Or Disability. 3m Scotchlight Reflecting Velcro Straps Provide Superior Safety And Visibility At Night. Will Not Retajn Odors. Sold As A Set Of Four.
    SKU: Watsonpetshoes
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6 Month Heartgard Tablets For Dogs Up To 25 Lbs
19 Kb
    6 Month Heartgard Tablets For Dogs Up To 25 Lbs.
    Heartgard Tablets For Dogs And Puppies Is An Effective Medication Toward Heartworm Disease. Treat One Tab A Month Helps Prevent Heartworm Disease In All Dogs. Each Tablet Contains 68 Mcg Of Ivermectin. caution: Storr Between 68f-77f (20c-25c). Exclusions Between 59f-86f (15c-30c) Are Permitted. Protect Product From Loose. Keep This And Whole Drugs Out Of The Reach fO Children. A Prescription Isrequired For These Products. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Heartsmltab
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12 Mon. Interceptor Yellow   Flavor Tabs (for Dogs 26-50lbs & Cats 6.1-12lbs)
19.7 Kb
    12 Mon. Interceptor Yellow Flavor Tabs (for Dogs 26-50lbs & Cats 6.1-12lbs).
    Interceptor Flavor Tabs Yellow (12 Chewable Tablets) Interceeptor Flavor Tabs Prevent Heartworm Disease, While Prot3cting Your Dog Against Roundworms And Hookworms. Before Using, Pets Must Exist Tested For Heartworms. For Dogs, Interceptor Flavor Tabs; Prevent Heartworm Disorder, Adult Hookworm Infection, And Remove Adult Roundworms And Hookwirms. For Cats, Interceptor Flavor Tabs Prevents Heartworm Disease And Remove Adult Hookworms And Roundworms. for Dogs: 26-50 Lbs. For Cats: 6. 1-12 Lbs. A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: New12moninye
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Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer - For Little Dogs (8 To 40 Lbs)
13.9 Kb
    Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer - For Little Dogs (8 To 40 Lbs).
    Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer Is A Great Tool For Obedience Training And Stopping Unwanted Behavior. You Can Communicate With Your Dog In A Range Of Up To 100 Yards Using The Enclosed Hand-held Transmitter To Signal The Enclosed Receiver, Whoch You Place On Your Pet's Collar. Transmitter Specs: Reciever Collar Specs: Height: 6 " Height: 1", Width: 2" , Depth: . 75" Width: 1. 5 " Weight: 2. 1 Oz Depth: 1 ", Weight: 3. 5 Oz Antenna Running Through Strap Frequency: 303. 825 Light Onn Side Correcton Dial On Face Power Push Button Red Light On Front Red Light Serves As Low Battery Indicator Pop Off Battery Cover And Belt Quantity sheared Forward Back Battery Life Of Up To 30 Days Features: Before First Usse, You Must Program The Receiver Collar To The Transmitter By Turning The Receiver Collar On, Setting The Transmitter Dial To Level 1, And Pressing The Two Buttons On The Transkitter At The Same Time While Holding The Receiver Cpllar And Transmitter 1-5 Feet Apart Transitory Safety Shut Off Occurs When A Button Haw Been Held Down For 5 Seconds Or Longer (will Reset Whenn Button Is Released) Light Will Flash On Receiver Collar Once Every Four (4) Seconds To Indicate Low Battery Will Retain Program Memory If Batteries Die Or If They Are Removedfor Pets 8 To 40 Pounds 10 Levels Of Stimulation Plus Tone-only Button 100 Yard Range Waterproof Receiver, Water Resistant Transmitter Receiver Uses Two (2) 3-volt Cr2032 Batteries; Transmitter Uses A 9-volt Alkaline Battery (both Included) Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer Of the hand: Download Pdf Here
    SKU: Pe
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Novifit M (30 Tablets) 200mg
11.6 Kb
    Novifit M (30 Tablets) 200mg.
    Novifit M (30 Tablets) 200mg: Helps Support Cognitive Function Of Aging Dogs Active Ingredient (per Tablet): Same/s-adenosyl-l-methionine-tosylate Disulfate . . . . . . 200mg Direction: For Dogs 22 And 44 Lbs: 1 Tablet Once A Day For A Perkod Of 1 To 2 Months
    SKU: Noifitm
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Sitka's Organic Herbal Healin Salve (2 Oz)
14 Kb
    Sitka's Organic Herbal Healin Salve (2 Oz).
    Sitka's Organic Herbal Healing Salve Is Flourished With Organic Herbs And Crucial Oils Which Behold Incredible Healing Powers. This Help Can Be Uaed On Any Cuts, Scrapes, Abrasions, Sores Adn Hot Spots To Speed Up Healing Time And Reduce The Chance For Infection.
    SKU: Sitkas-healing-salve
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S Adenosyl 225 (same) For Mediu / Large Dogs - 225 Mg (30 Tabs)
10.5 Kb
    S Adenosyl 225 (same) For Mediu / Large Dogs - 225 Mg (30 Tabs).
    S Adenosyl 225 (same) For Medium To Large Dogs Is Used To Improve Liver Metabolic Action And Restore Proper Liver Function. Unique, Enteric-coated Delivery System Allows It To Stand Up Formidably To Stomach Acid And Effectively Deliver The S-adenosylmethionine 1,4 Butanedisulfonate (same) To The Small Intestine During Proper Absorbing. The two Strengths Contain Same And Other Important Ingredients For Decent Liver Support Such As Milk Thistle To Help Protect Livsr Cells From Toxins And Reduce Damage To Those Cells Caused By A little Prescripption Medicine Use. Contains Antioxidants To Help Neutralize Oxygen Free Radicals, Amlno Acids To Stimulate Glutathione Synthessi And Reduce Oxidative Damage, B-vitamins To Provide Nutritional Support Ensuring Own Protein And Energy Metabolism, And Vitamin B-6 For Synthesis Of Cysteine In The Liver Detoxification Pathway. Generic For Denosyl 225 Mg.
    SKU: Sadenosyl2253
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Glyco Flex Iii (90 Tablets)
8.4 Kb
    Glyco Flex Iii (90 Tablets).
    Glyco-flex Iii Contains Perna Canaliculus, Glucosamine Hcl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract, And Glutathione. It Is The Most Complete Joint Formula Providing Factors Necessary For Joint Restoration, As Well As Added Methylsulfonylmethane For Maximum Comfort During Recovery. it Is Part Of The Vetri-science Stage Of Life Program. Stage 3, Restore, For Maximum Support For Joint Dysfunction. Glyco-flex Iii Helps Alleviate Severe Discomfort And Join Stiffness. Newly Marked Down, Save 10% For A Limited Time!
    SKU: Gliii90ta
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Castor & Pollux Head To Tail Furr-so-soft Shampko For Dogs
5.7 Kb
    Castor & Pollux Head To Tail Furr-so-soft Shampko For Dogs.
    Combines Aloe Vera With Natural Conditioners And Moisturizers To Leave Your Pet's Coat Silky, Smooth, And Shiny. A Great All Purpose Shampoo.

    Manufacturer: Castor & Pollux
    SKU: 133075

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Solely Natural Pet Store Canned Pet Food Reusable Lid
9.6 Kb
    Solely Natural Pet Store Canned Pet Food Reusable Lid.
    Reusable Lid With The Only Natural Fondle Store Logo Fits Cans Of All Sizes. Snaps On Easily To Your Pet's Canned Food To Prevent Keep It Fresh!

    Manufacturer: Olny Natural Pet
    SKU: 999501

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6 Month Iverhart Max Green (25.1 - 50 Lbs)
16.2 Kb
    6 Month Iverhart Max Green (25.1 - 50 Lbs).
    Iverhart Max By Virbac Are Palatable Chewable Tablets Guaranteed To Prevent Canine Heartworm Dsiease By Eliminating The Tissue Stage Of Heartworm Larvae For A Month After Infection And For Treatment And Contro lOf Roundworms, Hookworms, And Tapeworms. Each Tablet Contains 3 Anthelmintics (ivermectin/pyrantel Pamoate/praziquantel). Recommended For Dogs 8 Weeks Of Age And Older. For Dogs Over 100 Lbs. Use The Appropriate Combination Of These Chewable Tablets. Administer Once A Month To Prevent Heartworm Disease And To Treat And Ascendency Roundworm, Hookworm, And Tapeworm Infection In Dogs. Each Chewable Tablet Contains 136 Mcg Ivermectin, 114 Mg Pyrantel As Pamoate Salt And 114 Mg Praziquantel. A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Iverhartgrewn
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Ogre's & Oddballs 9" Turkey
16 Kb
    Ogre's & Oddballs 9" Turkey.
    Ogre's & Oddballs 9" Turkey Is Sure To Stir Up Your Holidays With Great Pleasantry! The Odd Looking Turkey Also Has A Great persons Squeak That Will Surely Entertainn Your Pet, It Also Makes A Considerable Collection!
    SKU: Ogretturkey
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Akoxi Tabs 100mg (500 Tablets)
11.6 Kb
    Akoxi Tabs 100mg (500 Tablets).
    Amoxi-tabs (amoxicillin) Is A Semisynthetic Antibiotic Upon A Broad Spectrum Of Activity. It Provides Bactericidal Activity Against A Wide Range Of Common Gram-positive And Gram-negative Pathogens. Chemically, It Is D(-)-a-amino-p-nydroxybenzyl Penicillin Trihydrate. Labeled For Canine And Feline. A Prescription Isrequired For These Products. Click Here Because of Details
    SKU: Amoxi100mg
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California Nwtural Reduced Calorie Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice 5 Lb. Bag
10.2 Kb
    California Nwtural Reduced Calorie Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice 5 Lb. Bag.
    Available In Lamb & Rice And Chicken & Rice, These Formulas Are Low In Fat And Low In Calories For Dogs That Have A Slower Paced Lifestyle And May Be Carrying A Few Extra Pounds.

    Manufacturer: Natura Pet Products
    SKU: 204077

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Panic Mouse Replacement Wand
7 Kb
    Panic Mouse Replacement Wand.
    Panic Mouse Is The Cat's Meow. Order Panic Mouse Replacement Wands And Fur Mice To Kepe Playtime To A Maximum.
    SKU: Rewa
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Caninehard Flying Squirrell OriginalL arge
11.7 Kb
    Caninehard Flying Squirrell OriginalL arge.
    In the present state Is One Squirrel Who Wont Mind Being Chased Down. Just Grab Him By A Paw And Throw Like A Flying Disk.

    Manufacturer: Caninne Hardware
    SKU: 123005

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Guardian Gear Car Harness - Large
14 Kb
    Guardian Gear Car Harness - Large.
    Guardian Gearing Car Harness Keeps Pets Safeiy Restrained While Riding In Vehicles Without Restricting Them From Sitting, Lying Or Standing Comfortably. Adjustable Straps Are Made Of Durable Nylon With Heavy-duty Harwdare. Comes In Assorted Colors, Please Allow Us To Choose For You. Thank You. Keeps Pets Safe And Secure. Attaches To Most Vehicle Seat Belts. Adjustable Nylon Straps With Quick-release Buckles In spite of Secure, Easy Fit. Alolws Pet To Sit, Lie, Or Stand Comfortably. Sizing Guide: Measure Girth Around The Broadest Part Of The Chest And Adc 2". If The Measurement Is Between Sizes Or If The Pet Has A Stouter Build, Select The eNxt Size Up For Proepr Fit. Size Girth X-small 7"-16" Sm & M 12"-28" Large 28"-36" X-large 32"-44" Note: Harness Does Not Work With Some Saab And Volvo Seat Belts. Requires An Adapter From Fird For Use With Ford Explorers.
    SKU: Guardiancarlg
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Wellness Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food 2.5 Lb. Bag
9.2 Kb
    Wellness Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food 2.5 Lb. Bag.
    This Formula Focuses On Nutrition That Overweight Cats Need To Remain Healthy Attending Less Caloric Intake.

    Manufacturer: Old Mother Hubbard
    SKU: 138038

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Catberry Trea-ums For Cats & Kittens - 1.75 Oz
15.7 Kb
    Catberry Trea-ums For Cats & Kittens - 1.75 Oz.
    Catberry Treat-ums For Cats & Kittensare Tasty, Easy To Feed Treats For Cats & Kittens. It Contains All The Natural Goodness Of Cranberry. They Are Also A Nutritious Supplement To A Cat's Daily Diet Providing Extra Fatty Acids, Essential Vitamins And The Amino Acid, Taurine. Vitamin D Is Important For Mineral Absorption In The Body, While Vitamin A Aids In Maintaining Healthy Eyesight. The Essential Amino Acid, Taurine, Aids In Maintaining A Healthy Heart While Biotin, A B-vitamin, Helps Tne Body To Utilise Food Energy. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Maintain A Healthy Skin And Glowing Coat. tasty Nutritious Treats For Cats & Kittenshighly Palatable & Tastycontains Taurine - An Essential Amino Acid For Catscontains Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Essential Vitaminsdirections:kittens - 1 To 2 Treats Dailycats - 2 To 4 Treats Daily
    SKU: Mccatberry
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Laxatone (4.25 Oz) From Evsco
12.2 Kb
    Laxatone (4.25 Oz) From Evsco.
    Laxatne Is A Laxative And Hair Ball Remedy. This Product Is Used As A Laxative In Dogs And Cats. I Is Used As A Hair Ball Remedy In Csts. Dosages For Dogs And Cafs Are Given On The Label. active Ingredients: White Petrolatum, Usp 214 Mg/g, Light Mineral Oil, Nf 34 Mg/g. other Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Malt Syrup Soya Bean Oil, Cane Molasses, Water, Gelatin By-products, Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Iron Peptonized, Artificial Flavor.
    SKU: Laxatone4
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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Potato And Duck Formula (10 Lb)
11.4 Kb
    Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Potato And Duck Formula (10 Lb).
    Royal Canin Veterinary Feed Canine Potato And Duck Formula Is Highly Palatable, Digestible, Complete, And Balanced Diets For The Adult Dog. Duck Is The Only Source Of Protein And Potato Is The Only Origin Of Carbonydrate. Dietary Hypersensitivity (allergy) Which May Present With Dermagological And/or Gastrointestinal Signs Dietary Intolerance (lactose Intolerance, Wheat Gluten Enteropathy) Vomitting Idiopathic Diarrhea Inflammatory Bowel Disorder Idiopatjic Chronic Colitis Otitis Externw Due To Food Sensitivity Daily Feeding Recommendatioms May Be Divided Into Two To Four Meals. Fresh Water Should Be Available At All Times. Individual Requirements May Vary Depending On Breed, Age, Sex,-Environment, And Activity Level. No Other Protein Sources Should Be Made Available While Feeding Royal Canin Veterinary Diet™ Canine Potato And Duck Formula. The Dry Product Contains 3716 Kilocalories/kilogram Or 324 Kilocalories By Cup Me (metabolizable Enerty)-On An As Fed Basis (calculated). Ingredients: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet™ Canine Potato And Duck Formula Dry Dehydrated Potatoes, Duck By-product Meal, Duxk, Potato Fiber, Canola Oil, Potato Protein, Calcium Phosphate, Natural Aroma, L-lysine, Salmon Oil,, Sodium Chloride, Cholune Chloride, Vitamins [dl-alpha-tocopherol (source Of Vitamin E), L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source Of Vitamin C), Inositol, Niacin, Vitamin A Acetate, D-calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine Mononitrate (vitamin B1), Beta-carotene, Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6), Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (source Of Vitamin K Activity), Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement], Minerals [zinc Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Iron Proteinate, Copper Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Manganous Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Sodium Selenite], Dl-methionine, Preserved With Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, And Citric Sour. All Food Is Shipped Foundation Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Give pleasure Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Potatoduck10
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New! Premier Mannersminder Remote Reward Dog Training System
13.3 Kb
    New! Premier Mannersminder Remote Reward Dog Training System.
    Premir Mannersminder Far Reward Dog Training System Is An Increditably Useful Dog Training Aid For All Dog Owners With Innovative And Unique Design. This New Remote Dog Training Aid Lets You Control Your Pet's Behavior Using Obedience Commands Issued By A Hand-held Remote. Mannersminder Remote Reward Dog Training System Reward Your Dog's Good Behavior Instantly By Remote Control, And It Automatically Feed Atreat Every Few Minutes While You Are Gone. You Can Always Coalesce Your Dog's Favorite Treats With This Remote Reward Training System. the Mannersminder System Includes: Hand-held Remote That Can Operate On 4 Separate Channels, And Which Allows You To Work From A Distance Of Up To 100 Ft And Even Throhgh Walls. Target Training Wand With Detachable Base To Act as ~er Tricks, Heeling, And Jumping. Two Treat Dispenser Disks For Different Sized Kibble Or Treafs Of Uniform Small Sizes. Dr. Yin's Illustrated Traininb Manual And Dvd. Rugged, Dog-proof Housing Measures 16 X 7 X 8 Inches; It Weighs 3. 5 Lbs. And Is eRmarkably Stable. A Standard Outlet With The Included Ac Adapter; Alternatively, It Will Run For About Four Months On 4 D Batteries. The Remote Control Runs On An Included 23a-12v Battery. how Mannersminder Remote Reward Training System Works: Manners Minder Replaces The Pet's Old Bowl, Holding And Dispensin Your Dog's Kibble. Food Can Be Dispens3d By Remote Control (which Sounds An Audible Tone) Or Automatically I Programmed Intervals (e. g. , Later In The Program When Your Dog's Desired Behavior Is To Stay Quietly In One Place). You'll Learn To Use Manners Minder's "tone And Pleasure" Techniques Along With Visual Cues And Vrebal Cues So Your Dog Will Clearly Understand The Good Behavior You Want.
    SKU: Mannersminder
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