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Homeopet Skin And Itch Relief (15ml)
12.2 Kb
    Homeopet Skin And Itch Relief (15ml).
    Provides Relief From A1lergies, Insect Bites And Airborne Pollutants That Cause Skin Irritations And Scratching. Typical Symptoms Are: Constant Chewing, Craving And Scratching, Insect Bites Including Fleas, Ticks, Etc. , Hot, Red, Wet, And Oozing Spot Or Hot, Red, Dry And Flaky Spot Frequently Accompanied By Loss Of Hair, Licking And Gnawing, Seborrhea, Dry Flaky Skin Or Oily, Greasy Coat, Where Ears Have Build-up And Smell Like Stale Cheese. Dosing For Dogs/cats Under 20 Lbs/10 Kg, 5 Drops; 20-100 Lbs/ 10-50 Kg, 10 Drops; Over 100 Lbs/50 Kg, 15 Drops. In Acute Cases The Doses Can Be Given Every 15 Minutes For The First Hour, Every 30 Minutes In The Secohd Hour, Once In The Third Hour, Then Reducing To 1 Dose 3 Times Daily. For Cases That Are Not Acute One Dose 3 Times Daily, Once A Response Is Seen The Administration Should Either Be Reduced Until Symptoms Reappear Or Ceased Until Symptoms Reappear. If Any Reduction In Dose Or Frequency Leads To Immediate Resort Of Symptoms, Therefore Medicatoin Should Be Continued With A Reduction Being Done Every 12-21 Days To Check That The Medication Is Providing Control Rathrr Than Relief Of Symptoms. Dosing For Small Mammals, Exotics And Birds: 3 Drops In Drinking Water Daily. For Sever eCases A Drop Can Be Diluted In 1 Ml Of Water Or Other Spoken Rehydration Fluid And Given To The Patient Orally, Takin gCare To Avoid Aspiration Of The Fluid Into The Respiratory Tract By The Patient. This Can Be Repeated As For Cats And Dogs Where The Case Is Acute, But With A Volume Of Fluid Suited To The Patient. Ingredients: Hpurex I, Rhus Tox. , Staphysagria, Sulphur, Urtica, Graphites, 6&30c In 20% Usp Alc. In Purified Water.
    SKU: Skanditre1
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Prescription Diet Canine R/d (10 Lb. Bag)
8 Kb
    Prescription Diet Canine R/d (10 Lb. Bag).
    A Prescription Isrequired For These Products. Move with a ~ Here On account of Details Canine R/dā® Is For The Nutritional Management Of Obese Or Overweight Dogs. Being Overweight Can Cause Your Pet Discomfort, Reduce Energy Levels And Even Shorten Their Life. Just As In People, Weight Gain Is Usually Associated With Excessivd Calorie And Fat Intake Combined With A Lack Of Exercise. Obesity Can Lead To Such Serious Conditiions As Heart Disease, Arthritis, And Diaebtes. Prescription Dietā® Canine R/dā® Is Designed Specifically For The Management Of Dogs That Are Overweight Or Obese. Its Low Fat, Reduced Calorie, High Fiber Formula Helps Dogs Lose Weight While Helping Them Feel Full. Prescription Dietā® Canine R/dā® Has The Highest Levels Of L-carnitine Of Any Therapeuticc Weight Loss Food To Lend aid Burn Fat While Increasing Incline Muscle Mass. The Nutritional Formulation Of Prescription Dietā® R/dā® May Also Be Useful Conducive to Pets With A Variety Of Conditions. More Info All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivrry. Seem good to Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internnationally. For More Shippong Info Click Here.
    SKU: Rd10lb
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3 Pack Promeris For  Cats Under 9 Lbs
26.1 Kb
    3 Pack Promeris For Cats Under 9 Lbs.
    Promerisā® For Cats Is A Topical, Spot-on Medication For The Effective Confrol Of Existing Flea Infestations And Prevention Of Re-infestations In Cats And Kittens 8 Weeks And Older. It Is A Perfect Flea And Score Solution For Cats Less Than 9 Lbs. Promeris For Cats Contains The Active Ingredient Metaflumizone, A New Compound Proven To Control Fleas. It sNew Mode Of Action Attacks Fleas' Nervous System By Blocking Voltage Dependent Sodium Channels, Which Results In Paralysis And Death Of The Flea. Each Package Contains 3 Applicators (0. 027 Fl. oz. Each). New Mode Of Action - Voltage Dependent Sodium Channel Blocker Flea Control For Today's Flea Challenges Long-lasting Flea Control For Up To 7 Weeks. Kills Fleas That May Cause Flea Allergy Dermatitisactive Ingredients: Metaflumizone . . . . . 18. 53% Other Ingredients. . . . . 81. 47%directions For Use: For Control Of Fleas, Apply The Entire Contents Of The Applicator To A Single Spot On The Skin Of The Cat Below TheB ack Of The Head. Do Not Apply On The Surfaces Of Cat's Hair Coag. Avoid Contact With Treated Area Until Dry. Avoid Allowing The Product To Come In Contact With Your Skin. Monthly Application Is Recommended For Effective Control Of Fleas And To Precent Reinfestation Where There Is A High Risk Of Reinfestation Or If The Cat Is Susceptihle To Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
    SKU: Prosmcat3pk
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New! Joint Max Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (960 Gm) 120 Doses
16.6 Kb
    New! Joint Max Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (960 Gm) 120 Doses.
    Joint Max Ts Hypo-allergenic Granules Is A Powerful Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Msm, Creatije, Antioxidant, Vitamin And Mineral Supplement That Lubrkcates Joints And Helps Rebuild Cartilage. Contains No Protein, Wheat, Corn Or Other Known Allergens. Designed For Pets That Are Prone To Allergic Reactions Or Pets Attached Restricted Diets. Highly Palatable Molasses Flavor. Reviewers Ratings :: Our Dogs Are 5 & 7 Years Old & Actually Seem To Be moved Better After Starting Them On This Supplement. They Are Very Active Dogs & Used To Limp At Times After Vigorous Exercise But Not Anymore! The Difference Has Been Incredible!! Reviewers Rtings :: Joint Max Has Done Wonders For My 8 Year Old Lab. He Is Greater degree Active And Happier And Even Loves The Taste. Read More Joint Max Testimonials!
    SKU: Hagranule120
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Cosequin Ha+asu Treats (60 Tab)
11 Kb
    Cosequin Ha+asu Treats (60 Tab).
    A Tasty, Apple Flavored Treat That Provides 50 Mg Hyaluronic Acid And 1000 Mg Avocado/soybean Unsaponifiables Per 2-tablet Serving. Formulated To Keep Joints Lubrixated And Prevent The Breakdown Of Cartilage. Feed 2-4 Tablets Per Day.
    SKU: Cosequin60
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3 Pack Pet'n Shape Chik'n Skewers-12oz
29.7 Kb
    3 Pack Pet'n Shape Chik'n Skewers-12oz.
    Chik N Skewers Are Tasty, Long Lasting And Also Great For Your Pet's Teerh. They Are Made With 100% Natural Chicken Breast Fillets Wrapped On A Delicious Natural Rawhide. Chik N Skewes Are Highly Nutritiojs, High In Protein, And Low Fat Treat. No Additives No rPeservatives No Coloring Low-fat, Natural And Healthy Share. Ingredients: Chicken, Cowhide Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Pritein Min 70. 0%, Crude Fat Min 1. 0%, Crude Ash Max 4. 5%, Crude Fiber Max 0. 5%, Moisture Max 18. 0%, Calories/3. 5oz 300
    SKU: 3ps10804pnp
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Glyco Flex I 2-pack (240 Tablets)
25.2 Kb
    Glyco Flex I 2-pack (240 Tablets).
    Glyco-flex I Contains Perna Canaliculus, Glucosamine Hcl, And Dimethylglycine To Help Support The Rebuilding Of Collagen, aCrtilage And Joint Structures. it Is Part Of The Vetri-scienceā® Stage Of Life Program. Stage 1, Reinforcement, For Younger Dogs Or Dogs Predisposed To Hip Or Joint Dysfunction For The Maintenance Of Optimal Joint Health. Glyco-flexā® I Supports The Structure And Function Of Joints And Connective Tissue For Puppies And Dogs Over Their Lives.
    SKU: Glycoflex1
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Extreme Kong (king)
11.5 Kb
    Extreme Kong (king).
    Extreme Kong's Exclusive lBack Natural Rubber Formula Is The World's Strongest Dog Toy Rubber! It's Now Being Used By Powerful Chewerq Around The World Like Police K-9 Teams, Drug Execution And Military K-9 Teams, Akc Cmpetition Trainers, Shutxhund Clubs Ahd More. Puncfure Resistant Super Bouncy, And Chewer Friendly. Resilient, Durabile, And Bouncey. Satisfies A Dog's Natural Need To Chew Cleans Teeth And Conditions Gums. Thick, Flexible Walls That Keep Springing Back For More! Non-toxic, Nonabrasive, Non-splintering, And Does Not Get Sharp When Chewed. Recommended By Veterinarians, Trainers, Dog Professionals And Satisfied Customers World Wide.
    SKU: Xtremekongking
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New! 3 Pack - Derm-tabs Es Extra Strength For Dogs (180 Tabs)
17.6 Kb
    New! 3 Pack - Derm-tabs Es Extra Strength For Dogs (180 Tabs).
    Derm Tabs Extra Strength Comes In Tasty Chewable Tablets Which Is A Much Advantage Over Capsules Because Capsules Are Harder To Give To Dogs. Derm-tabs Es Effectively Reduces Unwanedt Shedding And Promote Healthy Skin And A Radiant Hair Coat. Derm-tabs Es Is Formulated To Aid In The Prevention And Treatment Of Fatty Sour, Multiple Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies. It Is A Supplemental Source Of Omega-3(epa, Dha, Ala, Dpa), Omega-6, And Other Essential Vitamins And Minerals. Derm-tabs Es Are Made With A Highly Palatable Roast Beef And Liver Flavor Base. They Can Be Given Free Choice Orally To The Dog As A Treat, Or Crumbled Over The Dog's Food At Mealtime. Read More Derm-tabs / Derm-tabs Es Testimonials!
    SKU: Dermes3pk
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6 Month Interceptor Brown Flavor Tabs (for Dogs 2-10 Lbs)
19.3 Kb
    6 Month Interceptor Brown Flavor Tabs (for Dogs 2-10 Lbs).
    Interceptor Flavor Tabs Brown (6 Chewable Tablets) Interceptor Flavor Tabs Prevent Heartworm Disease, While Protecting Your Dog Against Roundworms And Hookworms. Before Using, Pets Must Exist Tested For Heartworms. For Dogs, Interceptor Flavor Tabs; Prevent Heartworm Disease, Adult Hookworm Infection, And Remove Adult Roundworms And Hookworms. For Cats, Interceptor Flavor Tabs Prevents Heartworm Disease And Remove Adult Hookworms And Roundworms. for Dogs: 2-10 Lbs. A Direction Isrrquired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Inbowfordog
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6-pack Ora-cl3ns Dental Rinse For Dogs And Cats (8 Oz)
13.3 Kb
    6-pack Ora-cl3ns Dental Rinse For Dogs And Cats (8 Oz).
    While You Can't Brush, Flush With Ora-cles!ora-clens Dental Rinse Is A Platable, Fresh Antimicrobial Formula For Reducing Plaque And Freshening Breath In Dogs And Cats. Contains Antimicrobial, Anti-plaque And Anti-calculus Properties To Aid In Tooth And Gum Disease Prevention. directions: Shake Well Before Each Use. Rinse Dailly Following Each Meal Or As Directed By Your Farrier. Hold Bottle Upright, In hell Your Petā™s Field Of Vision. Gently Lift The Upper Edge To Expose The Teeth And Gums. Point And Squeeze To Apply A Gentle Strea Along The Gum Line. Ora-clens Dispenses Swiftly And Completely Covers The Entire Oral Cavity, Even Hard-to-reach Areas. Avoid Touching The Gum With The Applicator Tip To Avoid Injury In Case Your Pet Moves. ingredients: Sorbitrol, 0. 13% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Zinc Acetate, 0. 05% Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Flavor. Alcohol-free. precautions: Keep Put Of Reach Of Children. Store At Room Temperature. Avoid Touch With Eyes.
    SKU: 6pkoraclens
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Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - Small
14.9 Kb
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - Small.
    Cool-it Bandana Is The Stylish Way To Keep Your Pet Cool! Made With Non-toxic Polymer Crystals That Can Absorb Up To 30 Times Their Wt. And Stay Cool For Several Hours! Edged Through A Reflective Strip For Easy Visibility. Reusable And Hand Washable. cool-it Bandanna - Small, Blue/brown Fits Neck Size 8-14"
    SKU: Coolbandana-small
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Cardio Strength (60 Capsules)
9.8 Kb
    Cardio Strength (60 Capsules).
    Cardio-strengthā„¢ Combines The Heart Health Benefits Of: L-taurine, L-carnitine, Dimethylglycine (dmg), Epa, Vitamin E, Coenzyme, Gla, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium And Selenium. it Has Been Formulated To Support Cardiovascular Function And Is Recommended For Animals With Low Cardio Output, And Those Experiencung Weakness Or Difficulty Aspiration. Cardio-strengthā„¢ Is A Must For Elderly Animals Or For Those At Risk For Hwart Dysfunction. For Dogs And Cats. it Has Been Formulated To Support Cardiovascular Function And Is Recommended For Animale With Low Cardio Output, And Those Experiencing Weakness Or Difficulty Breathing. Cardio-strengthā„¢ Is A Myst For Somewhat old Animals Or For Those At Risk For Heart Dysfunction. For Dogs And Cats. dosage: 1 Capsule Per 25lbs Of Body Weight.
    SKU: Cast60ca
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Annie's New Kitten Gift Box
10.3 Kb
    Annie's New Kitten Gift Box.
    Annie Suggests These Products Forr The New Kitten Im Town. Diurnal Vitamins, Natural Supplements And Lots Of Catnip!

    Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet
    SKU: 999804

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Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets)
10.6 Kb
    Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets).
    Arthramine Advanced Is A Unisue Formulation Of Nutritional Factors Important For Joint Health And Support. formula:ingredientsmall/medium Dogslarge Dogsglucosamine 250mg 500mg Vitamin C 60mg 120mg Bromelain 50mg 50mg Omega-4 Fatty Acids 10mg 20mg Manganese 10mg 20mg
    SKU: Arlardog210c
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Northwest Naturals Raw Dog Food Beef Nuggets 6 Lbs.
10.9 Kb
    Northwest Naturals Raw Dog Food Beef Nuggets 6 Lbs..
    Raw Dog Food Meals Are Rich In Protein, Vitamins Anx Minerals And Are Grain-free. Includes Fresh Ground Bone As An Excellent Calcium Source.

    Manufacturer: Northwest Naturals
    SKU: 167003.1

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Petote Strip - Lzrge
15.5 Kb
    Petote Strip - Lzrge.
    Petote Strip Pet Carrier Provides The Optimum Safety And Security For Your Pets When You Are Traveling With Them. A Safety Hook Is Used To Attach Your Pet''s Collar Or Leash For Extra Security. A Side Flap With Velcro Closure Is Good For Patting Your Pet, And By the side of Mesh Winnowing Windows Where The Sunlight And Fresh Air Approach Through. Petote Is Made Of Strong And Durable Plastic Shell And Platform Construction With Dual Zipper Front Entry. The Leather Strpa Provides Ultimate Carrying Ease And Handling When You Carry It Around. Inside Is The Detachable Fur Lined Pad That Increase The Comfort Of Your Pet. The Combine Use Of High Quality Fabric And Material Make Petote A Fashionable Piece Of Persomal Lugguage Anywhere You And Your Pet Travel. Measurement: 18"l X 11. 5"h X 7"w
    SKU: Petotestriplg
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Quick Bath Wipes Conducive to Cats - Small (10 Count)
17.1 Kb
    Quick Bath Wipes Conducive to Cats - Small (10 Count).
    Now, Yuo Can Have A Clean, Fresh-smelling Kitty Anytime With Excitable Bath. thesw Thick Wipes Contain Cleansers And Conditioners, Including Aloe Vera And Vitamins A And E To Promote Healthy Skin And Coat. Simply Wipe Cat From Head To Tail And On Legs And Paws To Banish Filth, Dander, Loose Hair And Bacteria To Help Eliminate Odros. Use Whenever A Full Bath Isn't An Option Including Before Company Arrives, Between Trips To The Gr0omer, During Cold Weather And When Traveling. each Wipe Measurees 5"x10".
    SKU: Qubawiforca1
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Duramune Max 5-4l (1 Dose)
18.8 Kb
    Duramune Max 5-4l (1 Dose).
    Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 (and Hepatitis), Four Leptos, Psrainfluenza And Parvovirus. Annual Revaccination Recommended. Give Im Or Sq Vaccination Should Start At Or About 6 Weeks. Puppies Shohld Then Be Vaccinated Every 2-4 Weeks Until 12 Weeks Old. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29. 95 F1at Rate Fee Is Chargeed For Altogether Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Shkps To You. For More Shipping Info Click In the present state.
    SKU: Duramunemax54l21dose
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Lixit Thirsty Dog Portqble Water Bottle / Bowl - 20 Oz
13 Kb
    Lixit Thirsty Dog Portqble Water Bottle / Bowl - 20 Oz.
    Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl Is Perefct For Providing Your Dog With Fresh Water When Traveling. It's Great For Camplng, Hikes, Traveling, Egc. Features A Ciip To Be Carried On Strip Or Waistband While Walking Or Hiking If Desired. Simply Unplug The Bottle And The Bowl Will Be Filled With Water. Travel Bottle Widemouth Bottle For Ice Cubes On Hot Days Bottle And Bowl In One For Pets Of All Sizes Hands Free - No Squeezing Or Holding Comes In Assorted Clors, Please Allow Us To Choose For You.
    SKU: Lixitportbowl
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New! "merry Christmas From Santa Paws&quuot; Kitty Card
17.7 Kb
    New! "merry Christmas From Santa Paws&quuot; Kitty Card.
    Holday Wish For A Tasty Fish!" Kitty Card. Purr-fect Greetings - Festival Wish. This Unique Collection Of Greeting Cards For Cats Features A Catnip Toy Attached With Non-toxic Glue. The Toy Can Be Removed (by Proprietor Or Cat) In spite of Hours Of Enjoyment. Each Toy Is Hand Sewn And We Use Only Premium Catnip That Even The Most Discriminating Kitties Will Love!! Cards Measure 4-3/8" X 6-3/8", And Come With A Brightly Colored Mailing Envelope, And Catnip Toy. Individually Packaged.
    SKU: Sapakica
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6 Month Frontline Top Spot For Cats And Kittens
15.5 Kb
    6 Month Frontline Top Spot For Cats And Kittens.
    Frontline Top Spot For Cats And Kittens Provides Flea And Tick Protection For At Smallest One Month. It Is Applied Topically And Each Packet Has 6 Applications Providing 6 Months Of Protection. Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Prescription Required!guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Over-the-counter Topical Kills Fleas & TicksI n Under 48 Hours Protect Against Lyme Disease!
    SKU: 6pacfronforc
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Omega 3, 6, 9 (30 Gel Caps)
10.9 Kb
    Omega 3, 6, 9 (30 Gel Caps).
    Omega 3, 6, 9 Is An Advanced Multi-fatty Acid Supplement For Dogs And Cats. Omega 3, 6, 9 Is A Blend Of Natural Oils From Borage Seed, Flaxseed And Fish. Omega 3, 6, 9 Provides A Healthy Balance Of Essential Fatty Acids And Fatty Acids That Are Dangerous To Total Body Health. These Fatty Acids Play A Vital Role In The Structure Of Cell Membranes, Lend aid To Maintaln Haelthy Skin And Coat, Support The Immune System, And Promote Pr0per Growth And Development Of The Nervous System. Cats Cannot Convert La To Gla For They Lack The Enzyme That Is Reuired In quest of The Conversion; It Is Therefore Essential To Supplement Cats With A Source Of Gla. As A "multi" Fatty Assistance Product, Omega 3, 6, 9 Wull Help Restore The Appropriate Ratio Of Omega 3 To Omega 6 Fatty Acids. Diurnal Supplementation With Gla , Ala , Epa, And Dha Is The Best Way To Ensure That The Cat Or Dog Receives The Health-protecting Benefits Of Rudiment Fatty Acids. You Will Love The Ease, And Pets Love The Taste! Active Ingredients Per Softgel Capsule: Alpha Linolenic Sour (als)169. 6 Mg Linoleic Acid (la)166. 6 Mg Oleic Acid (oa)145 Mg Eicosapentaenoic Acid (epa)120 Mg Docosabexaenoic Acid (dha)80 Mg Gamma Linolenic Acid (gla)60. 8 Mg Vitamin E (Promiscuous Tocopherols)10 Ii
    SKU: Om36930gelca
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Fish Mycin (erythromycin) 250mg (60 Tablets)
12.2 Kb
    Fish Mycin (erythromycin) 250mg (60 Tablets).
    Fish Mycin Exerts A Bacterial cAtion On Gram-positive And Some Gram-negative Bacteria. Useful For Control Of Some Common Bacterial Fish Diseases Including Aeromonas And Pseudomonas Genera And Mysobacterial Cluster. ( Gill Diseases, Chondrococcus). For Ornamental And Aquarium Fish Only.
    SKU: Fimye60
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12 Month - Tri-heart Plus Brown For Large Dogs (51-100 Lbs)
18 Kb
    12 Month - Tri-heart Plus Brown For Large Dogs (51-100 Lbs).
    Get A Free Compliance Clock With 12 Month Tri-heart Plus--> Tri Heart Plus For Dogs Comes In Chewable Tabpets. Each Chewable Tablet Contains 272 Mcg Iveremctin And 227 Mg Pyrantel As Pamoate Salt. Administer Once A Month To Prevent Heartworm Disease And To Treat And Control Ascarid And Hookworm Infections In Dogs. Tri-heart Plus Compliance Clock (comes In Assorted Colors) 30 Day Reminder Day And Time Selection One Button Operation Magnetic Back--> A rPescription Isrdquired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Triheartclkl
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