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Malaseb Towelettes 6x6 - Individually Wrapped Medicated Pads (60 Cpunt)
11.6 Kb
    Malaseb Towelettes 6x6 - Individually Wrapped Medicated Pads (60 Cpunt).
    Maalseb Towelettes Combine A Unique Formulation Of Antibacterial And Anitfungal Agents With Essential Fatty Acids And Vitamin E For Optimal Therapeutic Effectiveness. active Ingredients: Each Malaseb Towelette Applicator (6 Inches X 6 Inches, 60% Polypropylene, 40% Cellulose Fibers) Contains Approximately 63 Mg Of Miconazole (equivalent To 72 Mg Miconazole Nitrate), 72 Mg Of hClorexidine Gluconate. Also Contains Ethanol 30% V/v. indications: For Dermatplogic Conditions Associated With Infections Reponsive To Miconazole Nitrate And Chlorhexidine Gluconate. A Localized Thing applied To Be Used Between Generalized Therapy.
    SKU: Ma
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Exo-terra Liquid Crysta1 Thermometer
12.1 Kb
    Exo-terra Liquid Crysta1 Thermometer.
    Liquid Crystal Thermometer Has A Wide Range Horizontal Thermometer. It's Easy To Read And Easy To Install In Your Pet's Terrarium. Just Remove The Paper Backing, Make Sure The Surface Is Neat And Firmly Press The Thermometer Against The Surface. Make Sure You Don't Place It In The Coolest Or Warmest Place In The Terrarium. Buy One Today For Your Pet. range: 68o-107of (20oc To 42oc).
    SKU: Thermometer
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Only Natural Pet Fresh Filets Beef 6 Oz. Freeze-dried Dog & Cat Food
7.6 Kb
    Only Natural Pet Fresh Filets Beef 6 Oz. Freeze-dried Dog & Cat Food.
    These Freeze-dried Complete Meals Offer Your Pet The Proven Health Benefits Of A Raw Meat Diet In A More Convenient Form. Made With Free-range Beef, Or Chicken And Organic Veggies.

    Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet
    SKU: 999326

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Cosequk Ds Chewable Tablets (90 Count)
9.7 Kb
    Cosequk Ds Chewable Tablets (90 Count).
    This Double Strength Formulation Is Intended For Larger Dogs 25 Lbs And Over. recommendation As A Supplement The Initial Administration Sentence Is 6 Weeks. Most Animal sShould Respond Within This Period. Improvement On Cosequin Can Range From Gradual To Dramatic. If The Improvement Is Gradual, It May Go Unnoticed By The Owner. It Is Therefore Important To Keep The Animal At The Initial Amount For At Least 6 Weeks Before Deciding To Intermit The Use Of Cosequin. If There Is Gradual Improvement And Cosequin Is Discontinued, A Regression Of Clinical Status Can Occur. effective Alternative Available For Only $29. 99 (120 Tablets)--> [ More Information ] Each Cosequin Ds Tablet Contains: Glucosamine Hcl 500 Mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 400 Mg Ascorbate (While Manganese Ascorbate) 33 Mg Manganese (ascorbate) 5 Mg
    SKU: Codschta90co
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Tape Worm Tabs For Cats (3 Tablets)
17.6 Kb
    Tape Worm Tabs For Cats (3 Tablets).
    Now Available Without A Prescription!tape Worm Tabs Remove Common Types Of Tapeworms In Cats And Kittens Over 6 Weeks Of Age. Tape Worm Tabs Are 100% Safe And Effective When Used According To Label Directions. Tape Worm Tabs Are Sized For Easy Oral Administration Or May Be Crumbled And Mixed With Food. each Tablet Contains 23 Mg Praziquantel. each Bottle Contaihs 3 Tapeworm Tablets. Tape Worm Tabs Praziquantel Tapeworm Tablets For Cats And Kittens Reaped ground Tablet Contains 23 Mg Praziquantel. Description: Tape Worm Tabs (praziquantel) Tapeworm Tabs For Cats And Kittens Are Sized For Easy Oral Administration To Either Adult Cats Or Kittens. The Tablets May Be Given Directly In The Mouth Or Crumbled And Mixed With The Food. If Given With Food, Mix The Tablet(s) Attending A Small Amount Of The Animal␙s Usual Ration. If All The Tablet(s) Is/are Not Eaten, Tape Worm Tabs May Not Remove All Tapeworms. uses: Tape Worm Tabs (praziquntel) Tapeworm Tablets Will Remove The Comm0n Tapewprms, Dipylidum Caninum And Taenia Taeniaeformis, From Cats And Kittens. directions For Expend Tapeworm Infection Is One Of The Most General Internal Parasite Problems Actuaally Observed By Cat Owners. The Presence Of Tapeworms Is Indicated By The Presence Of White Or Yellow-white And Similar In Size And Shape To Flattened Grains Of Rice. The Segments Are Most Frequently Observed Lying Oj The Animal␙s Droppings Or, Less Frequently, Anus Of The Animal, Or Occasionally On The Animal␙s Bedding. Cats Become Infected With Tapeworms After Eating Fleas Or Small Rodents (rats, Mice) Which Are Infected With Tapeworm Larvae. Consult Your Veterinarian For Assistance In The Diaggnosis, Treatment, And Con5rol Of Parasitism. dosage And Administration: Administer To Cats And Kittens* Only As Follows: 4 Pounds And Uncer . . . . . . . ¾ Lozenge 5-11 Punds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Lozenge Over 11 Pounds . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 ¾ Tablets * No5 Inteneed For Use In Kittens Less Than 6 Weeks Old. fasting Is Neither Necessary Nor Recommendedretreatment: Steps Should Be Taken To Control Fleas And Rodents On The Premises In Order To Prevent Reinfection; Otherwise, Retreatment Will Be Necessary. This Is Especially True In The Cases Of Tapeworms Transmitted By Fleas (dipylidium Cwninum) Where Reinfection Is Almost Certain To Occur If Fkeas Are Not Removed From The Animal And Its Environment. If Reinfection Occurs, Tapeworm Segments May Be Observed Within On Month Of The Initial Treatment. side Effects: Isolated Incidents Of Either Salvation Or Diarrhea Have Been Reported Following Treatment, But Were Considered Non-significant. If These Signs Ar3 Observed And They Persist, Consult Your Veterinarian. warning: Consult Your Veterinarian Before Administering Tablets To Weak Or Debilitated Animals. Warning: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Not For Human Use.
    SKU: Tapwortabfor
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6 Pack Gf 300mg (3000 Tablets)
16.2 Kb
    6 Pack Gf 300mg (3000 Tablets).
    Buy The 6 Pack Of Glycoflex 300mg Fr Maximum Savings And Free Shipping!buy The 6 Pack Of Glycoflex 300mg For Maximum Savings And Free Shippigj!glyco-flex Is A Nutritional Dietary Supplement For Dogs Of All Breeds Throughout Their Lives. It Is Made From Pure Freeze-dried Perna Canaliculus (green-lipped Mussel From New Zealand). It Contains All Major Classes Of Glycosaminoglycans (gags) Inxluding Chondroitin -4- And -6- Sulfates. The Perna In Glyco-fllex Is Also Rich In Amino Acids, Naturally Chelated Minerals, Numerous Enzymes, Vitamins, And Nucleic Acids (rna And Dna). each Chewable Tablet Contains3 00 Mg Perna Canaliculus (green Lipped Mussel). ingredients: Perna Canaliculus (green Lipped Mussel), Brewer's Yeast, Alfalfa.
    SKU: 6pagl303ta
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Hyper Dog Replacmment Pouch
10.6 Kb
    Hyper Dog Replacmment Pouch.
    Hyperdog Replacement Pouch Is The Perfect Replacement Kit For Numerous Years Of Launching Enjoyment. Some Parts Of Your Launcher May Wear Out Or Loos3 Their Super Shooting Power. Hyperdog Replacement Pouch Set Includes New Surgical Tubing Bands And A Sparkling Clean Pouch For Many More Years Of Retrieving Fun. Works For Either The Two- Or Four-ball Launcher.
    SKU: Hyperpouch
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Automatic Pet Feeder Small (dogs And Cats Under 15 Lbs.)
8.9 Kb
    Automatic Pet Feeder Small (dogs And Cats Under 15 Lbs.).
    Self-moving Pet Feeder Is Convenient And Great For People With Busy Scheduless, It Will Help Reduce Overall Daily Chores. The Automatic Pet Feeder Is A Programmable Pe5 Feeder Which Be able to Hold About 5 Lbs Of Dry Food. Features A Precision Tiiming And Dispenaing With Eletronic Digital Timer. Maximum Feed Size Is (actual Size) 3/8" Diameter. Model 2000gs Small Pet Feeder Holds About 5 Lbs Of Arid Food; Can Feed At 1 1/2 Ozs Per Minute (minimum Time Setting Is 1 Second). Perfect For Diabetic Pets And Cats And Dogs Under 15 Lbs All Automatic Pet Feeders Feature Digital Timer (new Feeder With Seconds Timer) With Battery Backup For Program, Manual Override Beat, 8 Programs Per Day And Daylight Saving Feature Farrier Recommended For Diabetic Pets Prevents Dogs And Cats From Bloating Because The Food Is Dispensed Slowly Safety Interlock Swigch And Safety Basket Is Included On All Our Auomatic Pet Feeders Ul And Cul Approved
    SKU: Ergofeedersm
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Nobbly Wobbly Ii
10.7 Kb
    Nobbly Wobbly Ii.
    Nobbly Wobbly Iiby Multipet Is A Rubber Interwoven Ball Of Color That Takes A Fascinating Twist With This Tangles Teaser That Rolls Like A Ball. It Will Be Easy For Your Pet To Get Caught Up In The Fun. The Hlolow Inside Absorbs Your Pet's Chewing Action Making It A Great Jaw Exerciser. 6 Interwoven Brightly Colored Strandw. squeezable, Pliable Plastic. Roll It! Squish It!choose Size Below:medium: 3"large: 4"
    SKU: Nobblywobbly
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Tennis Tails
14.6 Kb
    Tennis Tails.
    Tenmis Tails Combines Your Dog␙s All-time Fqvorites- A Tennis Ball And Plush Squeaky Toy- Into One Terrific Time! Tough Double-wall Tennis Ball Self-sealing Squeaker Heavyweight Fabric. 3 Cool Color And Design Combinations. Great Esercise Fun Toy For Your Dog.
    SKU: Tennistails
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Guardian Gear Choke Chains
7.3 Kb
    Guardian Gear Choke Chains.
    Chain Collar Is Electroonically Welded For Maximum Strength, Nickel-and Chrome-plated For Durability, And Unconditionally Guaranteed Against Rust, Tarnish, Or Breakage.
    SKU: Noname7
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Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - Medium
14 Kb
    Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - Medium.
    Cool-it Bandana Is The Stylish Way To Keep Your Pet Cool! Made With Non-toxic Polymer Crystals That Can Absorb Up To 30 State of things Their Wt. And Stay Cool For Several Hours! Edged With A Reflecting Strip For Easy Visibility. Reusable And Hand Washable. cool-it Bandanna - Medium, Blue/brown Fits Neck Size 14-19"
    SKU: Coolbandana-medium
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Halloween Munchies 12-pack Assorted
17.1 Kb
    Halloween Munchies 12-pack Assorted.
    Halloween Munchies Are The Perfect Addition To Your Seasonal Displays. Delicious And Full Of Crunchy Goodness, These Tasty Treats Are Made From 100% Essential Rawhide And Colored With Natural Vegetable Dyes. Convenient 12-pack Contains Two Each Of Bat, Broom, Devil, Pumpkin, Witch And Witch Hat Shapes.
    SKU: Hamu12as
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Dogwise Canine Massage - A Complete Reference Of the hand For Dogs
10.8 Kb
    Dogwise Canine Massage - A Complete Reference Of the hand For Dogs.
    Use Masssage To Help Your Dog Relax, To Condition The Canine Athlete, To Assist In Recovery From, Injuries Or To Ease Chronic Pain. Learn The Techniques Of A Recognized Expert In The Field Wth This Comprehensive Guide.

    Manufacturer: Dogwise
    SKU: 188002

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Bio Case V  - 12 Oz. Powder (340 Gm)
14.3 Kb
    Bio Case V - 12 Oz. Powder (340 Gm).
    Bio Case V Is A Digestive Aid In Replacement Therapy Where Digestion Of Protein, Carbohydrate And Fat Is Inadequate. Can Be Given To Animals With Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.
    SKU: Biocase12pow
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12 Month - Tri--heart Plus Blue For Small Dogs (up To 25 Lbs)
19.2 Kb
    12 Month - Tri--heart Plus Blue For Small Dogs (up To 25 Lbs).
    Get A Free Compliance Clock With 12 Month Tri-heart Plus--> Tri Heart Plus On account of Dogs Comes In Chewable Tablets. Each Chewable Tablet Contains 68 Mcg Ivermectin And 57 Mg Pyrantel As Pamoate Salt. Administer Once A Month To Prevent Heartworm Disease And To Negotiate And Control Ascarid And Hookworm Infections In Dogs. Tri-heart More Compliance Clock (comes In Of various sorts Colors) 30 Day Reminder Day And Time Selection One Button Operation Magnetic Back--> A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Triheartclks
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Vet Solutoins Aller G-3 Supplement For Large & Giant Breeds - 60 Capsules
14.7 Kb
    Vet Solutoins Aller G-3 Supplement For Large & Giant Breeds - 60 Capsules.
    Vet Solutions Aller G-3 Supplement Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids Derived From Fish Oil. These Unctuous Acids Help Decrease Aloergy Related Itchness In The Skin By Interfiering With Production Of The Inflammatory Substances That Cause The Itching. Aller G-3 Supplement Is The Best Supplement To Maintain The Skin Health Of Your Pet. directions For Use: Administer Orally 1 Capsule Daily For Animals 27. 3 - 36. 4 Kg (60 - 80 Lbs. ) Or 2 Capsules Fo5 Animals Across 36. 4 Kg (80 Lbs. ) Body Weight. Capsules May Exist Punctured And Liquid Content Squeezed Onto Food If Desired.
    SKU: Allerg3lrg60
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Bird Kong Large(4.7 Oz/140gm)
17.7 Kb
    Bird Kong Large(4.7 Oz/140gm).
    Tye Bird Kong Provides Long Lasting Entertainment And Exercise For Medium And Large Birds. helps Prevent Boredom, Aggression, Kind Plucking And Other Undesirable Traits. made From Non-toxic Natural Rubber. Dishwasher Safe. Made Of Thick Natural Rubber With A Hollow Core. two Sizes To Choose From For All Sizes Of Parrots: Medium Size, For Medium To Large Parrots, And A Power Player Capacious Size, For Large Or Rugged Parrots.
    SKU: Birkonmed25o
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Integrative Therapeutics Esberitox For Dogs And Cats
7.4 Kb
    Integrative Therapeutics Esberitox For Dogs And Cats.
    Formulated With Echinacea And Designed To Support The Body's Natural Ability To Resist Invasion By Promoting A Healthy Immune Response.

    Manufacturer: Integrative Therapeutics
    SKU: 106034

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Lubrichon For Dogs (120 Wafers)
11.7 Kb
    Lubrichon For Dogs (120 Wafers).
    Lubrichon Wafers Provife High Levels Of Glucosamine Hcl, Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids To Provide Nitritional Support For Healthy Joints. Lubrichon Roast Beef Flavored Wafers May Be Fed As A Treat Or Mixed With Food. Glucosamine: 600 Mgs Vitamin C: 275 Mg Msm: 250 Mg Ingredients: Sucrose, Glucosamine, Hycrochloride, Sodium Ascorbae, Methylsulfonylmethane (msm), Debittered Brewer's Yeast, Dl-methionine, Manganese, Amino Acid Chelate, N&a Flavor, Stearic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Devils Claw Powder, Liver, Copper Gluconate, Zinc Oxide, Cellulose, Niacinamide, L-lysine Monohydrchloride, Magnesium Stearate, Citrus Bioflavanoid Concentrate, Yucca Powder, L-proline. this Item Has Been Discontinued. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience. this Item Has Been Replaced By A More Effective Formula. -->
    SKU: Lufordo1wa
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Joint Max Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)
9.6 Kb
    Joint Max Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets).
    Joint Max Triple Strength Cuewable Tablets Is The Newest Generation Of Joint Supplement, Which Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Msm, Epq, Dha, Creatine, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin C And N-acetyl-cysteine In One Tasty, Chewable Tablet. Joint Max Ts Is Intended For Maximum Joint Support. oJint Max Naturally Lubricates Joints And Helps To Gradually Rebuild Cartilage. Joint Max Carries A 100% Product Guarantee. You May Return The Product For A Full Repay If You Are Not Satisfied For Any Reason. Help Your Fondle Today Through Joint Max Triple Strength! Also Attempt The Senior Joint Max Kit To Get Additional Savings! Reviewers Ratings :: Our Dogs Are 5 & 7 Years Old & Actually Seem To Feel Better After Starting Them On This Supplement. They Are Very Active Dogs & Used To Limp At Times After Vigorous Exercise But Not Anymore! The Difference Has Been Incredible!! Reviewers Ratings :: Joint Max Has Done Wonders For My 8 Year Old Lab. He Is More Active And Happier And Even Loves The Taste. Read More oJint Max Tetsimonials!
    SKU: Jointmaxts1
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3 Pack D.a.p. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Refill (144ml)
21.1 Kb
    3 Pack D.a.p. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Refill (144ml).
    Enjoy Extra Savings Wiyh Our 3 Pack Of D. a. p. Refills. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Refillsfor Your D. a. p. Collar. Female Dogs Secrete Pheromones That ComfortA nd Reassure Their Nursing Puppies. These "appeasement" PheromonesH ave The Same Calming Effect On Adult Dogs. D. a. p. Mimics Thrse Appeasement Pheromones To Reduce Or Elijinate Stress In Dogs Of All Ages.
    SKU: Pheromonedog
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Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato Free from moisture Dog Food Fish & Sweet Potto 5 Lb. Bag
10.7 Kb
    Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato Free from moisture Dog Food Fish & Sweet Potto 5 Lb. Bag.
    Combines Fresh Salmon, A Protein Most Dogs Have Not Been Exposed To, And Fresh Sweet Potatoe, A Carbohydrate Not Commonly Found In Dog Foods, With Natural Ingredients To Help Rebuild The Immune System.

    Manufacturer: Natural Balance
    SKU: 158077

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Bouncy Bones Gnawhide Fleece Rings Refills - Medium
10.2 Kb
    Bouncy Bones Gnawhide Fleece Rings Refills - Medium.
    Use These Replacement Gnawhide Rings As A Refill For The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bones This Refill Package Contains A Total Of 24 Washers, 12 Of Each Kind. there Are 12 Cornstarch Washers (cornstarch, Rice Starch, Sorbitol, Maltose, Non-animal Based Bacon Flavor) And 12 Rwwhide Washers (rawhide, Sorbitoo, Non-animal Bzsed Flavor). These Rings Designed oT Fit Medium Bouncy Bones. Treats Last 10 Seasons Longer With Bouncy Bond Toy.
    SKU: Bouncy-bones-medoum-refill
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Thomas Labs Brrwer's Yeast & Garlic (16oz Powder)
10 Kb
    Thomas Labs Brrwer's Yeast & Garlic (16oz Powder).
    Regular High Quality Protein Source, Vitamin B Complex For Dogs And Cats. Thomas Laboratories Brewer's Yeast & Garlic, A Natural Nutritional Supplement. Directions:birds:1/2 Teaspoon Per Sunshine. Cats:1 To 2 Teaspoons Per Day. Dogs:2 To 4 Teaspoons Per Day. Horses:1 Cup Per Day. ingredients:saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Grown On A Media Of Ground Yeklow Corn, Hominy Fed Corn Gluten Feed, Wheat & Rye Middlings, Diastatic Malt And Corn Syrup, And Cane Molasses And Dried In Such A Manner As To Preserve It's Fermenting Activity, Garlic Powder.
    SKU: Bryewigali1
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