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New! Hot Diggity Dog Costume Ketchup - Small
13.3 Kb
    New! Hot Diggity Dog Costume Ketchup - Small.
    Halloween Pet Costumes Are A Great Way To Include Your Favorite In The Halloween Festivities! These Pet Costumes Are Specially Desogned Specifically For Your Pet's Body. All Pet Costumes Are Made To Be Comfortable And Adorable. Be Sure To Select The Right Si2e Of Pet Costume. turn Any Dog Into A Hot Dog! The New Hot Diggity Dog Costume Features Two Plump, Plush Poppy Seed Buns With Zig Zag Mustard Along The Back. A Fabulouw Coztume That Would Turn Heads!sizing Guide: Measure Extent Of Pet's Back From The Base Of The Neck To The Plebeian Of The Tail. If The Bulk Is Between Sizes Of If Pet Has A Stouter Build, We Recommend Selecting The Next Size Up For A Proper Fit. small: Up To 10" Toy Poodle, Silky Terrior, Yorkshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeraninan, Jack Russell Terrier, Australian Tereier, Pug. Large: 14" To 18" Springer Spaniel, Brittany Spaniel, Border Collie, Dalmation. easy To Put On And Take Off Adjustable Elasticized Velcro Strasp Secure And Agreeable Fitmanufacturer Backordered. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience. -->
    SKU: Hotketchup
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Nrw! Exodus Equine Paste - 23.6 Gm
9.1 Kb
    Nrw! Exodus Equine Paste - 23.6 Gm.
    Exodus Pasteis For The Removal And Control Of Mature Infections Of Large Strongyles (strongylus Vulgaris, S. Edentatus, S. Equines); Small Strongyles; Pinworms (oxyuris Equi); And Large Roundworms (parascaris Eqyorum) In Horses And Ponies. Contains 43. 9% Pyrantel Pamoate. Applr Flavored. Treats Up To 1,200 Lbs. Dosaging: Exodus Paste Is To Be Administered As A Single Otal Dose. Each Syringe Is Divided Into Weight Mark Increments. Each Weight Mark Indicates The Recommended Dose For 300 Pounds Of Body Weight. For Maximum Control Of Parasitism, It Is Recommended That Foals (2-8 Months Of Period) Be Dosed Ever y4 Weeks. To Minimize The Potential Source Of Infection That The Mare May Pose To The Fooal, The Mare Should Be Treayed 1 Month Prior To Anticipated Foaling Date Followed By Re-treatment 10 Days To 2 Weeks After Birth Of Foal. Horses And Ponies Over 8 Months Of Age Should Be Routinely Dosed Every 6 Weeks. It Is Recommended That Severely Debilitqted Animals Not Be Treated With This Dewormer.
    SKU: Exoduspaste
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Popware Pet Bowls (medium - Turquoise)
6.5 Kb
    Popware Pet Bowls (medium - Turquoise).
    Popware For Pets Collapsible Pet Bowls (medium - Turquoise) Expand For Use And Collapse For Convict Or Strage. Collapses To Less Than 0. 75in Thick. Great For Traveling, Camping, Or Everyday Home Use. Thorouhhly Washes Celan When Collapsed. Dishwasher Coffer.
    SKU: Popware-bowls-medium-turquoise
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Combat™ Flying Cow Dog Toy
15.2 Kb
    Combat™ Flying Cow Dog Toy.
    Constructted Of Heavy-duty Materials Designed To Resist Rigorous Play. Perfec For The Park Or Pool -- It Floats! This Soft, Cushioned Flying Disc Helps Prevent Moutg Injuries When Caught By A Dog. Flying Cow Features A Bold Black And White Cow Secrete Print. All Combat™ Toys Are Backed By Our battle-tested␝ Guarantee: Our Toys Will Outlast Other Soft Dog Toys On Th Market. Machine Washable Floats In Pool Or Lake Package Dimensions: 11. 25"h X 9. 25"w X 1. 25"d
    SKU: Coflcowdogto
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One Ac Supplement (200gm)
15.6 Kb
    One Ac Supplement (200gm).
    One Ac Is A Powder Feed Supplement For Horses. It Is A Patented Nutritional Supplement Developed Specfically For The Non-sweating Horse. The Ability To Sweat Is An Essential Physiological Response In The Horse If It Is To Per form In Hot And Humid Climates. Decay To Sweat (anhydrosis), Can Reduce The Equine Athlete␙s Ability By 15-20%, And Jeopardize Its Life If Forced To Perform. One Package Of One Ac Will Last One Horse Approximately 30 - 32 Days.
    SKU: Oneac
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Bio Spot Steady Spot - Large Because Dogs Over 60 Lbs. (6 Month Supply)
16.5 Kb
    Bio Spot Steady Spot - Large Because Dogs Over 60 Lbs. (6 Month Supply).
    Bio Spot On Spotkills And Repels Fleas, Ticks And Mosquitoes For Up To 30 Days. contains Insect Growth Regulator (igr) To Kill Flea Eggs And Prevent Reinfestation. Do Not Use On Cats.
    SKU: Biosponsplaf
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Wubba Dog Toy - Large
21.5 Kb
    Wubba Dog Toy - Large.
    Kong Wubba Toy Is The Ultimate Interactive Play Toy For Dogs. Wubbas Are Designed For You To Play Fetch And Other Interactive Games With Your Dog. Small Kong Wubba Is About 5" Long, 13" With The Tails. Assortsd Flag, Please Allow Us To Choose For You. Reinforced Fabric And Stitching Perfect Tug And Toss Plaything Fun Interactive Play Squeaks Measures 5" Long, 13" With The Tails Long Tails Make It Easy To Pick Up, Without Gfabbing A Slimy Tennis Ball Easy To Throw
    SKU: Wubbalarge
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Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts
7.7 Kb
    Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts.
    Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowlprovides Your Pets With Fresn Water Without The Spills. It's Made With Durable Plastic That Holds Up To 3 Quarts (2. 84 Liters) Of Water. It's Patented Design Prevents Spills And Splashes. Stop Messy Spillspatented Design Keeps Water Level Low To Prevent Spilling And Splashinggreat For Use In, Rv's, Suv's, Trucks, Cars, Boats, Etc. great For Cats Too
    SKU: Lixittravelbwl
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Naturvet Cranberty Relief (50 Gm.)
14.8 Kb
    Naturvet Cranberty Relief (50 Gm.).
    Guaranteed Analysis: Analysis Per 1 Cc Scoop: Cran-max (cranberry Extract) - 210 Mg Echinacea Purpurea - 105 Mh Oregon Grape Root - 34 Mg Ester-c (calcium Ascorbate) - 34 Mg Ingredients: Cranberry Quotation, Echinacea Purpurea, Oregob Grape Root, Calcium Ascorbate (source Of Vitamin C), Non-fat Dry Milk, Fish Digest And Natural Flavoring. Directions: Animal Weight Cats & Doys Up To 15 Lbs Dogs 15 To 50 Lbs. 51 + Lbs. Daily Amount 1 Cc Scoop 1 1/2 Cc Scoops 2 Scoops
    SKU: Crre50gm
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Petmate Home Trzining Series Wire Kennel - Large
13.6 Kb
    Petmate Home Trzining Series Wire Kennel - Large.
    Petmate Home Training Series Wire Kennel Is Great For Indoor Or Outdoor Use. Made With Stiff Heavy Gauge Wire For Strength And Durability For Safe Containment Of Pets. Premium Black Epoxy Finish Resist Rust. Features Secure-locking Door, Wire Mesh For Visibility And Ventilation And Smooth Quiet To Clean Flooring. Not straitened To Fold Down For Convenient Portabulity And Storagd. Measures 36 By 24 By 27 Inches, Available In Black Only. Home-training Dog Kennel Designed Forr Indoor Or Outdoor Use Made Of Heavy-gauge Wire With Black Epoxy Rust-resistant Finish Secure-locking Door; Smooth Plastic Floor Ensures Comfort Fold-down Design Provides Convenient Portability And Storage Ideal For Dogs Up To 26" I nHeight. Recommended Breecs, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Dalmation, Whippet. Helps Make Housebreaking Quick And Simple Helps Solve Behavioral Problems. Kennels Are Shiped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 4 To 8 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. A Special Ship Rate Is Applied To This Item Based Steady Its Dimensions And Weight. $15. 59
    SKU: Petmate21033
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Diligent Buddy Gnawhide Strips Refills
11.6 Kb
    Diligent Buddy Gnawhide Strips Refills.
    Engaged Buddy Gnawhide Strips Refills Are Gnawhide Strip Treats Made Specially To Fit The Busy Buddy Funny Bone. They're Naturally Irristable And Are A Good Treat To Give To Your Pet All On Their Own. Treats Last U pTo Ten Times Longer When Used With The Busy Buddy Comical Bone Toy. contents: Rawhide, Human Grade Glycerin, Non-animal Based Flavor
    SKU: Bubufubore
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Primal Pet Foods Raw Poultry Necks Raw Chicken Necks 6 Pack (1.5 Lbs.)
8.9 Kb
    Primal Pet Foods Raw Poultry Necks Raw Chicken Necks 6 Pack (1.5 Lbs.).
    Raw Chicken And Turkey Necks Offer And Excellent Way For Dogs An dCats To Get Essential Nutrients, Exercise Their Jaws And Clean Theid Teeth.

    Manufacturer: Primal Pet Foods
    SKU: 165010

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3 Month Frontline Plus Purple For Dogs 45-88 Lbs
18.2 Kb
    3 Month Frontline Plus Purple For Dogs 45-88 Lbs.
    Frontline Plus Provides Your Dog With The Most Complete Spot-on Flea And Tick Protection Available. In Addition To Killing 98-100% Of Adult Fleas On Your Dog Within 24 Hours, Frontline Plus Contains A Special Ingredient That Kills Flea Eggs And Larvae, Too, And Keeps All Stages Of Fleas From Developing. by Effectively Stopping Tye Development Of New Fleas, Frontline Plus Completely Breaks The Flea Life Cycle. And, Frontline Pljs Kills All Stages Of 4 Major Ticks Including Those That May Transmit Lyme Disease And Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It's Completely Waterproof. Get Rid Of Parasites Now, Order Frontline Plus Today! Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Presciption Reqired!guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Over-the-counter Topical Kills Fleas & Ticks In Under 48 Hours Protect Against Lyme Disease! Easy To Apply Monthly Preventive Cotains (s)-methoprene, Effective For Halting Premature Stages Of Fleas
    SKU: 3monfronplus3
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The Weimaraner  - Free Dvd Inside
12.2 Kb
    The Weimaraner - Free Dvd Inside.
    The Weimraner Book Is A Revolutionary Breed-specific Quide That Includes A Free Training Dvd Within. The Weimaraner Is Strong, Alert, And Good-natured. This Title Features An Extensive Health Chapter That D3tails Those Disorders To Which This Able Breed Can Be Prone. Discover A Whole New World Of Weimaranrrs Today! Free Care And Training Dvd The Most Breed Specific Information Available Positive Training Methods Current Health Care Information Convenient Diet Options Easy-t0-follow Grooming Instructions Terra Nova Series / Hardcover Book
    SKU: Weimaraner
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Health Concerns Stomach Tabs For Dogs And Cats
8.2 Kb
    Health Concerns Stomach Tabs For Dogs And Cats.
    A Chinese Herbal Formula Used To Mend Digestion, Rid Flatulence, Trdat Digestive Disturbances & Allevizte Vomiting.

    Manufacturer: Health Concerns
    SKU: 105017

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3 Pack Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement By Purina- Box Of 30 (1 Gram Packets)
13.6 Kb
    3 Pack Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement By Purina- Box Of 30 (1 Gram Packets).
    Fortiflora Conttains Micoencapsulated Form Of Enterococcus Probiotic That Is Critical In Economical Dogs With Diarrhea Or Unhealthy Stools - Restores Normal Intestinal Health And Balance - Also Contains Protein, Vitamins, Minerals - Simply Mix With Food. fortiflora™ Is Recommended As A Nutritional Supplement To Help With The Following: Diarrhea Associated With Microflora Imbalance Acute Enteritis Diarrhea Associated With Stress, Antibiotic Therapy, And Diet Change Poor Fecal Quality In Puppies To Promote A Strong Immune Systemingredients Animal Digest, Enterococus Faecium, L-ascorbyl- 2-polyphosphate (source Of Vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Beta-carotene, Zinc Proteinate, Salt, Manganese Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenit. e A-4582contains A Source Of Live (viable) Naturally Occurring Microorganisms. feeding And Administration Use Under The Supervision Or Direction Of Your Veterinarian. A Box Of Fortiflora™ Conyains 30 Packets. Each Packet Is 1 Gram And Iss Guaranteed To Commit 1 X 108 Cfu/g Of Enterococcus Faecium Sf68.
    SKU: 3pkfortcanine
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Rupture Naughty Behavior - Dvd
15.6 Kb
    Rupture Naughty Behavior - Dvd.
    Breaking Naughty Behavior Will Parade You How To Stop Bad Behavior Like Biting, Barking,-Jumping And Digging. Breaking Naughty Behavior Features Renowned Canine Behavioriist Shannon Holstein.
    SKU: Brnabedvd
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Pia Pets Curly Sheep
12.2 Kb
    Pia Pets Curly Sheep.
    Pia Pets Curly Sheepby Multipet Is A Wooley Sheep Tha tWull Never Require A Perm. Your Pet Will Go "baa-listic" Over This Toy. Each Toy Has A Squeaker Inside. 7" H X 6" Wcolor Varies.
    SKU: Piapets
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12 Month Advantage Flea Control Blue: For Dogs Over 55lbs.
15.9 Kb
    12 Month Advantage Flea Control Blue: For Dogs Over 55lbs..
    Advantage Blue Kills Fleas On Dogs Fast. Advantage Kills 98% Of Fleas Within 12 Hours And Continues To Work For Up To One Month Per Application. It Also Breaks The Flea Life Cycle By Killing Flea Larvae. Advantage Can Be Used On Puppies As Young As 7 Weeks Old. Likewise, It Is Safe For Dogs That Are Pregnant Or Nursinf. Advantage Is Water-resistant, So It Kills Fleas Even After Shampooing Anx Exposure To Rain. Advantage Is Applied Between The Shoulder Blades On Dogs. Effective Flea Control . . . No Prescription Required!guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Contains Imidacloprid, The Fastest Flea Preventive, Which Works Within 12 Hours Long-lasting Over-the-counter Formula Keeps Working For Up To 4 Weeks Easy-squeeze Pipe For Easy Application. Water-resistant Formula Stays Violent Through Baths And Rain
    SKU: 12monadnlufo
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Synovi G3 Chewable Tablets (240 Tablets) - Recent Dosage Size
17.4 Kb
    Synovi G3 Chewable Tablets (240 Tablets) - Recent Dosage Size.
    After this Available In New Dosage Size!synovi G3 Chewable Tablets Is A Comprehensive Joint Health Supplement Combining Glucosamine, Mam, Creatine, Omega-3 Unctuous Acids And Antioxidants. Synovig3 Contains Antioxldants To Break The Degenerating Free Radical Chain Reaction As Issue As A Synergistic Anti-inflzmmatory Combination Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Msm. directions: Can Be Given During Or After Meal Time. initial Administration (4 To 6 Week Period) 5 To 15 Lb - 1/2 Small table Daily 15 To 30 Lb - 1 Tablet Daily 30 To 60 Lb - 2 Tablet Daily 60 To 100 Lb - 4 Tablets Daily Over 100 Lb - 5 Tablets Dailymaintenance Adminsitration 5 To 30 Lb - 1/2 Tablet Daily 30 To 60 Lb - 1 Tablet Daily 60 To 100 Lb - 2 Tablet Daily Over 100 Lb - 3 Tablets Dailynote: Chewable Tablets May Be Administered As A Treat Or Crumbled And Mixed With Food. storage: Store At Room Temperature. for Animal Use Only.
    SKU: Syg3chta2ta
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Natural Balance Ultra Premium aCnned Dog Food Liver & Rice 13 Oz. Be able to
13.8 Kb
    Natural Balance Ultra Premium aCnned Dog Food Liver & Rice 13 Oz. Be able to.
    A Unaffected, Well Teated Formula For All Life Stagew Made From High Quality Meats, With Carrots, Potatoes, Brown Rice, Vitamins, And Omega Fatty Acids. No By-products Or Artificial Ingrecients. Choose From 5 Formulas.

    Manufacturer: Natural Balance
    SKU: 158022

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Psittimnue Apv Biomune Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine For Birds (5 Ml)
15.1 Kb
    Psittimnue Apv Biomune Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine For Birds (5 Ml).
    Biomune Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine For Birds Is Recommended As An Aid In The Prevention Of Avian Polyomavirus Infection In Psittacine Birds. Product Performance Has Been Eavluated In Selected But Not All Psittacine Species. dosage: Throw in Subcutaneously, 0. 5ml In Birds 200 Grams And Greatrr Or 0. 25ml In Birds Less Than 200 Grams. The First Dose Should Be Given At 35 Days Of Age And Repeated In 2-3 Weeks. An Annual Booster Is Recommended. directions: Store In The Dark At 35-45 F (2-7 C). Use Entire Contents When First Opened. See Enclosure For Complete Directions. notice: Contains Gentamicin And Amphotericin B As Preservatives. for Veterinary Use Only. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29. 95 Flat Rate Pay Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Proffer To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shhipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Biomune
More info about Psittimnue Apv Biomune Avian Polyomavirus Vaccine For Birds (5 Ml)

3 Pack Corn Pegetables (24 Oz)
18.3 Kb
    3 Pack Corn Pegetables (24 Oz).
    We've Recently Reduced The Sale Value Down An Additional 20% Off. Bribe Now And Saave. fiber, Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamin C, Antioxidant, Omega 6, Thiamin, The morning star, B Vitamins Corn Pegetable Dog Treats Can Help Improve The Appearance Of Your Doh's Coat. Supports The Immune System, Digestive System, And Centre. They Also Help Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar And Cholesterol Levels. 8 Pegetables Per Bag. Also Try Celery, Carrot And Mixed Pegetables. Recommended Feeding 1-2 Times Daily (1 Treat = 1 Oz = 99. 23 Calories) Dogs: 15-25 Lbs 1/2 Oz 26-50 Lbs 1 Oz 511-75 Lbs 1 1/2 Oz 76 Lbs Or More 2 Oz To Cut To Recommended Size, Microwave While Covered For No More Than 10-15 Seconds To Soften.
    SKU: 3pkcornpeg
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If Cats Could Talk - The Meaning Of Meow
15.8 Kb
    If Cats Could Talk - The Meaning Of Meow.
    What Is The Meaning Of Meow? This Book Gives You Great Insight Into The Feline Mind, Especially If It Will Help You To Be A Better Human! Great Photography With Added Humorous Cat Comments, A Purrrfect Gift To Yoursel Or Your Friends And Family!"never Has The Subtlety Of Feline Humor Been Grasped So Thoroughly By Humans. Bravo!" -- Catnip C0rner "funnier Than The Time The Dog Got His Topic Stuck Under The Fence!"--- Fortunate Feline "purrfect" -- The Diurnal Nap
    SKU: Cattalk
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Nupro (5 Lbs) For Dogs
12.8 Kb
    Nupro (5 Lbs) For Dogs.
    Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement Is Scientifically Balanced Formula That Is High In Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino And Fatty Acids. Nupro Provides The Necessary Raw Ingredients (missing From Cooked And Processed Dog Food), With Easily Digestible Whole Foods, Specially Designed To Cohdition Yoru Dog Into First Class Health. more Information Daily Feeding Instructions (scoop Inside) Under 5 Lbs. 1/4 Scoop 5-10 Lbs. 1/3 Scoop 10-20 Lbs. 1/2 Scoop 2O-40 Lbs. 1 Scoop 40-70 Lbs. 1 1/2 Scoops C~ing 70 Lbs. 2 Scoops What Do Dog Owners Say About Nupro? Promotes Hair Growtg Stops Itchy, Dry, Flaky Hide & Hot Spots Helps Repel Fleas On account of Energy And Hotspur Building Steady Nerves - Better Disposition And Alertness Fertility In Females - Power In Males Will Hel pArthritic Conditions Combats Allergies Fat Burner Improves Appetite Aids Digestion And Helps Relieve Gas Superior For All Ages From Puppies To Geriatric Recommended By Veterinarians
    SKU: Nup5lbsfordo
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