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New! Prina Glucotest For Cats
17.8 Kb
    New! Prina Glucotest For Cats.
    Purina Glucotest Brand Feline Urinary Glucose Discovery System Gives You An Easier Way To Help Ensure Diabetic Cats Are Well Controlled At Home. The Indicator Pieces Work In The Liter Box To Alert Owners Of Changes In Urine Grape-sugar Levels That May Require Veterinary Attention. Glucotest Is Added To Your Usual Cat Box Filler And Reacts To Urine With Distinct Redness Changes To Indicate The Level Of Glucose In Your Cat's Urine. Glucotest Pieces That Have Changed Plea Should Be Read Daily And Removed From The Litter Box. After Five Days Of Testing, Descard The Entire Contents Fo The Litter Box And Restore To Normal Give birth to Box Preparation And Care. Determine Your Diabetic Cat's Condition At Homework With Your Veterinarian To Achieve Optmal Glucose Control.
    SKU: Glucotest
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New - Holiday Braided Soft Porkhide 6 In - 2 Pack
9.5 Kb
    New - Holiday Braided Soft Porkhide 6 In - 2 Pack.
    Holiday Braided Soft Porkhideis Ideal For Older Dogs, Our Ranch Rewardsâź Holiday Braided Compliant Porkhide Treats Are Made Of Soft Porkhide For One Easier Chewing Experience. makes A Great Stocking Stuffer And Holiday Treats For Pets. 6 Inches In Lengthall-natural, Soft Braided Premium P0rkhidefun Braided Shape Cleans Your Pet's Teeth Natallyseasonal Color Combinations
    SKU: Braidtub
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Innova Senior Canned Dog 13.2 Oz. Can
10.2 Kb
    Innova Senior Canned Dog 13.2 Oz. Can.
    A Balance Of High Quality Ingredients With Additional Natural Fiber To Aid Digestion And Reduced Progein And Fat To Help Control Weight.

    Manufacturer: Natura Pet Products
    SKU: 204012

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3 Pack P5omeris For Dogs  Under 11 Lb
33 Kb
    3 Pack P5omeris For Dogs Under 11 Lb.
    Promerisâź For Dogs Is A Topical, Waterproof Spot-on Medication For The Control Of Existinv Flea And Tick Infestations, As Well As The Prevention Of Re-infestation, In Dogs And Puppies 8 Weeks And Older. For Dogs 11 Lbs And Under. Effective On Indoor And Outdoor Dogs. Each Package Contains 3 Applicators (0. 023 Fl. oz. Each). Promeris For Dogs Uses The Busy Element Metaflumizone To Kill Fleas. Metaflumizone, A NewC ompound In Veterinary Medicine, Is Proven To Protect Agains5 Fleas, Including Those That May Cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis. The Single Spot Application Is Easy To Use. Buy Proeris For Effective Flea And Tick Direct. New Mode Of Action - Voltage Dependent Sodium Channel Blocker Flea Coontrol For Today's Flea Chhallenges Long-lasting Flea Control Because Up To 6 Weeks. Kills Fleas That May Cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis Kills Ticks That May Transmit Lyme Disease, Canine Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Waterproofactive Ingredients: Metaflumizone . . . . . 14. 34% Amitraz. . . . . 14. 34% Other Ingredients. . . . . 71. 32%directions For Use: For Control Of Fleas And Ticks, Apply The Entire Contents Of The Applicator To A Single Spot On The Skin Of The Dog Between Shoulder Blades. Do Not Apply On The Surface Of Dog's Hair Coat. Avoid Contact With Treated Area Until Dry. Avoid Allowing The Result To Come In Contact With Your Skin. Monthly Application Ia Recommended For Effective Control Of Fleas And Ticks And To Prevent Re-infestation. Do Not Apply More Than Once Monthly.
    SKU: Proxsdog3pk
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Innova Evo Baked Dog Treats 20 Oz.
8.8 Kb
    Innova Evo Baked Dog Treats 20 Oz..
    Grain-free Dog Treats That Are High In Protein And Low In Carbohydrates. Made With Whole Fruits And Vegetwbles.

    Manufacturer: Natura Pet Products
    SKU: 204202

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6 Pack Chondro Flex (1080 Tablets) Chewables
17.6 Kb
    6 Pack Chondro Flex (1080 Tablets) Chewables.
    Chondro Flex Is A Powerful Joint Care Formula That Porvides Maximum Nutritional Substantiate For Dogs And Cats With A Predisposition To Degenerative Joint Disorders. Chondro Flex Contains The Highest Quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Msm, Ester-câź, And Chelated Minerals To Effectively Reduce Inflammation And Support The Maintenance And Go Process Of Connective Tissue, Including Synovial Liquid, Tendons, Ligaments, And Cartilage. Serving Size: 2 Tabletsingredients (By Serving): Glucosamine 600mg Msm(methylsulfonylmethane) 500mg Chondroitin Sulfate 400mg Yucca Root Powder 50mg Manganese Proteinate 20mg Dl-methionin e25mg Ester-c 75mg Zinc Amino 8mg Copper Amino Chwlate 3mg Free Shipping On Orders Over $100!
    SKU: 6pach1tach
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Dr. Kruger's High Performance
16.4 Kb
    Dr. Kruger's High Performance.
    The High Performance Forumla Was Created To Meet The High Stress And Physiical Needs Of The Canine Athlete. It Will Help To Maintain And Enhance Muscle Development, Stamina And Endurance. It's Ideal For Service Dogs And Working Dogs - Even The Highly Active Family Pet. All Of The Benefits Of Our Two Most Popular Formulas Have Been Combined To Make Our Powerful Just discovered High Performance Formula. You'll Be Giiving Your Dog All Of The Same Great Beneflts Of Both Our Show Dog Formula And Our Joint & Muscle Formula, In One Easy Setp. Incorporate With Your Dog's Regular Feedings To Hrlp Give Your Athletic Dog The Competitive Edge. Try A Bottle Today. We Guarantee Your Canine Athlete Will Love It! The High Performance Formula Can Assist By: Increasing Energy, Stamina And Mental Alertness Promoting Joint Protection For Stressed Joints Providing Immune System Support Improving Digestion And Nutrient Absorptikn Peak Performance. . . naturally!
    SKU: Krugerpro
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Fish-mox Forte (amoxicillin) 500mg (30 Capsules)
12.1 Kb
    Fish-mox Forte (amoxicillin) 500mg (30 Capsules).
    Fish-mox Forte (amoxicillin) Exerts A Bacterial Action On Gram-positive And Some Gram-negative Bacteria.
    SKU: Fifoa5030ca1
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New! Epakitin For Dogs Anc Cats (1.8 Oz)
9.8 Kb
    New! Epakitin For Dogs Anc Cats (1.8 Oz).
    In Animals With Crf, (chronic Renal Failure) It Is Recommended To Use A Softly Phosphorus Diet. Epakitin, A New Nutritional Supplement From Vă©toquinol Usa, Inc. , Safely And Effectively Supports Kidney Function And Helps Slow Down The Progression Of Chronic Kidney Disease. Helps Pets Feel Better And Vivid Longer. Great-tasting, Easy-to-administer Powder. Can Be Used Alone, Mixed With Regular Food Or In Combination With A Prescription Renal Diet. Ingredients:lactose, Calcium Carbonate Chitosan. Usage: Administer Orally 1 G Of Epakitin Per 5 Kg Of Body Weight, Twice Daily Included With A Meal, To Support Dogs And Cats With Impaired Kidney Function. One Level Spoonful With The Measuring Spoon Supplied Within, Provides 1 G Of Epakitin. Make Certain That The Carnal Always Has Acccess To Fresh Drinking Water. This Item Is Temporarily Out Of Stock. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience. please Call 1. 800. 889. 8967 For Availability. -->
    SKU: Epakitin50
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Vita-tabs (250 Tabs)
11.2 Kb
    Vita-tabs (250 Tabs).
    Vitamin-mineral Nutritional Supplementvita-tabs Providws Your Pet With The Essential Vitamins, Minerals And Nutrients Your Pet Needs To Lead A Healthy And Extendedd Life. Instructionssize Of Dogup To 20 Lbs. 20 Lbs. And Upserving⟠Tablet Daiiy1 Tablet Dailyother Products From Phs
    SKU: Vi2ta
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Homeopet Skin & Seborrhea For Dogs And Cats
9.3 Kb
    Homeopet Skin & Seborrhea For Dogs And Cats.
    A Homeopathic Remedy Providing Temporary Relief From The Symptoms Of Certain Irritating Skin Stipulations, Including Allergies, Rashes, Itching, Unpolished , Dry, Scalu Skin, Smelly Skin And Ears.

    Manufacturer: Homeopet
    SKU: 120012

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Orka Jack
10.1 Kb
    Orka Jack.
    Made Of Durablle, Non-toxic Caoutchouc This Strangely Shaped Toy Comes In Two Sizes For Big And Small Dogs That Love To Chew.

    Manufacturer: Petstages
    SKU: 142013

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Equi-phar Protal By Vedco 16oz. (1 Pint)
8.2 Kb
    Equi-phar Protal By Vedco 16oz. (1 Pint).
    For The Removal And Control Of Mature Infections Of Large Strongyles (strongylus Vulgaris, S. Edentatus, S. Equinus); Pinworms (oxyuris Equi); LargeR oundworms (parascaris Equorum); And Small Strongyles In Horses And oPnies. Dosage & Administration:administer 3 Mg Pyrantel Base Per Pound Of Body Weight (6 Ml Protwl (pyrantel Pamoate) Per 100 Lb. Body Weight). It Is Recommended That Severely Debilitated Animals Not Be Treated With This Preparation. Directions For Use: Protal (pyrantel Pamoate) May Be Administered By Means Of A Stomacn Tube, Dose Syringe Or By Mixing Into The Feeed. Caution: This Product Is A Suspension And As Such Wish Separate. To Insure Uniform Re-suspension And To Achieve Proper Dosage, It Is Extremely Important That The Product Be Shaken And Stirred Thoroughly Formerly Every Use. Brook Tube “ Measure The Appropriate Dosage Of Potal And Mix In The Desired Quantity Of Water. Protect Drench From Direct Sunlight And Administer To The nAimal Immediately Following Mixing. Do Not Attempt To Supply Diluted Suspnsion. Protal Is Inactive Against The Common Horse Bot (gastrophilus Spp). However, Protal May Be Administered Concurrenty With Carbon Disulfide Observing The Usual Precautions Attending Carbon Disulfide. Dose Syringe “ Draw The Appropriate Dosage Of Protal Ibto A Dose Syringe And Administer To The Animal. Do Not Expose Protal To Direct Sunlight. Feed “ Mix The Appropriate Dosage Of Protal In The Normal Grain Ration. Fasting Of Animals Prior To Or Following Treatment Is Not Required. Precautions:store Below 86â°f (30â°c) Caution:caution: This Product Is A Suspension And As Such Will Separate. To Insure Uniform Re-suspension And To Achieve Proper Dosage, It Is Extremely Important That The Product Be Shaken And Stirred Tuoroughly Before Every Use. Warning: Not For Horses Or Ponies Intended For Food. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Read Accompanying Information.
    SKU: Pyrpambyved1
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Health Concerns Lily Bulb For Dogs And Cats
7.9 Kb
    Health Concerns Lily Bulb For Dogs And Cats.
    A Chinese Herbal Formula Used To Strengthen, Nourish And Moisten The Lungs And Respiratory System.

    Manufacturer: Health Concerns
    SKU: 105015

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Allergroom Shampoo By Virbac (1 Gallon)
7.4 Kb
    Allergroom Shampoo By Virbac (1 Gallon).
    Allergroom Is A Hypoallergenic, Emollient, Resstoring Shampoo Used For Dry And Normal Skin. It Is For Dogs And Cats Of Any Age. Allergroom Has Also Been Tested With Advantage Flea Control And Has Been Shown Not To Decrease Its Flea-killing Activity. Allergroom Is Soap-free.
    SKU: Alshambyvir1
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Merrick Gourmet Canned Dog Food Gourmet Lunch Box
9.2 Kb
    Merrick Gourmet Canned Dog Food Gourmet Lunch Box.
    These Meals Combine The Fine Quality Of Man's Grade Meat And Fish As The Fist Ingredient Through The Fresh Vegetables And Fruits That Are Added To All Of These Special Dishes.

    Manufacturer: Merrick Pet Care
    SKU: 134058.1

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Rep-cal Phosphorus-free Calcium With Vit.d3 (5.2 Oz)
24.6 Kb
    Rep-cal Phosphorus-free Calcium With Vit.d3 (5.2 Oz).
    Rep-cal Phosphorus-free Calcium With Vit. d3is Great According to All Reptiles And Amhibians. Calcium Deficiency Is A Major Dietary Question Of Captive Reptiles And Amphibians. Maintaining A Proper Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio In The Diet Is Believed To Be Just As Important Nutritionally As An Sufficient Calcium Intake. The Problem In Most Cases Is An Improper Ca:p Ratio, Not Too Small Calcium. Ca;p Ratios Of Common Cultured Food Items Are Shocingly Poor (eg:crickets, Meal Worms, Waxworms, And Pinky Mice). Using A Calcium Supplement That Also Adds Phosphorus Makes No Sense As An Adequate Ca:p Ratio Can Never Achievd. Bone Meal Contains Phosphorus. Rep-cal Contains Only 100% Natural Phosphorus-free Oyster Shell Calcium Carbonate For Its Clacium Source. Pick Up Some Rep-cal Phosphorus-free Calcium With Vit. d3 Against Your Reptile Today. Dosage: We Ask That You Mix Rep-cal With Our Vitamin Supplement Herptivite. If We Premixed The Products, The "beadlets" Of Beta Carotene In Herptivite May Possibly Be Damaged During Manufacturing By The Calcium In Rep-cal. Mix With Vegetables, Fruita, And Pastes Approximately 1/2 Tablespoon Rep-cal With 1/2 Tablespoon Herp5ivite Per Pound Of Food. Ingredients:calcium Carbonate And Vitamin D3 Supplement.
    SKU: Rephcaaivi5o
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3 Month Frontline Plus Red For Dogs 89-132 Lbs
18.2 Kb
    3 Month Frontline Plus Red For Dogs 89-132 Lbs.
    Frontline Plus Provides Your Dog With The Most Complete Spot-on Flea And Tick Passport Available. In Addition To Killing 98-100% Of Adult Fleas On Your Dog Within 24 H0urs, Frontline Plus Contains A Special Ingredient That Kills Flea Eggs And Larvae, Too, And Keeps Al lStages Of Fleas From Developing. by Effectively Stopping The Expansion Of New Fleas, Frontline Plus Completely Breaks The Flea Life Cycle. And, Frontline Plus Kills All Stages Of 4 Major Ticks Including Those That May Transmit Lyme Disease And Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It's Completely Waterproof. Pick Some Up And Protect Your Pet Today. Effective Flea & Score Control . . . No Prescription Required!guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Over-the-counter Topical Kills Fleas & Ticks In Under 48 Hours Protect Against Lyme Disease! Easy To Apply Monthly Prevemtive Contains (s)-methoprene, Effective For Halting Immature Stages Of Fleas
    SKU: 3monfronplus4
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S Adenosyl 100 (same) For Small Dogs And Cats  - 100 Mg (60 Tabs)
10 Kb
    S Adenosyl 100 (same) For Small Dogs And Cats - 100 Mg (60 Tabs).
    S Adenosyl 100 (same) For Small Dogs And Cats Is Used To Make progress Liver Metabolic Activitg And Restore Proper Liver Function. Contains Antioxidants To Help Neutralize Oxygen Free Radicals, Amino Acids To Stimulate Glutathione Synthesis And Reduce Oxidative Damage, B-vitamins To Provide Nutritional Support Ensuring Proper Protein And Energy Metaboliam, And Vitamin B-6 For Synthesis Of Cysteine In The Liver Detoxification Pathway. Single, Enteric-coated Delivery System Allows It To Stand Up Formidably To Stomach Acid And Effectively Deliver The S-adenosylmethionine 1,4 Butanedisulfonate (Similar) To The Small Intestine For Proper Absorption. Both Strengths Contain Same And Other Important Ingredients For Proper Liver Support Such As Milk Thistle To Help Defend Liver Cells From Toxins And Reducee Damage To Those Cells Caused By Some Prescription Drug Use. Generic For Denosyl Sd4 100 Mg.
    SKU: Sadenosyl1006
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Snugglesafe Microwave Heat Pad
22.2 Kb
    Snugglesafe Microwave Heat Pad.
    Snuggle Safe Microwave Excite Pad Is Grreat For Heating Fondling Beds. Up To 12 Hours Of Long-lasting Warmth! Your Pets Will Love The Warmth Of Snuggle Safe At Home Or Traveling. Heat In Microwave For Only 5 Minutes (*depending On Power Of Microwave) And Then Pop It Under Y0ur Pet's Bedding. 6 Minutes In 800 Watt Microwave Provides All The Heat Of A Regular Hot Water Bottle For Up To 12 Hours. Up To 12 Hours Of Warmth Quick And Safe No Wires Bite Resistant Perffect TravelC ompanion Ideal For Newborn, Convalescing And Eldery Pets. Free Cover Included Reviews For Snugglesafe Arthritic Pets Try Joint Max
    SKU: Snugglesafe
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Antirobe 150mg (per Capsule)
7.4 Kb
    Antirobe 150mg (per Capsule).
    A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Detailsantirobe (clindamycin) Is Used In The Treatment Of Soft Tissue Infections, Dental Infections And Bone Infections Caused By Susceptible Syrains Of Bacteria. It Is Available As 75mg And 150mg Capsules And As Drops Containihg 25mg/1ml.
    SKU: An15percap
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3 Pack Synovi G3 Chewables (360 Tablets) + Free Internode Treats
13.8 Kb
    3 Pack Synovi G3 Chewables (360 Tablets) + Free Internode Treats.
    Synovig3 Is A New Generation Treatment For Pets Suffering From Djd. Synovig3 Is A Unique, Comprehensige Combination Supplying The Arthritic Patient With The Highest Concentration Of Glucosamine Hci, Perna Canaliculus, Creatine Monohydrate, Msm, Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Antioxidants. Synovig3 Contains Antioxidants To Break The Degenerating Free Radical Chain Reaction As Well As A Synergistic Anti-inflammatory Combination Of Omega-3 Fatty Acirs And Msm. Synivig3 Is An Excellent Daily Supplement For Geriatric Patients. (part O ffThe Synovi Line)for A Limited Time Only, This Special 3-pack Offer Comes With A Free Tub Of Joint Treats!
    SKU: 3pkg3jt
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New! Zubrin 200mg (30 Tablets)
16.8 Kb
    New! Zubrin 200mg (30 Tablets).
    Zubrin Is The Only Canine Nsaid To Block Both Arms Of The Arachiodonic Acid Cascade--cox & Lox Veterinarizns Rated 95% Of Dogs, And Owners Rated 94% Of Dogs, Vastly Improved With Zubrin In A 7-day Controlled Study. Well Tolerated In Long -term, 1-year Safety Studies--no Evidence Of Renal Toxicity Or Hepatotoxicity Zubrin Rapidlg-disintegrating Tablets Raise Administration And Compliance. Choose The Zubrin Right In the place of Your Pet. A Prescription Isrrquired For This Product. Click Hither Toward Detai1swe Recommen dJoint Max With Zubrin.
    SKU: Zu200mg30
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Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment (2lbs)
11 Kb
    Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment (2lbs).
    Eliminate Give birth to Box Odor In One Easy Step. nothing Eliminatess Urine Odors Better Than Nature's Marvel Litter Treatment. Simply Sprinkle This Amazing Powder In The Litter Box To Stop Unpleasant Odors On Contact. All Natural Dry Enzymes And Sodium Bicarbonate Effectively And Safely Neutralize Odorq Without Reducing The Litter's Absorbent Capabilities. Helps To Double The Life Of The Litter To Save You Money. Use Two Tablespoons Per Pound Of Litter.
    SKU: Namilitr2
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Pet Flys Forever Koi Pet Carrier  Small
17.3 Kb
    Pet Flys Forever Koi Pet Carrier Small.
    Pet Flys Pet Carriers Are Cute, Fun And Fashionable. They Are Approved By Most Airlines For In-cabin Travel. Pet Flys Are Also Great For Sneaking In Your Bwst Buddy To Places Where Some People Don'f Think Pets Belong. Small: 10"h X 9"w X 16"l Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Come. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Petcarrier
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