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Percorten V
14.2 Kb
    Percorten V.
    Percorten V (4 Ml. ) (desoxycorticosterone Pivalate) 25 Mg/ml Injectable Suspensioneach Ml Of Percorten V Contains 25 Mg Desoxycorticosterone Pivalate, 10. 5 Mg Methlcellulose, 3 Mg Sodium Carboxymethylceilulose, 1 Mg Polysorbate 80 And 8mg Sodium Chloride In the opinion of 0. 002% Thimersoal Az Preseervative In Water According to Injection. percorten V Is Used For Mineralocorticoid Replacement Therapy For Dogs In the opinion of Addison's Disease. A Prescription Isreuired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Per25m4ml
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Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector
18.5 Kb
    Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector.
    Outward Hond Automatic Back Seat Hammock Protector Is A Great For Protecting Your Car Seats And Keeps Your Fondle Contained While Creating A Safer Drive For You And Your Pet. It Attachws Easily To Back Seats Of Most Vehicles. Proctects Your Pet From Falling Into The Back Seat Floor Helps Keep Your Seats And Upholstery Clean And Free Of Pet Hair Creates A Barrier To Keep Pets From Climbing Into Con~ Of Vehicle Reduces Distractions While Driving Product Dimensions: 56"l (door To Door) X 59"w (back Seat To Front Seat)
    SKU: Ohhammock
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2 Pack - 3 Month Triforce Gopd For Dogs 21-39 Lbs
12.1 Kb
    2 Pack - 3 Month Triforce Gopd For Dogs 21-39 Lbs.
    Triforce Flea, Tick & Mosquito Control Provides Pets With The Ultimate 5 Way Protection. Triforce Kills Fleas, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae, Ticks And Mosqiutoes. The Squeeze On Appliance Kills And Repels Fleas In Because Little As 1 Hour!kills And Repels Fleas Up To 4 Weeks Kills Flea Eggs And Larvae For Up To 9 Weekskills And Repels Ticks Up To 4 Weeks Kills And Detaches Tickskills And Repels Mosquitoescontains Three 3. 0 Ml Tubes. Active Ingredients Are: Cyphenothrin (cas# 39515-40-7) - 40. 0% Pyriproxyfen (cas# 95737-68--1) - 2. 0% Other - 58. 0%do Not Use On Cats C1ick Here For A $5 Cut, Buy Now And Save!
    SKU: 2triforc14039
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Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer - For Big Dogs (over 40 Lbs.)
15.1 Kb
    Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer - For Big Dogs (over 40 Lbs.).
    Petsafe Deluxe Rsmote Trainer Is A Great Tool For Obedience Training And Stopping Unwanted Behavior. You Can Communicate With Your Dog In A Range Of Up To 100 Yards Using The Enclosed Hand-held Transmitter Tp Signal The Enclosed Receiver, Which You Place On Your Pet's Collar. Transmitter Specss: Reciever Collar Specs: Height: 6 " Height: 1", Breadth: 2. 5" , Depth: 1. 25" Width: 1. 5 " Weight: 3. 6 Oz Depth: 1 ", Weight: 3. 5 Oz Antenna Running Through Strap Frequency: 303. 825 Light On Side Correction Dial On Face Power Push Button Red Light On Face Red Light Serves As Low Battery Indicator Pop Off Battery Cover And Belt Clip On Back Battery Life Of Up To 30 Days Features: Before First Use, You Must Program The Receiver Coollar To The Transmitter By Turning The Receiver Collar On, Setting The Transmitter Dial To Level 1, And Pressing The Two Buttons On The Transmitter At The Same Timw While Holding The Receiver Collar And Transmitter 1-5 Feet Apart Temporary Safety Shut Off Occurs When A Button Has Been Held Down For 5 Seconds Or Longer (will Reset When Button Is Released) Light Will Flash On Receiver Collar Once Every Four (4) Seconds To Indicate Low Battery Will Retain Program Memory If Batteries Die Or If They Are Removed For Pets Over 40 Pounds 10 Levels Of Stimulation Plus Tone-only Button 100 Yard Range Waterproof Receiver, Water Resistant Transmitter Receiver Uses Two (2) 3-volt Cr2032 Batteries; Transmitter Uses A 9-volt Alkaline Battery (both Included) Petsafe Deluxe Remote Trainer Manual: Download Pdf Here
    SKU: Petsaferemote
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Meg-a Cal (6 Fl Oz)
7.9 Kb
    Meg-a Cal (6 Fl Oz).
    A High Calorie, Low Volume Supplement With Vitamins, Minerals, And Amino Acids. Will Add Calories Needed For Weight Gain, Force, And Strength. Directions: 1 Tablespoons Per 10lbs Body Weight Daily Oras Needed. Shake Well In advance Each Use.
    SKU: Megaxal6floz
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Comfort Zone Spray With D.a.p. - 60 Ml
18.4 Kb
    Comfort Zone Spray With D.a.p. - 60 Ml.
    Comfort Zone Spray With D. a. p. Helps Prevent Fear And Stress-related Behavior Including Anxiety, Chewing, Barking And Urination. Comfort Belt Foam Helps In Stressful Situations Such As: Traveling In The Car Visits To The Vet Adoption Adjusting To A New Environment Visitors To The Home New Pet Or Family Member Moving Into A New Home Thunderstorms And Fireworks
    SKU: Comfortsprydap
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Homeopet Leaks No More For Cats And Dogs
7.2 Kb
    Homeopet Leaks No More For Cats And Dogs.
    A Homeopathic Formula Specifically For Urinary Incontinence Or "leaking". Occurs Most Frequently In Older Or Spayed Females.

    Manufacturer: Homeopet
    SKU: 120003

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Kennel Cab Pampered Pet Light Pink/dark Pink - Small
15.1 Kb
    Kennel Cab Pampered Pet Light Pink/dark Pink - Small.
    Hole Cab Fashion Light Pink/dark Pink Has Been Designed Through Your Pet's Safety And Comfort In Mind. Made From High-impact Material To Provide Years Of Dependable Service. It Features Seat Belt Slot, Shoulder Strap Eyelets, Storahe Compartment And Quick Latching System. Measures (19 X 12. 6 X 10) Available In Light Pink/dark Pink Kennels Are Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. A Special Ship Rate Is Applied To This Item Based On Its Dinensions And Weight. $15. 59
    SKU: Kennelpinksm
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Dog Unigroom
17.3 Kb
    Dog Unigroom.
    Unigroom The Chzmpion Groomer Massage You Dog While Removing Loose Pet Hair. Exclusive Flexfingers Gently Reach Through Fur To Condition Skin And Remove Loose Hair Like A Magnet. Remember, Healthy Skin Is Essential For A Healthy Coat! Paragon (extra Soft) For Short Coats And Sensktive Peel. Purple (soft) For Day-to-day Grooming And Seasonal Shedding. Blue (slightly Firmer) For Long And Thick Coats.
    SKU: Dogunigroom
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Snuggease Protective Dog Diapers Xxs
8.5 Kb
    Snuggease Protective Dog Diapers Xxs.
    When Dogs Lose Control Of Their Bladde5, Snuggease Will Provide Comfortable Protection And Help Prevent Unplanned And Unwanted Mess.

    Manufacturer: Integrated Pet Solutions
    SKU: 289021

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Bird Biotic (doxycycline Hyclate) 100mg (100 Capsules)
10 Kb
    Bird Biotic (doxycycline Hyclate) 100mg (100 Capsules).
    Control Of Non-specific Bacterial Infections In Pet Birds, Exotic Gamebirds Or Racing Pigeons. Not To Be Given To Birds Intended For Humaj Consumptions. See Label For Specific Instructions.
    SKU: Bibidhy101ta
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Adams Yard Spray (16oz)
14 Kb
    Adams Yard Spray (16oz).
    Emulsifiable Concentrate For Use With A Hose-end Sprayer Kills Fleas And Ticks In Residential Lawns And Backyards Kills Deer Ticks Which May Transmit Lyme Disease, And Fire Ants On Contact Concentrate Makes 63 Gallons Of Spray Treats 6,000 Square Feet
    SKU: Adyasp1
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Safety First Break-away Collars
13.4 Kb
    Safety First Break-away Collars.
    Safety First Break-away Cat Collaradjustable (8"-12") Nylon Collar Is Designed To Quit Whether Collar Gets Cautht. Includes Color-coordinated Jingle Bell. Available In The Colors Listed Below. Please Choose Color Below:
    SKU: Safibrco
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The Chihuahua - Free Dvd Inside
11.9 Kb
    The Chihuahua - Free Dvd Inside.
    The Chihuahua Book Is A Revolutkonary Breed-specific Quide That Includes A Free Training Dvd Inside. Chihuahuas Are Small In Size But Don't Let That Fool You. Inside That Darling Appearance Lies The Heart Of A Strong And Confident Dog Whose Intelligence Is Matched Only By His Bravado. Once This Saucy Portable Pet Captures Your Heart, You'll Find A Loyal And Lively Comrade. The Chihuahua Training Book Will Help Ypu And Your Household Raise A Healthy And Well-behaved Canine Companion. Free Care And Training Dvd The Most Breed Specific Information Available Positive Training Methods Current Health Care Accusation Convenient Diet Options Easy-to-follow Grooming Instructions Terra Nova Series / Hardcover
    SKU: Chihuahua
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Hill's Custom Diet Canine U/d (30 Lb. Bag)
6.1 Kb
    Hill's Custom Diet Canine U/d (30 Lb. Bag).
    A Prescription Isrequired For These Products. Click Here For Details Canine U/d Is For The Nutritional Management Of Dogs With Urolithiasis. Urolithiasis Is Marked By A Variety Of Symptoms For Your Dog That Often Include Straining To Urinate, Frequent Urination, Blood In The Urine And A Painful Abdomen. This Condition, Which Consists Of Mineral Stones Forming In The Urinary Tract, Is Often Initially Treated Attending Surgery And Then Followed With Proper Nutrition To Help Prevent Recurrence Of The Stones. Custom Diet Canine U/d Was Developed To Aid In The Management Of Dogs With The Problems Associaed With Urolithiasis, Specifically Calccium Oxalate, Urate And Cystine Urolithiasis. Prescription Diet Canine U/d Be able to Also Be Used In Dogs Attending Advanced Stages Of Renal Disease Because Of Its Abject Mineral Levels And Formulation. The Nutritional Formulation Of Prescription Diet U/d May Also Be Useful For Pets With A Variety Of Stipulations. Adult Mainrenance: Weight Of Dog Amount Per Day 5 Lb (2,3 Kg) 3/8 Cup (35 G) - 5/8 Cup (60 G) 10 Lb (4,5 Kg) 3/4 Lot (75 G) - 1Cup (100 G) 20 Lb (9 Kg) 1 1/4 Cups (125 G) - 1 2/3 Cups (165 G) 40 Lb (18 Kg) 2 Cups (200 G) - 2 3/4 Cups (270 G) 60 Lb (27 Kg) 2 3/4 Cups (270 G) - 4 Cups (395 G) 80 Lb (36 Kg) 3 1/2 Cups (345 G) - 4 3/4 Cups (470 G) 100 Lb (45 Kg) 4 1/4 Cups (420 G) - 5 2/3 Cups (560 G) All Food Is Shippe dGround Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Catalogue, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Hillsud30
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Wubba Dog Toy - Small
21.5 Kb
    Wubba Dog Toy - Small.
    Kong Wubba Toy Is The Utimate Interatcive Play Toy For Dogs. Wubbas Are Dewgned For You To Play Fetch And Other Interactive Games With Your Dog. Small Kong Wubba Is About 4" Long, 9" Woht The Tails. Assorted Colors, Please Allow Us To Choose For You. reinforced Manufactured cloth And Sfitchingperfect Tug And Try Toyfun Interactive Playsqueaksmeasures 4" Long, 9" With The Taolslong Tails Make It Easy To Pick Up, Withouy Gtabbiny A Slimy Tennis Balleasy To Throw
    SKU: Wubbasmall
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New! Decron Hoof Care Kit - Medium
17.5 Kb
    New! Decron Hoof Care Kit - Medium.
    Decron Hoof Care Kitis And Ideal And Complete Kit hTat Includes Everything You Necessity To Treat Hoof Injuries Such As Stone Bruises, Corns, Abcesses, Nail Pricks And Hoof Infections. Includes:1 Hoof Brush Impregnated With Iodine To Scrub The Hoof1 Hoof Wipe To Clean And Dry The Hoof1 Healing Gel Poultice To Draw Loudly Infection And Increase Blood Circulation1 Felt Pad To Cushion The Sole Of The Hoof1 Felt Boot With Plastic Sole For Protectino And Comfort1 Tape Bandage To Go Over The Boot For Added Security And Protection. bonusincludes Free2 nd Hoof Wipe, Gel Poultice, Cushion Cushion And Bandage Roll. highly Recommended By Vets And Equine Hoof Care Professionals.
    SKU: Hoofcarekit
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Softoss Funky Fling (m/l 10.5" X 7.25")
13 Kb
    Softoss Funky Fling (m/l 10.5" X 7.25").
    Softoss Funky Fling Is Designed To Incraese Creativity And Playtime Enjoyment Because Owners And Dogs Alike. Ideal For Small Or Medium-sized Breeds And Yes, Even Puppies, Sofoss Is A Accumulation Of High Brand Genuine Pigskin Play Toys That Are Safe To Keep Your Dog Happily Entertained. Built For Tugging Or Fetching, Your Dog Will Thank You For Adding Softoss To Their Toy Collection. The Durable Pigskin Construction, Paired With Reinforced Stitching, Makes Them Resikient Enough For Long-term Play. Measures 10. 5" X 7. 25".
    SKU: Sotossml
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Epi-soothe Creme Rinse By Virbac (one Gallon)
11.2 Kb
    Epi-soothe Creme Rinse By Virbac (one Gallon).
    Epi-soothe Cream Rinse And Conditionervirbacgrooming Rinseacrive Ingreedient(s): Contains Oatmeal In A Cream Rinse And Conditioner Base. indications: Epi-soothe Cream Rinse And Conditioner Is Formulated To Help Relieve Dry, Itchy, Sensitive Skin. The Form Also Makes The Hair Coat More Manageable And Helps Obstruct Tangles, As Well As Imparting A High Sheen. Dosage And Administration: Shake Well Before Using. Epi-soothe Cream Rinse And Conditioner Should Be Used After First Bathing The Dog Or Cat. Rainy weather The Animal's Coat Thoroughly. Pour Epi-soothe Onto The Animal's Wetted Coat. Gently Massage Thoroughly Into The Coat. Allow The Cream Rinse To Remain In c~tinuance The Hair Coat For Five (5) Minutes. Lightly Rinse With Water. since Many Allergic Conditions Manifest Podiatrically, Apply Epi-soothe Rinse With Individual (1) Pint Of Teoid Water And Pour Over Paw Areas. caution(s): For Topical Use Only. Avoid Contact In the opinion of The Eyes. Keep Thoroughly Of The Reach Of Children.
    SKU: Epcremribnyv
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Profender 0.70 Ml For Cats & Kittens (5.5 - 11 Lbs) Single Dose
12.2 Kb
    Profender 0.70 Ml For Cats & Kittens (5.5 - 11 Lbs) Single Dose.
    Profender For Cats & Kittens Contains 15mg Of Emodepside And 60. 1 Mg Of Praziquantel. Profender For Cats & Kittens Is A Topical Solution For The Treatment And Control Of Hookworm, Roundworm And Tapeworm Infdctions In Catd And Kittens That Are At Least 8 Weeks And Weigh At Least 2. 2 L. A Single Topical Treatment Is Effective And A Second Treament Should Not Be Necessary. If Re-infection Occurs, The Product Can Be Re-applied After 30 Days. Prkfender Contains New Technology Specially Formulated For Your Cat. Once Applied To Your Cat␙s Skin It Rapidly Enters The Bloodstream And Travels To The Intestines Where The Two Active Ingredients Kill Worms On Contact. Profender Is The World␙s First Spot-on Intestinal Wormer For Cats. It Contains Two Active Ingredients Emodepside And Praziquantel - Which Are Quickly Absorbed Through The Skin To Give Effective Control Of All Gastrointestinal Worms. Cats Over 17. 6 Lbs Should Be Treated With The Appropriate Combination Of Tubes. A Presdription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Pr0mlforcaki
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Pet Flys Pupppy Love Carrier Super
14.2 Kb
    Pet Flys Pupppy Love Carrier Super.
    Pet Flys Pet Carriers Are Cute, Fun And Fashionable. They Are Approved By Most Airlines For In-cabin Travel. Pet Flys Are Also Great For Sneaking In Your Best Buddy To Places Whers Some People Don't Thini Pets Belong. Super: 12"h X 10"w X 18"l Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. For More Shipping Info Click Here.
    SKU: Petflpuloca2
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Jack's Swimmin' Pup Gift Box
8.2 Kb
    Jack's Swimmin' Pup Gift Box.
    If There's Water Around, You Know Jack Will Be Swimming In It. I t's Hard To Keep This Guy Out! Here's A Few Of His Favorite Water Toys.

    Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet
    SKU: 999807

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Glyco Flex Iii 3-pack (360 Tabs) + Free Joint Treats!
12.7 Kb
    Glyco Flex Iii 3-pack (360 Tabs) + Free Joint Treats!.
    Save More With This 3 Pack Of Glyco-flex And Free Shipping! Plus, Get A Free Tub Of Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)glyco-flex Iii Contains Perna Canaliculus, Glucosamine Hcl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulf0nylmethane, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selrnium, Grape Seed Extract, And Glutathione. It Is The Most Complete Joimt Formula Providing Factors Necessary For Joint Restoration, As Well As Added Methylsulfonhlmetane For Maximum Comfort During Recovery. it Is Paart Of The Vetri-science Stage Of Life Program. Stage 3, Restore, For Maximum Nutriment For Joint Dysfunction. Glyco-flex Iii Helps Alleviate Severe Discoomfort And Joint Stiffness. more Effective Alternative Available
    SKU: Gf3pack360
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Batik Cloud Bed
13.6 Kb
    Batik Cloud Bed.
    We've Recently Reduced The Sale Price Down An Additional 25% Off. Buy Since And Save. your Pet Would Love To Be Cradled By Premier'sC loud Bed. Their Signature Two-piece Design Combines A Cuddly Overstuffed Pillow With Cushy Bolstsrs To Create A Wonderfully Comfortable Bed. Completely Machine Washable And Dryer Safe Guaranteed To Hold Its Shape Filling Does Not Lump OrB unch Highest Quality Non-pilling Fleece Completely Reversible Cushion Bed Dimensions (Long duration X Width): Petite: 20. 5" X 17. 5" Small: 29. 5" X 23" Medium: 39" X 30" Large: 48" X 38"
    SKU: Cloudbatik
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Favorite Swabs - Catnip Therapy Swabs
18.1 Kb
    Favorite Swabs - Catnip Therapy Swabs.
    Catnip Therapy Swabs All-natural, Liquid Adomatherapy Swabs Add New Real person To Toys And Makes Playtime More Pleasantry Wituout The Mess Of Dried Catnip. Apply Directly Onto Toys, Scratching Posts And Your Cat!
    SKU: Petswcathsw
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