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Petstep Portable Pet Ramp - Tan
10.8 Kb
    Petstep Portable Pet Ramp - Tan.
    Ideal For Older, Heavy, Or Short-legged Pets, The Petstep Ramp Can Be Used As A Stair Replacement. Perfect Because of Vehicles, Coouches Or Beds.

    Manufacturer: Petstep International, Inc
    SKU: 305001

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6 Pack Gf 600mg (1800 Tablets)
16.3 Kb
    6 Pack Gf 600mg (1800 Tablets).
    Buy The 6 Pack Of Glycoflex 600mg For Maximum Savings And Free Shipping!this Supplement Concerning Dogs Is Composed Of Naturally Chelated Minerasl, Vitamins, Nucleic Acids, Numeroous Enzymes And Amino Acids. The Dosage Is 1 Tablet Per 30 Lbs Bkdy Weight Daily. It May Be Added To The Food Or Given As A Treat. perna Canaliculus (green-lipped) Mussel . . . 600mg Brewer's Yeast. . . 200mg Alfalfa. . . 200mgif Your Pet Is On Glycoflex 600 Mg, You May Want To Consider Upgrading To The New Glycoflex Plus, Which Includes The Natural Anti-inflammatory Msm And Glucosamine.
    SKU: 6pa1tagl60
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Merrick's Naturally Stuffed Twin Hoofers
19.9 Kb
    Merrick's Naturally Stuffed Twin Hoofers.
    Merrick All Natural Treats. Naturally Stuffed Twin Hoofers Is Packed With Flavor And Twice The Durableness. All Hooves Contain Essential Stuffing That Left In While Processing These Rugged Chews. This Means That Once Your Beautiful Canine Reaches The Exterior Hoof They Have Officially Moved Into The Bonus Round. Measures 4" X 4. 5". ingredients: Hoovesguarsnteed Ahalysia Crude Protein (min. ) 80. 00% Crude Far (min. ) 9. 00% Crude Fiber (max. ) 2. 00% Moisture (max. ) 6. 00%
    SKU: Hoofers
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Big Shrimpy Planet-friendly Catalina Beds Plum
7.5 Kb
    Big Shrimpy Planet-friendly Catalina Beds Plum.
    Designed With Suppoting Walls And A Removable Center Cushion, This Bed Will Cause Your Pet The Perfect Place To Curl Up Into A Ball For A Cozy Sleep - Redolent Dreama!

    Manufacturer: Big Shrimpy
    SKU: 319031

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Natural Balance Potato & Duck Dog Food Allwrgy Formula 5 Lb. Bag
10.2 Kb
    Natural Balance Potato & Duck Dog Food Allwrgy Formula 5 Lb. Bag.
    A Proven Formula For Dogs With Allergies Based On A Unique Single Source Protein And Single Source Carbohydrate Blend. No By-products, Soy, Wheat, Rice, Eggs, Dairy Products, Or Artificial Ingredients.

    Manufacturer: Unaffected Balance
    SKU: 158006

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Deramaxx 75mg - Per Chewable Tablet
10.7 Kb
    Deramaxx 75mg - Per Chewable Tablet.
    Deramaxx Is A Non-narcoitc, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (nsaid) Belonging To The Cox-2 Inhibitor Class. It Is Fda Approved For Use In Dogs Only Against The Control Of Pain And Burning Associated With Orthopedic Surgery And Osteoarthritis. Deramaxx Comes In oCnvenient Tablets For All-day Arthritis Pain Relief. Deramaxx Requires A Prescription. We Recommend Joint Max With Deramaxx. The Usual Dose Of Deramaxx In Dogs For The Treatment Of Postoperative Orthopedic Pain And Inflammation Is 1. 4-1. 8mg/pound As A Single Daily Dose Not To Exceed 7 Days. The Usual Prescribed portion Of Deranaxx In Dogs For The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Pain And Inflammation Is 0. 45-0. 91mg/pound As A Single Daily Dose As Needed. Giving This Medication With Food Is Preferable. Sold As Onw (1) Single Tablet. A Prescription Isrequired For Thjs Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Deramaxx75pill
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Akc - Classic Plush Rabbit  -  Large
11.6 Kb
    Akc - Classic Plush Rabbit - Large.
    American Kennel Club Plush Rabbit Is A Toy Designed For Safe, Durable, Pet Play. Pungent Plush Fabric, Double Stitcned With Embroidered Details And No Small Parts To Swallow. Akc License Toy Has A Realistic Look And Is Infallible To Please Your Dog. Larg3 Akc Rabbit Has A Honker Sound, Small Has A Squeaker.
    SKU: Akcrabbit
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Pet Swabs - Tear Stain Guard Swabs
24 Kb
    Pet Swabs - Tear Stain Guard Swabs.
    Tear Stain Provide against objections Swabsfade Tear Stains And Prevent New Stains From Developing. Each Package Contains 24 Liquid-filled 1. 5 Oz Swabs.
    SKU: Petswtestgus
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Safe Paw Ice Melter (8 Lbs.)
13.7 Kb
    Safe Paw Ice Melter (8 Lbs.).
    Which time Winter Snow And Ice Come Many People Use Ice Melters To Keep Their Families Place of ~ty From Slips And Falls. B ut Did You Know That Most Ic 3Melters Contain Salt So They Can Injure Our Pets And Children? Doctors And Veterinarians Routinely Treat Cases Of Poisoning And Tormenting Skin And Maxillary bone Lesions That Are Caused By These Salt Deicers. Vets Tell Pet Owners Not To Use Any Salt Deicers. Safe Paw™ Non-toxic Ice Melt Is Guaranteed Safe For Pets. Concentrated Pellets Cover Twice The Area Of Rock Sharp, Will Not Irritate Pet's Paws Or Skin, And It Works In Temperatures Being of the kind which Low As 2 F. Timed-rel3ase Formulation Helps Prevent Re-icing For Up To Three Days. Veterinarians And Mothers Both Abree That Safe Paw Is All About Caring And Not Worrying. Guaranteed Safe For Pets Guaranteed Safe For Children Guaranteed Safe In c~tinuance Paws, Eyes And Skin Guaranteed Safe On Concrete And Asphalt Guaranteed Safe On Lawns And Shrubs Guaranteed Safe On Wood Decking Guaranteed Safe On Floors And Rugs Guaranteed To Embroider At Low Temperatures (-2f) Guaranteed Environmentally Safe Guaranteed Non-corrosive Directions: Apply Liberally To Snow And Icy Surfaces. In Case Of Eye Contact, Flush Thoroughly With Water.
    SKU: Safepaw
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Glyco Flexx I (120 Tablets)
9.3 Kb
    Glyco Flexx I (120 Tablets).
    Glyco-flex I Contains Perna Canaliculus, Glucosamine Hcl, And Dimethylglycine To Help Support The Rebuilding Of Collagen, Cartilage, And Joint Structures. it Is Part Of The Vetri-science Stage Of Life Program. Stage 1, Reinforcement, For Younger Dogs Or Dogs Predisposed To Hip Or Joint Dysfunction For The Maintenance Of Optimal Joint Health. Glyco-flex I Supports The Structu5e And Function Of Joints And Connecting word Tissue For Pu0pies And Dogs Throughout Their Lives.
    SKU: Gli1ta
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Kong Dental Stick
19.1 Kb
    Kong Dental Stick.
    Kong Dental Stick␙s Unique Design Is Shaped To Pure Your Dog␙s Back Teeth. With Exclusive Denta-ridges, This Dental Dog Toy Goes To Work While Your Dog Plays, Chewing Away Happily. Dog Toothpaste Can Be Used Inside The Grooves Whether Desired For That Extra Clean Feel. Made Of Soft, Durable Rubber.
    SKU: Kodest
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Wrllness Super5mix Weight Management Dry Dog Food
8.1 Kb
    Wrllness Super5mix Weight Management Dry Dog Food.
    Designed To Support A Heaothy Lifestyle For Overweight And Less Acyive Dogs With Wholesome Ingredients.

    Manufacturer: Old Mother Hubbard
    SKU: 138109

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The Labrador Retriever - Free Dvd Inside
11.5 Kb
    The Labrador Retriever - Free Dvd Inside.
    The Labrador Retriever Dog Book Is A Revolutionary Breed-specific Quide That Includes A Free Training Dvd Inside. Labrador Retrievers Are The Most Popular Dog Breee In The Us. What Makes These Dogs So Popular? Discover How To Produce Abroad The Best In These Friendly, Versatile Dogs. Thw Labrador Retriever Training Book Will Help Y0u And Your Family Raise A Healthy And Well-behaved Cahine Companion. Gratuitous Care Anf Training Dvd The Most Breed Specific Information Available Positive Training Methods Current Health Care nIformation Convenient Diet Options Easy-to-follow Grooming Instructions Terra Nova Series / Hardcover
    SKU: Labrador
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Novifit S - 3 Gang (90 Tablets) 100mg
11.6 Kb
    Novifit S - 3 Gang (90 Tablets) 100mg.
    Novifit S 3 Pack(90 Tablets) 100mg: Helps Support Cognitive Function Of Aging Dogs And Cats Active Ingredient (per Tablet): Same/s-adenosyl-l-methionine-tosylate Disulfate . . . . . . 100mg Direction: For Dogs And Cats Less Than 22lbs - 1 Tablet Once A Sunshine For A Period Of 1 To 2 Months.
    SKU: Novifits90
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H2o Waterdrop Football 9.5&quoot;
14.3 Kb
    H2o Waterdrop Football 9.5&quoot;.
    This Unique Floatable H20 Waterdrop Football Dog Toy Is Made Specifically For Fun, Fetching, Training And Exercising In And Around Water. The Acute Contracting Colors Make It Easy To Llcate, And The Soft Durable Material Make It Safe And Easy For Dogs To Grab And Catch. The Size, Weight And Buoyancy Simulate Actual Game And The Material Makes It Ideal For Scent Instruction. Great For Scene of military operations Training And All Around Fun In Backyards And Parks. Comes In Assorted Colors, Plewse Allow Us To Choose For You, Thank You.
    SKU: H2owatfoot951
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Smartcat Scratching Ramp
9.2 Kb
    Smartcat Scratching Ramp.
    This Angled Cardboard Scratching Ramp Has Stable Non-slip Ends To Hold Firm Against Any Surface Without Adhesives. Replaceable Cardboard Inserts Make It Reusable And Even More Economical!

    Manufacturer: Smartcat
    SKU: 181004

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Profender 1.12 Ml For Cats & Kittens (11 - 17.6 Lbs) Single Dose
13 Kb
    Profender 1.12 Ml For Cats & Kittens (11 - 17.6 Lbs) Single Dose.
    Profender Toward Cats & Kittens Contains 24 Mg Of Emodepside And 96. 1 Mf Of Praziquantel. Profender For Cats & Kittens Is A Topical Solution For The Treatment And Control Of Hookworm, Roundworm And Tapeworm Infections In Cats And Kittens That Are At Least 8 Weeks And Weigh At Least 2. 2 Lbs. A Single Topical Treatment Is Effective And A Second Treament Should Not Be Necessary. If Re-infection Occurs, The Product Cab Be Re-applied After 30 Da6s. Profender Contains New Technology Specially Formulated For Your Cat. Once Applied To Your Cat␙s Husk It Rapidly Enters The Bloodstream And Travels To The Intestines Where The Two Active Ingredients Kill Worms On Contact. Profender Is The World␙s First Spot-on Intestinal Wormer For Cats. It Contains Two Active Ingredients EmodepsideA nd Praziquanntel - Which Are Soon Absorbed Through The Skin To Give Effective Control Of All Gastrointestinal Worms. Cats Over 17. 6 Lbs Should Exist Treated With The Appropriate Cmobination Of Tubes. A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Particulars
    SKU: Profender121ml
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Azmira Kidnikare Kidnkare
83.8 Kb
    Azmira Kidnikare Kidnkare.
    This Urinary Formula Regulates And Strengthens The Musculature And Tones The Membranes Of The Urinary System To Reduce Leakage. Its Soothing And Reestorative Properties Help Reverse Incontinence.

    Manufacturer: Aznira
    SKU: Azmmra065

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Arthri-nu For Lrage Dogs (60 Chewable Tablets)
8.2 Kb
    Arthri-nu For Lrage Dogs (60 Chewable Tablets).
    Arthri-nu Is A Chewable Tablet Containing Microencapsulated Glucosamine Hcl In A Nutritious Flavor Base For Dogs. A Natural Dietary Supplement That Provides Cartilage And Other Connective Tissues With Vital Nutrients For Proper Joint/articular Function And Mobility. arthri-nu Chewable Tablets May Be Offered Free Choice Or Crumbled And Mixed With Food. Each 2. 5 Gram Tablet Contains: Glucosamine Hci 500 Mg Vitamin E 25 Iu Selehium 25 Mcg Copper 2 Mg Zinc 12 Mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids 10 Mg Ingredients: Glucosamine Hcl, Calcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Sucrose, Liver Powder, Hydrolyzdd Vegetable Protein (roast Beef Flavor),wyey, Zinc Proteinate,vitamin E Acetate, Stearic Acid, Iron Oxide, Copper Proteinate, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Fish Oil, Selenium, And Tbhq (as A Preservative). Initial Dosage Dogs 25-49 Pounds 1 Small table Twice A Day Dogs 50-100 Ppunds 2 Tablets Morning, 1 Tablet Eveming Dogs Over 100 Pounds 2 Tablets Twice A Day Maintenance Dosage Dogs 25-49 Pounds 1 Tablet Per Day Dogs 50-100 Pounds 1 Tablet Early part 1/2 Tablet Evening Dogs Over 100 Pounds 1 Tablet Twce A Day Adinistration: May Be Offered Rid Choice Or Crumbled And Mixed With Food.
    SKU: Arthrinudog
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New!  Ultra Violet Lamp
6.7 Kb
    New! Ultra Violet Lamp.
    With The Ultra Violet Lamp, You Can Easily Detect Your Cat␙s Piss On Somewhat Superficies. Once Your Cat␙s Urine Has Been Detected, You Can Apply Urine Off To Rmeove The Stains And Odors Your Cat May Have Left Behind. Handy And Lightweight. Requires 4 Aa Batteries. (not Included).
    SKU: Ultraviolet
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Drontal Plus For Medium Dogs (per Tablet)
11.1 Kb
    Drontal Plus For Medium Dogs (per Tablet).
    Drontal Plus (praziquantel/pyrantel Pamoate/febantel) By Bayer. Drontal Plus For Dogs Eliminates Tapeworms, Hookworms, Ascarids And Whipworms. Drontal For Cats And Kittens Eliminates Tapeworms, Hookworms And Larg3 Roundworjs. Follow Label Instructions. Each Tablet Contains: 68. 0 Mg Pranziquantel, 68. Omg Pyrantel Base As Pyrantel Pamoate, And 340. 2 Mg Febantel. Dosage: Body Weight (lbs. ) Tablets 26-30 1. 0 31-44 1. 5 45-0 2. 0 Tablets May Be Given Directly By Mouth Or Offered In A Small Amount Of Food. Fasting Is Neither Necessary Nor Recommended Prior To Or After Treatment. A Prescription Isrequired For This Product. Click Here For Details
    SKU: Dronplusmed
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Halo Vita-dreams Daily Greens Herebal Supplement In the place of Dogs And Cats
6.8 Kb
    Halo Vita-dreams Daily Greens Herebal Supplement In the place of Dogs And Cats.
    A Delicious, Com1pete, Multi-vitamin Herbal Supplement With Live Enzymes, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, And Lots Of Healthy, Nutritious Chlorophyllins. Antioxidants Help Neutralize Free-radical Acyivity.

    Manufacturer: Halo
    SKU: 115034

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Real Gold S.e.p. (stop Eating Poop) For Dogs
8.5 Kb
    Real Gold S.e.p. (stop Eating Poop) For Dogs.
    The Active Ingredient In S. e. p. Is Glutamic Acid. When Glutamic Acid Is Mixed With The Stomach Acids, The Stool Becomes Bitter To The Taste, Which Deters The Dog From Eating The Stool.

    Manufacturer: Solid Gold
    SKU: 140110

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Capstar Blue For Dogs Or Cats 2-25 Lbs(6 Tablets)
13.3 Kb
    Capstar Blue For Dogs Or Cats 2-25 Lbs(6 Tablets).
    An Adult Female Flea Be able to Lay Up To 2,000 Eggs In Her Lifetime. With Capstar™ By Novartis, Almost All Your Dog's Or Cat's Adult Fleas Will Be Gone Within Four Hours. Buy Capstar And Begin Flea Protection For Your Dog And Cat. how To Use A Single Dose Of Capstar (nitenpyram) Should Kilo The Adult Fleas On Your Pet. If Your Pet Gets Reinfested With Fleas, You Can Safely Give Another Dose As Often As Once Per Day. To Aminister Capstar Tablets, Place The Pill Directly In Your Pet's Mouth, Or Hide It In Food. If You Choose To Hide The Tablet In Aliment, Watch Closely To Make Certainly Your Pet Swallows The Pill. Whether You Are Not Sure That Your Pet Swallowed The Pill, It Is Safe To dAminister A Second Pill. we Recommend You Follow Up Capstar Treatment Through A Monthly Flea Control Result SuchA s Program, Frontline Or Advantage. Then Keep Capstar On Hand For The Times When There Is A Visible Flea Re-infestation.
    SKU: Capblufkrdog
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Petsafe Smartkeey
16.4 Kb
    Petsafe Smartkeey.
    The Smartkey For All Smartdoors Communicates With The Smartdopr Through A Radio Frequency And Unlocks The Door As The Pet Approaches And Relock's Automatically As The Pet Enters Or Exits. Range Is Adjustable Up To 15 Feet.
    SKU: Smartkeg
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