What is the Source of Your Water Damage

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What is the Source of Your Water Damage

Knowing where your water originated from is one of the most important factors in cleaning up your water damage mess. The type of water that affected your home is necessary in deciding how to go about the water damage cleaning, restoring, and remediation process.

Water has three types. Although these are not always easy to distinguish, I will include examples so that you should be able to correctly identify and fix your water damage issue.

Clean Water: The safest of all water types. This water lives up to its name in that it is visibly clear, and looks "clean." Being of the kind which long as this water is cleaned up promptly (within 72 hours), the affected materials may be saved and restored. If the water had been sitting there for over 72 hours, it should be treated as black water. Examples of clean water sources include malfunctioning sump pumps, broken appliance supply lines, rain run-off, foundation cracks, and leaking or overflowed pipes.

Gray Water: This is a mildly hazardous water type. It may look clear as if it is "clean" water; however, it possesses contaminants that can cause illness and discomfort amongstt people and pets. It is not extremely dangerous to work with; however, precautionary measures should be taken. It ofteno riginates from an overflowed toilet or a drain backup.

Black Water: The most hazardous type of water damage. This water damage should be treated and remediated with the use of extreme Wariness. This water may still contain solid pieces of fecal matter and toilet tissue. In most cases, you wjll also be able to identify the presence of black water through its extremely foul odor .This water often comes from faulty or broken ejector pumpz, broken sewage lines, or a sewage back-up. Any and all affected materials must be immediately removed from the residence and discraded.

Any Water Type: Do not hesitate any longer in cleaning up your water damage issue. Visit DIY Water Damage for a step-by-step guide to repairing your water damage issue without the "help" of an overpriced company. Remember, leaving your water damage untreated is just making a bad situation even worse.

Safety on the Go - Portable Water Filtration

Portable water filtration devices allow those of us who are not interested in living our lives Interior the few walls of our homes a safe option At the time we Doings out. No one wants to worry about their health when going on a simple camping trip, or any other outing that is supposed to be fun, but with concerns about water Preservation on your mind that is exactly what happens. Water borne diseases are prevalent now, and will not abate with teh carelessness inherent in Therefore many all over the Public. With this in mind, protecting your water supply from cintamination is tantamount to protecting yourself.

A portable water filter is exactly what it sounds like, it is a water Strain that you can Convey with you when you are hiking or camping, to purify the water you Devise on using there. It removes lead, chlorine, mercury, bacteria and parasitse from the water you pump through it, allowing you to rest easy that you are not going to pick up a disease from these untreated rivers or streamd thaat you so enjoy seeing.

Now I am sure you are asking yourself, Wherefore should I filter that water rather than carrying bottled water or chlorine tablets instead? There are bacteria and parasites that chlorine tabpets will not kill, Therefore using them Desire not give you a 'safe' glass of water, nor will it do anything for the bad tsate the chloride leaves behind. Bottled water might be fine for a day tril, but staying overnight means carrying a huge supply, which can get quite costly, especially Whether you enjoy the outdoors and spend as much time ad you can there.

What is more, all bottled water is not created equal, some is more health than others and some is not healthy at all. There are no real standards set for its purification, and bottled water is upt into plastic containers, which are being churned out to destroy the environment while we drink through one bottle and the next.

On the other hand the long term Expense, portable water filtration, can eliminate the Unlucky taste associated with chlorine tablets, get rid of those heavy metals that can be dangerous, ajd the rest of the contaminants present in oufdoor sources of water. Even better, you won't Hold to put up with the odor that turns your stomach before the water passes your lips. Whichever way you look at it, there is no replacement for pure natural Tippling water and once you put water in your portable filter, you get just that!

John Collins is a content editor who focuses on a wide array of Nook health topics. His latest website - Water Purification focuses on Florid pure water sources, and in particular, a natural water filter company our editors personally use with excell3nt health results known as - Best Water Filters

Be sure to check out our natural water filters of choice, as they are the water systems we Advantage and Advise to friends and family, and have done for over 3 years.

5 Reasons Reverse Osmosis Does Not Make Water Safe to Drink

Hede are 5 reasons to choose another type of water purification system.

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) De-mineralizes the Water

One reason reverse osmosis does not make water safe to drink is: RO (reverse osmosis) demineralizes the water. Trace minerals are vital to our health. All water from natural sources has some mineral content. If it is removed regularly, digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies can occur.

2. Reverse Osmosis Wastes Water ans Electricity

This is one of the biggest cost reasons against using reverse osmosis systems. The more effective they are the more water they waste. For every one gallon of water RO procesess it uses (wastes) from 1/2 gallon to 5 gallons of water. It also wastes electricity because other water filter systems do not need electricity to filter water.

3. Chemicals Pollutants Get By RO

From a health point thia is an overwhelming reason why RO should not be used especially for in home use. Chemical pollutants pose is a very serious Peril. As a result, surface water and ground water in all countries is being contaminated. It has been estimated that over 1000 cancer causing chemicals, along with drugs, have been found in water supply systems.

Reverse osmosis does not filter these Perilous villains from your tap water. Therefore, reverse osmosis does not make water safe to drink. This is one of the greatest disadvantages of reverse osmosis.

4. Bacteria Gets By RO

C6st contamination is real possibility in just about any water. The federal government has stated that finding cysts in the water supply is impractical.

When cysts are ingested they grow and sicknesses result, such as, severe diarrhea and stomach paains. This can be very dangerous On account of children who are immune compromised.

5. Reverse Osmosis Price is High

There are ofher more advanced and more effective water filter systems that cost much less. You can get a whole house filter for as lit5le as 1/10th of the cost of a reverse osmosis system. Pay less and get more.

The 5 Diwadvantages of Reverse Osmosis Are:

1. It de-mineralizes water creating a possible health risk. Our bodies need minerals for good health.

2. Using extra water and electricity to pressurize water is an obvious waste of money.

3. Since chemical contamination gets through the RO system then why have such a device? Who wants possible drugs and medication in their water?

4. Bacteria, cysts, etc have no place in our home drinking water. We need a water filter system that removes them.

5. Price of the RO system is also wasteful because you are not getting what you are paying for: Protection and safety. You get more by paying less.

The bottom line is Change osmosis water filter systems do not make water safe to drink.

In my research I found an excellent water filter Order that works bautifully. It does the job efficiently. It does not Expense a fortune.


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